DJ Kay Slay - Jealousy Lyrics

[DJ Kay Slay:]
It's DJ Kay Slay the drama king
And this is what happens when you put 3 lyricists on one record
That's right, I said lyricists, not rappers
And for you haters out there, pay attention

[Busta Rhymes:]
(Jealousy's a motherfucker) Better go
You don't want no problem, you don't wanna mess with it
How I put it down then make 'em come around, niggas already be knowing how I be the best with it
How I step all up in the spot every time you see a nigga fresh step with a little fresh fitted
Bust every bottle in the building and I fuck shit up
I got 'em whilin' till a nigga know he finished
(You weak jealous motherfuckers) You see them gather closer
Pretty white bitches be linin' up like bricks of coca
Make it bounce, stretch and spread yo' ass, yoga
Bangin' on niggas untill we probably break a shoulder
I don't ever give a fuck what it cost, see, the money I'ma toss
Make way homie, see we coming through a little bit
Illiterate, but you know you fuckin' with a boss
Yeah we takin' all the small countries where they don't know us like "Yo, who that?"
While we go and hit 'em with the shit that make 'em wanna raise up, uh-uh, don't do that
Tired of telling niggas when you know exactly what I'm on
Get this bread, bakery, cake up little nigga then I'm gone
Y'all see the way we gotta black out every time I beat 'em in the head till the nigga run along like balalala

You can lose your life if you a jealous nigga
Fuck up [?] jealous niggas
Me bitch better, me whip wetter
Me neck shine, me wrist blow
You can lose your life

[Tech N9ne:]
Hit a lick, rockin' the hip, hopin' to get hot when a nigga spit
Probably when the women get on me, talkin' the dick
Often the bitch drop when I rip
Niggas be jelly, they go through her cellie
And see her tell me she left shit in my telly
It's hurtin' his belly like bad meat at the deli
I have heat in my pelly pelly for the fuckboys
Make a nigga have to snuff boys, make enough noise
To make everyone drop when I bust toys when they suck soy
I'm gonna get my paper no matter what
Hateful takers don't got enough, they goin' a nut
Get a fo'-fo' with ya ganja holdin' my do' in the cut
Play no games and I ain't no dame so I aim for pain
I'ma drain yo' brain when that thang go bang
Like I'm Django, man, and my aim goes bang
When I'm faced with jealousy, all the states throw mail at me
So it's making you march, wanna yell at me
When I react they call up Penelope's
Bitch ass, trick ass, sniff ass, ho
Just 'cause I get cash when I spit fast, now his ass low
Go get a sick pass and a bitch badge 'cause you get mad, bro
You 'bout to get flagged and you wondering if it's riff raff, no nigga

You can lose your life if you a jealous nigga
Fuck up [?] jealous niggas
Me bitch better, me whip wetter
Me neck shine, me wrist blow
You can lose your life

I knew a couple niggas that I used to run with
Have fun with, get funds with
Shit get low, I had to bust a couple guns wet
Squad fell apart all over one bitch
Leave it to my nigga Ty to do some dumb shit
My Uzi weigh a ton shit
Run up in a nigga crib with the fire you can light a blunt with
Hollow tips in your belly, time to [?] shit
'Bout my paper, neighbor, fly nigga, aviator
Walk out the crib, nigga heated like a radiator
Bet I kill a nigga if he wanna die right now
Actin' like a recoverin' fiend, nigga, pipe down
He was gangsta yesterday, he believe in Christ now
Scope on you, no mouthwash, you in my sight now
If I don't get a call from Slay, somebody dyin'
Like 9-7, you hard pressed, get the iron
Yo Slay fuck these niggas dawg

You can lose your life if you a jealous nigga
Fuck up [?] jealous niggas
Me bitch better, me whip wetter
Me neck shine, me wrist blow
You can lose your life

Nigga be on some real Compton shit, nigga be out in New York doing whatever the fuck he wanna do. I'm just a thorough nigga, five borough nigga, project nigga from the Westside of Compton, you know what it is. L.A., that's my shit, New York
(You can lose your life)

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DJ Kay Slay Jealousy Comments
  1. Carl Johnson

    1.9k something like ;p

  2. Sheen's Dream Channel

    Game not a lyricist, the fuck you talkin' bout Slay?

  3. Renato Maverick


  4. Vladislav Bondar


  5. Aegon of House Targaryen, Sixth of His Name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm

    Tech and busta fucking killed it damn

  6. саша македонский

    Ты ахуенный русские переведут

  7. ThatSpecialNobody

    Tech and Busta really save this song. The instrumental almost towers the lyrics and the chorus is absolute shit. I'm sorry you had to be in this song, Tech and Busta.

  8. Austin Martyn

    Game ruined this track. he fucking sucks

  9. Sadiki Akil

    For those mentioning Crooked I or Royce they wouldn't fit on this track,well probably Crooked,but Game fits perfectly.

  10. Alex Senciuc

    I’m surprised all these motherfuckers complain about game being called a lyricist without them knowing shit about his catalogue. Let’s take his worst album for example, blood moon, only on that shit he has a track that lyrically can stand with everybody, and I mean that. Listen to Purge, then come here and tell me that ain’t true, you bitch azz niggaz

  11. Jesse Garrett

    This whole track should blow I live bucks come back tho they tried to hard in this and games killing it in his new album

  12. Jesse Garrett

    The beats actually better than the raps lol

  13. Gueto Organizado


  14. Stoney ghozt

    true m.c.'s have a boat a.k.a. submarine

  15. Larraine Wong

    I haven't played songs with Busta rhymes in a long x

  16. Thenewkidrapper986543 As eminemboy

    Eminem Should Have Been On This

  17. ChrisWas Here120

    The game is still rapping 😂😂 I was disappointed in him in this but he ain’t a lyricist

  18. Dylan Piazza

    this is fuckin hip hop. makin these new cats look like trash worse than they already make themselves

  19. Lt. Magnum

    Joyner or M-Dot would be best for 3rd verse.

  20. Spongy Mcfonsworth

    Game was weak as fuck not on the same level as the king clown and g

  21. J Gilley

    I swear to god Busta is on another level. Dudes criminally underrated.

  22. Power100

    Wish Royce Da 5'9 & Twista was on this.

  23. Brandon Taylor

    The game is the weakest link on this track. Slim shady would have been perfect Jack!

  24. Gregg Anthony

    Game is dope but I have to agree with some of you. He had no place on this track

  25. Victor Morrow

    Tech N9ne = lyricist, Busta Rhymes = Lyricist, Game = Lame Ass MoFo as he straight up sucks! Track was good until the last 2 people got on the track then it went to shit!

  26. B-City Da King NYC

    Real street shit!Busta, Game &Tech killed it!!!🔥🔥dont frunt on Slay!!hes da big brother of da mu fuckin streets!!

  27. Chosen One

    They shoulda took Game an that Meet sims dude who on the hook COMPLETELY OFF THE SONG AN HAD BONE THUGS N HARMONY & SLAUGHTERHOUSE ON IT AFTER BUSTA N TECH's verse...I Love Tech but Busta Kilt this track hands down!

  28. Caff3inator

    Been waiting for a game and tech colab for ever im actually geeking


    brendenaustin Have you not heard Tech's song priorities?🤔

  29. Anthony Fryer


  30. Blaze Da Gr8


  31. chris wagner

    W wide thats

  32. Mike Tyson

    the game is absolutely not lyricist insted of him they should put kxng crooked or joyner lucas or rittz or royce da 59

    Sadiki Akil

    The Game can get down when he needs to and he proved it on this track.

    SmellyMellys GamePlay

    I can agree with rittz or twista but the game is definatly better and more original and real than joyner lucas or royce...kxng is ok but still game is more original

    Chanice Rotumah

    Kxng crooked woulda murded this track

    Aegon of House Targaryen, Sixth of His Name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm

    the game was weak af in this track

    Aegon of House Targaryen, Sixth of His Name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm

    nigga royce better than game

  33. Jerry V

    Twista wouldve went perfect with this trio

  34. Jerry V

    No dis to The Game but his Flow didnt go with this beat. Especially after busta bus and techa nina spit. He shouldve been first verse or none at all. Just my opinion

  35. Streetlife Records

    3 rappers that can deliver different flows and stories. yes, when it comes to game, he didnt rap fast but has he ever? no. listen to mannnny of his other songs, and the lyrics are there. if yalls want to complain. complain about busta and tech sounding the same other than game.

  36. Gadawal Ahparyam

    Lol New York l.a Kansas against Chicago lol

  37. Jordan

    1:38 The reason strange music is complete shit now.

  38. Travis Roan

    🔥🔥🔱Tech N9ne🔱🔥🔥

  39. Sean Bomboris

    The game ruins this song

    Streetlife Records

    Sean Bomboris do better

    Sean Bomboris

    Want me to try and spit better then the game??

  40. WH 19

    This track hits harder than my step dad ! :-)

  41. Antoinette Antonio

    Bone thugs should been on this.

  42. Deano G

    The game was wack!!!!

  43. The Tony

    Damn Busta kilt it. Then T9. Hook is fire idk wrf any1 is talkin abt.

  44. Charles Watkins

    Twista should of been on here instead of game

  45. Ron Gounder

    Tech Nina keepin his crown as da king of hip hop

  46. Run E

    why did game rap in half time???????? destroyed the whole vibe


    Listen to what Kay says in the beginning.

    Run E

    Roterodamus he said it just to say it because everybody knows damn well busta & tech arent lyricist, they are ''technical rappers'' flow wise, game is indeed a lyricist ( when he chooses to be ) but I feel this was a track for techical rap regardless of what kay says in the intro

  47. Reaper Boi

    Tech always gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. gloclocka

    N9ner ragdolled that beat son

  49. Hope

    Any cd ????

  50. Jay Slay

    All 3 killed it Respect the Diversity Of The Artists REAL RECOGNIZE REAL💯👊👊🔥🔥🙌

  51. Struggle Minded

    The Game is a lyricist? That's the first time I've heard him described that way.

    Sadiki Akil

    If one actually listened to homey they would see Game is indeed that!

    Anthony Allen

    Struggle Minded oh yes don't sleep, The Game a straight up lyricist

    Eric Calabrese

    Struggle Minded in an era of mumble rap he is lmao

    Eric Calabrese

    *YO MAN* 50 ain't a lyricist either..

  52. Isiac Artison

    I only wanted to hear tech n9ne

    Streetlife Records

    Isiac Artison smh

    Charles Armstrong

    STRRANGE!! ^S^

    Carl Johnson

    10th like.

  53. Sydney Crisos


  54. Sujit Gaikwad

    Tech .... sick !!!

  55. Mark Smith

    I knew I wasn't the only 1 that liked wheels!

  56. Mark Smith

    smooth ride kay!!!

  57. Kiide

    Technicians where you at?!?!

    Charles Armstrong

    Kiide ahoo3x!! ^S^

  58. NouTong Khang

    Tech N999999ne!! CHIA!!!

  59. Big Gator

    This Shit is Fire!

  60. PrinceTheRealest1

    #Game & #TechN9ne 💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Nicolas Sandoval

    Tech n9ne is all that is good about this song lol

  62. micheal sowell

    tech fuckin n9ne! ^S^

  63. rvdrulez

    As a big fan of game, wish Twista or Bone Thugs was in Game's place in this song. Non the less, happy to see Busta & Tech on the same track again :)

  64. Lucas Rhyner

    Heat 🔥🔥 Game didmt rap fast but those punchlines 💦💦

    Lucas Rhyner

    Acting like a recovering addict pipe down

  65. Bbull86

    All killed it, why people hating on games verse just because he didn't rap fast like busta n tech, still had the best punch lines!!

  66. ceasermore ceaser

    Game fucked it up with his basic flow

    Streetlife Records

    ceasermore Cease dont gotta rap fast to get a point across

    ceasermore ceaser

    Streetlife Records you don't but you gotta at least keep up game wasnt

    Streetlife Records

    ceasermore Cease why? he went for the punchlines... like he usually does. game wont change his flow/style for the sake of a track... and thats a good thing. he kept it compton.

  67. parijuana1


  68. WildcatAirsofter

    Busta murdered this one

  69. lyrical spiritual miracle

    Seeing Busta and Tech on the same track is fuckin' dope


    Mark Zikerberg 3rd time!

    lyrical spiritual miracle

    Hell yeah!

  70. allen hicks

    Busta Rhymes bodied this whole song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥thought Game was gonna go a little harder but this song still dope

  71. Владимир Нестеров

    Четкая херня)))))

  72. Marcus Mac-A-Tacc

    Dante Yates...G.O.A.T..Techn9ne,STRANGE MUSIC.!!

    Bad Jenny


    Dylan Piazza

    aaron dontez*

  73. Lil Pickle Rick

    Busta killed it 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Brandon Bishop

    Forreal tho

    Random Jefferson

    Dominik Hofbauer they should have put Lloyd Banks in game spot

  74. Raph Rryzzy

    tech motherfuckin n9nnneeee

    Carl Johnson

    34 like

  75. Mert Tatlıpınar

    Respect 🚬🚬

  76. Echad

    Busta...been KILLING it for years!

  77. Jamal Ashley

    Dope track

  78. Eric Benfelagi

    Shitty hook

    Joe Stoness

    I like the hook for Wild One with 2 chainz & Kevin Gates

  79. Charles Watkins

    Kill em tech mid west

  80. MagneticSnake

    tech n9ne ❤🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Carl Johnson

    51 st like

  81. Respek Myname

    Not even half way thru games verse and I wanna change it

  82. Daruga

    Busta been featured in a lot music lately i hope hes working on another album.

    Dominic Esposito

    Daruga he is

    Chosen One

    But Busta been featured on a lot of music the last 17 year's lol he's the most consistent artist always workin droppin verses daily. Doesn't mean he's workin on a album. I'm sure he's got so many unreleased track's he can drop five double albums. But I thought the same thing 3yrs ago an he ain't drop a dam thing. He's a vet in the game with a ton of records under his belt so he's probably content with just doin tons of features at this point of his career. I hope Busta drops a verse on Eminem New Album that Em workin on tho...

  83. Charles Rodriquez

    Busta Rhyme verse= Irma
    Tech N9ne verse=Katia
    The Game verse= Jose 😒😒

  84. charles miro

    Tech killed it!⛧

  85. Charles Armstrong



    Tech and Busta went hard, very disappointed in Games verse, shit sounded like a throwaway freestyle or somethin..


    Yeah it did so did the hook

    Theresa Amadeo

    I Agree With both of you!



  87. Tone Loc

    Got this ish on repeat straight 🔥 😎👌

  88. Diddy Pirate

    one of the first 300 ....this is sparta....

  89. T Richards

    Real flames, real beat, real lyrics.

  90. RedDirtGaming

    Finally. Lol best song I've heard all summer. Real hip hop. Not that bs we've been getting


    RedDirtGaming ikr

    Gavin Cambridge

    RedDirtGaming react to k.a.a.n he is a true rapper. Some suggestions of his songs are Phoenix, kaancepts, rap god remix. Im u like him plz message me back and I'll suggest more


    Gavin Cambridge I'll check them out. Thanks for the suggestions

    Gavin Cambridge

    RedDirtGaming also listen to k.a.a.n waxx. He killed that song with the second verse


    Yo Slay we love it. This shiz gives u goose bumps when u blast it. REWIND!

    Brandon Langston

    BIGG MIXX read my mind

  92. Panos Chr13

    Damn, Busta, Tech & Game killed it. I hope Meet Sims wasn't on the hook tho.

    Carl Johnson

    38 like

  93. V Rob

    🌋🌋🌋🌋 I'm on the remix