DJ Earworm - United State Of Pop 2019 (Run Away) Lyrics

Yeah (Better)
(Nothing, baby)
High, high hopes (Nothing...)

Run away now, run away now
Walk your fine ass out the door
Run away now, run away now
Ride 'til I can't no more

I'm gonna let go
I'm at a party I don't wanna be at
Talk about where we're goin'

I got a feeling it's time to let go
Wonderin' if I could sneak out the back
Figure out where we're goin'

I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
Took it so far, too far away to hold me cause I like to move freely
Take my horse to the old town road
I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape

Keep it moving
Rewrite your history
No guidance
Go make a legacy
No guidance

Leave tonight
Go into it blindly
We can go anywhere
Go anywhere blindly

Run away now, run away now
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, I should be running

Run away now, run away now
Run away, run away
Run, don't walk away

Don't think I fit in at this party
Walk your fine ass out the door
Run away now, run away
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more

We go together
So I don't wanna be alone tonight, alone tonight
My heart feel like December

Feeling heat in December
I need somebody who can take control (take control)
You and me getting in trouble

Turns out everywhere I go
Follow you through the dark like aye yi yi
I can hear you tellin' me to turn around before we get lost

'Cause I don't care (Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo)
Nothing feels better (Doo doo doo doo)
Even if we gotta race, get off right now, oh (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
You can take me anywhere (Doo doo, doo doo)
All the bad things disappear (Doo doo, doo doo)

Woaaaaaaaaaaah (I got, I got, I got)

I got you this pop on my wish list (True story, uh)
That's the only thing I want for Christmas
Sing along USPOP on your playlist (True story, uh)
That's the only thing I want for Christmas
Sing this song

I'm making a list (woh)
I'm checking it twice (uh)
I'm counting my chips
But that's how I like it
I'm counting, you wish[?] (Yeah)
I'm counting your styles
I'm counting the greats
I'm the greatest right now

Run away now, run away now
Maybe I am somebody, ay ay

Run away now, run away now
Run away, run away
Run, don't walk away

Don't think I fit in at this party
Walk your fine ass out the door
Run away now, run away
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more (I don't care)

Run away now, run away now
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, I should be running

Run away now, run away now
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more

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DJ Earworm United State Of Pop 2019 (Run Away) Comments
  1. Matt Cerrone

    2014 is still his highlight but this wasn’t too bad, could’ve done without Lizzo though and her tone deaf voice

  2. YaBoi Craft

    What’s the song that actually said run away???

  3. AyeJ _

    “Do what you wanna do” still hits differently in 2020

  4. Leah Loves tacos

    This is the best one since 2009 no lie

  5. Esma Nur

    Harikaydı.... o kadar güzel olmuş ki

  6. Arunabh Bhattacharya

    Can't believe that "Young Dumb and Broke" did not make it to the 2017 mashup, but "Better" and "Talk" made it to the 2019 mashup.

  7. Just Keanie

    Hey dj earworm, i give u advice that if you want to make a good music mashup, do it like 2012-2014 your mashup that year looks amazing but 2015 till now look fucked up

  8. Innunim

    "US Pop on your playlist" I would do that if these were on Spotify :/

  9. CarsonFacePalmer

    Just realized half these songs came out (and were also popular) in 2018 lol.

  10. moder123

    Love Earworm, but the music in 2019 was less than suitable for a decent mashup.

  11. OHSHC Phan

    I think this is really good considering how modern music is...declining

  12. Anar Mahmudov


  13. Jonny Burli

    THAT BREAKDOWN!!!!!!! well played, my hat is off to you

  14. Scraf

    Most under appreciated mofo on the planet

  15. toxxik lol

    this was postys year...

  16. sleeping overtime

    this is actually good,

  17. Bilga Ben

    no Taylor?

  18. GnashersFC

    i dont care if people think you got worse if the music got worse or whatever, you still make it sound amazing and the immense amount of effort that you put to make the lyrics somewhat matchup is great.

  19. lee metcalfe

    Class !

  20. 1Starlodge

    This the new Girltalk

  21. Liberty Small

    the talent they have is crazy...

  22. stefandy 14

    And boy with luv?

    (Love it)

  23. Respiir

    Let’s be honest, this is great considering how bad the music of this year was....

  24. Danielle Keating

    Always better than the YouTube rewind 🙌🏻💯

  25. Nebur Ipsa

    Lmao is it normal that I'm listening to this 20 times a day?

  26. Mc dapperness

    Run Away is what I'm about to do with all this conflict with Iran.

  27. Serenity Boot

    I wish red one can go back to making music with lady gaga

  28. phastinemoon

    Rewatched this a few times now - I think I can definitively say that using High Hopes as the base for this mashup was the wrong call.

  29. Mr.Lyrics

    Hi man a rock Mashup?

  30. Emiliano Medrano

    Fuck it. I'll say it. This one is good af

  31. STAIN

    The boy boy west coast, u was at the club!???

  32. The cutest Furret

    This is the only way I can listen to Old town Road. It just flows well

  33. Rionaldo Cleoputra

    wow. this year is good.

  34. Nebulan Eclipse

    2018 mix was still better

  35. Bayram Cirakoglu

    Where are you BBBBTTTTSSSS.😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  36. Ebony Taylor

    Yyyyyyeeeerrrrrr I'm here

  37. Aziiz Ika

    this is my rewind.

  38. Cojam 17


  39. JayDe Huggard

    It has a good sound to it, but I realize, I don't know a single song from this list. Am I getting old?

  40. Swagless

    At about 2:00 it got good

  41. Darwin Alejandro

    Vamos a escucharla pa ver como va pues🤔

  42. Keine Hospedales


  43. Ruqersa

    Damn awesome

  44. caragoletmadeinalcoi

    SAD. Where is the queen Katy Perry?

  45. Maia Henville

    How do I know all the words?

  46. Jason Taylor

    Oh well.

  47. AlixFallenStar

    Alright, best one since 2009.

  48. jwatwater

    So I'mma say it. Since the 2012 one they have all be so-so, really kind sad. This one is not 1, but 3 fire emojis.

  49. bangtan

    we watched this in my maths class lol

  50. Flo F

    In good memories to 2019🎆

  51. Joel Lee

    I ❤️ this.*

  52. VJ4rawr2

    This is just painful. I mean, do you even listen to this back?


  53. Nae Foxy

    I knew this was a bad idea but I'm still crying😭

  54. Robbie whitee

    This what i’m waiting for

  55. Calmy 5SOSFAM

    Hey where is 5sos?

  56. jim lillis

    I actually enjoyed this one. Been 10 years

  57. J-Vlogs

    kinda has a 2008 and 2009 vibe to it.

  58. Anna Cambria

    This is on par with 2009s, so good!

  59. joey gibson

    Thank you DJ Earworm for reminding me that today is the ten year anniversary of your 09 mashups 😋

    PS this was really good

  60. Tanner Tichy

    We’re walking, running, and riding our way out of 2019 and we don’t care anymore

  61. Nova Amare

    Why everyone like 2009 was better or something? This is still straight up amazing

  62. Aldi Se Taufik

    0:45 what the title of the song?


    someone you love - lewis capaldi

  63. Bri Brand


  64. Andreas Lidman

    It was way to much Lizzo

  65. Mr Grantosis

    Oh my god this is horrible... This isn't a mash up this is a mess of a song. Old mash ups made sence. This has like 4/5 songs playing at once and did not sound good. Sorry. This is a no for me dog

  66. Tunn Demm

    All i want for christmas????????

  67. Jay Galvez

    Uhm... where's Taylor?

  68. zapantalambda

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss! I always check you every time the year ends :)

  69. 黄信杨

    Sounds a little hodgepodge to me.

  70. R2TheArTisT

    I wonder why dababy and meg wasn't on here🙄

    Mysterious G

    For DaBaby's case, "Suge" was in the Top 25 of the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End (#24), so it would qualify. But the question is why he didn't add "Suge".

  71. Eagle 87

    Horrible year for music

  72. Sammy Eugenio

    2009 was the best year...ever

  73. Dj Martini

    Awesome as always brother! Check out my 2019 End of the Year mashup as well, thanks!!!

  74. Zangetsu 666

    Lagu Andmesh gak ada ?

  75. Anthony Giuliano

    What song in the backsound?

  76. LadyLady Karen

    I still love this so many years on ..keep going forever because we LOVE this shit

  77. WaffleMonster 2825

    This was really good but some of these songs weren't even from 2019 e.g lizzo good as hell but oh well

  78. Zoe Moore

    GOOD BYE 2019 THX FOR COMING!! 👋👋👋 I'm gonna miss you!

  79. Carnage ML

    That post malone intro gave me chills , man this 2019 had been a tough and heart break year 😞🥃 but awesome and fantastic wonderful year ❤️ sending love here from the Philippines! 🙂

  80. Mr. Charles Smith

    Literal trash. Don’t bother coming back again in 2020

  81. cuchelo1

    Another stellar mashup AND video~ Thanks for all the hard work you do for us listeners!

  82. Chetana Srinivas

    2009 is still my jam

  83. lock heart

    See you next decade!

  84. Haley Mendoza

    Where’s Taylor Swift?

  85. Elora Maxwell

    You really forgot Taylor Swift...

  86. Andrea Naquin

    Odd that not even one song off of T Swift's new album was on it. Like her or not, that was a huge part of music for the year.

  87. Grace Pardieck

    2014 will always be my favorite

  88. Aynur Ahmedova

    Super. Perfecttttt....,😍😍😱😱😍😍😍

  89. Kylie Smith


  90. SKippySounds

    No "Time" by NF???

  91. Kelela

    2009 >>>>> 2019

  92. S Jordan

    My good sir you made bad songs good, only respect for the true 2019 rewind

  93. WolfiePlayz18YT

    Why is there only like 334k views

  94. Pavel Kořítko

    Best from 2:25

  95. •Denisa Constantin•

    my heart when i see billie:💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

  96. Vicki Cupper

    A tribute to Autotune

  97. M N H

    who watch this in december 2019?

    Smajl Balaj

    They didn't include SONGS from great artists that blew up