DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Lyrics

Some deejays are (good) some deejays are (fresh)
Some deejays are even (def)
But here's a little somethin 'bout my deejay
(The magnificient) Jazzy Jeff
So bust this beat

(Disc) (jock)

Yo Jazzy

Well, it's true that I'm the reigning king of the throne
But with all my strength, I couldn't do it alone
I need a deejay like (Jazzy) to back me up
So when I'm rockin on the mic he's on the crossfade cut
Scratchin and mixin, mixin and scratchin
Second after second it's the record he's catchin
His hands are so fast that it's a medical riddle
With the turntable split and the mixer in the middle
Back and forth his hands fly
With the speed of a cheetah that'll puzzle your eye
Record after record, he has no mercy
Cuts left, cuts right, then he cuts vice versa
I'm not exaggerating, I said it and I meant it
I resent it if you say that his cuts are precedented
He's a lean, mea,n wreckin machine
He gets respected like a king when he's on the scene
So bust a move, cause you know he's def
He's my deejay (the magnificient) Jazzy Jeff

People often ask me everytime I emcee
Why do I brag so much about my disc jockey?
Well, the reason that I brag and I boast the most
Is cause my deejay is the most from coast to coast
(The magnificient) Jazzy Jeff, wack destroyer
Cuttin up records like a samurai warrior
If you deejays don't know who I'm talkin to
(I'm talkin to you) so (come on)
Cause in a battle you cannot win
Cause my deejay will (tear yo butt limb from limb!)
He's like a runaway tank, a hip-hop rebel
And if you wanna battle, you best bring a shovel
My man, so you can dig your grave
Cause there's no way that you could ever be saved
Because (the deejay cuts the record) to create the sound
(The deejay cuts the record) he's the best around
(The deejay cuts the record) you know he's down
His name is Jazzy Jeff a/k/a Jeff Townes
Commandin the cut he's always on track
He's DJ Jazzy Jeff and he's a cut maniac
So for your personal safety you should be told
That my DJ Jazzy Jeff is (out of control)

(Oh my God)
(Out of control)
(My goodness)

Alright Jazzy
We gon' do somethin a little different right now
This is what I want you to do for me
I want you to tell all these people your name
Jazzy, tell em your name

(He's Jazzy)
(His name is Jeff)

Yo Jazzy, I want you to tell all these people
How many of those deejays out there can get with you

(None of them)

How many?

(None of them)

Tell the truth

(None of them)
(None of them)

Now make the record burp

[Jazzy Jeff produces burping sounds with the record]

Say excuse me

[Jazzy Jeff makes the scratch sound like an 'excuse me']

Now make it sound like a bird

[Jazzy Jeff makes the record sound like a bird singing]

Now make it chirp

[the sound changes from singing to chirping]

Now here's a story that should not be forgot
About the day my deejay turned into an autobot
He got struck by lightning in an electrical storm
He got on the wheels of steel and began to transform

[Jazzy Jeff transforms]

His name is Jeff, and he's as swift as a swiff
The type of guy that other deejays don't want to have to reckon with
He's by my side as I rock the mic
All of his vigorous cuts are sure to excite you
They'll delight you, you know that that's right, if you
Were a stick of dynamite, his cuts would ignite you
The deejay on the weels can't be matched
So (check out Jazzy Jeff with a cold cut scratch)


(The magnificient)
(Jazzy Jeff)

[JJ brings James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' into the mix]

(Ain't it funky)

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Comments
  1. hgi hgi

    Aahh a brand new funk magnicient jazzy jeff

  2. Tommy Sheehan

    This song is great fresh prince

  3. willy wonka

    This was the song that made learn how to scratch I was infatuated from then on

  4. upstrucker1964

    Before this I realized I was just playing music before this he made become a DJ!!😉😉

  5. DC. Thomas

    To all my fellow DJs back in the day I thought I was the Mann until I heard this.. Lol. nuff said.., I have nothing else to say or add everything else has already been said the man is Legendary on the 1 - 2s! Nahh Mean👍🏽

  6. slabby rider

    Was that sweet-t and jazzy Joyce coming in at the end?

  7. nobodi buddi

    LEGENDARY! Jazz is a beast n i so remember first time i heard him n Will- it was on a a hip hop super compilation cassette tape from the corner store in like '89 or '90 i was 10 or so.

  8. lyle scott

    Still reigns Supreme

    vernon Johnson

    Well spoken bro

  9. Curtis Saunders

    Far as style and timing NO DJ IS BETTER! DJ JAZZY JEFF A TRUE LEGEND.

    vernon Johnson

    Well spoken bro

  10. John Peel

    Love it, million times better than Will Smith's music career of the 90's and beyond

  11. Project Redfoot


  12. Mike Enders

    God I miss these days!!

  13. bigmo72

    The one and only jazzy Jeff this song made me a believer

  14. Mike Enders

    OMFG LOVE IT! God I miss these days!

  15. Shockzone


  16. Steven Fenton

    Yo Jeff roc the beat

  17. Tony respress

    I love dj jazzy jeff

  18. Shawn Franklin

    Jazzy rules. I remember when these first cuts were all over the hip hop shows I used to record in Ct in the 80’s!

  19. Harm van den Heurik

    The cuts on this record still are some of the best ever ! And all with REAL vinyl ! 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥

  20. Adrian Rhone-El

    3/2019 A.D. Who wit me?
    SOUND OFF!!!!

  21. Humberto Estrella Masiva Q.

    Ultimate definition of Old School Scratching!!!

  22. BeGod Allah


  23. Joe Blow

    I 1st heard this record and was blown away because, nobody was doing this in 87. Now there are no DJ's doing anything like this. True School Hip Hop will never die!

  24. Joe Blow

    The best Dj song ever by far! Nobody is Jazzy Jeff!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Wurrrd...they also have the 2nd best DJ track w/A Touch of Jazz-Remix

    Forever Remain Nameless

    Leader of the pack by UTFO, Mix Master Ice was no joke too....

  25. Rob Jackson


  26. CNep99

    They shoulda never stopped

  27. BigOGXL 100

    Make it sound like a bird...the greatest dj ever

  28. Miami 808

    When this song came out, it blew every other dj away. Jazzy Jeff set the bar super high after this.

  29. slickdog78

    This will be dope forever, no matter what the year may be on the calendar.

  30. LGKids

    This album should be broken down and documented! Peace!

  31. Drink Itin

    its a long way from this to the hollywood guy he is today

  32. Rob Brown

    One of they're dopest cuts... Jazzy Jeff is in my top 5 d.j.s of all time... & will always be.. He has championship belts in Scrathing.. Much love & respect for true hip hop

    vernon Johnson

    Jeff is seriously the absolute greatest scratching and mixing dj of all time period

  33. Russell Brown

    i like old school hip hop

  34. Digital 818

    Before serato & Rane ...he was makin those turntables talk...they will always say "yea he was good but..." Fuck that! No if and or buts! He was & is the best dj alive!

    vernon Johnson

    Yes sir bro

  35. Domineek Sanford

    The Inventor of the "TRANSFORMER" SCRATCH....

    DJ Mental

    He did not invent the transformer. he is really really good at it but...... DJ Spinbad invented it

    SWP 53

    @DJ Mental Yes, but Jeff added rhythm 2 it and finessed it. Jeff made u care about the transform, gave the wow factor 2 the transform scratch. Most folks had 2 step their game up after Jeff's cuts hit the radio. B4 Jeff, people may have wanted 2 DJ, but was more so about the mixing and minor brief scratch effects in songs. Jeff made u want 2 be a scratch master - a turntable beast! And he helped 2 bring the dj in the fore front more. He changed things!! And the relationship between the 2 of them was magical. They worked well 2 gether!

    DJ Mental

    @SWP 53 You are 100% on point. I saw Jeff and Cash Money do it live back in 86. That is when I took notice.


    @SWP 53 Wrong.. DJ Cheese invented and perfected -and Jeff stole. I've talked to him about this more than once - ask him - he'll admit it. Thanks for creating your own fake version of history though.

    SWP 53

    @Witness101 the foh. I can say I created the light bulb,but what did I really do 2 it or with it that made it what it is 2day?. What did I do with it and what impact I had on people? What did I add 2 it? And I don't just mean Jeff popularizing it. It's more involved than that. He breathed life and brought magnificence 2 the game as a whole!!!! There is always some 1 that comes b4 that u may receive influence from or whom may have the initial beginnings or start. There was some 1 b4 Prince,some 1 b4 Michael Jackson which is James Brown and Jimi Hendrix, some 1 came b4 them! But it's how they gathered all their influences and tools and came up with their own style. Ur Dj cheese can say what he wants, because Jeff already said Spin bad. Whomever started it doesn't matter. What made Jeff different from other Dj's at the time, he brought rhythm 2 the cuts. His scratches were bolder, they were musical, they were very precise and very clean,unique. His cuts were confident and sounded like a lead violinist or some other beautiful stringed instrument, and Will on the mic 2 support! They were a great duo, that fed off each other. It was the way Jeff did it! It's how a person does things, that make people stand up and really listen. Like years of watching the white basketball players in the early days until Majic Johnson or Dr J come on the scene. Jeff and Will got more people hype about the 2 man team concept. Because artistically and sound wise, Jeff murdered those turntables in comparison 2 others we were hearing on radio, wax or other wise. What he did when u heard it was like WTF! Play that sh*t again! Had many of us practicing 4 many hrs tryna be him! So say what y want! And respect 2 whomever u want 2 mention, but the point is what Jeff offered, how he changed things. When he said he was the magnificent at that time u believed it! Because nobody else sounded like that. Just like after James Brown and Richard Pryor, every body had 2 imitate them or step their game up. Jeff did not steal anything. Stealing means doing the exact thing and carbon copying. No! Credit who want. But Jeff broke all barriers, improved on everything. Made the art of turntablelism more exciting and more enjoyable 2 hear when listening. Like a Rock star. Not just some dude in the background. Jeff was the truth and a hero 2 many young folks who was ever curious about Djing. In the Dj world, Jeff is a legend, like how Prince was in the view of other music celebs. So other Dj's might of created fire if that's how u want 2 view it, but Jeff showed all how 2 cook with it!!!!!!!! 4 real!

  36. Johnny Bing

    This song made me learn to dj for real.

  37. DJosephWells

    When I first heard this in 1987 it blew my mind, Jeff raised the bar for sure. The mans a legend.

    Vincent Johnson

    He change the whole scratch game will had ok bars but you heard him I need dj jazzy Jeff I WANTED TO BE A DJ after heard him 🎚🎧📻🎵🕪🔊


    I must of listened to this over 1000 times in 87

  38. EPS Inc. Media

    the magnificent

  39. Martin Mata

    wheels of steel reminds me of the Grand Master Flash respect to grand Master Dee the JAM MASTER JAY RODNEY O ERIC B girls love the way we spins

  40. Kid Nyce

    o shit it was wbls by the one hell ova man Marley marl

  41. Rodneytyson Tycam

    1986 dj of the year

    Digital 818

    Rodneytyson Tycam DJ OF ALL TIME PERIOD!

  42. Scott Stapleton

    Still listening in 2019, because todays hip hop/rap sucks ass


    true story

  43. MkPlaysGames

    I think this is there first song.i was 10 and now I'm

    Jay Coleman

    GeneralTarik *THEIR


    Jay Coleman (You are) so nice you had to correct me twice. I have a degree in English and I’m quite familiar with the correct usage of “their”, “there” and “they’re”. My response was typed in haste. My apologies Mr. YouTube Comments Officer!

    Fred Flinstone

    The one that Launched them........ So in that regard ...... their first.


    Fred Flinstone Huh? How is this the song that “launched” them? Is this THEIR first song you heard? This particular song is certainly not their first release or hit.

    Don Borracho

    Haaaaaaa!!!! Same!!

  44. Merci Merc

    This is STILL dope AF in Summer of 2016 lol

  45. Antonio Cupit

    The best!

  46. kak man

    That guys is awesome on the turntables!!

    Jay Coleman

    kak man *guy's

  47. William Ellis

    incredible skills on the wheels, truly magnificent!