DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Just Kickin' It Lyrics

The F-L-Y guy
About to toss some action
Here I go again with a groove to move you
Somethin' kinda smooth, you can bop your head to
Chill it, the feel, you can play it anytime
Its smooth, is the groove, play it back behind the rhyme
So please, put a freeze, on hooving and hollering
Fans deserve more, for their hip-hop dollar, man
And I'm just the rapper to deliver
The rapper that can give a
Funky rhyme, flowing like a river
Silky, silky, kind to the ear
Diction perfect, rhymes all clear
Tempo moderate, this ain't no marathon
Step back, new jack's, observe the paragon
Ha, who? what? why? when?
Don't be looking around clown, that's right, I'm back again
With the dopeness, your head is bopping isn't it?
Yeah I thought so
Yo, I'm just kickin' it
Just kickin' it-Yeah, Yeah
I'm just kickin' it
I really cannot kick it
Just kickin it
Jus watch me y'all; I'm just kickin' it - kickin' it
Uh Just kickin' it
Yeah, yo I'm just kickin' it
Just kick, and just kick it
Just kickin' it -Ooh
Prepare for a voyage, just close your eyes
Who ain't ready, holler out I
Well ain't nobody hollering,
'Cause all is perfect
The groove is a wave, and my rhyme's a surfing
The track design
With a rhyme in mind
Bidi budup up up, the charges will climb
Every young rapper trying to get you to jump
But when you're all done jumpin'
I'ma get you what you really want
Track by track displaying my ability
The man, FP, showing true dexterity
On the Mic, no rules are lawless
Wicked, and a kicker and my rhymes are flawless
So sit back, relax and allow me to rock ya
With a hit that you're gonna get mentally locked to
A hip-hop solid and all flow, flower
I post up, together, better than Noah
A cut, to kick it too, kind to the ear drum
All true poetry, for me y'all be hearin' some
So extra, extra, read all about it
I slam a the hell out of those that doubt it
I'm rippin' every city I been in
Coast to coast, not to boast, but I'm winning
My fans are powerful, and that's the way I'm living
All about effort y'all
Yo, I'm just kickin' it
Uh Just kickin' it
Yeah, yeah, I'm just kickin' it
Just kickin' it
Come on Come on, I'm just kickin' it
Just kickin' it
Now, I'm just kickin' it
Just kickin' it - Just kickin' it
Let's take a trip, mellow out while I'm rappin'
Ya mind is the boat, and my rhyme's the captain
So hoist a sail, and it's time to flow
To a place that other rappers don't go
Welcome, welcome, into my territory
Everbody get on up, and get busy for me
Heads are boppin' hard and fast
And now I'm getting' sued 'cause my groove caused whiplash
Everytime a rhymer tried to
Say something smooth, that'll move inside you
The way that you should feel when you hear a real rap
Is trapped in the rhyme and your climbing to the climax
A lyrical painter, the fresh prince
And y'all a know of my Picasso essence
Musical passion, lovely isn't?
But ain't nothin' to it
Yo, I'm just kickin' it
Just kickin' it- Just kickin'
Check me, check me, just kickin' it
Just kickin' it- Just kickin' it
Like Pronto y'all, I'm just kickin' it
Just kickin' it
Uh, I'm just kickin' it
Just kickin' it
Yo, I'm out
Just kickin' it [9x]

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Just Kickin' It Comments
  1. Brandon Gonzalez

    Una de las mejores pistas del Príncipe!

  2. Yaovi T

    Just kickin it!

  3. P A E A K S T A T U S

    Them sony walkman days ..

  4. Ujay VurPan

    never bor,,,,ink..

  5. David Fenelus



    A cool groove. And this song let you know again, that Will was about having a cool vibe and just kickin it. This song summed up about 90 percent of his rap career since 1985.

  7. cammicty

    Awesome remix of Roy Ayers Ubiquity!

  8. Prince Ekeson

    Kurious- Uptown Hit

  9. Prince Ekeson

    I have this album. Dop3.


    Me too. It was one of the first CDs I ever owned.

    Ujay VurPan

    me too. It was one of the cassete I ever owned

  10. Renegadus

    I wanna rock?

  11. Kevin Newby

    which song was it on this album that dj jazzy jeff ripped it with the scratch skillz.


    6 years later but here is the answer. I wanna Rock

  12. John Vejarano

    beat is soooooo toughhhhhh i want i want i want!

  13. multigrooves

    Mystical Voyage by Roy Ayres

  14. DjTIMEJD

    Man I marked the date down for Code Red release date on a was my freshman year at Howard U in DC...cats were clowning the the cover/cd at Wiz when it came out...I wanted to defend them but the album had dope beats but FP was too caught up in Hollyweird...his flow was inconsistent but this track he killed it.


    DjTIMEJD Even as great of a school that Howard was and is, you can still find some ignorant students there. Will was on his shit as an actor and lyricist back in 1993. What fool would clown him back then? Them classmates or city mates of yours back then, must have been some ignorant and bad taste having MF's. Seriously.

  15. Valentin Dekov

    ohhh memories i had this on audio casette and i remember play it all the time in my cabrio in hood smoking weed with friends!!! God i miss this old times and exuse my english :P

  16. Lior Aboudy

    its terrible to see a list of other songs named just kickin' it.. before the original and best one.

  17. lbushquizeanic1

    Like this album

  18. CheckmateRidRot

    @Deerugs Will Smith represents a innocent aspect of hip hop, he is a legend in hip hop, I don't care what anybody says, he is amongst the greats because he stuck to his principles and remained positive, he could have quite easily went down a gangsta rap route (DR Dre was a fag lip stick wearing dance producer before NWA) but Will Smith was just cool and happy, so he rapped cool and happy, always room for that in Hip Hop, you can't just kill people all day, you gotta just "kick it" now and again

  19. Callum Brown

    will rap skillz at his best

  20. Dre Murf 313

    Never heard this one. This song is nice man!

  21. DragonBomb1231

    @Deerugs and u suck cause you JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!

  22. Fresh Prince

    awesom song

  23. stinkdogg45


  24. Kelldryn

    This song is very great.
    What a great idea to upload this single on Youtube.

    Cette chanson est super bien.
    Quelle bonne idée que d'avoir charger cette chanson sur Youtube.

  25. Patricko78

    God damn legend! thanx for the upload!