DJ Kay Slay - Memories Lyrics

Hey yow, Kay Slay
Whad up boy?
I got a good memory homie
I remember how these niggas try to do me
And that shit get real right?
Remember pop got shot and big got hit
Them big boy kidnapped, who get hooked on some BA shit
I remember love boys, rest in peace Ricky Tie
I will shoot you up in Queens before fifty inch high
Memories you feel like, you know Carcani
Right now they call this swag
Back then we call it gettin'
Smoke more then I should, but my memory good
Memories that are beef between diddy and should
I'm not leaving Jay out, nigga him I own
They said I stab somebody too, you not the only one
Who cares, Kay Slay head crazy, rocket gangs in Harlem
I was only scarface way down bottom
Memories of Pablo and the way they got him
Still see Trayvon Martin, and the way George shot down
Once they kill Michael, when they crack his big lock
I got good and bad memories, these streets is cold
Just for old time sake, I might stand over the stove
And don't forget back when Buck bank account was froze
Man you remember why I ain't fucking with you hoes
I got memory
Man one thing about your memories
Man they can lock you up
Put you under the cell, throw away the key
They cannot take away your memories from you
They are yours to the end of time
I'm from the streets of Philly, these are my memories
New age rap trap, check out my melody
Mom shelter me dreams, are cops selling me
I ain't listen to a thing, my pops was telling me
So I'm me, I was feeling me
When I was arrogant some niggas try killing me
At the cooler, captain was the boss full of me
Moved about a hundred bricks but it was the drugs drilling me
We super fly we high like a singing bee
Riding with the strap all black like the demons be
Rest in peace to Jackson, huh uh, I really miss you
I knew your circumstance was different then you agree for me
So I'mma rap this mine ship and beating in these streets
Need a real nigga riding away immediately

These are my memories, when I visit the babies, are my memories
I pretend you cared for so many memories
But you're a world with amnesia, won't forget you
And I pray that our love won't forget me, yeah
Man some of my most unforgettable memories
Being raised by my grandparents in East River projects
Rest in peace, I wish I could bring them back
Do for them, what they did for me
Same gang, same rules, we still mashing
You know the most beat dogs, we stay mashing
Still got the job on them thongs, we stay mashing
What? We still mashing
What? We still mashing

I had the Nefertiti page going, Ruby's in my range
What I mean, flat top, post it up at the crash spot
Check out my bad drop
Gave the boys mirrors, and my best to view rolls [?]
Mammy baby boys gone full
Pen inside this box with the lights use to be back then
That boy Cain was the thing back then
In the crack, boy ang girl was the thing we use to swing back then
To maintain back then, I kept my play back ten
We gotta lot of arms, nigga get it cranking
I leave you horizontal face down, like you pledging
Far to lead full of marijuana, all drinking
Knew this for the taking, get the dice shaking
To get your life taken, I have you ice skating
Am folding new pound box, nice statement
Lord forgive me for my sins that I've done back then
Reminiscing, I was young back then

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