DJ Sammy - Highest Mountain Lyrics

Soft morning light reveals
The remains of yesterday.
The bitter taste it heals
Anytime it will pass away
Walked on by a narrow lane
Passion came across my way
Have no reason to complain
Allowed myself to go astray

Stormy days - they challenge
Everything a man could give, I know
Finally I found the only way to go

Cause I’m, searching for the highest mountain
Forgot the one I climbed before
It has to be the one and only
That breaks the clouds forevermore
Searching for the highest mountain
My heart’s still calling out for more
Nothing like the highest mountain
To touch the sky forevermore

The rocky roads I’ve walked
Some have turned into dead ends
The funny way I talked
Kind of hard even for best friends
Have to leave this free my brain
Take my chance to run-away
Wanna run right through the rain
Be soaking wet anyway

Stormy days they challenge
Everything a man could give, I know
Finally I found the only way to go


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DJ Sammy Highest Mountain Comments
  1. oo tc

    DJ Sammy from Spain / Barcelona



  3. Stephanie Cabrera

    Dj Sammy Highest Mountain

  4. Daswir Salossa

    Dj sammy l88y haba dictionaryatjehlastenglishspacemusics. Dj dictionaryatjehlastenglishremixmusics. Dj dictionarystjehlastenglishsoundmusics. Dj dictionnaireatjehlastmusique. Dj dictionaryacehenglishmusic

  5. Morshed Shabuj

    oh Sweet Its my Favourite song, I like this song

  6. oo tc

    DJ Sammy, nuestro DJ más internacional.

  7. dragocrociato91

    Who is the singer of this song and Irresistible?


    Oh,very well


    Thanks for contributing your great voice for this song, its really inspired my days


    @Phil Barnes Hi Phil, thanks for responding! It's been a mystery who sings this song for so long. I can't find any album credits listed online for the vocalists! Just out of curiosity, which other DJ Sammy tracks did you contribute vocals to?

    Phil Barnes

    @MultiHeartrock I also sang Irresistible, place on fire and summer's here.. Glad you like it...


    Phil Barnes amazing!!! Some of my favorites. Now to continue pondering who sings L’bby Haba

  8. EVP5309

    How come I'm just now finding all of these new songs? I've been a fan of DJ Sammy since his album, Heaven came out, and despite searching for new songs of his, the only song I came about was Animal. :0 Glad I found these though.

  9. Darren McAllister

    ken aee

  10. Cynter

    one of my favourite tracks