DMA'S - Dawning Lyrics

What would you do if it came to me?
And what if it came to you?
Know I was heavy as this burns me
Why would we have to choose?

Because in the dawning
You will wait for
For her warning
She was warning

I don't know of anyone
That's taken this from me
I'm lonelier than I've ever been
I'm lonely without you
Because it was time for
You to leave me
And are you leaving?
Or are you breathing?
Or going out more?
In the dawning
She was warning

Call this on me
Is it my trial?
A dear wear on me
It is my trial
Call this on me
And I need more
Are you more?
Are you more?

Cause in the dawning
I will wait for
For her warning
Is she warning?
Or going out more

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DMA'S Dawning Comments
  1. Daniel Montaigne

    I can even forgive Tommy for being an Everton fan when they make such great songs

  2. Jason Thompson

    I like this song but it's remarkably similar to R.E.M - Near Wild Heaven

  3. Qwhiskey_

    0:41 what a jumpshot!

  4. Good music lover Aussie


  5. Jenny Yates

    Sexy bastards

  6. Hilary Berry

    I think are aussies

  7. Wire2904


  8. GAZZA

    I've been listening to DMA's for a few years now I first heard Play It Out on Fifa 17 but at the time I didn't know it was by DMA's but started listening to them on Spotify they've got to be one of my favourite bands from this decade defo remembers me off oasis/stone roses

  9. Jo-Anne Skippy

    These guys are awesome, top Band ever

  10. Carlos Ortiz

    Deberían tener mayor reconocimiento mundial. Son una gran banda. Estilo Oasis, Kula Shaker y Stone Roses

  11. Sufyaan Irfan

    Fuckin love Johnny Took, he's got that look about him proper rock and roll

  12. Dave not Doug

    Songwriting 101: don't rhyme with the obvious (dawning - warning - yawning).

  13. Mark DeVito

    God, if Oasis reforms I want DMAs opening for them. That would be amazing

  14. Bhbhby Hbhbgbgb


    Blue Alice

    Yep. Even if the vid was shot on a bog standard Sydney football oval, a born and bred Sydneysider would pick it because of the light - the light in Sydney is like nowhere else in the world. Locations include Camperdown and Newtown (inner west), the CBD, Chinatown, SydU and the Devonshire Street Tunnel. Nice to see the boys referencing their home town. There are a lot of great Australian rock bands around at the moment - home-grown is back - but DMA'S are in a league of their own. Tommy's voice is up there with the late Indigenous singer-composer, Gurrumul. Both bring this Aussie sheila to tears.

    Ben Shipp

    Camperdown is in there, also central station

  15. tokyo1469

    To be quite honest this band could release total shite & it would still somehow sound superb !! Crackin' band :)

  16. igor putiicev

    Начало спёрли у танцы минус

  17. Anthony Langford

    If you love these guys, check out some great British bands of the 90's like The Charlatans, The Verve and the Stone Roses. Bernard Butler and the fantastic Pulp too.

  18. Craig Parsons

    My favourite band since Phoenix

  19. John Donegan

    Great band! Great tune but someone need to take them shopping! Typical Ozzie's not a clue how to dress! Dressing in baggy shit! Its not fucking 1991.

  20. fuzz

    What a find

  21. Shawn Baskette

    Here in Canada, we love the DMeh's

  22. Mark Ashworth

    Tooooooooky !

  23. Philippe VIALATTE


  24. seba batalla

    Come to Chile!

  25. Mitchell Scott

    What a tune

  26. Vitor Oliveira

    Essa banda ❤👌

  27. Ben Elliot

    You lads are propper so glad ive discovered your music..

  28. sonastainbrook

    Can't wait to here the whole album...simply amazing! Hope there are more than 10 tracks?  US tour in the future?

  29. Kevin Greene

    Fooking very tasty!


    Almost livid this hasnt got more views. Best music ive heard on a long time.

  31. Brandon Thorpe


  32. sean curran

    Fantastic band.

  33. David Strutter

    this is my favorite song right now!!

  34. Luke Barton

    these boys are special..

  35. Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie][Hallie]

    ¡Mayo! DMA'S OP!

  36. Aus80sRockRadio

    Thumbs up - awesome : )

  37. Stefan Hasenohr

    Is it just me that thinks this sounds just like Nada surf?

  38. Phil Jones

    top song

  39. Johnny Logan

    nice little 90's cover band lol

  40. JamesSaw89

    heir to oasis

  41. lol lol

    Utter wank

  42. Ashy B

    Something about it is hit & miss for me. Oasis are Oasis. Stone roses would of been bigger. Thats the thing about Oasis. If you watch. It doesnt come off natural in this vid.
    its a bygone era. Britpop in the 21st century they need to lift it a bit.

  43. bedroomstrummer_82

    Isn't the weather to nice for britpop. Need some rain lads

  44. Hellyson Corrêa

    muitoooooo booooooooom <3 BR

  45. END TIMEs Video Library

    Great 90s Flashback sound! I like it a lot!

  46. Carl Evz13

    Awesome band I love these

  47. Alexander Zinchenko

    Fuck me! Those vocals!

  48. Paul Mcardle

    Absolutely stunning this band are fucking awesome come back to scotland lads

  49. Starlyn Morel

    I can't find this version in itunes -.-

  50. Ian

    The track of the damn year. Randomly chose this vid to watch two weeks after it came out, and found my new fav band.
    I’m literally addicted to these guys.

  51. Landfill

    Can't... stop... listening!

  52. Nathan.Lion87

    ramsay bolton, amirite

  53. Léa G

    DMA'S never disappoints !

  54. AAron Took

    I'm sure I'm related to Johnny somewhere haha

  55. HPAnalytics P.Howell

    Love this man.

  56. Keegan3005


  57. odrimusiccom

    brilliant tune and brilliant band...and this video is simply fucking great! this is what i want to see on youtube..most of the bands and artists looks so fashion ..sick of it..this band looks real!

  58. Дмитрий Шиков


  59. Raíssa Clemente

    Come to Brasil, please!

  60. NSNOfm78

    Not sure how I feel seeing a DMA's video actually in HD & not filmed with a camcorder from 1997. I guess it's the same feeling seeing Charlie Chaplin not being in a silent film.

  61. foolsgold helterskelter

    another good song by dma's

  62. Ralph Kaiser


  63. Anthony Gibbon

    Best band that is out now.

  64. Donald Dark

    The guy with curly hair is rlly cute

  65. sonastainbrook

    Awesome song.. wish it was not just a single though, but a whole album. I met these guys, they are very down to earth and really cool. Super talented in todays mainstream misfit  upsidedown world


    Oh and BTW.. I'm over 50!


    luckily there's an album in the pipeline!!

    Coner Evans

    You have your wish, album is on the way and i for one cant fucking wait

  66. BTC0288

    My favorite band larking about in my favorite city!

  67. David Bernard

    Good song..

  68. Butterfly MG

    whats up DMA'S , hi from Australia

  69. Gregory

    Didn’t know Ramsey Bolton was in a band

    Marco Parce

    and Podrick

  70. Petko Krushev

    this is how music sounds!!!

  71. SabCoopers

    Блядь, какой же всё-таки охуенный трек!

  72. Conor Richardson

    anyone any ideas as to what effect pedals they use? thanks ahead!

  73. I BANNAG

    Mula sa 'Pinas, "Mabuhay kayo!"

    Miho Murakami

    Taga ilog Mabuhay!!!!

  74. Minks Rule

    The dude wearing the white hat is in a Bad//dreems video

  75. whyohbee

    This song is the best.

  76. 10:11 PM - The power of music

    Shared this on Facebook!

  77. Daniel ayris

    You guys are the best hey , I still can’t believe how much I love your music . Thanks so much legends .

  78. odrimusiccom

    what a tune! what a BAND! great work guys! we need new album!

  79. Alicia How

    Sneaky Iwan Rheon cameo there, christ.

  80. Robin Sutinen

    I wanna dance to this.

  81. ymlim019

    Love this song... great!!

  82. Maya's Corner

    This video is really bad


    this video is really GREAT!

  83. Paulo Erenio

    Muito bom!!!

  84. Jonny

    this band will always hold a special place in my heart. come to leeds

  85. Dylan Bennett

    See you in Auckland next week

  86. Joshua Jones

    Ahhh such a welcome relief from the no talent painted lemmings of the fake pop music machine. On behalf of America, come and kick these little bubble gum shits off our radios.

  87. Mora Lvin

    ramsey bolton on guitar :D

  88. Oliver Hirondelle

    best band in the decade

    Jonathan Devries

    m u ll erism


    Who is there to compete with? Tame Impala? Arcade Fire? The Vaccines? Catfish & The Bottlemen?

    Andy Hill

    What about cage the elephant

  89. liamkeesing

    WARNING: this video may contain DAWNING

  90. Blenk


  91. Alex Ka

    Nice lads good Song 😀❤️

  92. Алла Устинова

    Мои мальчики 😍

  93. MrSpennewyn

    How can you dislike this song and video?!


    MrSpennewyn because it's a bit middle of the road meh. Sounds like the seahorses but more bland. Don't get the hype.


    Go see them live and then let me know what you think.


    why the dislike button even exist? just like it or not you know ? :D

  94. BrandonCSC

    Belter, buzzing for Motherwell

    Haris Ahmed

    BrandonPotato same!

  95. Tyler H

    top notch

  96. lucy sanchez

    Que hermosooo <3