DMX - Grand Finale Lyrics

[DMX - dialogue]
I ain't goin back to jail
Next time, the County or the State see me it's gonna be in a bag UHH!
This is it baby!
End of the road, ha hah!
When you a dawg, you a dawg for life!
You don't hear me though, you don't hear me though
You don't hear me though, c'mon, c'mon!

[Method Man]

Watch them young guns that take none, nobody safe from the Friday the 13th,
ghetto Jason Itchy trigger finger achin, snatch yo' ass out that S-Class for fakin, forty-fo' blast is a bloodbath
take your first step down a thug path
Ain't no love here, just slugs here Kids know the half you get plugged here,
that's just impossible for the weak to last now behold the unstoppable
Third eye watchin you, watchin me Throwin rocks from the penalty box,
cop a plea Young G we was born to die, don't cry for me
Just keep the heat closely and ride for me
Cause we family for better or worse,
you and I from the dirt, you snatch purse,
so hard it hurt to be here, and each year,
I'm pourin out more beer for deceased peers,
holdin fort
Police line 'Do Not Cross', they found his corpse
in the loft with the head cut off, and butt naked
Homicide the crime Method, add another killer verse to the murder record,
the Grand Finale


Hot corners, cops with warrants, every block is boring
Friday night, getting bent, lick a poem
My dawg, not even home a month yet,
and blaze a girl in the stomach, he robbin niggaz who pumpin
Lil' Blood got popped, by the Group Home cat
Everybody nervous in the hood, pullin they gats
Fiend yellin out, who got those? Go and see shorty snot-nosed,
he don't floss but he got dough Thug faces, fugitives runnin from court cases
Slugs shootin past for the love of drug paper
Queens cap peelers, soldiers, drug dealers
And God'll throw a beam of lightning down cause he feel us
May the next one, strike me down if I'm not the realest
The Mayor wanna call the SWAT team to come and kill us but,
dawgs are friends, if one see the morgue, one'll live to get revenge,
and we ride to the end Bravehearts blow the lye with Henn, and still rise
Took alive with live men, my man got three six-to-eighteen's and only five in,
the Belly of the beast Didn't wanna hear the shit I tried to tell him on the streets
It's irrelevant, the beast love to eat black meat
And got us niggaz from the hood, hangin off his teeth
We slangin to eat, bringin the heat Bulletholes, razor scars is the pain in the street

[Ja Rule Chorus: (repeat 2X)]

When you a dawg you a dawg for life (ride or die)
My dawgs feel pain from love (see eye to eye)
Give us one shot at life (let us fly)
Come on niggaz! (we dawgs for life)


Uhh, I've lost my grip on reality or so it would seem
Pinch myself to wake up, cause I KNOW it's a dream
Niggaz that don't know me see me and think I'ma rob em
Niggaz that know me well see me and think I'ma problem
I'm just a nigga that's misunderstood
But word to God I turn your last name to Underwood
Cause if I see it, I'ma take it and run with it, that's me
What type of bullshit is this nigga on? That's D
The dawg come and getcha outside
The more blood flows, when I plug holes with the snub nosed
Gun blows, bullets whistle, wouldn't miss you
Hit you all up in your mouth like it tried to kiss you
Drama, it's right here, how MUCH YOU NEED?
Beat you down with gat see how MUCH YOU BLEED
How MUCH YOU PLEAD, for your life, you was a killer
And all the bitches comin up out that ass you feelin, gettin realer
Now beg for your life, one more time, one more crime one more nine,
c'mon cry nigga It's over! This is the shit, that hits hard
You either the last one standing, or the last one to fall


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DMX Grand Finale Comments
  1. Ann Garcia

    That nigga will all way be my favorite crack head raper

    Ann Garcia


  2. Theron Preston Washington

    From the sacs to your daughters back we are in here.

  3. Keyser Soze

    "Niggas that don't know me, think imma rob them, Niggas that know me well think Imma problem" DMX the greatest

  4. Hood Rich

    I didn't like this joint then, dont like it now... If you real hip hop head u know 3 east coast niggas didn't belong on a NWA sample. Method killed this tho. Hes crept up to like top 25 all time for me

  5. Jiggler

    cutman left edit nvm hes just in the restroom

  6. Sharon Jones

    JA Rule’s better with Bobby Brown.

  7. UpThaHillBVille Crimey


  8. bigWill brooks

    Dmx and meth rock this shit!!!! Dmx will always be the realist on my list! Period

  9. Ronnie hasbrouck jr

    Tical came to decapitate IMMEDIATELY!

  10. Sylvanus Basson

    my God I just got goose bumps

  11. James Johnson

    2019 Dec Still "(DAM", SUCH RAPP HEAT!!!). UM UM UM.HOT HOT 🔥 HOT

  12. Sean Kavanagh

    One the best raps i have ever heard rate this 24 December 2019

  13. t-roc

    He don't floss but he got dough ... tuff

  14. Francesco Luigi Locci

    Method man fucking fire... tical

  15. a.t_

    When I was younger I always used to Get Ja Rule and DMX confused but now I know X has a slightly deeper voice

  16. Wade Albury

    Success is everything bitch get to the money.....order bitch

  17. Agbo mathias liberty

    still rocking in 2019

  18. Don Styles

    Damm, here I am thinking that rap was back. Then, I realized the video was 2 years old ..Damm.

  19. Chukwuma Christian

    Damn Na's spitting flame

  20. Ch Batbold

    Dec 2019

  21. Jennifer Verner

    Who still listening in 2019

  22. Roy Ayers 3%er

    "Go and see shorty snot nose he dont floss but he got dough"

  23. Haskel45

    "Each year, I'm pouring out more beer for deceased peers...holding fort,police line do not cross they found corpse in the loft with his head cut off."

    Meth went off

  24. Kenneth Robinson

    Why wasn't Az on this track?

  25. Asset Yakcm

    Except Ja

  26. Asset Yakcm

    My boyz💓🎶


    R I.P MAXX

  28. Dominic Francis

    Ja rule is the youngest among all 4 rappers, but obviously the realest...

  29. Kevin Cosgrove

    Method Man is one great rapper...Wu Tang for life ...when your a dog
    Your a dog for life ...DMX makes this song dope

  30. Mckever Lewis

    R.I.P OX/teddy buckshotz the original Jamaican Don Dada!

  31. Mustafa Barrie

    Who want test 2019 bro

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    Forever old schooooollllll

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    PAC need to be on this track

  35. Shanti Dierauer

    Why did I not know this cool remix !! That's Real HIP HOP SOUND , ❤ it !!!!

  36. Paul Malcolm

    Reggie RAHMAN MALCOLM Mohammed✌💸☕☝☝🔥🔥🔥🐝🏉🎾🏁🏈🏀⚽⚾✊✊✊✊✊

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    Dmx Killed this!

  38. Idontlikethatshit

    Ah the good ol' days

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    Meth #1

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    Yes He Is Mumble Rappers?

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    Clash of the giants

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    When u a dog u a dog 4 life. 50. Years old. Still hold my NY RESPECT. TO THE UP MOST. 1000 4. LIFE. FATWILL. BRONX DOGS 4 LIFE

  46. Young crib don Young crib don

    Dj clue & izayne lewis, f.e.m, ready for the world

  47. Paul Ochai

    "It's over! This is the shit, that hits hard
    You either the last one standing, or the last one to fall"...
    They all went hard, but X went harder!

  48. James Gawronski

    Anybody still here in 2019 this is what Rap has to be i may give my left arm for this generation of Rap to put out atleast one album each real shit

  49. Real Deal

    All legends on this track... Apart from Ja... But even Ja better than today mumble rap bullshit

    Chuck Boom

    Ja a Hip Hop legend, what you know about that

  50. Maurice Willis

    This the best rapper ever 2019.

  51. Andrae Smith

    RIP Lou Rankin aka The Don Dada

  52. BlackFire901

    R.I.P. to the O.G. Louie Rankin aka OX the Original Jamaican Don Dada (Rude Boi ya dant want Romp wit) aka Top Shotta Teddy held it down for us. Walk with the Angels, & tell Martin, Malcolm, Garvey, Ali, Bumpy Johnson & all of dem I said what's up. 🙏🏿

  53. Bluesman 78

    Only 2.6 Mio views😕and only 14.000 likes??

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    nas ethererd this track

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    Man if they had black thought on this... It would have been extra 🔥🔥🔥.

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    Who’s here to pay Respect to the Jamaican Legend Luis rankis Rest in Heaven Champ Africans love your movies and music 🙏

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    I forgot how much I loved this soundtrack. Back when soundtracks were a thing.

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    R.I.P Louie Rankin aka Ox! Original Jamaican Don Dada 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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    Method man's verse is excellent......x is on fire.apparently he has just went back to his first big label good luck x.

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    Niggas 4 life the intro beat was spittin

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    DMX: The only rapper who could outshine legends like Meth and Nas on a track...and they were dope af! Long live X!!!

  65. A.P. - Productions

    2019 still bumping

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    If you like DMX's ruff voice then start listening to NINE IX with his Cloud 9 and Nine Livez albums.

  67. Keelan Brown

    This is one of my all time favorite collabs with my favs DMX, Method Man n Nas on top of that NWA beat,greatest raw rap group of the west. Ja seem kind of out of his league on this track with these other mcs..........shannon b


    Beat is kinda like California love just not as good

  69. Tensions Versalife

    once în a lifetime classic shit right hère

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    The beast love to eat Blackmen. NAS

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    X and tical are top 10 rappers as well in my opinion

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  80. MosMoneyENT

    Nas, X, Method

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    Its easy to tell Satan, (yes I'll sell my soul for money, and fame, and fo yo stage!).... Nas sold his soul, DMX did but is now having 2nd thoughts..... Now Nas is selling Hennessey, and DMX is in jail, and being sued by his baby mamas because he found Jesus. Do we really need to talk about that fag Meth who got his ass cheeks blown out by white libs??? Stuck on that DemocRat plantation

  82. Ashton Samuel

    Police lines do not cross. they found his corps in the loft with his head cut off and butt naked. Homicide the crime method. Yoooooooo METHOD MAN WENT IT 🔥🔥🔥 I rate em all tho.

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    This was a classic ..........the best hip hop groups to ever, they all got busy.This is when X was hot and Ja was Murder 2019 still fire.

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    Mwuhahaha .. curious .. taking-overs .. So be thankfull `•~
    ;•) noseke tutuut

  85. DAWN & Y` i Sea

    this is a skit. da man Pupp (DMX) deep vocal at 10 age. This is all aeni`: me. 10 age. 1983. Playlist. [ people potraying, and such. "DMX & MethodMeff") Visual, Later. 2000's?. -aeni`

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    Paulos Kidane

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    Shane Drayton

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    Bluesman 78

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