DMX - Cold World Lyrics

[Adreena Mills:]
Does it really get this cold in the summer?
Does it really get this dark in the day?
Boy they really turn their backs when you talking
When they lay somebody else's head where you lay
Know that I ain't easy to be hard
I find it even harder to be easy
You know sometimes I close my eyes and I wonder
If I ever left how much you'd miss me
Yo somebody told me blood is thicker than water
If a man can say then he can recognize his own daughter
And if hell is below would you pay the price to go
Then I can make it to heaven for sure

[Hook - Adreena Mills:]
This is a cold world, (what)
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way
This is a cold world, (what)
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way

Cats don't know what they say what they talking
So I just let a nigga say what he feel
Fuckin' with the kid they gonn end up in the coffin
Cuz I'ma say what I gotta say with the steel
Niggas hating cuz I got a job
I know it's they job to be hating
I'm a dog so I don't fuck with cats (nah!)
If they gon' have me living in the state pen
It's about time I reacted (yeah!)
Look what you all did to this rap shit (what?)
Knowin' niggas is wrong, come on with the cat shit (come on!)
Wack shit, get niggas torn down slap quick
Bam ,bam ,bam go down that quick
Acting like the truth was gone
And I'm sayin' got mill with the ruthless one
It's 2 piece, if your faggot ass 2 persona
I go hard, no dog don't do it, too late it's done
Hold up, I'ma show you why a dog is the illest, killest
You might catch it, but you'll feel this (yeah!)
The realest nigga to ever do it, the realest nigga to ever go through it
And y'all gon' bring me back to it
Y'all gon' make me lose my mind (yeah!)
Middle name is grime, came from crime
You thought I'ma change in time, niggas don't know me
But you been holdin something
You ain't got it? nigga show me

This is a cold world
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way
This is a cold world
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way

[Adreena Mills:]
The tunnel looks bright up from behind but you gotta keep moving
Moving,moving because if life stops spinning in the right direction
You lose it, lose it, lose it, lose it
See in the night, I pray to keep me breathing
To see another day to give them something to believe in
'Cause I know it won't always be this way
When you tryin' hard to make a change.

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DMX Cold World Comments
  1. Justin Case

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  3. moosaleene7 Superserious

    My Man..

  4. Andrew Loner!

    I'm a dog so I don't fuck with cats my ninja X yonkers stand up🔥🔥🔥🔥💪Bhw

  5. Stuart William

    Goosebumps. Every time I hear this amazing verse. DMX is always going to be the greatest artist of all time.

  6. Zweb-G2G

    Most underrated of all time in my opinion🙏💯only real ones can understand I guess🤦‍♂️

  7. Mister X Brutal

    dmx muchbetter than eminem and kendrick lamar

  8. JG Laboratory

    Stay up d.god bless u cutty

  9. 6uT024

    Never forget

  10. Andrew Loner!

    This shit hard yonkers stand up my nigga X Bhw Warburton Ave 💪


    Dmx on crack makes better music then these bums in the industry

  12. David Ramos

    DMX has always been the truth

  13. Alouxe Blabla

    I love this musik! 😍😍

  14. DEMOfromTEXAS _

    lol it damn sure is a cold world

  15. Dima Dima

    The best

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    You Goddamn right Caleb Kay

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    look at what yall did to this rap shit......

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    lord please help x fight these demons you can have drake little wayne and the mumble rapers please

  21. FastLane Lex

    shawty singing the shit out the chorus!

  22. José Fernando Nascimento

    Slow beat ...wrong

  23. BearXBunny

    Memories with this track.....

    DEMOfromTEXAS _


    Alex Kuzco

    fucking same

  24. MrNikosnik

    dmx rocked in greece,i know u saw me homes a hole in the ches gonmna be hard 2 digest!!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!

  25. Mick D

    makes all the other rappers today look so shit #legend

  26. DiamondDizzle100

    Live zo

  27. Ricardo Galera

    This guy should be a personal trainer.

  28. Ivan Young

    Dmx is so different it's just like crazy

  29. Jamaal Muhammed

    its a real hip hop album.

  30. He-Ay TM

    Gives me chills. . you can feel the hurt from DMX. Realest ever.

    Gmailkto Konto

    I want say the same REALEST EVER THIS ONE!

    Fury Ras

    Ya I can’t stop supporting x he motivates me PAIN is very similar 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣



  31. Paul Nosol

    realest shit

  32. Paige Williams

    Waiting for some more!

  33. Paige Williams

    Bought this CD when it first came out.. Quality Street Music

  34. Troy Mind Write

    But we make it this way, but we don't like it this way

  35. Chris Davis

    dmx...keepin shit real

  36. Nikki Reyna

    still the best rapper alive... NO DOUBT!!!!


    So much heart, so much pain.. Tupac and Dmx best to ever do it!!

  37. Nikki Reyna

    still the best rapper alive... NO DOUBT!!!!


    expect him like you expect jesus to come back

    Shian Baron

    Tiffany Reyna that's so true

    Nikki Reyna

    @Shian Baron Always!!! DMX!!

    Nikki Reyna


  38. prezent ulica


  39. rudedude millard

    i love what u all saying but lets get it right best rapper of all times that goes to tupac if u dont think so then u dont fucking know hip-hop at all....and eminem fucking far from the realest rapper there are no real rappers anymore they all sold out only real one left is dmx dont give a fuck what anyone says 

    Robert Barber

    You are clearly just highly opinionated its easy to claim who is the best by saying it no facts = no arguement

  40. Caleb Kay

    Eminem and DMX are the only real ones left.

    Brandon D

    NaS are the letters that spell..

    rob dennis

    Fr tho 👀

    Unknown User

    I'm a fucking kamikaze crashing into everything.


    Ralphunreal fuck u litte punk ass bitch


    Eminem ain't real

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    Dmx is a boss

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    dmx ain't none of these rappers real like you keepon doing you ... one love from a brother from a different mother

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    Best rapper ever

  45. daEnglish1

    Best rapper ever

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    Look at what ya'll did to this rap shit!!!!!!

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    I'm a dog I don't fuck with cats.

    That shit went hard

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    very good !! DMX ..!!

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    X you to pure for this cold world.

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    Do you know what bi-polar disorder is?

    Alex Kuzco

    isnt that when you're a bisexual polar bear?

    Shawn Schrock

    Yes I suffer from it it's pure madness

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    Arsenik : Sexe pouvoir et biftons album: Quelques Gouttes Suffisent
    dmx know real hip hop

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    D.M.X - A Real Soldier

  59. Siyabend Bartin



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    pusi kurac

  61. reddeath1944able

    haha hes a dumbass, everyone has their own problems that dont take from what you believe in, he just wants to fight over youtube...

  62. lefthandovfaith

    Don't mistake me, I am not perfect. I do however believe that actions speak louder then words, and well I am no christian, but I know my actions speak louder then DMX's words. Its easy as hell to say you are a christian but not do a damn thing to represent that fact, I witnessed it my whole life growing up in the bible belt. Its much easier to say you are a sinning christian then to be a good human being, whats even worse is heh its more excepted.

  63. robertwarrior

    u calling dmx fake?? aha nice joke. The lord cleans you up like he he is doing with DMX and who are you to judge do you have no sin? are you perfect? didn't think so

  64. lefthandovfaith

    lol christian music? when the motherfucker is so high in some interviews talking shit don't make me laugh. I am no way a christian but I can call out a hypocrite or fake when I see one, but then again thats the problem I have with 95% of christians in the first place.

    Jesse Hope

    You can be high and struggling to do right and still believe in christ!!! That's the good news

  65. MVRQUE

    RESPECT FROM ESTONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Dustin R.S.S

    fuck yea :)

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    Everytime i listen to DMX's music i remember Tupac

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    kosovaaaa yourr matherfukker i fuck your black head. huresohn

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    evo is a lie straight from satan


    Thats no good, im not concerned with dinosaurs at all :(

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    Wiger Toods

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    is it good?

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  77. Most complete memelord in the World

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  89. prpimp250

    lololol ur only 16 u dont noo REAL MUSIC with REAL MEANING! go listen to chief keef and love sosa faggot nothing againt chief keef butt it seems that Elementary school Lyrics is what ur used to, besides ur only 16 u got a few more years till u find out whatt real music is to garbage music with no MEANING WHAT SO EVER

  90. Stuart William

    This is the best verse of all 2012. It's powerful. It's deep. It's what has been missing in hip-hop for a few years. A verse from someone's heart.

  91. ↺-enιgмaтιc-↻

    random AF

  92. King1Leon

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  95. Butrint Bojaxhiu


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  97. King1Leon

    Keep listening 'cause you haven't got a clue. First of all, it's not a mixtape, and the bark has been his trademark since way back in the day and has a lot of meaning behind it. Learn your rap/hip-hop history, son. Better yet, stick to your whack teenage pop/hip-hop hybrid music.

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    are u retarded and did i hit a nerve about your boyfriend justin only one talkin shit is u

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