DMX - Do You Lyrics

That "T" would help though
Here we go again
Yeah, check it out, y'all
Check it out, check it out
Check it out y'all, check it out y'all
Straight Y.O. mother fuckers

Now days cats and middleman, little man, ain't controlling shit
Talk about holding bricks, but ain't holding dick
Niggas talk real slick, but that's about it
Soon as I see 'em headed my way, I cut them off quick
Must you beat me in my head everytime I come through?
It's shit like, everybody tells me I sound just like you
But you got me, got me? And you can't live without me
If I wasn't DMX, you wouldn't give a fuck about me
Ain't about "Dog I wanna be just like you"
How about you wanting to be just like you?
You can do what I do, just in your own way
Shit, I get niggas that ride big every fuckin' day (I-ight?)
If you got talent, talent is yours, it can't be mine
And it take you where it's gon' take you, it'll be fine
Let me hit 'em with the rewind
Do you and I'll do me
To me you'll see how real you'll be

[1] - Do you - Cuz what it boils down to it's true
Do you - Cuz you are held accountable for you
Do you - Is that really what you want me to see
Do you - Cuz I'mma do me, truley

Do you - Cuz what it boils down to, it's true
Do you - Cuz you are held accountable for you
Do you - Is that really what you want me to see
Do you - Cuz I'mma do me, truley

Hey yo dog, I got lyrics
Hey yo dog, I got beats (Word)
Damn, is this the type of shit I gots to put up with in the streets?
Used to be able to walk, not have to talk to nobody
Everywhere I go it's like I bring the whole party
It ain't about tryin' to follow or tryin' to be like
But if we all see it through the eyes of the Lord, we see a light (c'mon)
Just let me get a hold of the mic, I'll teach you a little something
Now the good things that go wrong because of a little frontin'
Express yourselves, be who you are, umm umm, you're a shining star
You don't even know what you got inside
How the fuck you gon' find out, you keep wanting to ride
Hey yo, I ain't gon' let it slide no more
You're best to go for what you know
Can't do you, then what you flow for
You ain't gon' get there tryin' to be me, dog
Look through your eyes, see what you see

[Repeat 1]

Like fuck it, you wanna be me? Here's what you do
Grow up neglected by both parents and still pull through
You gots to come up fucked up, get treated like shit
Then have your mother's new boyfriend smack you like a bitch Turn into a killer,
don't carry shottie
Cuz the way it's goin' down right now, you gon' kill somebody
Get a dog, walk the streets, learn what you need to learn
Better have a cause but because you'll get burned
You got 15 years without ever coming out
And beat your fist at the world and what they talkin' about
Then get locked up every two years
For two years keep it real, hold back all tears, face your fears
Become a man before your time, rap but live out your rhymes
Let 'em know what's on your mind, then you'll get your shine
In time, everything you hear will come true
But you won't be doin' me, you'll be doin' you

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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DMX Do You Comments
  1. Chris Calzone

    I love DMX. He's the only artist who can transcend the most gutter and dark and violent shit, to loud and ignorant knockers, to songs like this that have a lot of substance and carry a really important message for young people - and do so in a way that is honest and captivating.

    He doesn't pull any punches when it comes to showing off his intellect like countless other rappers do. He's not just throwing empty criticisms of society to avoid responsibility for his actions, again, like so many other rappers. He truly keeps it real about the stretches of the human condition he had to exist under, and does so in a way that people from many different backgrounds can understand.

    Those of us of a certain age can remember when him and Jay-Z truly shared the spotlight, and just how powerful his music was to millions of people.

  2. Patrick Hill

    100. Even. When. It's. -10

  3. Tristan Forrest

    Why isn't this on Spotify

  4. mc shira m.o.s.s

    it's a big shit honor 4 DMX to meet the Nasty Flex!!

  5. Verdell Council

    I'm always gonna do me


    This song is for society nowadays.

    A leader is at his best when he educates souls, and in return, they’ll say, we did it ourselves.

    The (breathing) Legend Dark Man X

    Rest In Peace fallen comrades

  7. Frank Johnson

    🙅🏾‍♂️⚔️ iz da best ✊🏾💪🏾👍🏾💯🔥🔥🔥💯

  8. Face Man

    Real spit!!!!! Also this is 🔥!!!!!


    No Joke.

  10. Genso San

    DMX can beat the shit out the whole rap game right now with just one track... What happened to the rap game man...


    Mumble rap retards and drug addict snitch rappers took over

  11. Ivan Mccarthy

    Im bumping this now 2019 so cats can C

    Koppel .W

    Dogs B right here

  12. Eli Cordero

    Beat is 🔥. X killed it

    Nathan Montega

    I cant find the instrumental

  13. Gharian Price

    Jungle boogie sample

  14. Walter White

    2018 and I’m still headbangin to it like a mofukka. Arf arf arf arf

  15. Ian Ng

    you gots to come up, fucked up, get treated like shit. then have your mothers new boyfriend slap you like a bitch.....dmx is the fucking man

  16. Siobhayn Swan

    that T would help tho


    Yeah but sometimes clue doesnt shut the hell up

  17. Ivan Mccarthy

    Dmx ... murdered that shit...Much love X..

  18. Mike Chad

    when his first shit dropped that's when I started really listen all his shit is fire no spits like him still one of the bests in my opinion

  19. Eric Tolbert

    Mind blowing hip hop,now get somewhere you sound effect rappers,no mo talk!

  20. Ганчо Кръстев

    My best rapper

  21. Rich Rodriguez

    2018 💯

    Ezel Johnson

    2019!!!!! He coming to Cleveland!!!!

  22. Sluva Luva

    "And have your own mother's boyfriend slap you like a bitch..."
    If you aint live that life, don't talk about it.

  23. Iga D. Ronnie

    Cause ama DO ME Truely WHOWEEE.... I still bump my head to these memories.

  24. Moses Bruno Oyedo Aiwone

    YouTube mossperaries

  25. Ronnie Allicock

    Fire 👏👏

  26. Charles Tumazos

    How about you wanting to be you?

  27. Djtwice2001

    Came back to this to sooth my eardrums. 🔥🔥🔥

    Jeraude Jackson

    Djtwice2001 facts

  28. Lonewolf Vicious

    I hate mothafuckas period! Wish I didn't care bout jail time or I would go on a fucking killing spree!

  29. Ганчо Кръстев

    Dmx the best


    I know this was flex song , but I liked when Clue had this

  31. JB7815


  32. Jonathan Rivera

    every dreams comes true but you won't be doing me you be doing you

  33. Magikhd

    still ma fav rapper 100

  34. Mr. Chip


    Mike Wall

    Mr. Chip shut up

  35. shaun b

    song is about ja rule

    iDemonKing- YT

    Killed Ja Rule never made a real Diss Record Until his Career was dead and he dissed him and Ashanti but by That time X stopped caring

    vwa 98

    shaun b how do you know?

  36. JDMEXforme

    my tuuune. song was underated as fuck!! long live X

  37. AirCooledMan2006

    My teen years!

  38. Carlos X

    X goes in!!!!

  39. Katarzyna Golik

    dog one of best !

  40. joey mack

    This Dmx beat is Fire! My favorite jam.

    Shawn Gatewood

    Bring the dog ! Woof ! Go dmx

  41. Djtwice2001

    My all time favorite DMX song

  42. Nick Zone


  43. Rashad Williams


  44. Djabelkhir Mohamed

    T es le meilleur masterflex

    Youssef Brb

    Masterflex est le DJ c DMX qui rap

  45. Mario Nikitopoulos

    thats it, at last NOT the clean version

  46. Zeth Corbett

    "Express yourselves, be who you are, umm umm, you're a shining star"

    Shawn Gatewood

    The dog never die ! Bring the funk dmx !

    vwa 98

    Zeth Corbett mmm mmm mmm fried chicken farts

  47. Choolwe Kubinda

    Alright you wanna be me here's what you do, grow up neglected by both parents and still pull through!!!!!

  48. mike foss

    Fuck yeah this is the shit