DMX - Damien III Lyrics

[Verse One]
Hey yo D, it's your nigga D
What the fuck, you forgot about me?
You've been eatin real good lately
Didn't get a shout out on your last album, what you hate me?
Said I was your dog
Said I was your nigga that let you see it all through the fog
Said I was your mans and them
And any problem that you had I would handle them
Aiyyo dog it's like this, I fuck with you lightly (uh-huh)
Cause I knew if I fucked with you too deep you'd bite me (uhh)
Get mad at me, send niggaz wantin to fight me (uhh)
Whole time you fucked with me you didn't like me
Oh where you hear that?
Pssh, niggaz talk
Plus you know how shit flow in New York
Walls have ears, buildings heard
Supposed to be shhhhhh but spill the word

Everywhere that I go, everything that I see
Every place that I touch I feel him fuckin with me
I'm gonna fly.. arrrf
Why you lie? You told me it was Ryde or Die
I'm gonna fly.. arrrf
Eye for an eye - what happened to my piece of the pie?

[Verse Two]
Now dog, you know me better than that
I could put you ahead of the pack, instead of the back
I could have niggaz sellin tapes, instead of the crack
Could have niggaz fallin down, with lead in they back
Ain't much that I can't do when I want to
I don't really need you, nigga fuck you
Nah I'm just playin, got a wife and kids
Little Dame ain't come across dem triflin kid
Yo what you mean by that?
Mean by what?
Youse a grimy nigga f'real, I see whassup
I don't even know why I fucked with you from the door
Cause you know I can give you what you wanted and more
I coulda got it from him
But you woulda hate to wait
But I wouldn't have the weight
C'mon, don't hate
What happened to the right hand, Light Man?
Nah that's Dark Man
Well let's get it right then


[Verse Three]
Now I see for who you are, it's like I know you (uh-huh)
So I can't trust you as far as I can throw you (uhh)
Oh you, don't know you are the reason
that I go through what I go through, let me show you
Didn't I promise you again, to slight your friends
Countin these pairs of Timbs, these endless ends?
But what did it cost me? (c'mon)
My life to be taken softly, man BACK THE FUCK UP OFF ME
Don't fuck with me like that when I fuck witchu like this
Don't come at me like that when you know that you might miss
Go on about your business
If any cat you send me way, ain't gon' be no witness
C'mon dog, look who you're fuckin
Whassup dog? Man you buggin
Thug life, thought we were tight
I'll be back aight? Psych

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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DMX Damien III Comments
  1. BagzDaRyda

    They took my nikka x they cloned my dog x I don't believe he's alive any more

  2. Pam S

    X is and always be the greatest...

  3. Mira Dat Dominicana

    2020 💯💯

  4. the three amigos not Mexican

    Why him

  5. Eva Tothova

    Dmx is best

  6. Marie Gerrow

    1 An

  7. NortH SidE GooN

    This is shit so hard damn

  8. billz daBandit

    He needs one more Damien chapter

  9. Brandon Bright

    Boy sometimes that nigga need to hang with me boy i need that bread for a second 😆.

  10. SAINT-BRO's

    forever the realest track man still bangin this 2019

  11. Testiculatorz

    what great sampling and production to fit the artist persona

  12. ArianOby♈

    Me: I bet you cant freak us out with a trilogy of lyrics
    DMX: Whaaaaaaaaat, Damien ............ Hold my beer! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  13. Hassan Hamid

    2019 Damien still kreeepin yo X where you at

  14. A.P.H. H.P.A.


  15. A.P.H. H.P.A.


  16. Shabiyah Davidson

    Not to isolate this song... but this whole album came into my life during my own greatest depression so with that said.... DMX.... you still Tha man to me ☺

  17. Xill Orte

    Damien 1-2-3 Rawww DmX The Realist

  18. ee mobile

    It's a devil on one shoulder angel on the other

  19. Chris Campbell

    Only 2.1k real ppl up in here...up in here!?

  20. Garrett Faber

    "I don't really need you nigga, fuck you" -WHOA

  21. Grimm Malicious

    In my opinion, remember, just my opinion! I have not heard DMX in talks about being top in New York. NAS, Jay-Z, Biggie, Busta Rhymes seem to be in thee talks. And they good, but, back to my first point; DMX is the king of New York. My opinion, for you haters.

    Carter Beckwith

    Grimm Malicious I would agree if he didn’t flop for many albums after his first three, he didn’t stay consistent enough

  22. TextBookPuncher1

    If he had a good education he wouldn’t have these problems

  23. Robbin Grafton

    2019 still with u X🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😍

    Buff Kirby

    rip XXXTentacion

  24. Natas Sorrow

    The voice I hear everyday. Not DMX but the d3vil. Not sure it’s so bad though, only I can decide this. Isn’t I’d great.

  25. Grïsu

    this song is intense in this day and age, so many new young rappers have fallen for the satanic trap. in this song DMX is telling you the deal he refeused from the devil, the devil is a magician. remember that nothing is what it seems.

  26. M. Wahrheit

    Listening in 2019

  27. maurice

    is he talkin 2 the devil thats the vibes im gettin

    Ricky Mixson

    Yep, basically telling the devil to f&$k off. Listen to all 3 Damien tracks, they tell a story.

  28. Yote Smoker

    Lost my virginity to this song haha back in 03 I think it was


    You still fuckin wit the same bitch?

    Audy Yarbrough

    ALCHEMIST that’s a no 😂

  29. Cisco Casillas

    Banging in the 2019 💯💪🏾

  30. LaSouljah Spazz

    Man I’m still waiting for part 4🤦🏾‍♂️😭 In 2019 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. סטס אנטיפוב

    Foczek Is Our truh savior

  32. Nate O

    bumpin and jumpin in 2019!?

  33. Damien Fairman

    Come on x I need 4... I need the 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥flames

  34. MR FUFU

    444....thats what up

  35. Audrey

    1 and 3 are HIS BEST!

    shock toast

    Nah 1 and 2.

    donnell conner

    Dont forget 2...

    Jane Dupree

    And Then There Was X is his best work ever

    Chris Stevens

    Adding Marilyn Manson was a nice touch to the 2nd one I thought

    Light angel

    @K Watkins No Usually 1 and 2 were better.

  36. RicinSauce

    put it on 1.25

  37. NaSamymDnie

    Dhe Devil and Daniel Webster (1941)

  38. giwrgos psycho

    repeat botton on fire !!

  39. Khem Hue


  40. Hip 2 Da Game

    This is still a dope installment of the trilogy but the first one is just supreme. The eerie beat complimented the story perfectly

  41. H K

    Banging this in 2018.

    Dakota Yellow-Cloud

    Shii its 19 now close


    2019 forever and ever!

    The best drug Is music

    H K nah banging this 2019

  42. Mohamed H

    Listen playback speed at 0.75x

    F R

    If only it wasn't so distorted.. but either way it sound trippy af

  43. Tuncay Kol

    Yeaahh .. Thats some scarygangstaass Beat and voice, flow. Hammer !!

  44. Night Fox


  45. dukan mchina

    dmx telling the truth look how they fck with him

  46. Bryson Cormier

    Shouldn't have change the tempo

  47. Dana Rockman

    Part 4 is a Dr. Phil voice 👊

  48. Rusty Teague

    realest words ever spoken , x will always be the best



    Jake Millar The Killar

    @THAT ONE WHITE GUY nah Dark Man X

  49. Willie Rock

    my name is Willie D from group 11 .... so what you saying, I can't fight my own battles ?????? Or is it cause we ain't in contact ??? since when did I ever need you....??? I don't need a M.F.'er I puts it in for dolo, , It's all gravy baby... rub that shit on ya chest don't want nothing from ya kiddd ,, I made millions in my life on the fast track, and money is always gettable... go to blazes with your life punk .... don't want shit from ya

    Willie Rock

    other than that more power to ya I ain't hating..... But remember you'll always be Earl the Pearl to me...., I ain't and will not ever be a mere dog, I believe in the American Dream... Do you remember that conversation in 1991

    Don Maynard

    Willie Rock who are you talking to?

    KEVIN lewis

    DMX, G.O.A.T


    Don Maynard 😂😂

    Black AreMonkeys

    @Don Maynard lmao

  50. isaac yu

    Birth Control sex slavery and porn are the Devil....

  51. Grendel2771

    Damien is crack cocaine.

  52. o'bannon louis

    father forgive me for i have sinned, with your help i know the devil won't win.

  53. Mo Cal

    "I don't really need you, nigga fuck you" the devil is nuts!

  54. Sparkz Mentalz

    I like the first one the best, but I like the concept of this joint. The good and the bad that exists in us all.

  55. denise wallace

    nah its DARK MAN!


    Dark Man X

    James Chauvet

    Well lets get right then.. (goosebumps)

  56. That straight narrow path

    I love all three! It's tht battle that every single one of us face big or small rich or poor the devil doesn't care he wants us all
    Fight the good fight



  57. Hudson Budson

    it ain't much I can't do when I want to i don't really need you Nigga fuck you
    that shit went hard

  58. chris dickinson

    <^> ^_^ <^> WHY U LIE !

  59. Sha Money The Best Rapper Ever

    I could've got it from him
    - but u would've had to wait
    but I wouldn't have the weight. classic yo, I gotta make something like this 1 day

    Justin Yost

    Sha Money So many people just don’t understand these type of lyrics. Fire

  60. tweeze2700

    Man part 4 please lol


    I think when he said I’ll be back, sike at the end he was saying this the last Damien track

    Tiny Talks Business

    but its not @Eklypised


    tweeze2700 i was just thinking that

    aka Grizzly

    Dmx in jail right now so, maybe later

    Steve Truko

    Part 4 would complete my life 😂😂

  61. damien fridley

    hey it's about me

  62. James Lowe

    this shit was raw

  63. 80D

    the only thing i don't like about this song is that they got rid of the "the snake,the rat,the cat,the dog" chorus from the other 2 damien tracks


    +80D thats because he can see the snake rat cat and the dog without the fog

    540 Meechie

    +Ainz Ooal Gown how

    Jay Rivera

    +Ainz Ooal Gown the fog is the drugs BTW 😠

    Brothers Wei

    I feel you 80d. I was thinking the same thing when I heard the course for the first time. The new one ain't bad but it would've been dope to hear a theme for the Damian tracks like the first two. Alot of other elements remained tho. Dmx is living legend.

  64. Don Daeleon

    I like the 1st and 2nd one better

    Madd B

    yeah... beat lame

    PSilence 01

    U obviously didn't notice how the situation with Damien escalated. The whole Damien ideal evolved. The Damien series from 1 to 3 is fire

    simon says

    1st the best 3rd is the sceond best and 2nd one is last


    @simon says exactly

    Light angel

    @simon says The second one is the best togethet with the 1 The rhymes is better.