DJ Shadow - Sad And Lonely Lyrics

I'm sad and I'm lonely, my heart it will break
My sweetheart loves another, Lord, I wish I was dead!
My cheeks once were red as the bloom on the rose
But now they are whiter than the lily that grows

Young ladies, take a warning, take a warning from me
Don't waste your affections on a young man so free
He'll hug you, he'll kiss you, he'll tell you more lies
Than the cross-ties on the railroad or the stars in the sky

I'm troubled, I'm troubled, I'm troubled in mind
If trouble don't kill me, I'll live a long time

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DJ Shadow Sad And Lonely Comments
  1. Based Prophet

    BTM SAKE brought me here

  2. Shauna Rosemary

    By the year 2093, this song will be a meme that would outlast most popular things on earth right now. This video if it lasts that long, will have a few more dislikes. The song will be played in all public transports and elevators (or whatever replaces them.)

    Lord I wish I'm alive to see that day.

  3. Blanco Volvic

    Internet brought me here (:

  4. RavenTheBlack

    This came up as a suggestion. Glad Youtube is conscious to what I like. Love the classic feel of this song.

  5. Victoria Borelli

    One Tree Hill brought me here <3

  6. bnk57