DJ Quik - Hand In Hand Lyrics

Ha ha yeah check it out money & pussy make the world go 'round
(That's right) That's how it's been since the beginning of time.

Now who says we can't be fly?
Who say Compton niggas can't get they scrilla
at the same time get some thigh
well uh that's the subject of my conversation
cause ain't nothin' like gettin' a dollar & some penetration
Now that's a whole lot easier to understand now a days
but uh some of you playas still be going out sideways
so umm just take this game with a tic tac
cause if you was on Skid Row you can get
pussy faster than a Big Mac
I owe it to myself to be fly that's what Top Dog taught a boy
cause instead of Mounds these bitches always want Almond Joy
because uhh "Sometimes they feel like a nut"
but they rather have it more often than they don't
So I won't go flippin' & makin' it topsy turvy
now keep my hundred dollar bills crisp & that ass curvy
cause ain't nuthin' on my mind but to be fly through time
havin' a nest egg bird behind an estate that's mine
Watchin' Jordan go for forty in a sucker tub
eatin' Cheetos drinkin' Mo' & getting a back scrub
because first you get the power then you get the money
then you get the pussy dude don't be no dummy uhh

[Chorus El Debarge:]
Playas get they paper when they game is tight
and if you want some nana that's for you to decide
But as long as you ain't simpin' then ya doin' it right
'cause together they go hand in hand Oh yeah

She wanna make me break code but I can't
I wanna fire it up & hit it pass it like dank
baby all in my square big buddha long hair
Fly Chinese & Black for a mack plus player
D baby I'ma get ya hot wanna get ya full blown
so we all can hit the spot (now you gotta shake the spot)
Got game by the tons lookin' for some 2nd II None
kinda fun but these hookers on the run for cover
they lookin' for lovers ain't no trickin' young D
'cause I'm unlike the others not a buster
I'm on the mission for figures time up for you diggers
(Now who got the Henn'?) Pass the liquor
Hoes hear the name it get's 'em hotter
spin a scraggler on a wheel now they call me D the Potter
lotta hatin' going on but I ain't with it
I'ma mash on that drama everytime that I feel it
'Cause I'd rather have a major end than have sex
and when I have a million to splurge you know what's next
but first you get the power then you get the money
then you get the pussy fool don't be no dummy


El Debarge talking:
Yeah first comes the power then the money heh
and if you really just want it the
na na na na la di da na na na la di da

I understand that you think you grown
independant on ya own with ya jazzy ways
my intent is ya lay but first I'm out to get paid not played
can't be yo' incredible edible egg
I don't crack nor split my yolk with the female folk
now baby break yourself get broke you can choke
off this young black better than Mary Jane
in ya brain I'm guaranteed to have ya thinkin' & feelin' thangs
like yourself now uhh watch ya health if ya feel like plottin'
ya body turns rotten from the inside out that pussy's turned out
getting hit by a sucker a 2 minute brother
who's first 10 seconds is thinkin' he came up
that next full minute suckin ya drama up
50 seconds to go see half of that is the show
Now where the other half you can't laugh
'cause you know it's straight simpin' & whinin'
'stead of pimpin' & grindin' KK'll let you know
so pay attention bro
See first you get the power then you get the money
then you get the pussy don't be the dummy though

[Chorus x4]

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DJ Quik Hand In Hand Comments
  1. B.Allen

    One of the greatest producers of all time. In the history of music, i mean of all time, DJ Quik... dude is a true musician. Just listen to the beat, the blend of instrumentation is pure sonic bless. Its sonic perfection at the highest level. He really is the G.O.A.T

  2. Puck Riley

    Still Bumpin This Song in 2020 & Years Later.

  3. BoldAndWealthy Holly

    Who still playing this in 2020??

  4. Goldie Juan

    Da Jam For Years.....I Dig Regardless....

  5. Take Bread

    Super underrated one of the best PRODUCERS&RAPPERS of all times

  6. marcus ulrich


  7. King Quest

    Had 2 scru Qik Dine on thiz 1,... He cold

  8. David Huante

    Whos bumpin this now adays 2020💥

  9. Jhamel Wade

    This song STILL feels like it's 1998. 21 years old tho'!

  10. techtee murphy

    2019 and beyond. Bad mf rite here👌👍

  11. bekkiboop100

    my daughter just said "I didn't know that was El Debarge, I thought that was a woman"

  12. Jermaine Foster

    Who is still listening to this song in 2019 Entering into 2020

  13. Lexus Velasquez


  14. The Predator

    Yo wha up from uk 🇬🇧 banging this still 💯

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  16. Smilee

    Still listen to this in 2019 and i was born in 99

  17. J.D. W

    This joint help me through my 2 year apprenticeship. Motivation!!! 💪

  18. prince prince

    He is very underrated

  19. Jose Casas

    💋💚💙💛💜🧡💕❤💘💔🌷⚘💞💚BEAUTIFUL MUSIC🎵🎼💕🧡💜💛💚💙💓💤💟💌💢💘❤💔💜💛💚💓💤🌟💋❤💜💚💕

  20. Lyrico ND3 Ggsosonikole

    That's Right give me the Money😁

  21. Chauncey Beasley

    Always loved his music

  22. javier hernandez

    $ & 🐱 make the 🌏 go round

  23. Monkey Dennis

    2019 still bumping 😜💯🤟

  24. TechRomancer 83

    Slappin in 2019💯🚀

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    Cus ain't nothing like getting a dollar n getting some penetration

  26. Miguel Aguilar

    From 1999 to 2019 20 years till go hand 🖐 and hand 🤚

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    It's either the cash or the ass



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    Classic AF

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    BanGn iT in 2019
    HoW BouT DaT👌🏾💯

  31. coachglaspie

    2019😎😎 lets hear it!🙌🙌

  32. gsr jaycee

    Bumping it in 2019

  33. James Tucker

    When rap was rap with a melody& a real hook 👍

  34. lamar strong

    I bumped it in 01 and 2017

  35. Tamia Lee

    2019 and its still bumping

  36. DeeRock91 Cobbs

    2019 and still Bumpin this Trackk Bobbin Head.

  37. Rey Parker

    I thought El was a woman on this song I swear

  38. therealmccoy2004

    Back in the days if u could sing with a feminine voice u were guaranteed pussy...

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    Try this song on "0.5x", fr tho'!!

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    2019 this got me to school and back from 2018 till graduation

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    Jayla m.

    Margaret Caay 🙋🏽‍♀️

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    My shyt!!!! Love DJ QUIK

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    Why won't this song sound amazingly *good* , if it's on "1.25x"..?! It would be _distinctive_ AND sound faster, too!!

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    Whos Bumping This in 2019

  45. Terrence Harris

    T rollems ft 2pac im a straight Ridah

  46. B.Allen

    Quik is a true musician and living legend.

  47. Protere de Numin Total

    2019 infinittttyyyy

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    This song alwayz made me feel groove 👌

  49. Pinkbarbie

    2019 ? Lets get it

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    Still listening in 2019!

  51. smiley lok

    fuckkk my fav song my quik

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    The speed _this_ song would be on is raw _and_ FLOWING, if it's on "0.75x", FR fr!!

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    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 in 2018!!! ❤️👊🏽

  54. Tonya King

    Don't be a Dummy Dummy 😎😎😎

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    This song is big facts

  56. Walena Living,Praying,Dancing 2 God

    His unsung story brought me..i remember this song growing up...I miss the fun old day❤💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  57. Corey Oliphant

    Quick is the man.

  58. Victor Pettus Jr.

    Me and my Dad's jam he introduced me to DJ Quick when I was about 12 or 13 I was addicted to the whole CD this song was on dancing in the mirror in the bathroom and shit

  59. Andrew Marcus

    First you get the power then you get the money then you get the pussy foo don't be a dummy

  60. D Bent

    I'm still bumping this classic in 2018. "I owe it myself to be fly!"

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    Now who said we can't be fly?!

  62. SacheVante

    Money and Pussy make the world go round

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    El, 2nd to none, Quik on the beat MF DOPE

  64. luck luckie

    everybody get off his dick damm it was the 90s alot of good tunes then hocakes😃 now that goes hand and hand

  65. Jhamel Wade

    This is DJ Quik in that bass in my earphones for real'!!

  66. Dominik Mendez

    My dad got me hooked on dj quik.

  67. Dominik Mendez

    I’m 22. Born in 96. And man lemme tell you. I wish I was this age when this first came out man, but all good I still slap this because this is real music.


    '97, same man I feel ya

    Sheree Hayes

    I was a child but I loved this year! Pre 9/11 and y2k scare was really magical man.

    zurc palacios

    100%.. 97 here we just got a glimpse of good music

    Franky Nguyen

    dont feel left out this song was probably playing duringyour conception

  68. Miguel Aguilar

    Most underrated rapper from Compton.

  69. Evil Kobe

    So underrated bruh

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    baddest ever listen to the beat it badd I was at this concert

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    Quik is wayyyy underrated. Snoop and DeathRow made it that way. BUT, IF YOU A LOCAL YOU KNOW WHATS UP!

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    Fuck a puerco

  73. Vincent Rocha

    Fuck it at least they ain't did that shit when u had your family

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    Serve your sentence like a real man stay strong

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    CLASS OF 94...WHITTIER!💊😀💰🔫

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  83. T. CROWN 321

    DJ QUIK at The Top OF THE Rap Hall of Fame ! The People's Choice

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