DJ Kay Slay - Intro Lyrics

[DJ Kay Slay's Hot 97:]
Warning! (Warning!) Warning! (Warning!) Warning! (Warning!)
The drama king is in the building! The drama king is in the building!

[Busta Rhymes:]
I hope y'all niggas see what's goin on here!
Yeah! Kay Slay! BUsta Rhymes nigga!
Album number four big homey!
And let me explain to 'em why your so much more than a DJ!

Look! Check! Holy smokin gun holsters back and do it again
Make diamonds out of coal and leave you with gems
Irratic emphatically master a logic dramatically
How I feel like a opacity this is so catistrophic (Raaaaarrrrr!)
Return of the villian the dungeon dragon is back to kill 'em
I know that you missin my closin a victim
Now watch me zero in on you niggas, beam the search light on you bastards
And watch you get blasted I got you and after
I'm finished with holdin I got you rollin contollin the masses
And once I'm finished patrollin them golden lyrics is blastin
By a nigga that insisted on givin it to you fresh from the skillet
Impressionable I address you and kill it!
Let me wild on you niggas again (Get 'em!)
And set the record straight (Yeah!) This is how we do to the end
Just remember who are handlin biz
And when it's all said and done as long as you know who the God of this is
You see me in the flesh ressurectin the feelin
Don't you know what you startin salute me like Selassie, Malcolm and Martin
Check me let me spit and roll up a rizzla, sizzle up the block
Just like the reggae artist now they callin me Sizzla
Dillinger dominate killin and bombin it manufacture crack for the hood
Till it scranble brains and serve 'em as omelets (Oh!)
And keep a truck load of heat
And make the hood wanna wake up and shatter the globe make the earth wanna shake up
Chrome heart spirited diamond I'm merciless mental a body of steel
Is worst on a injury you probably should chill
And listen 'fore I leave niggas shitless you must be foolish or stupid
To ever think that you could conquor this greatness you hate this
Whatever the problem we handle our business
Whatever the budget, niggas up in the street respect it and love it (Yeah!)
Remember who's been always holdin down the fort
Don't forget who the greatness has been always carryin the torch

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DJ Kay Slay Intro Comments
  1. Mc Views

    God damn

  2. sportyati

    those are some THICK asses

  3. winarsky