DJ Earworm - United State Of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter) Lyrics

Never had much faith in love or
Yeah I was dreaming for
For too long
There’s no religion
That could save me
So let it all go (Uuuuh)
How did I read the stars
So wrong

And I can’t believe
You don’t know
Which way is right
And which way is wrong
And you should know that
It ain’t hard to tell
You don’t know
So come on

Let’s set the world on fire
I hear your heart beat
We could burn brighter
Shine bright
Carry me home tonight

Yeah I was in the dark
Looking for somebody
(Oh yeah yeah yeeah)
Still stuck in that time
I used to know

And I’m not sleeping now
I’m wide awake
I’ll be waking up
I get a feeling
I am born again
I can’t wait to see the light
I’m born again tonight
And I can’t believe
You don’t know
All those fairytales are full of it
They were never true
Never true
It ain’t hard to tell
You don’t know
So come on

Let’s set the world on fire
I hear your heart beat
We could burn brighter
Shine bright
Carry me home tonight

I set fire
I’m letting go tonight
Let’s make the most of the night
Dancing to the beat of the drums
In the sky

Carry me home tonight
Just carry me home tonight
(My universe will never be the same)
Carry me home tonight
(To chase me)
Will someone come and carry me home?

(Oh yeah yeah yeah)
And it feels like I am
Somebody that I used to know
I like crazy, foolish, stupid
Gangnam Style
Fist pumping music
Two oh
One two’s it
How we do’z it
I gotta say that
But the music
Let’s do this one more time

Let’s set the world on fire
I hear your heart beat
We could burn brighter
Footsteps even lighter
Than the sun
I set fire
Starships we’re meant to fly
Let’s do this one last time
Let’s make the most of the night
Dancing to the beat of the drums
In the sky
Let’s set the world on fire
Can’t stop cause we’re so high
Let’s do this one last time
Let’s make the most of the night
Dancing to the beat of the drums
In the sky

Spend the rest of my days here
I’ll carry you home tonight

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DJ Earworm United State Of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter) Comments
  1. Hongda Xu

    The best one

  2. selena vibrancy

    back when music was good. good music ended 2014 smh

  3. Mohammed Ahmed

    I feel like 2010-15 is a whole different era from 2016-19

  4. Southrackateerj

    7 years as of today

  5. Mercy

    Please take me back

  6. Madina's Place

    I miss one direction

    Destiny Ro’meave

    Madina's Place sameeeee

  7. Yuppie 1987

    What song is that “you know the rules” in the background from?

  8. Marcela Paloma

    Saudades 💔

  9. Azaria George

    Even love this one too

  10. Daniel Shirley

    Wow, a time where music was actually amazing!

  11. Junie Marie

    back when pop music used to be great

  12. AA Games


  13. The cutest Furret

    I feel old.

  14. HyperPanda

    December 2019??

  15. Zainab /vlogs

    Lol I came here cuz my social studies teacher

  16. Megan_is_a_bird

    Wow... this brings back memories to time I started dating my first love

  17. Najmi Aiman

    5sos ahahaha young

  18. Destiny Ro’meave

    Nostalgia 🤩💜 always gonna be some of the best songs to look back on

  19. Spronix

    December 2019?

  20. Arunabh Bhattacharya

    I had two questions about "Somebody That I Used to Know"
    1. If it is by Australian artist Gotye, why is it in DJ Earworm's mashup.
    2. Why is it in the 2012 mashup and not in the 2011 mashup?

    Duc Nguyen Tien

    1. The mashup focuses mainly on American music but there are exceptions for some other hit songs that are released worldwide.
    2. The song was first released in 2011 in Australia and then in January 2012 in the U.S (Wikipedia)

  21. Dylan Evans

    Imagine all those artists standing on one stage, singing this mashup all together

  22. jo jo

    this is THE best one earworm has

  23. Jordan


  24. Kevin

    Out of all, 2009 is the best!

  25. Liang Do

    22h08p 28-11-2019. in Viet Nam

  26. Sora Chan

    It's been 7 years, I was 8 when these song were out, they are still the shit

  27. Lil Gatcha

    It’s been 7 years allready ;-;

  28. my10baby

    Oh good, this video isn’t blocked anymore

  29. Jackie

    Just got back from the decade mashup...2012 will always be the best.

  30. Zine Ba Tachat

    Who’s here from November 2019?

    Таня Новикова



    @Таня Новикова DecEEmmBbbBBeRrrRR

    Таня Новикова

    @Benjellyftw DeCeMbErErErErEr

    Rylee Wayson-Aviles

    Try december

  31. Jessica McGinn

    2019 anyone?

  32. Elijah Cook

    Who's listening in November 2019? Anybody?

    HardRunZ Music Productions

    Yeahh, and it brings the memories way back

  33. Conrad Rose


  34. Wendy Owens

    Oof. We’re getting old.

  35. Justin Kim

    I had to search mashup 2016, then 14, then 13, and I found familiar name DJ Earworm. Drawn by shards of memories, here I am, picking up more pieces, living the past again.

  36. Marion Bautista

    2019, anyone? 🤙

  37. Serdar Minajjj

    Your Best Mashup

  38. Portres Patsan

    7 years later I'm here

  39. Kacy

    Who else remembers that all the YouTube beauty gurus would play this song in the background of their fall/winter lookbook lol

  40. Sebastian DiMeglio

    Holy shit I still listen to these

  41. Icebird 610

    In my opinion
    2012 remix > 2009 remix
    But both are great

  42. Tu_ Real


  43. green lantern

    Pop music was great back then before Taylor Swift decided to shift genre and outsold the real pop queens. Not to mention her friend Selena Gomez's untalented ass

  44. Elijah Cook

    2019 anyone?

  45. Mitchell Kaquatosh

    This takes me back to 2012 and 2014


    2012 and 2013 were the good years wow. I was 7 and 8 those years now I’m 14 time flys so fast

  47. veri herlambang

    Always like this song

  48. Sunflowers & Downpours

    This is like an alternate Pop Danthology and I'm L I V I N G for it honey

  49. NaughtyMonkey


  50. AA Games

    Woah... listen at 1.25x Speed
    It amazing

  51. AA Games

    6 years ago... jeez

  52. Yennifer triviño rodriguez


  53. Lone Wolf

    new comments?

  54. El Axel

    The best time of my life!

  55. Pia Yzabel Decio

    I still listen to this..

  56. baka nga?

    2019 listener

  57. fennekinlovers√√

    The best year with 2013! Free of reggaeton and trap

  58. Basilis Pardalis

    Seems like yesterday .... definitely not 7 years...

  59. Ron Burgundy

    Who else here is still listening till now?

  60. Skylar Burrows

    2019 anyone? Time flies!

  61. Daniel Molloy

    Music in 2012 was slappin 😳

  62. Paman Gobber

    Time flies 🍂

  63. Fame_Arcane

    Thank you DJ earworm for my childhood

  64. errr0704

    Katy Perry's song "Part Of Me" was No. 1 hit in 2012. "Wide Awake" was No. 2.

  65. Irish Emerald Gamer World

    this is nostalgic

  66. Ashley Mendoza

    Still one of the best mashups to date ⛄

  67. Ryan Devine

    omg the throwback to this mashup gave me goosebumps

  68. Ranken Peter

    2019? Time flies so faaast.

  69. Piotr S

    For me still best mashup so far :)


    Not just you. This just "works".

  70. Hype beast 101

    Best year for music period.

    Yeah I said it fight me‼️

  71. antifa fan account

    why did this make me cry 🗿

  72. marco llorando

    still stuck in that time, that I used to know.

    callMeZal 30

    thats me

  73. Suraj Singh

    This is MUSIC!!

  74. Syifa Naurah

    Still liste. To this in 2019 and still lit ✔✔

  75. Mahardhika Geriya

    Gangnam style need more duration and add the melodic

  76. im mith

    still my favourite anyone here in july2019

  77. Syahid Adnan

    TOO MUCH memories in one song!


    Omg remimdes me of my childhood😵😵

  79. David G

    2019..... and 2012 is still my favorite mix mashup

  80. Codered 53

    Anyone here in 2019?!

  81. Ava Wittebort

    I was two but I still know thees songs

  82. Jade

    I wish it was 2012, I miss those days 😭

  83. ainsley harriot

    This is the best thing on YT

  84. Hype beast 101

    Does coming back to these songs put a smile on anyone else’s face, no just me ok.

    Kross Allen

    not just you

  85. Loser not a lover

    I feel old af

  86. Caliope Thalia

    Oh shit here go again

  87. MiGueL13

    And I was in the dark looking for somebody

  88. MiGueL13

    Brings back good memories 😄😄

  89. Russell Grayson

    ..... and once again no Britney.

  90. Rainne Roy

    Watching in 2019! 😍😍😍

    2012 has been the best year so far with all its awesome music!! ❤️

  91. redd lineDz

    please take me back to 2012 .....

  92. 16XZ MG

    2019 back from future to watch this ;)

  93. mwahforbuteraa

    Yasss gangnam style 💕