DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - I Wanna Rock Lyrics

[Fresh Prince - talking before song begins:]
Alright we ready?
We rollin, right?
We rollin, alright

[Intro - Fresh Prince - talking:]
Yo in the place to be and about this time
DJ Jazzy Jeff and yours truly the Fresh Prince in the house
We about to get busy old school style
Yo Jazzy on the wheels, me on the m i c
Let's see we got a couple of new additions
We got come with a little somethin new at ya
We got little John on the d r u m s, get busy [drum roll], aw
On the keys my man James, what you doin back there? [piano plays], aw yeah
So we about to do it a little somethin like this
Alright Jeff back to the old school lets do it, alright

[Fresh Prince:]
Now I'm the Prince and that's Jazzy Jeff
We shown for years that we are def
But here's some more for ya'll to just come get it
Rip the wheels J, ("hit it")

[beat changes to Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock's "It Takes Two"]
[scratching of "hit it"]

[Fresh Prince - talking:]
Yeah, we goin back to the old school
We got DJ Jazzy Jeff on the wheels
Yo Jeff, we about to get busy

We got to show 'em, we got to show 'em the way it used to get done, man
We got to show 'em the way it used to get done Jazzy
And rip it up for a bit, make it a little scratch make it funky fresh
Cause you know you the dopest that ever did it, man
The world's supreme DJ, DJ Jazzy Jeff

[solo of Jazzy Jeff scratching]

That's how I like it, uh
That's how I like it
See now a lot of other DJ's came out tryin to do what Jeff started, right
But Jeff is the man, he is the lord supreme up on the wheels of steel
Yo Jazzy get busy for 'em
Get busy for 'em man [scratching of "hit it"]

That's my man goin down, HAHA

[Chorus - Fresh Prince (DJ Jazzy Jeff) - w/ ad libs]
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what Jeff
(I'm in the place and I came to get down)
(I wanna rock right now)
What you wanna do
(I wanna rock right now)
What you wanna do Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)
What you wanna do Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)
What you wanna do Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)
Can't hear you
(I wanna rock right now)
One more time J
(I wanna rock right now)
Say it one more time J
(I wanna rock right now)
Get busy for 'em
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)
One turntable Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)
One turntable
(I wanna rock right now)
What you wanna do Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)
What you wanna do Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Break it up for 'em Jeff
(I wanna rock right now) [starts to slow down]
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Slow it down a little
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Where the drummer at?
(I wanna rock right now)
Here we go, come on
(I wanna rock right now)
Say what now
(I wanna rock right now)
Then your faced with the BEAT!, uh, uh
(I wanna rock right now) uh, uh
You're a little pushy Jeff
(I wanna rock right now)

[Fresh Prince:]
You wanna rock, Jeff lets do it a little somethin like this
From the heart of West Philly, came my man named Jazz
With mucho pizzaz and a razzmatazz
He slice the wax, cut forward, cut back, right and exact
You know the man ain't at all wack
The magnificent movie astoundin
The crowd goin loco, kick drum poundin
People surroundin us checkin the concept
Cuttin up a storm that's why the crowd is all wet
Other DJ's standin around Jeff
Tryin not to give up props to the worlds best
Shakin his hands tryin to say that he can't flow
Cause Jeff is a horse though that they all turn to
A mellow kinda fellow but in the past he
Been known to get a attitude and get right nasty
Snatch the wax, it's a fact not a figment
To get real and rip wheels its downright ignant
And when he step off, toss the confetti
He burn more wheels that Mario Andretti
Jeff is there anythin left you wanna say to the crowd

[Break - Fresh Prince (DJ Jazzy Jeff)]
(I wanna rock right now) [said slow]
Well get down now
(I wanna rock right now) [scratched]
What, what, say what, what

Yo Jeff lets go back to the old set for a second
Yo Jeff (rock the beat)
Come on, and yo Jeff (rock the beat)
Come on, and yo Jeff (rock the beat)
(Yo Jeff)

[Fresh Prince: (DJ Jazzy Jeff)]
Yo he's movin the crowd like a cloud, you gotta get a loud
Cause Jeff wants to (rock right now)
Peep the boy get swift, he got the gift
To lift, with just turntables and (rock) with
After a battle and I watched Jeff win 'em
He stomped the comp, he got cuts like venom
Doper than dope, just cope the boys def, D J J-a-zzy Jeff
On stage gettin ill beside me
Hands quicker than the eyes can see, G
After he cut ya, notice smoke still lingers
He let loose like Zeus with fire from his fingers
You wanna (rock)
Then I'm a let you (rock right now)
Hey yo Jeff gets down cause, he's superior, others inferior
I rap a whole record to try to make it clear to you
You don't get it still, I ain't gettin ill
Jeff rip the wheels, show 'em the real deal

[Fresh Prince - talking (Jazzy Jeff - scratching)]
Huh, go
What huh
(rock) [repeats]
Hit it

[Outro - Fresh Prince - talking (scratching of "rock" continues)]
In the place to be, doin it old school style
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince about to break out
Yo fellas lets go to the island, go to the island

Himmina, humani, see, himina, humini, see,
My DJ go by the name of Jazzy, little chest big tummy
Watch the man rip the wheels and a
It's almost if the things are real and a
He's the man you heard what I said
He got a little glasses and a big forehead, HAHA
Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince for 1993, HA
And we outta here

[Talking in background and scratching continues until fade]

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince I Wanna Rock Comments
  1. David Joshua Makaya

    I'm love than Uptown Funky Band and then I wanna rock on roll.

    Celebrate your of the rapper of fresh prince of Bel Air as party disco ball of the rumbas rapper of funk amazing and I realized I love it.

  2. David Joshua Makaya

    On fire 🎆 🎆 🎆 🎆 🎧 🎤 🎶 uptown D.J Jazzy and Fresh Prince

    Yes my man dude. I'm like it that.

  3. Cadu

    Esse é monstro !!!
    Tinha me esquecido do nome da música tive que ir lá no centro SP na galeria só atrás de som kkkk Escuto todos os dias Slc !! kkk

  4. Chris Silva


  5. magig thingy

    With you all nightttt

  6. MaNu POoLW

    Nao deixem essa porra morrer

  7. péter kovács

    nagyon nagy volt szkreccsben is

  8. I Don't Care

    *Oh.. Oh thats hot...*

  9. Javier Yg

    They need to perform this on 2019!!!

  10. Kai Schltwyz

    Black eyed peas every1

  11. Gary Ford

    They might have been right at the very end of the commercially acceptable hip hop, but you cannot deny that Jeff and the Prince produced some amazing tracks that were hip hop at its finest. I just love the simplicity of this track, yet it's still funky as hell and pure entertainment.

  12. Luis Delgado

    Crack heads favorite song

    Bean Man

    Fye 😂😂😂😂

  13. Maria Jose Saa Ramos

    Fantastico will

  14. Dantay Hylton

    Why hate I'm 19 and realize that parents got the best in there generation why when your different its corny people being different is amazing and thanks to Will

  15. skigh45

    its 2018 and im still waiting for that new fresh prince CD.

  16. Riqeee Musiq

    When these guys were on point life was really good back then the fashion and this good music much love from South Africa

  17. awesomestuff81

    Antman And The Wasp -> Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock -> I Wanna Rock. Thats how I ended up here!

  18. Ghure Dekhi

    Antman Trailer

  19. G a a L

    2 0 1 8

  20. xNicolax

    This is better than today’s music. Honestly everything sounds the same now. This is everything. We need more of this

  21. Me Gusta

    i love u guys

  22. Shemar Williams

    That’s a DJ people. A real DJ. Jazzy Jeff the legend 🔥🔥🔥

  23. GoProBro

    2017 anyone?

  24. Lamasia Fa'alogo

    lets go get some barbeque and get busy#jazzyjeff

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    Algún latino ?

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    I'm seeing them live, can't believe I'm saying this

  27. Chadrie Ramos

    2:59 *GET SCHIWIFTY*

  28. It's me Just me SC-FC

    will Smith the worst rapper of all time

    Keanu Cuyler

    your mase Poes

    Dantay Hylton

    Why hate I'm 19 and realize that parents got the best in there generation why when your different its corny people being different is amazing and thanks to Will

    Samar Iqbal

    Future; Nore; Vanilla Ice etc!

    Harriet Denny-Law

    You clearly don't have a single clue about good Music then do u hun :)


    Worst rapper " lets not forget Will Smith was one of the most succefull rappers not just in the 90s but of all time, the dude only used profanity on mic ONCE , and even then it was bleepd out in the final version , what other rappers you know are STILL succesfull that dont swear or use profanity in their songs ? dont worry ... i'll wait

  29. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    That DJ intro was amazing


    Jazzy jeff the best DJ ...... todays socalled "dj's" cant do anything else but play pre recorded shit and stand behind the dj booth with their hands up , Jazzy jeff is STILL one of the sickest dj's to ever touch the tables, look up some of his more recent stuff !! the man's got the hot hands


    for instance theres a performance from Eminem , The roots and Jazzy jeff on turntables, called "Rock the bells' look it up its on youtube, its fucking amazing

  30. Kevin Harding Mark

    Prince and Jazzy are the best.

  31. MrHwil RRR MGTOW

    Straight fire! :0

  32. Rubius Omg 2

    Esto es rap

  33. Jonathan Fabro

    Nostalgia, o mundo precisa destas musicas de volta. the best Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

  34. Sophiesticated



    +Sophiesticated finally ? all you had to type was "rock right now will smith jazzy jeff" XD
    also fuck black eyed peas for screwing up this timeless track


    no dude the original is Rob Base - It Takes Two


    No need to be smart ass....doesn´t mean we have to take anything away from this facty I´m old skool and I prefer this version ....however Rob Base´s was good too

    Eduardo Anunciação

    so do I

  35. kendo512

    Can anyone tell me where the "I wanna rock right now" sample is from?
    *edit: I found it, from It Takes Two

    marine gmd

    i think it'from rob base & dj ez rock-it takes too or someting like that 😉

    Jordyn Lemire

    Also in the Black Eyed Peas 'Rock That Body'

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    για ρε σταυρο ειμαι ο ισιδωρος

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    that's one turn table!

  38. Danimal300zx

    This is the single version. The original version is 6 minutes and 19 seconds long on the album.

  39. BR34NY

    The moment you realise the base line is sampled from smooth operator by BDK

    Hollis P Monroe

    which sampled "All Night Long" by The Mary Jane Girls...

    f wam

    this was first


    My fucking god i knew i heard the bassline before, this shit has been eating at me for years thank you somuch for this comment

  40. TheCoolfreak2717

    Super dope fiya tape

  41. Federico Trentin

    that mf dj

  42. Silence Gunduz


    Back in the days.. 1989 i was so influenced by this great hiphop and deejaying.
    And still i am.
    Thanks Jeff for the inspiration :-)

    Petrus Amp

    +Silence Gunduz DJ's now fucking suck. right on bro. 80's and early 90's was true turntablism.

    Silence Gunduz

    +Petrus Amp 👊🔥

  43. Joaquin Gonzalez

    in yo face with the bass!!

  44. JokaSmoka

    totaly unrated

    Anti-Depression Smith & Wesson

    it was rated.

  45. Mike Wish

    5 people don't wanna rock !

  46. Digital Insan1ty

    fuck you racists for blocking dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince here we go again  in my country

  47. theblackSystemjack



    +ExtremHDGaming So true. It's easy to ignore how much skill it takes to break the beat down as clean as he does. I'm just starting out as a hobby DJ and I've been trying to replicate this track, but I sound like trash in comparison.

    Kevin Harding Mark

    Yeah Jazzy has pure DJ skill.

  48. tegals03

    So rad , 

  49. luis moncada

    buenisimo, old school lo mejor saludos

    Santiago Jesus Nombre de mc SJV Veuthey

    luis moncada escucha la musica de Slick Rick tambien estan buenas sus canciones

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    i wanna rock right now, say what now ?

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    there was a reason why these two won grammy's, they were perfect for each other

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    Now this is what i call DJ and not now some asshole playing games on laptop and others jumping like bunch of idiots.


    those are two different types of DJing ... thats like me saying Sharks are what i call animals not gold fish that do nothing but swim in circles. 

    Colorado Man

    @Enzetsu Well They shouldn't be called DJs then. The gold fish is ok because he don't call himself a shark!


    jeff the greatest of all time , by a mile

    go look at his Peter Piper routine on youtube, the dude is a pioneer and a monster

  55. just living the dream u dig?


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    DJ Jazzy Jeff is a good scratcher.

    Elliott Spry

    Hot Kroket try amazing

    Samar Iqbal

    Good as DJ Premier!

    I Don't Care


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    WILL !!! EL MEJOR !!!

    EmmanueL RapLion


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    Incredible! Perfect! You guys need to get back together. I wish I was born before the 90's just so I can feel what it was like to be in the time of DJ Jazzy Jeff, & The Fresh Prince.

  71. McFluffy Ducky

    First!!! I love this song!