DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak Lyrics

[Verse 1: El-P]
Picture this
I'm a bag of dicks
Put me to your lips
I am sick
I will punch a baby bear in his shit
Give me lip
I'ma send you to the yard, get a stick, make a switch
I can end a conversation real quick

[Killer Mike:]
I am crack
I ain't lying kick a lion in his crack
I'm the shit, I will fall off in your crib, take a shit
Pet your momma on the booty, kick your dog, fuck your bitch
Fat boy dressed up like he's Santa and took pictures with your kids

We the best
We will cut a frowny face in your chest, little wench
I'm unmentionably fresh, I'm a mensch, get correct
I will walk into a court while erect, screaming "Yes!
I am guilty, motherfuckers, I am death."
Hey, you wanna hear a good joke?

Nobody speak, nobody get choked

[Verse 2: El-P]
Get running
Start pumping your bunions, I'm coming
I'm the dumbest, who flamethrow your function to Funyons
Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest
Now face the flame fuckers your fame and fate's done with
[Killer Mike:]
I walk Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Linus and Lucy
Put coke in the doobie roll, who needs to smoke with Snoopy
I still remain that dick grabbing slacker that spit a loogie
Cause the tolda of the toolie'll murder you Frank and Moolies
Fuck outta here, yeah

Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey! [x2]
Nobody speak
Nobody speak

[Verse 3: El-P]
Only facts I will shoot up
Baby duck if it quacks, with a Ruger
Top billin', come cops and villainous shots is blocked, shipped out, and bought, and you're feeling it
El-P killing it, Killer Mike killing shit
[Killer Mike:]
What more can I say, we top dealing it
Valiant without villiany
Viciously file victory
Burn towns and villages
Burning looting and pillaging

Murderers try to hurt us we curse them and all their children
I just want the bread and bologna bundles to tuck away
I don't work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away

[Killer Mike:]
So tell baby Johnny and Mommy to get the fuck away
Heyyo here's a gun son now run get it to gutterway
Live to shoot another day

Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey! [x2]
Nobody speak
Nobody speak
Nobody speak, nobody get choked

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DJ Shadow Nobody Speak Comments
  1. Ali Ahmad

    Picture this I’m a bag of tits put me through your lips 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. call me mighty watcher

    2:13 till I collapse vibe

  3. Cihan Güleryüz

    This is just MUN with a few extra steps

  4. Elizabeth Karn

    Schindler’s List brought me here

  5. Rajat subhra Roy

    Filmmakers world brought me here

  6. kg chaplin

    O saw this at vimeo first.

  7. Селим Пусат

    Hırsız koray

  8. Dut

    am i the only one who wasnt "brought here" by some other reference. fuck i just had this on my recommends a couple years back

  9. Snaggle Toothed


  10. Fattywompus

    A bag of dicks brought me here

  11. Blake Walden

    Scott Morrison vs Bill Shorten?

  12. Produl

    No more waste of soldiers lives UN politicians fighting is the best

  13. partik kumar


  14. Sheldon

    This is ending 2019 so awesomely !

  15. nocompliments Hi

    Good boys bring me here

  16. J. C

    After Heather's

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    Nobody move Eazy E anyone? No? Just me, okay

  18. N01N3 Gaming

    I came back to listen to a song I heard 3 years ago.

  19. Reece McGrath

    How does this not have a million views? This track is fire always has been.

  20. LostThoughts

    Heathers brought me here

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    Спелеология спасет человечество

  22. ElaSaunders

    BBC Proms brought me here

  23. MiTmite9

    That cleaning lady looks like my Mom looks when my room's a disaster.

  24. MiTmite9

    Than Trump fucks his youngest? DA-A-A-A-A-A-MN.

  25. Dave Lockwood

    Love to see the impeachment play out like this. Trump running for the door when he gets served.

  26. Tane Mahuta

    Nobody speak, nobody gets choked

  27. 1234567890sunshine

    Sounds like ice cube

  28. shahid kayani

    Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest...hahahaha

  29. Andrew pro

    who is here from FROSTS new video with kira and archie!! I FUC*ING LOVE YOU FROST <3 <3 <3


  30. Orrin Hedrick

    Wanna subscribe but your at 420 lol

  31. dilshan chinthaka

    Awesome dudes

  32. Timur Abdullin

    Stop fuckin saying what brought you here, nobody fuckin cares, it's DJ Shadow


    Who else came from Good Boys?

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    Model United Nations in a nutshell

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    Glad I'm not the only person that came here from the Ozarks show!!

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    Booksmart for me yall

  37. Gigatless

    Thumbs up if you don't give a fuck about good boys or ozark or 2019 and just came here cause it's been stuck in your head since it came out!

  38. Bennett Bullock

    As a child of the 80's, I always suspected that this is what Reagan and Gorbachev were saying to one another in all those videos where they're sitting together. The middle-aged diplomats ... perfect.


    Jesus Brought me here.

  40. Matt Luszczak

    Anyone here from teletubbies trailer?

  41. Sir Atmosphere

    the acting in this music video is phenomenal

  42. Ajinkya Shinde

    Soumyadeep Basu got me here🙃

  43. Dan Jones

    Just found these dudes. Rtj has restored my love for that old-school 90's style rap. Thank you RTJ

    Dan Jones

    I meant rap in today's terms. They have that 90s feel. Had to clear that up.

  44. Matt Holecek

    Im here from my friends Snapchat.

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    I’m here from the good boys movie

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    Good Boys Trailer.....THE BEST FILM EVER

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    Silicon Valley

  53. xXLIFEXx B

    It’s so good
    I love this song

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    Picture this I’m a bag of chips

    Жгу В интернетах

    Wanna hear a good joke?

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    Filmmaking at its upmost

  56. -TruthSeekerUK-

    I've never wanted a track to be my ringtone more than this

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    Thank you, Good Boys!

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    A witcher 3 edit from insta brought me here

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    I’ve been searching for this song for so long!!! Heard it on the radio couldn’t find it and heard it on Good Boys tonight. So stoked I found it xD

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    This is basically an average day in the Russian government.

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    Thank god for good boys

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    Heard the first few lyrics in Good Boys at the theater today and lost my shit at punch a baby bear in his shit. Had to figure out what this was.

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    I like the people fighting to the death and the one guys just throwing papers.

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    I'm here because this is a music video and a song that I want to watch/listen to

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    This song is amazing , I can't believe it took me this long to here it

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    With out the lyrics this sounds like it should be the theme song for Despicable Me.

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    Can't believe this was at the Game Awards. Talking about bags of dicks and punching baby bears.

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    silicon valey ;)

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    Oh so this is how abortion bans get passed

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    crack head


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