DJ Kay Slay - New Bronx City Cypha Lyrics

Kay Slay, drama king, wad up?
Hold for a fifty
New Bronx City
New Bronx City (let's go)
The X spot where we so thorough
Huh uh, it's Mace up

Y'all bout to witness the best in the business
When you mix ice and walls, nigga you get dis
This is the dream team, BX supreme team
This for X and P, they bout to free P
So that means you soft niggas are trouble
Shout out to Omar, you niggas I love you
New Bronx City with pretty boys and pretty hair
Tell Diddy we go bring the city back, nigga

A lot a yow niggas I need a rapper's ester
Bought a key a crack and the black Winchester
Put the gat to me, I don't mean to be to lame
Blow out your chest cavity for being too fake, Slay you know me
You Bronx City bait the cat, I'm with the homies
Dyce, Oun, Haddy, Mysonne and Hocus
Gold doe, I'm with the carcass

If you hate me and shipped me
Imma grind and keep making this history
Play with me physically, clean murder make you the mystery
Used to as God alone, these hard times gotta live with me
My story telling the special, thanks for giving is gift to me
This gift you see should be putting more gifts by the Christmas tree
It ain't, and poppy just said he got a few gifts for me
Folding back from the skin and bone, we didn't got us some chemistry
Dead presidents come alive, we stealing identities

Natural born hustler, cracked up in the cupboard
Cooking up the keys, that was me motherfucker
Sharing love crib, she couldn't wait for me to chef it
Whipping up the base, I'll let you taste it in a second
Jim game nigga, move your weight off the bitches
Huh, and I did it without a spot
I pull up in the whipping and I'm dipping with your thigh
BX fight club all my niggas about to part
One form sitting in the hole and running the whole Bronx
All this hoes crying broke, now you can't hold squat

Hey yow my name [?] don't cross my enemy state lines
Am from the Bronx, but niggas get stab, niggas shot in the daytime
And I hate the pigs, now ours money's dis
The gun on my waist too big, racked up, we zip a nigga up
Keep hitters in the cut, with the mash and they stick a nigga up
Fuck with us and it's straight trouble
But you a dick in yuh man's pussy, y'all niggas could be a couple

Shut up! (Drax)
Drugged your [?] at your mommy coffee
Your uncle owe me, had them old Nike
Had to fight you in the streets just to freeze love
I'm a hustler baby, cause I need drugs
At the green plug, hit room work
Told a few verse, just hit me on the first
Post red, front lash, ain't no gang homie
Fuck yourself boy, say my name homie
I don't trust niggas, cause they change on me
Fuck these new niggas, I want my same homie
Oh yeah, nigga my money right
New caty drop with the funny line
What you looking at cat nigga
Bout that nigga, what's that nigga
Cost a couple a gran just to chat with yuh
This business don't come with a Mellisa ask for yuh

Let me show you where I get in
Let the connect, he thought I was Dominican
Thank my mom cause she made yeah
For the light skin complexion and the wavey hair

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