DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble Lyrics

Listen homeboys don't mean to bust your bubble
But girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
So next time a girl gives you the play
Just remember my rhyme and get the hell away

Just last week when I was walking down the street
I observed this lovely lady that I wanted to meet
I walked up to her I said hello
She said you're kind of cute I said yes I know
But by the way sweetheart what's your name
She said my friends like to call me exotic Elaine
I said my name is the Prince and she said why
I said well I don't know I'm just a hell of a guy
But enough about me yo let's talk about you
And all the wonderful things that you and I can do
I popped some cash and in a little bit of time
I showed some cash and the girl was mine
I took her over town I wined her and dined her
She ask me did I like her I said well kinda
All of a sudden she jumped out her seat
Snatched me up by my wrist and took me out to the street
She started grabbin all over me kissing and hugging
So I shoved her away I said you better stop buggin
She got mad looked me dead in my face
Threw her hands in the air and yelled out rape
I got scared when she started to yell
So I handed her my wallet and ran like hell
I was duckin through alleys right and left
But when the cops caught up they almost beat me to death
I was arrested charged with agrivated assault
(yo Clancy we got him)
But it wasn't my fault
Nevertheless don't mean to bust your bubble
But girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
So next time a girl gives you the play
Just remember my rhyme and get the hell away

I was in a bar one Friday night
Cooling watching a Mike Tyson fight
I was maxin and relaxin sippin on Tequilla
When this girl walked up she said hi my name is Sheila
I responded by saying hello
She paid for my drink and then said let's go
20 minutes later things were starting to cook
As we pulled up into her house I said I'm with you toots
The music was soft and there was wine in the glasses
She started winking and making little passes
At me she pat me close that's when she got bold
She started feeling up my back I said oh your hands are cold
We went to her bedroom thinking of one thing
Took the phone off the hook to avoid the annoying ring
I carresed her body and I kissed her cheek
And that's when I observed those satin bed sheets
I felt that it was time for me to make my move
I thought I better hurry up before I busted a groove
I leaned down to kiss her but then out of the blue
A door slammed and a voice said baby where are you
Her boyfriend busted in he grinned an evil grin
And said boy I'm a tear your butt limb from limb
I was scared as hell where I was supposed to go
I just yelled geronimo and jumped out the window
Just my luck we were in a snow storm
And all I had was my underwear on to keep my warm
And to top the night off I had to break in my place
Because my keys were on pants back on Sheila's book case
I was done sneezing and coughing
I hope this doesn't happen to often
But nevertheless don't mean to bust your bubble
But girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
So next time a girl gives you the play
Just remember my rhymes and get the hell away

[Jazzy:] yo man you think they see your point
[Prince:] I don't know I don't think they really do
[Jazzy:] I think you should give 'em another example
[Prince:] awright give me a scratch let's make it funky right here

I got a ring on my phone May 5th last year
It was my girlfriend Betty I said hello dear
I was just about to call you I got a couple tickets to the Run DMC concert
(I'm wit it)
It's six o'clock now at eight will you be ready
Aight fine see you then Betty
I combed my hair washed and brushed my teeth
Got funky fresh dressed in my la cox ??
Got to Betty's at eight I was ready to jet
Until Betty's mon said Betty's not ready yet
I sat there for at least an hour
It was ten after nine before she got in the shower
9:35 she comes downstairs
And said I need a little longer to finish my hair
At ten o'clock we had then missed the show
She comes downstairs and says let's go
Go where go to sleep I'm gone
I was steamin like a demon as I drove home
But it just goes to show
Not trying to bust your bubble
But girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
So next time a girl gives you the play
Just remember my rhyme just remember my rhymes
Take heed to my rhymes and get the hell away

Man first your parents just don't understand
Then you having these crazy nightmares
I know why me man why me
[Jazzy:] what's next
[Prince:] now these girls man you know how it is
Can't live wit 'em can't live wit'out 'em

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble Comments
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    People may be shocked by this, but I can see where Tupac got some of his early influence from Will.
    Like the ability to smile, while rapping, and the sped up video, at beginning of this song, with girls chasing Will around is same style Pac used in 'Round and Round we go'.

    I wish pac had teamed up with Will, instead of Suge knight, if he had, no telling.

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