DJ Shadow - The Sideshow Lyrics

The sound you are hearing is a relatively new one
Who is making the sound?
Ask ya mama

Knowledge is born when the DJ gets loose
She never see him sweat but produce the tattoos
Here in full effect, known for causin' a wreck
Try the gas but he manifest what I express
He's a pinnacle, that means he's bigger than y'all know
The murder weapon next mic checks the fly flow
Everywhere we go, we, everywhere we go, we, every-every
Everywhere we go, we light it up like the sideshow

Boom, straight to the cash
Now, now, now this is how it's started
All eyes on the DJ
Can't stop the needle, can't stop the needle
Can't stop the needle

Get loose y'all, get off the wall for real
A scientist is on the mix, it ain't time to chill
You get beat up from the feet up if you trying to flex
With a flick of the wrist, the ball is a bloody mess
Put the needle to the wax, so don't let it react
When the party is packed like it's about to explode
Everywhere we go, we, everywhere we go, we, every-every
Everywhere we go, we light it up like the sideshow

Like a maniac, and you wanna know why?
Cause I'm playing my music too loud

The way that I see it, you ain't taking nobody out
Intelligence is power, that ain't what you about
We be causing much damage in the place to be
On the strength like a tank, on the m-i-c
On the scene with a gangster lean
The one man band reaches the fans with gasoline
Let the beat drop until the dust clears
DJ's fear him, when they see him, they say "I'm outta here"
The closer you get to feel the effect
My DJ earns respect while you stack the creds
So don't front or you'll be sleeping on your death bed
Cause flying images and memories roll through your head
That's what you get when you mess with true pros
Going toe to toe, blow for blow, now you know
Everywhere we go, we, everywhere we go, we, every-every
Everywhere we go, we light it up like the sideshow
Everywhere we go, we, e-e-every, e-e-every, every
Everywhere we go, we light it up like the sideshow

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DJ Shadow The Sideshow Comments
  1. magich8ball

    Way to rip off Wave Twisters!

  2. dada5714

    Man, this sounds straight outta Jet Set Radio, I love it.


    That sound track

  3. HentaiAnimeArt

    You are the best mr. Shadow!!

  4. Grant Burke

    still so sick

  5. Drinner D

    WOWZERS, I love this dude... WOW!

  6. Neil 72

    Nice Hijack sample...


  7. Billy Ruben

    ask yo mamma

  8. Daniel Pakula

    This track should be 10 minutes long.

  9. Shaliah Arielle

    Genius 😭🥰✨

  10. Zak Maslen

    Samplers fuck off

  11. PiquedFlow

    hell yeah Shadow!

  12. Ramon Hamm

    Who else got here from Soundhounding the latest episode of Hawaii Five-O? Episode "Pupuhi Ka He'e O Kai Uli". Just me?

  13. ShadowPresident 420


  14. Steven Whitman

    keep diggin'. 👌

  15. catorcepunkclub

    cuanta genialidad .

  16. ali khan

    King of sample n digging 👑
    OG in the galactic art of turntablism ❤️🙏

  17. úlfhéðnar

    not really my bag, but he has skills. you sir get thumbs up from me.

  18. poipounderkimo

    So dope

  19. Kûsh Bûsh

    Put the needle to the wax and I'll let you react! This track lights me up like a sideshow

  20. celest simmons

    oh muh gawd this is tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. HellaDre HellaDre

    This video is so Bay Area!! NorCal

  22. Luca Pilloni

    i didn't hear thisgem till now god bless

  23. Dogmo Satchmo

    If I find a genie, all three wishes will be to be Dj Shadow, or at least as good as he is...

  24. Nikola Saether

    2:00 - 2:20 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Vntonio Tovar

    dj sombra

  26. ne.Meksika

    Cool!!!!! 😎

  27. Eric Bishard

    SF Represent!

  28. coffeehauz

    i can't believe dj shadow brought out his entire set of dj equipment into a forest and a subway station just for us

  29. Marko Bon

    oh the days when the beats came from the turntable and not the computer (thru the mixer)

  30. The Loon

    Oh shit it's funky Bill Burr!

  31. Carl Scripter

    This is why I am still alive.

  32. euroaaRON1

    this reminds me of qbert's old scratch videos when he would dress up like spider man and shit

  33. KillaVinyl

    1:27 & 2:10 yeah buddy!!!

  34. kgonepostl

    This album was garbage, don't buy it, the only good songs were ones that featured others.

  35. J F

    This dude will look you in the eyes and tell you “I’m not really a scratch dj..”.

  36. Greg Sparks

    love the song but that shitty green screen on the video is lazy

  37. DJ - Steve Mc Cue'

    Love, that Little Tour through shadows  world!  ThanksMega Dope Video.#No Need to talk about the Song... ?!  Killa!!!

  38. Diego Fernandez

    WHITE BOI!!!!!

  39. LIBERTAZ 67


  40. Max Lawless

    Just awesome.

  41. Keenan Beasley

    Saw him live this past weekend in Houston... He's amazing!!!!!!!!

  42. legion2k

    Love the growl. Follow the Leader. ;)

  43. Kyle Heim

    Earnie Fresh!! Sacramento represent!

  44. simonyricools

    Like a late 90's Seinfeld episode!

  45. crewmate

    Every preorder gets of DJ Hero 2 gets a free DJ Shadow, I heard.

  46. Anton x86

    не, ну бллЭ. 30 тый раз пересмартиваю и супер

  47. Nu Now DJ Pinto

    ¡Bienvenido al SONAR!

  48. Super Hans

    2:53 Modest Mouse

  49. Samplars


  50. jonnybravvo

    The shots of him in his room....if you look in the background, he has the Shadow/Cut Chemist "Milk Slurp" 7" box. They only released I believe 100 of them, luckily I have one. Have it displayed in my man-cave/studio room too. They're extremely rare.

  51. Anders Eideberg

    Bloody hell! I just listened to 3 minutes and 27 seconds of amazing. Musicians don't come better than Josh. Unbelievable.

  52. Tyler Coppinger


  53. Rhys McLoskey

    hey all, was there an album or song produced by dj Shadow made from train samples?? i remember someone telling me this around 2005. any pointers would be appreciated :)

  54. grind


  55. blurrygirl06

    omg, this is so good! I love DJ Shadow!

  56. Eriban Rios


  57. lurker



    If your listening to this with NO BASS or headphones, you're missing out!

  59. rene mendoza

    A true..... ARTIST!

  60. king-bob-kush

    @ 2:30 i thought Shadow was gonna hand himself a record lol

  61. Helios Ra

    okay i was like waiting for a climax but alright

  62. TermoNuclearWar

    this is real shadow

  63. apparao kalla

    some DJ sounds should be increase(volume)

  64. Crónicas Del Melómano

    DJ Hero

  65. Danny Ozu

    el mejor

  66. Sc0ttynzl

    no and ./ . .. . no

  67. Jake Well

    Quite disappointed with video :/ Nobody speak video was genious... Im not sure about this one (I dig the song tho)


    every video will disappoint you after Nobody Speak get used to it :) this one is fresh and its about the music not cinematography. I love it.

  68. uki


  69. tpsc

    Did he sample in2deep back to the hotel? gave me that old bay area vibe


    this is ummmmmmmmmmm a rip off of wave twisters in so many ways ;(

  71. Showdown

    Thank you DJ Shadow for helping keep this old Art form alive.....

  72. Matrxmonky

    I used to go to raves to watch Shadow back in the late 90's and HE IS STILL KICKING ASS???? Damn, son.

  73. Biggy Bwana

    What are the name of the songs used?

  74. BP Train

    Holy Shit! There it is boys!

  75. thomas praud

    Good stuff, back in the day's like entroducing....

    JO 7Z

    You stole my words ;) That was exactly what I'm telling me

  76. Kam


  77. Asif Khan

    This summer Louis CK IS DJ Shadow

  78. Blockhead

    Oh fuck, DJ Shadow back for real this time

  79. john crapper

    Aren't you the best in the universe?

  80. magurofan

    Around 2:00, did I hear a "Yip! Yip!" like the martians from Sesame Street?

  81. Chris B

    BBC 6 music brought me here and this is absolutely ace!

    Nick Prost

    now you need to hit entroducing which is a real classic

  82. AgentPothead

    Great song, great video. Love the horizontal VU meters coming out of each deck.

  83. The PsyOptician

    Dope sauce

  84. Grimm Joke

    A God at work....

  85. suburbanassasin

    Hey Shadow, where we going today....?

  86. Gavin Strange

    Love the video! Also, love the fact the lighting of each shot matches the green-screened background. Nice touch!

  87. Paul Jenkins

    Who knew that Fred Durst was such an amazing DJ???

    Danny Mac

    womp womp *prices is right horn*


    Don't even compare

  88. Chate Kotchabhakdi

    One of the greatest turntable specialist,
    Trip-Hop pioneer,
    and Living Legend DJ & Producer.

    If any EDM wannabe dj seeing this they will be fuckin' faint for sure. So sad they probably don't know what turntable is and now they learn that "scratching" doesn't come after mosquito bites.

  89. Dom C

    0:43 So second nature he can think in scratch!

  90. TrulyGone

    holy shit ableton hahaha

  91. Alex S

    Great music..

  92. Socialist Guerrilla

    very very nice try!

  93. Lord Spen

    good job Ernie.

  94. Grant Burke

    900th like.