DJ Kay Slay - Cruising Uptown Lyrics

Shout to my homie Tri0 Productions
Produced the last track, when we ride alone
Big shout out to the homie Neek Bucks, A-Mafia
(Cruising uptown) Shout to Half
(Where our God made the pull)
Shout out to Dunkin Diamond on this track right here
(Gettin this money, just like paid in full)
Sammi J on the hook
(Cruising uptown where our God made the pull)
Straight Style Magazine
(Gettin this money, just like paid in full)

Yow, I be making Dane from different races (yeah)
Taking Plans to different places, in a terrain, champagne we sipping cases
Celebrating, cause we elevating, see these lame niggas in it
But we never hating, we just crack jokes at all these wack folkes
Stack notes, swimming in your bitch, doing back strokes
Pack toast, my mac roast, from them snakes that like to act close
I can't stomach the fake shit like am lactose intolerant
Bad bitch you see me and they hollering, BV's on the callering
See me am bringing dollars in (money)
On a lookout for detees and am palloring, and we throw the biggest cookouts
Cause see me, I got a following (come on), and drops on my neck freezing
Mixtape bout to drop and my album coming next season (next season)
Am the best breathing (best breathing), me and my niggas Devious in the Lex breezing
Vroom (vroom, vroom)

(Cruising uptown where our God made the pull)
Sammi J wad up?
(Gettin this money, just like paid in full)
Don't forget Straight Style Magazine
Number one magazine out here
(Cruising uptown where our God made the pull)
Original this magazine
(Gettin this money, just like paid in full)
Worldwide, we got this

All I ever wanted was mans and be my drop tops
Rollie on, middle of the hall, my Nike, High tops
Started in the road, now we watch the game from the skybox
Have they setters gone for thirty, am thinking why not (why not)
Having conversations, we popping over mojitos
They said he out the game can't afford to live with no C.O's
In his 40's now, Telling me all this shit, that only he know
Smile about the times he had bitches and bussing cliko
The moral is, the nigga is been losing fast as he get it
To work hard and watch for the suckers handle your business
Rather control my temperature, the Preacher told me hell's hot
Bilisdigo, coke can white, looking like shell tops
Rob a nigga gold, get the money, smoking in them real spot
Making sales, mamma taught I was checking the mailbox
God gave me a gift to tell my story, niggas guess what? (What?)
Bucki baking soda, next stop, the best stop

Cruising uptown where our God made the pull
Gettin this money, just like paid in full
Cruising uptown where our God made the pull
Gettin this money, just like paid in full

I was born that gray era
Mommy gave birth to a change, I was raised in the methor
Few blocks away Malcolm died giving his lecture
That's why when I perform I'm always holding a ecklar
But cut four foot for the eckler's, throw a bottle on my stage
I bet you need more than a stretcher (bet that)
When I lose you better make the respect yuh
I put a few niggas in coma for talking reckless
I'm telling my niggas now, keep my name out your rackets
Or they go have to identify you by dental records (warning)
Am talking head shots, whoever with you was next
Now it's candle lightning, your picture on niggas chest
Picture losing your breath, seeing Lucifer in the flesh
Picture me killing your mom before you laid to rest (picture that)
You out here playing games, they raise me to play for keeps
I still ride through Harlem, less K in the backseat
When I ride through niggas bop, and look like a track meet
Hit caught slipping like Ricky on one a them backstreets
Highing with 'em hits, niggas know what this shit
With the hazards, jump out and give you the whole clip
Go home, change clothes, them come back through your strip
Looking for the rest a them Fa*ts you ran with (where they at?)
Motherfucker this ain't music, this really how am moving
The game wide open and it's time for me to move in

Cruising uptown where our God made the pull
Gettin this money, just like paid in full
This feel so good, you heard
Cruising uptown where our God made the pull
Shout out to all Harlem, The whole BX, wad up! Uptown
Gettin this money, just like paid in full

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DJ Kay Slay Cruising Uptown Comments
  1. Alex Bennett

    Lil Wayne killed his verse 🐐

  2. Elton Harrell

    Can Somebody please Add & Lil Wayne's verse to This Remix

  3. Ancient Poet

    Bars are high and spiritual....... walk in the light 💡

  4. smokey liver

    Mozzy crazy with this ahit

  5. Le Studio K

    bonjour , félicitation !
    N' hésite pas à t'aboner : le Studio K pour des interviews de tes dj's préférés ! 💪🏽

  6. Shay Munney

    Kay still dress like i ts 2004 lol.

  7. bullet bouquet

    Cant wait for the chopped and screwed version, this shit is legendary

  8. Anthony Bascombe

    Anybody else confused as to why the fuck Busta got on a fucking leather an beanie, standing next to K slay who's wearing a shorts set??!!🤔


    HOLD UP!!! I'm confused af... Slay rocking the buttas fila short set & Busta Bus is rockin wool scully w/ leather jacket???!

  10. Dre Beats

    Mozzy verse was trash no hating y'all nikkaz must be like 17 n younger in these comments

    Caliwarlord 40831510

    Nigga stop hating you sound dumb as fuck🤔😂😂

  11. Dre Beats

    Nikka please that's really sad all them rappers is new skool and they let a old skool rapper kill them on a track busta left them nikkaz that's why his vs was first lol shout out to the god

  12. Big-Worm

    It’s M.O.Z.Z.Y 🔥🔥💯💪🏿

  13. Arkeio Craig

    Shit week

  14. Callum Shaw

    Has the guy who raps after buster rhymes reali called himself cassanova...? 😂😂😂😂 oh shit too funny man things he’s irresistible to all women😂😂😂😂😂 I needed a pick me up today

  15. John A

    Who wants whose blood?

  16. Crystal Lay

    this shit is super corny

  17. SKILLZ 954

    The better following Khalid footsteps. Black owned Bodega Hip Hop. Drama stop


    U mean Khalid is following in Slays footsteps.

  18. Prolific

    Here for mozzy

  19. Steven daSilva

    Cassanova is getting better and better. Bust killed it.(legend)!

  20. Bobo Rems

    J M Huh on V Gang always spitting that heat RFB!

  21. Rae Carta

    NY always had that raspy voice raps, Snitch9 didn't start shit!

  22. Justin Rodriguez


  23. Mr. Stevenson

    Mozzy got loose on this beez

  24. six therapper

    Cassanova kills

  25. Desi & Josh

    God can get a shot?? Powerfull. Smh!!

  26. Migit 6'5 Migit

    "Even God could get a shot" wooh there!🤒😈

    Jt Perkins

    Migit 6'5 Migit that was wack!!

  27. Marcus Lopez

    I only viewed this to hear mozzy. Song has a nice catchy corus Busta did ok and Cassanova killed it on his verse. My opinion.

  28. Francisco Mejia



    DJ Kay Slay killed that shit 00:11 to 00:23 to 2:19 to 2:20 to 2:33 to 2:35 to 3:24 to 3:27 4:26 to 4:35

  30. Johnny Rocket Tv

    Cass was trash sorry
    Busta with the seasoned flow pure skills
    Mozzy was not bad himself
    Joe was spitting that shit
    Over all out of joe and busta had the hardest verse

  31. Bobby Nichols

    Ok Mozzy

  32. k woo

    Mozzy went in but yall tripping if y'all act like "JM" didnt spit ....real talk!!!! 👌🏾🤘🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  33. pro flo

    This shit was horrible! How u have a legend! Like (#Busta) new comer MOZZY! On that weak ass hook and verse arrangement? Come on Kay slay u used to drop east coast treasure chest!....this shit was hella weak...🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  34. Dominique north

    Fucks wit j m

  35. Power100



    What u think

  37. Cee G. L


  38. Self Preneur

    This shit is trash and Kay you know better. Now cipher God this shit is dumpster juice.

  39. p. nova

  40. Lucky Mayin

    Sup out here Mexico



  42. J Harris

    Bruh this ain’t it!! Shit is trash yo!

  43. j montero

    Nobody listening to this how they making money that's like a dude making money off of selling regs I respect it but we in a different time bro

    Clarence Callaway

    Factz bro but don't respect it


    All these blood rappers dead ass slob bitches

  45. MrGray2u I jus might be him

    Ok so KaySlay ole ass light weight banging for views.. Come on homie!!!!!

  46. Nasir C

    Ayo this shit hard as fuck!! All these niggas killed it! Salute the real ones, crazy ass collab real shit!!

  47. jhon pinina


  48. Kilo Mr. 1000 Grams

    Mozzy gas they ass

  49. Ray 960

    Cas - the beast of the east
    Mozzy - the best from the west

  50. O-mega Supreme

    GOD WUZ BORN N BROOKLYN !!!! 💪💯💪💯💪

  51. This Is Us


  52. JahRandom

    Man..Kayslay been *KILLIN* it even more than usual lately. But I don't think he, or anyone else for that matter, will *_EVER_* be able to top "Hip Hop Frontline" ft. Ceelo, Melle Mel, Raekwon, & Grandmaster Caz....oh and wit the cameo of Coke La Rock too!!?! Oh, and it's a dude wit a duffle bag full of the culture's essentials (spray cans, records like Bongo Rock, etc.) racing to make it to 1520 Sedgewick? You know... *THE MOTHAFUCKIN BIRTHPLACE OF HIP HOP!?!?!* Got.... *DAMMMNNNN!!!!!!* For real, for real. This track is good, KaySlay hasn't been missin at all lately. and I apologize for ranting about a different video in the comments of this video. But that one wit all those OGs on it? Phewwww..that may just be the greatest track of this millennium....therefore it needs to be talked about in any and every possible location.

    If you haven't heard that track/seen that video it NOW!


    Do it now, if you're a fan of hip hop that is....

  53. Leo Bailey

    Bout time some real bars

  54. Vice Versa


  55. Laval Taylor

    Why busta dressing like the the old jim jones..

  56. crazywayz77 crazywayz77

    Reminds me of busts rhymes flow

  57. Barons

    Casanova biggest layer , wanna bee niggas ho will bee death . Fake ass nigga

  58. Carla Davis


  59. slickone hundred

    🔥🔥🔥 2x gotta get his bars up. 💯

  60. anthony jones

    Joe hard

  61. anthony jones

    Mozzy murdered this shit

  62. vic c

    Disappointed Wayne wasn’t in this, he killed this shit

  63. M&M T

    Casanova the truth on this

  64. Alvin Simmons

    Mozzy zdoing it for the 916 from The East to The P

  65. Wes Coast

    🔥 busta still got it sheesh

    Wes Coast

    Lifestyle of Hip Hop this real rap

  66. Seven Dib

    Mozzy only 1 who killed it 100

    Dre Beats

    U stupid

    Seven Dib

    Suck it eazy unstable creature

  67. Chris Scimone

    This shit trash

  68. cameron sheppard

    busta and mozzy killed it

  69. Caliwarlord 40831510

    Mozzy killed it California home birth place of the Bloods frfr

    Dre Beats

    U stupid

  70. Luis O

    This is hot shit bruh

  71. Hot Boi Tazz


  72. Cori Rogers

    I see Slay got 2 bloods rl bloodz from the west and one from the east on the same track salute 💯

  73. Dro KillaKush

    I know people always make comments like this, but I am always surprised at the lack of views for Kayslay, he keeps killin it w/ top tier relevant artists

    talk straight

    Same thing i said Cus his Joints are Hard and Nice Af , but i think its because the lack of New or Fresh Hot artist on his Songs that makes that people doest hear him .
    he mostly got old school and hardcore hiphop artist wich is a good thing but he need to Combine old and new together to win people attention , just look at DJ Khaled and his Collabs with drake, chtis brown and other hot artist.
    Klay Always got mad Dope Songs but he need to work more on his marketing plan to promote and sell his songs to the Public especially the younger Fans.
    Its because of Mozzy in the Tumbnail i clicked btw and i stayed for Busta

  74. Macniffuco MacMusic

    Mozzy came wit it

  75. Alex Witt

    OG MUTHAFUCKIN DJ KAYSLAY🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  76. King James

    Smh. New York what happened to yall niggas man 🤦🏾‍♂️
    Stop riding the south's wave. Damn

  77. Sir Johnson Crayton

    Dj Kayslay you gotta nother 1

  78. Z-O

    Da brudabruda!



  80. karwonethomas1980

    Kay slay always got baddies

  81. Dank sanatra old red eyes

    This hard hard

  82. Johnny Ruiz

    Slay stay with the thick dimes on deck for years and that's a fact Jack and the song is hard


    That's a fact jack 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Jonathan Moreira

    Shit fired..fuck phellipe

  84. THE MVYN1

    Wow all these people on here talking about Cass killed it🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 Are u fucking serious? After Busta went in like he did, u REALLY think Cass is dope? Wow. Ol simple Simon's rhymin ass😂 Just yelling and talking tuff. Sorry but I need bars. And wtf is Mozzy doing? 🤣🤣 Stick the gang bangin y'all, cuz ur bars are trash. AND MISS ME WITH THE, "DON'T HATE CUZ HES DOIN HIS THING" JUSTIFICATION 🖕 I mean, at least TRY and use some mechanics in ur bars. Ur in the SAME track as Busta, enough said. But I guess that makes me a "old head" 🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕 #barsmatter

    Ty Ty Fisher

    Thank you for keeping 💯💯

  85. Shawn Kemp

    Slay Got The TITLE Officially Now. Slay blew way past Clue yrs ago.

  86. Innovator International

    Sound like a beat off of a boxing game

  87. BD/Producer Business Development

    #newflavoralert #newmusicfirst #realisrare #bts #pr #ad #ootd

  88. MITTCH79

    Cass ...killed it..🔥🔥🔥

  89. Julian Andreas Wiggins

    Busta still got it!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  90. HIYA. . The Most High

    Sell that soul come for the blood

  91. Bleu Cheese

    Who is Joe Moses? Take the slogan rember I made it up

  92. Romane Wright

    mozzy I see you on the east coast.i see you Joe M. California boyz

    Shawn Kemp

    He been doing East coast. Now get your late fan ass TFOH.

    Romane Wright

    this the problem right here I'm just giving him his prop's proud of a blac man doing something positive and Taking care of his family I know bout Jada kiss and Jim Jones songs keep it 100 I was listen to mozzy when he redid love come down. but I grew up on c-bo I'm just proud of hood nigga doing chit positive I don't care if he is a blood or a crip. PSA I'm not a internet. nigga I'm not hard to fine . so chec yourself

  93. Luis maldonado

    No Wayne?!? 😱
    Wayne killed this too!! Damn 😒


    Probably didn't have time to do the video. Who knows?

  94. Being Black In Amerika

    I thought busta was Casanova or Casanova was busta...


    Their flows are completely different. Vista is rapid fire and Cass is more start and stop.

  95. G Evo

    my favorite super villains cassanova killed with savage flow

  96. You Tubed

    busta looking and sounding like Pun

  97. Keur M'baye Racine

    "Even god can get shoot" !!?? Must be a demon talking from him.

    Syco Fire

    Yea wasnt feelin that bar


    FACTS... OUTTA POCKET and retarded at the same time


    Mozzy killed that verse... This is coming from a easy coast nigga

    M&M T

    Shut the fuck up. I'll shoot Jesus in the fucking head. Its a line you fucking church weirdos