DJ Earworm - United State Of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop The Pop) Lyrics

Don't stop the pop
Can't stop the clock
So baby, let's go
I wanna celebrate
And I don't want the party to stop
Hey, ayo
Tonight we can get a little stronger
Tonight we can go a little longer
Can't stop the clock
Tik tok, don't stop the pop

I know a place
Where we can dance, dance, dance, dance
To "I Like It", "Rude Boy"
"Dynamite", and "Bad Romance"
I know a place
Where we can go, go, go, go, go
Giddy-up, babe
I can make your bed rock
Don't stop the pop

It happens all the time
A melody in my head
Make me wanna say
Let the time pass
We can let the beat rock
Now, now the DJ gonna play my favorite song

Don't stop the pop
Don't stop, baby
Can't stop the clock
So baby, let's go
I wanna celebrate
And I don't want the party to stop
Hey, ayo
Tonight we can get a little stronger
Tonight we can go a little longer
Can't stop the clock
Tik tok, don't stop the pop

We can dance
Woah, woah
Like it goes on and on and on
Like shotting stars, like shooting stars
Dance, until we die
Like it goes on and on and on
On and on and on and on and
Dance, like it's the last night of your life, life
Dance, like we'll be young forever
Dance, dance, dance like there's no tomorrow
There's just right now, now, now
'Cause we're never getting old

It happens all the time
I'm always hearing your
Melody in my head
Make me wanna sing
Let the time pass
We can let the beat rock
'Cause we gon' rock, rock, rock
When the music drops

Don't stop the pop
Don't stop, baby
Can't stop the clock
So baby, let go
One love, one love!
I wanna celebrate
And I don't want the party to stop
Hey, ayo
Tonight we can get a little stronger
Tonight we can go a little longer
Can't stop the clock
Tik tok, don't stop the pop

Let's go all the way tonight
I want it all, it all, it all
I just want it all
I just want everything
As long as it's free
Oooh, oooh, oh
I want it all

Ain't got no money in my pocket
But I wanna be a billionaire
Go, DJ!
Got my iPod on the stereo
I'm gonna write you a song
The world better prepare
Oh my gosh
Listen to my mix
On the radio

Hands up, hands up
Suddenly, we all got our hands up
Put your hands up
Now put your hands up
I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying oh my gosh

Don't stop the pop
Don't stop, baby
I don't wanna stop
Spreading my wings
Like I'm in flight
Now let's fly away
If life is just a party
Then I don't want the party to stop
Hey, hey
Tonight I'mma let it be fire
Tonight we can get a little higher
Can't stop the clock
Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok, tik tok
Tik tok, don't stop the pop

Let's go faster, faster
Don't stop
Go faster, ayo
I'm stong enough to go all night
Baby, I don't want the party to stop
Everybody from New York to California

Can't stop the clock
No regrets
There's not a thing that I would change
Can't stop the clock
We're unforgettable
We're undeniable
So hot, we're on top
Tik tok, don't stop the pop
Don't stop, baby
You won't stop, baby
'Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are

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DJ Earworm United State Of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop The Pop) Comments
  1. Oppne smash

    10 years ago since this year started, crazy how time flies..

  2. Mo or Maximilian

    It's 2020 and i come back to this ....

  3. Len Len

    and im here again ..

  4. yayong101

    And a decade passed people :D

  5. Kathiana Phaedra

    2010 was def the best one can’t tell me nothing 😭🔥❤️

  6. Yoinkus Boinkus

    Happy decade yall

  7. Steven Sune

    Trap music stopped the POP

  8. Tommy Thompson

    Who else listening to these beauts in 2020??

  9. Illusion

    1 hour till 2020 as I’m typing this. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us :)

  10. Caleb Quinn

    RIP to the memories every song on this brings GGs 2000's

  11. Sav spann

    can we put this on spotify and apple music please🙏🏽🙏🏽

  12. DeanWLover24

    One of my favorite mash ups of all time 💜

  13. Anissa Ittner

    It's almost 2020, and I'm feeling mad nostalgic

  14. Brydude87

    Where's the decade edition

  15. Kid Poker

    Bruno’s 3 hits in 2010 are still some of my favorites of his career. Nothin’ On You is arguably his greatest song. Billionaire ranks in my top ten, and Just The Way You Are would be an HM.

  16. Christopher Maple

    Been listening for so many years now and your such an underrated artist please say you have a second Chanel

  17. Man. V

    My first video of Dj Earworm, feel nostalgic

  18. Devil Raj 007

    Best Golden Songs .. ❤️❤️ todays songs r just fucking music 🤣

  19. The cutest Furret

    I started smiling when I heard DJ got us falling in love and Dynamite. Minecraft tainted me.

  20. Orange Sheep

    in 2 weeks we'll be leaving 2010s era

  21. cecerose

    best year for music hands down

  22. DB Greene

    This is GENIUS!!


    Кто из тик тока?

  24. Don José

    From 2009 to 2019, a Decade of DJ Earworm

  25. Alexandre Bessette

    I tried to not cry 😭 I want to go back to 2010

  26. robert mercado

    What Happened to ''Baby by Justin bieber''

  27. Azaria George

    Like this one

  28. Blazingsilver

    This was really the peak of pop along with 2011 and 12. Now we’re just watching it die

  29. Mr. GConnick

    Yes I'm here again

  30. Justin Ong

    who's here december 2019 before the decade ends?

  31. DariKlass Даша Дидковская

    Обожееее это прекрасно)

  32. khrisxgi

    December 2019?? 🥺

  33. UIlyana _lel

    Кто с тик тока?

  34. Kimmy De Leon

    Dec 2019! 😍

  35. Avatar Avatar405

    nostalgia is better than bille ellish
    Edit : Its 2020

  36. Finn Berry

    Remember this comment when it's 12/31/2019

    Aquatic Pro

    Finn Berry it’s 12-31-19 and 11:12 pm

    Finn Berry

    @Aquatic Pro you remembered 🤣happy new year

    Aquatic Pro

    Finn Berry happy new year 🎉

  37. DPlays

    who is in february 2056

  38. Jon N.

    Just let me have a time machine, please.

  39. Liang Do

    22h03 28-11-2019 . In Viet Nam

  40. Assa


  41. Alpha Ookami

    2008 -2012 Gang —> ?

  42. Agent FatPugz.

    It's time to say goodbye to our era, and let the new one begin! Although it may be sad we will be ok there is still opportunity in the air. It may be scary leaving your childhood, or teenage years, or your golden age but we will always find a way to enjoy our time, we all have a limited time on this planet, and we dont know if there is anything beyond death, but we have time,so spend it wisely and enjoy being here, and being you. We will forever miss you 2010 era

  43. Caty López

    Holy shit, this was posted 8 years ago. How time flies

  44. Egg Nog

    Everything is now left behind in the dark, but people born in 2000-2007 have the power to bring this back.

  45. chickballz313

    Can these mashups be available on Spotify?


    Like each individual one from each year as well as the decade one.

  46. Kiya H

    Why am I crying lol

  47. Ruzzell De Vera

    The times when our song industry is so gold🥰

  48. ines perez

    and here is where we cry

  49. Skylin

    hands down 2010-2019 was the best decade ever, POP music and not shit music, memes and well, earworm

    Elizabeth Perks

    hell nah


    @Elizabeth Perks having some difference in opinion?

  50. Himeshika S.

    Good bye to the decade of memories

  51. nobledonkey17

    10 years later and this is one of my favorite end of the year mashups

  52. Anthony Attaway

    Just listened to the decade end one, this is still my favorite out of all of them haha

  53. Amine auto khouribga

    who is in November 2019 be like

    Vita Fff

    tik tok✌


    Dec 1st

    Tina Johnston

    Amine Amine I’m from Tik tok x

    Madison Haddix

    we out here

    Viewer 2812


  54. Darylle Andre

    Who's here after watching the Decade of Pop?

    fade daa

    its hard to hear how crappy todays music is

  55. Gina Maglinao

    2019 and still listening to this mashup 🔥

  56. Angelina Vera

    THe beginning of the end :(

  57. Daniel Cordova

    who’s here in preparation for the 2010-2019 mashup?

  58. Lord Harry

    “Don’t stop”
    Me: OMG N O S T A L G I A

  59. Shelby Slayton

    I've been searching for this the past four years and I finally found it thanks to youtube suggesting the decade of pop, thank you youtube 😭💕

  60. maria

    It's almost 2020... the 2010s is ending 💔

  61. Ayi Felicisimo


    Paivo Delicia

    Ayi Felicisimo yep! I saw it last time it was just 19M views. And I revisited his channel and noticed it said 20M views then checked the comments in newest first to see if anyone even noticed it! So glad to find this comment!

  62. Alki Sim

    Oh my god Gym Class Heroes 😭

  63. Sofia Amaro

    heeyyyyy soull sisterr

  64. Miami Heat #10

    Nothing can beat the 2009 remix

    Ayi Felicisimo

    Miami Heat #10 no this one's better

  65. Chan Thon

    hands down coolest era

  66. Brice Seymens

    All I see are 2-3yo comments saying "pop music is depressing nowadays". Meanwhile we're in 2019 and one of the biggest artists is Billie Eilish...

  67. G-Naran

    Wow 9 years ago. Time doesn’t stop

  68. eclinvo

    Damn remember when you actually couldn't recognize some of these songs!

    -It's because they are actually all UNIQUE-

  69. Storm Born

    9 years I’m still listening to this at the gym 😄 this was a great mashup

  70. john ralph daganio

    9 years old. I really missed these kinds of music.

  71. Sugary Heaven

    I miss 2010 😭

  72. Presley Petrus

    Kesha sing the name of this mash-up but Tik Tok by Kesha was released in 2009.

    Rodeth Icong

    Tiktok was #1 song of 2010 according to billboard hot 100

    Abdullah Ansari

    Half of these songs were recorded in 2009

  73. Josb Howl

    2010: "Don't Stop The Pop"
    2019: Hold My Beer

  74. baka nga?

    2019 listener

  75. Jasper Samson

    I'm crying why !?!!!

  76. Elijah Cook

    If you remember this, congratulations because you deserve a veterans' discount.

  77. Ryzoro

    hi im from the future , who else from the future ? oh . 2019 .

  78. Alexis Ramirez

    I miss Kesha 😢

  79. Dana Day

    This makes me sad. I started high school in 2010.
    I turned 15 in 2010.
    I'm almost 24 now.
    I am happy nostalgic and sad nostalgic.
    Why you do me like this fam.

  80. Avinash Singh

    this was the best year for pop music probably. Gaga Rihanna Katy Usher Enrique Kesha... damn i would love relive this year of my life so badly.

  81. Jerome Gregorio

    Why "Blame It On The Pop" By DJ Earworm Is Gone Again?

    Sugary Heaven

    Yeah, idk why. Maybe he took it down?

  82. 李朝杰

    10years ago 😢

  83. Zoe Moore

    1:09 slurp that cotton candy down in your mouth

  84. Kosai Souff

    2019 anyone???
    Please don’t cry
    It’s okay

  85. salvatore4606

    2010 done

  86. Anjo

    2019 someone?

  87. androy96

    Love this kind of stuff I have like a 2 hour playlist called nostalgia porn I made with all this gold

  88. Christian Alba

    June 2019 🔥

  89. Silas Chapman

    Yo I swear music from 2009-2012 is the best

  90. echoman5361

    Message from zoe moore: yeah best mashup ever like who agrees?

  91. Lisa Nguyen

    It’s been 9 years already 😢 time flies

  92. Super Sonic Gamer 705

    To be honest, 2008-2012 were the only good years for music. Pop music is just completely dead, it's really sad that the only music being made now a days is shitty rap music that repeat the same lines 30 times and have 100 curse words in them. I miss this era :,(

  93. Russell Grayson

    Needed Britney.

  94. Rainne Roy

    2019 anyone? Missing these songs!😞💕

  95. Karla Novoa


  96. mwahforbuteraa

    One of my faves 💕💕

    Damn, California Gurls

  97. MASC04

    2019 ?