DJ Khaled - (Intro) I'm So Grateful Lyrics

Never let me down, no way
Most die saying...
For the kings have decreed (bless thy soul)
Righteousness shall be
Show us thy love, oh
Have mercy upon thy soul
Never let me down, no man
Happened today like nothing
DJ Khaled!

I wanna say thank you for the time and the love that you share
All the help and the effort just to get me there
When everyone turned their back you showed me how much you care
You believed in me never forget you I swear

I'll always be strong, my character defines me
I will never be that hateful and throw stones behind me
Temptation and ego can get you so wrong
A lot of people easily forget where they're comin' from

I'm so grateful for all you've done to bless your soul
With the riches of love forever
Happiness shine as a burning sun
It's a blooming blessing, hey, let it flow
It's a pleasure

Hours upon hours searching for a better way out
And the evil and ignorant people sending the choppers
Still just gotta look out⟓
Jah is my guide, know I'm here for a reason
Put my trust in the most high
And my prayers are so consistent, ah
Who would've thought it would be like this today?
Nothing but prayers lift up your head, lion in the jungle
I tell ya, he whom have been blessed

[DJ Khaled:]
Welcome to grateful

Strength is strength, strength is strength

[DJ Khaled:]
You realise and appreciate all your blessings
Embrace your blessings from the heart
To express your gratitude by doing righteous deeds
Asahd, my son, I love you
Thank you, God
I also want to thank all my enemies for turning their backs on me
Thank you
I'm so...

I'm so grateful for all you've done to bless your soul
With the riches of love forever
Happiness shine as a burning sun
It's a blooming blessing, hey, let it flow
It's a pleasure

Hours upon hours searching for a better way out

[DJ Khaled:]
DJ Khaled!

I'm so grateful for all you've done to bless your soul
With the riches of love forever
Happiness shine as a burning sun
It's a blooming blessing, hey, let it flow
It's a pleasure

Hours upon hours searching for a better way out

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DJ Khaled (Intro) I'm So Grateful Comments
  1. Rachel Hoang

    2020 is coming

    🙏 Stay blessed 🙏

  2. Mr_Dinosaur -_-

    🇬🇧🇦🇺 Fire son bless this song

  3. Slammers GY

    dj khalid is amazing

  4. star wonder woman

    thank you for these majestic words MR SIZZLA and MR KHALED LOVE

  5. MarvelouslyMixed AubreyLloyd


  6. MarvelouslyMixed AubreyLloyd

    My favorite. Period. DJ your best... Absolutely ALWAYS

  7. Alfred Tafadzwa Bandera

    Sizzla and DJ Khaled...real friends giving people real music

  8. biggatap

    This is sizzla a true man nuh bawl dawg this one touch mi soul

  9. biggatap

    This song tho is the best views low tho i dont know why

  10. Joseph J.

    I played this video multiple times on the day of my baptism and I had this visual of a garden

  11. Yesandra Justavino

    Respeto deste panama 2019🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦😘😘

  12. Sexypegasagifullomessiah

    Dude his face 0)=[

  13. DeepThinking

    Why is sizzla Rolling his R's

  14. احمد سالمين

    What a song 🌧🤫

  15. Nkosi Broka

    ..... Dope

  16. Irving Dennison

    Thanks fi warrior sizzla kalonji find his massage of love sizzla mi breddah Jah rastafari bless your soul bless your family all days of your life in this world bless mi Rasta warrior Selassie I live for I ver

  17. Dave Ndinya

    I love it such nature DJ Kahlid Sizzla

  18. Fab Abd

    Besta man

  19. Ammara Essack

    I'm so grateful for what Allah has provided for me all I wnt to do is thank Allah

  20. young sergi 🙌

  21. abdirahmaan sheekh

    Say thank god if you believe god say الحمد الله

  22. Daniel G

    Zajebisty kawałek 👍🇵🇱

  23. BrianO Turner

    Dame heat

  24. Christian Desacado

    Please make another song featured sizzla and damian marley.

  25. Fredo Isidoro

    Shit fire 🔥

  26. Irving Dennison

    Thank you Jah rastafari for the blessings him set pon I an I mons family fi mi son jevaun Marley Selassie I live

  27. Oury Barry

    Sizzla is a great place to work for zick

  28. dabool mahmad

    Lion of Palestine, God willing🇵🇸✌

  29. Muny Gulyamova


  30. Misplaced Kiwi

    This is my song to my organ donor who saved my life xxxx

  31. Sandra Patterson

    8k thumbs down!!!!!! Souless or paid to constantly keep clicking not like.
    My morning mantra . Absolutely love this. Pure positive vibes

  32. Jericca Young


  33. Stuart Gooden

    Best track by Khalid of all time. So underrated this song is crazy

  34. Kulwinder Singh

    I am grateful for the life and things that God has gifted me with, Amen.

  35. king zoheth

    Khaled turn rasta now?

  36. Link the Inkling

    PaRappa's still better

  37. cordell alexis

    Good song

  38. raymond robinson

    Dj please come to kona to open up a new a new liquor and music p.c 9 please use whip it from me. I dont have internet I will probably tonight Hug ti will send you the link tyq qa x

  39. Nkosazana7

    When i tried to integrate ska Reggae with roots Raska in philly i was maimed, raped, almost murdered, my freind was Murdered, my son threatened then attacked in our home, at knifepoint, i thought i was ready to give up. Until Ibrahim my son was threatened, and something i cannot control ROSE UP inside me. And i fought so hard much harder than i did before! My son, his love i see God in that love. I hope to always when i fall down, be inspired by his existence, to rise back up and get my ish together. God bless love. Jah bless ya heart Khaled for sharing your Couragous real truth in this incredible Father of Ashad record. Helped us feel less alone, and get our fight UP!

  40. Lily Hmar

    The best music and song I ever listen in my this is soo amazing I love it

  41. real takue

    2019 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻this jam is soo fine and clean❤️❤️

  42. Renee Thomas

    Every day I wake up I give thanks for life

  43. Roki Balboa

    Proud with Dj Khaleed.. Proud to be moslem

  44. C Slide

    R.i.h. khaled

  45. C Slide

    Listen to XXL LAVATEAM

  46. El_rico c0ntr0lled

    Best sizzla I've ever heard ♥️♥️

    Jupiter COSMIC Wisdom81

    Then u need to listen to more of his music because he sung all words here

  47. Ryan MCKNIGHT

    asalild is a legend and cute 💵💵😱😱😀😀🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  48. Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

    We tha best at poor grammer..... lol

  49. Just stop it

    Love that Champion zip up Khaled be sporting

  50. chav 876

    Who's here in 2k19? this song is so powerful

  51. Luxury Doll

    Beautiful 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲😇🔥🔥🔥

  52. Mami Tambo

    I felt you and allthe blessings brothers beauty of music and listening back after Holly mountain

  53. Aishath Suha


  54. Aishath Suha

    Meditation mode

    Journalling , blessing i done every day one year as a habits. Allah. God

  55. Zaid Vazquez Garcia


  56. CoolToad Electronics Electronics

    DJ khaliiiii

  57. Julius Cäsar

    Sizzla is so grateful....

  58. kay sirjoo

    This song is so POWERFUL 💛💚💙❤👌

  59. marlon blackwood

    Big respect to DJ Khaled fi put forward Dada to the world again

  60. John Kennedy Ekene

    I came here after Holy mountain, I know Buju but after seeing Sizzla, I decided to click on another on his music and this shit is legit. Respect to Sizzla though, he’s maintained his style of music in a country embracing nonsense music and dances these days, Sizzla said NO, and stayed on his shit.
    Respect Sizzla!!!
    You a LEGEND!!!

  61. TheBrainvision

    I wonder what Ashad gonna think of the father when he sees all these dumb ass videos of Khaled doing nothing except screaming "DJ Khaled!"

    King of Travel

    He is going to say "Money in the bank"!

  62. King of Travel

    Published in 2017 and only 6 million views. Way underrated!!!

  63. Kelle Mack

    I'm 44 and I have loved Sizzla since I was 18 or 19, I watched because Sizzla...but DJ Khalid has my respect after I heard and watched Holy Mountain. I didn't realize his pure genius. Sizzla always reminds me of his talent, my big kids were raised listening to nothing but Sizzla and they still tease me but I'll go awhile without listening to him and then hear his righteous words and fall in love with him all over again. Very inspiring tune this

  64. Damon is 60

    I'm not stupid .
    If I'm going to target
    homosexual men with products ,
    then I need pink items.
    He's trying to sell reggae.
    What does he need ?
    See ?

    Damon is 60

    I gotta have
    the top of the line pink stuff.
    iPhone , Air Max , Jordan ,
    Nail polish , seat covers , etc.
    He needs a recognizable face & name from the island to sell his product.

  65. Benny Jamz

    give thanx 4 life . stay up people

  66. Keyza ZyZi K

    4-9-2019❤👣🙌I Love My Son👑

  67. RC LaROCK /The Micstro

    REAL SOUL MUSIC ...thank you Most HIGH Mother & Father. tears fall rejoice ....thank you Khalid for bringing Sizzla back to the people his lyrics always Fire on evil ....

  68. Tey Tey

    I love this so much bruh thanks for making thanks song possible @DJ Khaled

    I love u sizzla


    Fire So Goog

  70. amber chhetri

    Dj Khaled always support those artist who need a better life...He gives them opportunity not for views just to help them so that they can also get recognition in this world...Khaled is a real legend ....

  71. Calayla Mccreath

    I love this song ❤👑

  72. trevor tadash

    another Oneeee....

  73. Zabrina Neal

    Righteousness shall be

  74. Gelson Miguel

    Dj Khaled making itself a legend! This album is showing all big is this man in music industry... Cant describe a such a great work. WE THE BEST NATION

  75. Dj Anna

    Best on entire album 💣💣💯

  76. Abdul Bashir

    Masha Allah

  77. Eazy Watchman 37

    With that voice sizzla took me back to His song JAH LOVE... he’s the G.O.A.T we the best is the best

  78. LaToya Luvly

    my favorite

  79. Krazy Kash

    I listened to this song once, I've been grateful ever since.

  80. jimmy ireke

    Am so grateful for all the things I have gotten

  81. Merali Kihara

    I'm so exited listening to yo album every morning... So much motivation...its a blessing... And yo son is more than a blessing....

  82. David Pereira

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  83. FemalePointofView

    Adorable baby!



  85. Kenny Knight

    Respect dj Khalid for dis....

  86. Sarah Clarke

    Who would have thought it would be like this today😣......

    King of Travel

    What happened?

  87. Pheonia Allen

    I’m so great full thank you father yes Buju. Well done 🔥🙏🇺🇸🇯🇲✅

  88. Dejuan Hall

    Thank Almighty

  89. Dejuan Hall

    Wooooooooo GRATIFICATION

  90. Marius Dulgheru

    Superrrrrr song

  91. Ybk 305

    Right time, Dj Khaled right time.

  92. anju moon

    Great work Khaled Loud blank💥💥💥💥💥💥

  93. anju moon

    I'm so grateful 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥