DJ Kay Slay - Can't Tell Me Nothing Lyrics

Youngin on the block all day getting money always
Can't tell me nothing
We didn't never know no way getting through the hallway
Can't tell me
Look what you made me
I'm just a product of my environment you see
Can't tell me nothing

[Young Buck:]
I'm rolling in a stolen Rolls Royce
Fuck a rapper I been listening to my own voice
My name got respect got a chain got a check
Going in I'm selling dope like I ain't got no choice
It's really true I leave the trap and do a walk through
Told my bitch Imma shoot her if she talk too
Red rag blue rag what that shit do
I drop a bag just to make sure I get you
I got a mask but I made sure he seen me
Right before the flash he was saying take it easy
I know a bunch of real niggas and some hoes with it
I got some homies could get it but they nose in it

Youngin on the block all day getting money always
Can't tell me nothing
We didn't never know no way getting through the hallway
Can't tell me
Look what you made me
I'm just a product of my environment you see
Can't tell me nothing

Young man money with goals
Getting hoes chasing bags tho
Time reveals while hiding in the hills
This is real I advise those wake up fast
Get your bread right when terror is cracking
Now its happening
From the era of the fly shit, few of us left
Some are locked in the cages blowing trees with a stretch
It could of been the God making the wrong moves
I hung the wrong crews, Allah saw the cycle now I step
Getting back to a better space
Put your brain in a better place
Fuck those lames, stay cheddar chasing
I'm patient, the thought came from the basement
Yo clean up, the dream up, move right the cream up

Youngin on the block all day getting money always
Can't tell me nothing
We didn't never know no way getting through the hallway
Can't tell me
Look what you made me
I'm just a product of my environment you see
Can't tell me nothing

[Jay Rock:]
These days you gotta change up yo location
Crime state be the mental talk is minimal unless its with the general
Got the heart of a seminole, identical blood
Wait for the drop, just watch me nigga, Chuck's in the mud
My niggas answer to nobody but God himself
And the Holy Spirits you ain't feel it nigga come pay me a visit
Just tryna find the pieces to the puzzle
We sitting in traps with Barney Rubble face covered in stubble
Was naked without it I run through this jungle of brick and struggle
In fact most of my work I'm putting in with my knuckles nigga
Got no intention of slowing up in this prohibition
You ain't in no position to go against the coalition
Never pressured so I just take a shit on opinions
And keep it flipping critics could eat a dick I'm tryna make a living

Youngin on the block all day getting money always
Can't tell me nothing
We didn't never know no way getting through the hallway
Can't tell me
Look what you made me
I'm just a product of my environment you see
Can't tell me nothing

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DJ Kay Slay Can't Tell Me Nothing Comments
  1. lewis boyd

    They killed it

  2. Joe Whitaker

    Much respect for a real OG young buck 💯

  3. batman n

    holy listen to buck this nigga a killa for life flow lyrics all on point

  4. J. Dino.Supreme

    Real Hip Hop, no migos flow trash sing song melodic bullshit mumble rap trap beat trashhhhhh

  5. NoLodge TheMOST


  6. 0netyr

    Jay rock underrated

  7. Jay2Gutta Gold face

    Young buck killed it

  8. b. real

    I wonder how these guys feel about Buck gay ass now

  9. Social Nucleus


  10. Amir Esc0bar

    Dj Kayslay youuu the best !!!!

  11. Matt AdRev

    Raekwon has same flow for like 25 plus years YET still sounds crispy as hell. That is true self worth.

  12. Baq Alfaham

    Wu Tang Forever!

  13. Lisimba Keyes

    Whole song fire but buck murdered that verse!

  14. Sonic Magnus

    hoodie and shorts

    Chef, on that Cali shit

  15. Matthew Mitchell

    Meet Sims... Answered my own Question, had it in the title. I tend to Dance when its DOPE so i miss many moments. Raw

  16. Matthew Mitchell

    Who sings the Chorus???

  17. thomas wymer

    Buck killed this beat

  18. Real McCoy

    Another sick ass line up!

  19. 0netyr

    Why I didn't know about this channel.. subscribe asap

    Pablo Esco

    0netyr I just found out myself

  20. rochellmcdonald23


  21. Product of the 80's

    Buck gets a lot of BS chatted on his name from other “rap fans” but fuck those queers, i’ve always thought YB’s been hardcore! Keep up the good work my nigga! Shit just check out the mans flow/lyrics on these shits son... 💯

  22. Вася Федечкин Федечкин

    Remember 2pac

  23. Вася Федечкин Федечкин

    Всем привет. Дайте текст песни. Или перевод её ,на русском языке.

  24. FLY Music ForeverLivingYoung

    Is kidd kidd still G Unit? 2018

  25. batman n


  26. GermanCarsTVO


  27. tdugg101


  28. Karol3672


  29. Gabriel Walden

    Real Hip Hop, respect from New Zealand

  30. KEVIN James

    Buck do a song with upchurch

  31. The Troll

    Damn Cali came along way with the lyrics since the 90s lyrically in the 90s all they had was snoop and pac and ice cube oh and kurupt but he was from Philly and I'm talking mainstream back then any underground artist from the west back then wasn't getting shine so we didn't hear from them so save y'all clap back comments

  32. 3% Comic


  33. Lebo


  34. Real Gangsta Shit Crip

    This shit right here on something. And just like the hook say. Can't tell me nothin.

  35. Sam Chan

    Raekwon needs a larger sweater.

  36. KEVIN James

    Gettem Buck

  37. Rashaad Johnson

    Kay slay looks ridiculous. 60 yrs old still dressing like he 17. Big goofy lookin ass.

    The Troll

    Rashaad Johnson shut the fuck up nigga its called hip hop its a culture as long as his pants ain't below his ass but fuck niggas always trying to tell blacks how to be do u tell Amish people how to dress how about the Irish and their kilts every race has their way of life fuck outta here u live by the white man

    Rashaad Johnson

    The Troll And those hip hop clothes we love So much we pay other races to obtain them. So whose culture?

    Rashaad Johnson

    People lose their minds when 40+ yr old grown women dress like they 17. So why he dont look crazy?

    The Troll

    Rashaad Johnson what are u talking about

    Pablo Esco

    Rashaad Johnson , fall back, you lil pump, listening to ass clown.

  38. Siryvonne Bell

    Damn Rae goin in 🔥 👍🔥🚥🎰

  39. Buzz Jf Boily

    👑GOT IT ALL👌


    DJ Kay Slay's Big Brother album is fire!

  41. Third Ear Planet Radio

    Can't wait for Jay Rock & ScHoolboy Q new albums. TDE 2018!

  42. Jose Contreras

    Jay rock always hard. Dope song well put together.

  43. ScorpioSam

    Dream Team!

  44. pops1 pops1


  45. Ike Swp

    raekown still got it

  46. who got the lighter

    This 🔥

  47. Marcin Kiersnowski

    Buck always had that dope flow.

  48. Visionary Star

    Just viewed a bunch of trash videos buck restore my faith plz

  49. Dead Dread Lock

    A fucking classic!!!!

  50. Jerrell Ronnie

    REAL MF RAP💯❌💯!!

  51. Jaylasell Dasunboi

    Jay Rock on 🔥🔥🔥🔥 - NBA JAM

  52. Stay Fly Juxico

    Juxico. .on youtube..I'm from jerzy...underrated like a muhfucker

  53. Stay Fly Juxico

    I fucks wit it my nigga..cause..Juxico Stay Fly Said So

  54. C Muerte:-:

    🔥🔥👏 Son 💀💯💪


    Might need to check slay out. All them boys did well. Id like to see more of buck and the chef

  56. Alex Hartley

    nice tune

  57. Frank P

    Sin730 was here

  58. ERICK CH

    Jay Rawk

  59. Toby Love

    Fire nigga

  60. Big Homie Hood

    Hands down to my nigga buck keep repn for the real 1s run ☝ a ✔

  61. Nat Turner’s Revenge

    *Here for my fav TDE artist, Mr. 90059, Jay Rock & Rae-Shallah!*

  62. mike da dragga


  63. HOWLOW N.Y.C


  64. pimpsmooth

    young bucc 🔥

  65. KROL ONE

    I love this shit

  66. stay balanced

    Was this shot wit an IPhone?

  67. The Hunter's Creed

    Heard this during a XM Shade 45 session with the Lord Sear and Kay Slay. Shit was fire then 🔥, shit is fire now 🔥. Slay was adamant about bringing lyricism to this new generation of trap. Whole session was a dope listen with bangers played throughout.


    Mo Shines

  69. More weed

    Raekwon mördar den!!!!!!!

  70. Big 5 Walter Bryant

    🔥 this is real rap New generation

  71. GavinGavynLyric

    Rock killed it

  72. Ayatollah Khomeini


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    Like that you got Jay Rock on this!

  74. Lordchief Rocanumbaone

    Jay Rock killed this

  75. Sloane Morgan

    Good to see Meet Sims getting more notice...

  76. grim reaper

    J rock did his thang still!!👏🏽

  77. Gonja Sensai

    Wu has had a great year.

  78. shock toast

    Jay rock straight street, he look like he just got out the can, I can relate to his bars.

  79. Anth P

    Hoping his next tape has this flow buck!

  80. Cali Kingz

    That nigga rae repping​ my city love that 49er hat plus this shit bang

  81. Tisha Steen

    north atlanta owwww s.o.x

  82. Ulysses Mccrea

    thats a hot track and i love the video.great work D.J Kayslay

  83. The Tony

    Young buck the most underrated rapper/lyricist not just from the South but in general. Go listen to his old shit.

  84. Thijs van Abs

    WHY for fuck's sake can't Buck use THIS way of rapping for his own projects? All the recent mixtapes have been trash, sounding like these mumble assholes with their god awful annoying ad-libs and even autotune. What the fuck Buck?

  85. Court Love

    damn can buck bounce back from all the B's he been going thru maybe

  86. Duane John

    ray vs buck..rock

  87. Ntesang Motsikwa

    kNEW i HAD TO COME HERE ...Get em Buck

  88. Fawaz Packeeran

    Young Buck killed it !

  89. maurice royster

    Jay rock is underrated as fuck he murdered this song wow n I'm an east coast nigga wow

  90. Lost 1

    Fire 🔥

  91. English Ed

    I'm 28 but this is the rap I grew up on and I miss it. So this shit was 🔥🔥🔥 Kay-SLAY glad to see there's people that's still want real MC's on there shit.

  92. realspit suckas

    good song but hook no good and thumps up on that niner hat

  93. Christ B


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