DJ Kay Slay - In These Streets Lyrics

The shit don't stop, reaching out to Rush Blade
King Bo, Rob Cash, Leader, Truez, Kay Slay, Johnny King in the building
Let's go!

Just a six figure nigga, hundred thousand here
Shoes are bare, off hand, got a thousand pill
Never scared, now I play, stay blind, never fail
To a headmaster, with stripes to the get
K King I gotta ride like a turtle pipe
Throwing down swinging like a battle with a third strike
Think third type, imma beast, you a termite
Live your own, imma let go by the third night
You heard right, I turn up, like my pole toos
Got the blood jumping more than snoop
Had them old schools, fucked your girl just to laugh about it
How you your face look, set her with the work
Like a video on Facebook, A straight crook
Pinky and the brain, my, I said I shine like a rollie
Yoo more like a Tommy, get the gauge before you brave with the heater
Don't go to war with full against the streetsweeper

Now I started off Queens ground
Mask around New York, all you godhead battles me now
I keep on cutting shooters on speed dial
Bad bitch is my plug for the mileage and the weed pounds
How you think that I'll be flossing hard
On the corner hand in hand like a crossing guard
You can't really compete, it's cause my words way better
I read and sell out quicker than Bucki Ali Mayweather
Look at the haters faces, on some mad shit
I never trust a nigga that I ain't never had a bad bitch
I've been through bars, revealing all my mental scars
Of they past they bring back stacks, like a rental clause
Fuck tryna to be friends with these industry nerds
Tryna get my dick sucking, fuck these industry birds
I'm still giving off that in these streets urge
Get lit and die trying, it's the industry purge

I'm fresh off the booth with that heater sledge
Tryna keep it classy but am nasty like thief decade
Am a animal, these dynamo niggas is weak
Smack and fake thugs, and in they mouth as soon as they speak
Burning spade tuck on the waistline
And am song, need this vast, buried it in the trash
Like sand for sun, east side rider, man on fire
No Denzel, you just sold the bird
Oh word, am on my tenth sale, bank account racked up
Damn nigga, act thug, drop 'em like bomb on his head
Get 'em clap up, fill them like Lucious in Empire
Been fire, pull up to the block and saw 'em hot, like a spin dryer
Cupid got me looking rich, he know the swag is mean
Every day is looking like am shooting for a magazine
No cash and creams, slave where the handy at
The way I get this hard a way, you think I grow ten a yah

They know me, I stayed low key
No 9 to 5 but I but am on my J.O.B
Ora over everything, my nigga A.O.E
Can't duplicate, that's why they hate on me
Am in that new thing, taking up two lanes
Jump out, give them the beat, harder than hoop bang
Since the day I was born, doggy I've been grilled
And I stand out like bird shit on a windshield
Am ahead a you niggas by a few steps
And am right in the hood, am like new sweats
Drew Hill my dude, your whole crew sex
If you wanna a nigga just sign, I need two cheques
Like the two X, am right on your back
Got the stove on, nigga I be right in the crack
You should know that the industry fake, like Nikki ass
Holler at me for a feature, fifty cash

I'm living two lives, North and east separate
Am the truth, call me honest A
When I feel my breath has got insane thoughts
Running from the Marshalls, like fuck
Swinging on niggas at the park, after dark
Played the villain, money play on the ceiling
Writing out all a my feelings
Give a fuck if niggas feeling my love with me
I like 'em more when I'm in the score
Never take a L like the Moorish religion
Got wisdom of a nigga in prison
With a hunker of a pigeon
The vision of a fish, rapping just for kicks
And I no want no problem with y'all
But if I drop in the Summer, you go die in the Fall
I need a gun metaphor in a sex reference
I need my race up dresses, not in dresses
And that's the only hand that plot
The motive from the government is cot
Loaded in the gun again, run again, catch a win
On your knees, tryna breathe
Then you look around, you don't see a thing
But a beat, feel the heat
In the steam, nigga down, nigga plea
The only time black people get the train
Truez you know the

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DJ Kay Slay In These Streets Comments
  1. Quill Mill

    lmfao omg

  2. Cadin Zambory

    we the reason!

  3. im1greatman

    Stay in your lane DJ's.

  4. Thul' Boy

    LMFAO @ Djs trying to rap and Kay Slay was the worst hands down rofl lol

  5. TheHgklo


  6. lushradioonline

    wow .... much love to big bro slay and lil bro fred but wow .... the dj's taken over wow ...

  7. Tyson Raheem

    content was relivant.. bars inappropriate..doo wop ALWAYS had bars..I love hip hop..rapping djs are not the move..notice drama had only a small piece in the hook..much respect for staying true to your craft...slay or khaled shouldnt be rapping HONESTY IS THE NEW HATE

  8. rockk0

    eh. i guess

  9. Soops

    what the fuck? these man aint serious. know your roles u donuts!

  10. Shyne Gibbs

    Mizz.Dr lookin yummy

  11. Taskophilus Tanner

    great to hear Doo Wop again. I miss the bounce squad,

  12. Damps 1arda

    pow 2011 by lethal bizzle in case you haven't heard

  13. RHHH

    s/o mizzdr

  14. SLVL

    Those Dj's should stick to being a Dj especially Khaled(even though he's only yelling on his tracks)

  15. Fallbackdigital

    This Dude Doowop was always rhyming !!! Classic !