DJ Earworm - SummerMash '17 Lyrics

Unforgettable summer vacation

Another one

When it comes to you
You don't want my heart
I dreamed it all
When it comes to you
I knew from the start
I dreamed it all

And you don't judge me
'Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I'd call you up
You don't judge me
You already know, 'ready know, 'ready know that you won

Unforgettable summer vacation
I'm fading fast
It's not good enough for me
The dedication not gonna last

We watched the sun go down
We watched the sun go down

It's not gonna work for you
Congratulation don't even ask

Why not?
I'm the one
I'm overzealous
I'm the only one
Been through the ups
Yeah, the ups and the downs with me

Oh yeah, why not?
I'm the one
Baby, believe me
I'm the only one
Got a whole lot of love
But you don't wanna spread it 'round with me
Oh yeah, why not?

Mask on, be humble
Mask off, sit down
Mask on, be humble
Mask off, sit down
Mask on, be humble
Mask off, sit down
(Hol' up, lil bitch)
Be humble, sit down

I'm the one, be humble
Looking at the one, sit down
I'm the one, be humble
I'm the only one, sit down
Baby, that's only me, be humble
Baby, that's only me, sit down
I blame you 'cause it's all your fault

Unforgettable summer vacation
I'm fading fast
You know we're runnin' out of time
It's not good enough for me
The dedication not gonna last
Now I gotta draw a line

We watched the sun go down
We watched the sun go down

When it comes to you
(I am wild, wild, wild
Wild, wild, wild thoughts)
When it comes to you
(I am wild, wild, wild thoughts)
I dreamed it all

Me been through the darkest day
Got me feelin' some kind of way
Oh, you are...

Unforgettable summer vacation (never hurt nobody)
I'm fading fast (I'm so, so sorry)
Unforgettable summer vacation
Not gonna last

We watched the sun go down
We watched the sun go down

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DJ Earworm SummerMash '17 Comments
  1. ツMyUsernameIsThis

    Let’s be honest, ‘17 had the best music


    ツMyUsernameIsThis no


    hahaha 100% no

  2. Arunabh Bhattacharya

    Still waiting for Summermash '18 and Summermash '19.

  3. Emanuel Flynn García

    Is there going to be SummerSmash 19?


    I think he stopped doing summermashes because there was no summermash 18 😭

  4. Lora Bee

    Is this ever going to be on Itunes, cos it's awesome.

  5. Grant Rechtin

    how are you not more popular!

  6. Jason Muniz Sanchez

    Don’t do Summer ones please. It’ll just make the final main mashup crappy by taking away half its songs to make the summer one. Plus you won’t put enough effort in the main one since you worked ur ass off to make this already. And your gonna end up rushing both the summer one and the main one so yeah, just stick to one mashup a year please and don’t exhaust yourself

    Owen LLC & Goddess Elsa

    Same lol 2013 is THE best Summer mashup

    Owen LLC & Goddess Elsa

    Also uh he's not gonna do mashups I think

    Brandon Lozano

    Or he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

  7. Anar Fahregi

    My summer uncomplete

  8. Clay

    maybe because songs in 2018 are crappy.

  9. Anar Fahregi

    We want !!!

  10. Emanuel Flynn García

    So.... there’s no Summermash this year?

  11. Dundee

    Wow we didn't have one this year...

    callMeZal 30

    But why :(

    Owen LLC & Goddess Elsa

    @callMeZal 30 well he didn't have time for them and also it Will make the ustop very crappy so u want the better ustop mashup or wasted summer mashup

    Blake Wood

    Spudian & Mathilda yeah because 2018 was so much better...

  12. Gregorio del Pilar III

    Summermash '18
    back to you (song of the summer)
    in my feelings
    no tears left to cry
    ganja burns
    i like it
    girls like you
    nice for what
    god's plan
    meant to be
    one kiss
    lucid dreams
    bood up
    this is america


    Alot of those songs u named were in United State Pop 2018


    Oh im so stupid🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. Emanuel Flynn García

    Why is it taking so much to release Summermash ‘18 :( ?!?! I don’t get it... the wait is killing me.

    Daryl Bagley

    I came here wondering the same thing!

  14. callMeZal 30

    Songs that SHOULD be in Summermash 18! (PREDICTION)

    In my Feelings
    I like it
    Girls Like You
    Boo'd up
    Nice For What
    No Brainer
    Lucid Dreams
    God's Plan
    Meant to Be
    No Tears Left to Cry
    Sicko Mode
    Better Now

  15. Arunabh Bhattacharya

    "Strangers" and "Thunder" should be in Summermash '18

  16. Maher Zmerly

    Can't wait anymore!

  17. Maher Zmerly

    Where is summermash 2018??? 🔥😐

  18. Davey Diaz

    We all have to say 2014 was the best year of music.


    Davey Diaz Ew no, the year of Wiggle, Anaconda, All About That Bass, Fancy was just awful

    Davey Diaz

    @Dundee I don't think you looked past most of the garbage 😂

  19. Ice cream Happy

    I’m sooo excited for summermash 18


    Ice cream Happy Idk When It's Coming it's taking a while 😣

    Ice cream Happy

    I know 😢😣

  20. Split Party

  21. Declan Homan

    can all these mashups be put on spotify please

  22. Anton Ha

    OMG Summermash 2018 Is Gonna Be Coming Soon Right Now.

    Anton Ha

    Noble i know that before they post video very soon.🎥📀💿

    Anton Ha

    Noble I just know people because they’re amazing and this video is came out very soon.

  23. Anton Ha

    Holy Moly Summermash 2018 Is Coming Soon.

  24. Michael Copper

    How come Despacito wasn't in here?


    Michael Copper 1:52 & 3:13


    And that was more than enough

  25. clevelandkid618

    Please let Summermash 2018 be coming soon! Please Please!!


    Don't wish for Summer to be over so quickly, please.

    Jatan Paliwal

    summer literally hasnt even begun

  26. SH Creations

    Omg,this was amazing.Awsome work.I can't wait the the summer mash 2018,that's going to be a great hit.😄

  27. Nick Slayter

    Damn you vevo for blocking it

  28. xtina chan

    Better than 2017 mashup

  29. Jill

    Well, where I live their wasn’t even summer :c

  30. Alaia Hankey

    Absolutely amazing but just wish you just put more than the ooooo ooooh’s from imagine dragons

  31. 9oshy

    loved Congratulations and unforgettable mashup

  32. Mags earnshaw

    This reminds me so much of summer ohhh how I sat on my but playing on my computer all day definitely gunna go out more

  33. gravy fourtwenty

    2014 still my fav


    Peanutbutter Baby same

  34. mnzgp

    Whos that guy going oooo hooo? Lol

    Kirstine Poulsen

    I think you're referencing the song Believer by Imagine Dragons

    B Maulana

    Believer :)

    Jatan Paliwal

    maybe you're referencing unforgettable by french montana

  35. Zhi Shan Official

    unforgettable summer vacation~

  36. babemonster101

    Still da best thanx DJ u da best and yes u may

  37. Valedius Mario

    Oh m'y god

  38. Natalie Herszfeld

    I think the Best one is Do What You Wanna Do 2014

    Who agrees???

  39. doublec squared

    all you people it's out right now USPOP 2017

  40. doublec squared


  41. Heavenly Smiles

    My Fave DJ!!!, I converted this to MP3 to listen to it in my car & at work! Ur The Best!😍✌

  42. Anwita Dasgupta

    its really good tho!!!

  43. gabby

    Summer vacation-cation
    Another one
    When it comes to you
    You don't want my heart
    I'm dreaming all
    When it comes to you
    I knew from the start
    I'm dreaming all
    And you don't, trust me
    'Cause you knew that I knew that I knew that I'd call you out
    You don't, judge me
    'Cause you ready know ready know ready know that you've won
    Oooh, unforgettable
    Summer vacation
    Taking my time
    Oooh, its not enough for me
    Not 'gonna lie
    Oooh, we watched the sun go down
    we watched the sun go down
    Its not gonna work for you
    Show me how
    I'm the one
    I'm overzealous
    I'm the only one
    I've been through it all, said the ups and the downs for me
    Oh yeah
    Right now
    I'm the one
    Baby believe me
    I'm the only one
    Got a whole 'lotta love
    But you don't wanna spend it all on me
    Oh yeah, right now
    Mask off
    Me amo
    Mask off
    Sit down
    Mask off
    Me amo
    Mask off
    Sit down
    Mask off
    Me amo
    Mask off
    Sit down
    Me amo
    Sit down, I'm the only one
    Me amo
    Sit down, Im the one
    Me amo, I'm the only one
    Sit down, that was all we need
    Me amo
    I blame you 'cause it's all your fault
    Oooh, unforgettable
    Summer vacation
    Taking your time
    You know we're running out of time, ooh
    Its not enough for me
    Not gonna lie
    Y'know I gotta draw a line
    Ooh, we watched the sun go down
    we watched the sun go down
    When it comes, to you
    Wa, wa wa
    When it comes, to you
    I'm dreaming all
    Baby, the darkest day
    Got me feelin' some kind of way
    Oooh, you are
    Summer vacation
    My baby
    I'm so so sorry
    Oooh, Unforgettable
    Summer vacation
    Not gonna lie
    Ooh, we watched the sun go down
    we watched the sun go down~


    Those are mostly wrong...

    frog moment

    It's "be humble", not "me amo" :/

  44. Nel Hdez

    Nice as always!

  45. Mrs. XXYY


  46. Yrfu Fhd

    I love it

  47. Raj Bugsy B

    Love it
    Been on repeat.

  48. Krish Patel

    Now that it’s finally summer in nz I can jam to this!

  49. Lilly Brensinger

    Love DJ earworm

  50. Lazarus Reea

    Who watching this in December

  51. Estefanía c.c

    No pude olvidaarrrr !!!! La forma de tu bailar 😌

  52. dimitris avr.

    The greatest masshup I've heard, contrats!!

    Pollution X

    It's one of his worst

  53. Thomas Damien

    who is waiting for the mashup 2k17 ?!

    Parisa Shahabi

    it came out like an hour after you commented lol

    Thomas Damien

    wow, I predict the future lol

  54. Troodon

    Eh, not your fault, but this just has no energy... some really boring songs were hits this summer for some reason.

    Pollution X

    Troodon but it is his fault


    Nah... I liked it like that. Relaxed chill summer in terms of music. Almost mesmerizing

  55. Gumball 4870

    Where is 2017???

  56. MyBest


    Gumball 4870

    MyBest yeah!

    Braden Harley

    Just dropped

  57. Risa Amalia Putri

    Waiting for USPOP 2017....

  58. It’s Stuh

    This year's title should be despacito gang

  59. sam jose

    Omfg i thought this was the 2017 mashup i got so mad lol

  60. Brendan Neyman

    This is the first time I've noticed this since like 2008, but make sure the vid clips are all the same size. Other than that, this is one of your best recent mashups and I can't wait for your year end! =)

  61. MrDJCue

    2015 USOP: Released December 2, 2015
    2016 USOP: Released December 1, 2016
    2017 USOP: Today is December 10th, 2017 and still waiting... 🤔🤔🤔

    We'll just say the delay means the 2017 mashup is gonna be epic!!

    Boredom at its finest...

    It's released today

  62. Juan Campos

    Why y'all so thirsty perfection takes time. You've waited almost a year. Wait another couple of days, damn.

  63. Dean Olsson

    United States of pop????? 2017??

  64. MyBest

    still waiting for united states of pop 2017...

  65. Mingie Noriega

    where is the mashup of this year?

  66. Marta Carvalho

    Allez ....united stades pop 2017...


    Diego troll diego speak english

  67. adrian Dominguez

    United state for pop 2017??????????????????

  68. BambouInos

    Why dont youtube wants you to help them with their rewind!?!

    Diana Bundoc

    SploshGr they did twice. 2013 & 2014


    i know but the new ones were really bad


    Better question, why would he want to help them? Every Rewind besides 2012 sucked.

    Diana Bundoc

    Troodon he did. 2013 & 2014. Rewind started since 2010

    Clay River Hoggins

    Dj Earworm Is Too Good For The 2017's Rewind...
    2017's Rewind Is So Terrible!

  69. Agpals

    Anxiously waits for united state of pop 2017 :DD

  70. Im_Darius

    yo man i hope your working om the 2017 mashup i come here every year to listen to them . your the best at it keep up the good work i hope you surprise with the hottest track ever. and please put the shooting star meme somewhere in it lmaoooo.

  71. Vantablack

    i'll give you an A for effort

  72. Stan Loona

    I can tell that the songs are getting harder to match up

    Cade Bosco

    yeah, ever since 2014 it just has not been working as well. not his fault though

    Mave Steam

    TBH he still mashes it up so good

  73. Ashley Schaeffer

    worst one yet

    Mave Steam

    Ashley Schaeffer WTF


    constructive criticism doesn't hurt, too bad this isn't the case

    Ashley Schaeffer

    it's slow and dull


    Yeah, not really his fault, considering what he had to work with. Music was really terrible this summer.

    Ashley Schaeffer

    despecito was amazing

  74. mkelly481

    I'm ashamed that I didn't recognize a single song in this mashup. WTF has happened to me!?!?


    Music was SO bad this summer


    Besides post malone, same. Think I'm severely out of the loop lmao

    FyGon Lenaward

    Nothing is wrong with you. I'ts just that most of the songs these days are garbage. The best Dj earworm mash up was 2009.


    It's true - I was really just making fun of myself. The only mixes I listen to these days are from Coccolino Deep

  75. chaekooks

    Waiting for thr end of year 2017 mashup 🙈


    JEM Same!

  76. Frako

    Where Me!!! TayK

    OziVille Ent

    Lil TayK Nigga you FINNA get lynched soon. Rip tay k.🙏


    A YEAH, DEXTER OHMANGODDAM i'm using a cops phone and I'm behind bars nigga I got nothing here no niggas are chill

  77. wassap wazzup

    We waiiitttnnnnn

  78. AjBlog100

    I feel like 2017 was a summer of just vibing to our own sound.

  79. schattendiebin

    The 2017 Throwback Mash Up better has BTS in it (and maybe even SEVENTEEN, they ranked relatively high in the US this year as well)


    SplashFire true but they still ranked high on the Billboard charts


    MrsSchattendiebin some youtubers disstrack hit the billboards. It was utter trash lol. I’m pretty sure DJ Earworm also picks some of the songs in his remix’s too

    Hayden Kwok

    Bts isn’t from the US therefor it won’t be in this years mashup

    Mave Steam

    SplashFire lol

    stan loona

    Astralians but they were very popular in the US; it might be part of it.

  80. Daisy

    I think BTS deserves a spot in the 2017 mashup

  81. Ashly Clarke

    this is how you know that as the years go on the music becomes more trashy. DJ Earworm is outstanding but artist dont give him much to work with. If you listen to the mashups over time you can see where they become less and less awesome and that goes for all remixers. Music is becoming less original and less meaningful as the years go by. I’m over it.


    Word. This mashup is a slow dredge because so were the songs. You can't help it.

  82. #hawksdynasty 88

    Where is sam hunt, body like a backroad?

    Anonymous User

    #hawksdynasty 88 That shit is trash

    vickrum rum

    #hawksdynasty 88 🤠🤠

    B Maulana

    Uspop 2017

  83. Pointless Gamer

    Will summer 18 have man's not hot in


    i hope it does

  84. Young Glitch

    Can you do a ghetto mashup due to the fact that that’s what most recent hip hop songs are thats a good thing but bad bc every song is the same

  85. Kennardi Sebastian

    its not that the mash up is bad its just the songs this year are quite hard to mix rather than mashups from previous years the songs are great and can be easily mix, most of this years song are either Trap or Hip Hop songs

  86. Angel

    Songs that probably will be on united state of pop 2017 -
    French Montana feat. Swae Lee - Unforgettable
    Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Feat. Justin Bieber - Despacito
    Post Malone - Rockstar
    J Balvin - Mi Gente
    Cardi B - Bodak Yellow
    Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
    Future - Mask Off
    Logic - 1-800-273-8255
    The Chainsmokers - Paris
    Imagine Dragons - Believer
    Kendrick Lamar - DNA
    Lil Pump - Gucci Gang

    Néstor Muñoz



    Angel don't forget something just like this

    Liam Collins

    Please not Gucci gang it is literal shit

    RandomNerdyGirl _13

    Angel screw gucci gang that song is shit

    Alyssa Klaasse

    Havana and Look What You Made Me Do

  87. Jeanette Santiago


  88. Jeanette Santiago


  89. Romina LB

    How isn't little mix in this. I'm not saying it's not incredible , cos it is, but little mix were on top of the game!

  90. Dakota Doggo

    It's surprising how you can put a whole bunch of dull, watery, bland songs into one and come turn that tofu into SPAM

  91. doll367

    more like DJ Eargasm

  92. CallMeYarson

    Miss Summer Hella Bad😢😤

  93. Mikey Richardi

    This is so slow...was summer songs so dull this year lol

    Zane Huseth

    Mikey Richardi idk seems like a pretty generic dancehall beat, and that's the dominant pop genre of the past few years.


    Aside that, many songs that were overplayed in this mid-year were already used in the Shape of Now mash-up and I believe he didn't want to repeat them.


    But I really liked the mood in this one. More like a chillin' summer insted of a party hard one. Maybe it was current Earworm's mood.

  94. Durpaking

    Still like the 2014 one more becuase it unforgettable

    But still good

  95. Em-blossom

    Never disappoint. Been listening to you since I was in middle School in 2008. Keep doing what you're doing 😊

  96. Samantha Jiménez

    Maybe this year you'll add DNa by BTS since they're performing in the AMA'S

    Oh Really!?

    Yes. Please!

  97. W M

    Didn’t hear the word Despacito at all ...


    Mil Wuray yeah But I got Old


    Yea, but is that a bad thing?