DJ Quik - Problem: The B Stands For Beautiful Lyrics

When, when I say the B word
I say baby you the B word, that's not a diss
That's a beautiful lady
That's what you are from now on so
Walk up to you say "Girl you just actin like the B word"
You actin like a beautiful lady
but you still a bitch... when I leave
I just ain't ain't gon' call you a bitch to your face no more
Like I see I, cause I I feel
I don't wanna disrespect you
On the real [laughing] y'know, but I expect you to
Stay, in a a in a bitch in, in your bitch mode!
You, you kinda undersmell what I'm tellin you because you feel me
You too, y'know bitches listen to this type shit, they know
They know when they fuckin [laughs] when they
When they rat ass, is bitches they know it
I we don't tell 'em y'knahmean? It glows
It's like, when you get a new shirt or somethin y'knahmean?
Y'know they put that on every day like "You'se a bitch!"
I can see it once you leave, once you get up, when you wake up
You ain't nothin but a constipated-ass bitch
And, and you just gotta deal with it and keep movin, feel me?
Cause these old frappy ratchet-ass hoes
I'ma woman - yeah you'se a bitch too!
You can be ah, y'know, you feel me y'knahmean?
Y'know I'm a nigga, I'm a man, I ain't shit - y'know?
I can be all those things at once so y'know you can too
Bitch just lower your personality hoe y'knahmean?
Cause I do it, I KNOW IT
Niggaz know! We just let y'all fly
But y'all ain't shit

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