DJ Drama - Words Of Advice Lyrics

[Chorus: Kevin Cossom]
You better think before you speak
Gotta recognise now man you know me
Here's a few words of advice, better act right
Promise (promise)
Promise (promise)
And don't leave ya girl round me
I know she do what she want
What's gon happen when she leave?
Huh uhhh
Here's a few words of advice: better act right
I promise, I promise

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Long ass money, short ass temper
Big fucking gun, soft ass trigger
Weezy F Baby and the F. is for fuck them hoes
Got your girl walking 'round my crib in her underclothes
White man money, tight pants thuggin'
Pussy think it's sweet then I Sprite can crush em'
I ain't got nothing but some weed and bitches
You niggas ain't eatin', clean ass dishes
Gangsta Grillz bitch, I am still the dentist
Hit this motherfucker, like Willy McGuiness
I Coach the winners they throw Gatorade on me
Silent four five, potato head on it
Ask me how I'm doing, I'm day-to-day homie
These bitches on my back, I fade away on 'em
Young Tune, no Bugs Bunny bitch
And as long as I got a voice, I'm talking Young Money shit, nigga.


[Verse 2: Mack Maine]
Young Money bitch
Young Money sick
Now shut the fuck up and suck a Young Money dick
Velcro on my? sticking to the basic
Black white, and black pinky ring
I'm looking like a racist?
I'm higher than a satellite
You should sell hermaphrodite?
I've been real since BC, guess this is the after life
Drop out from heavens like, just to raise plenty hell
Boy I'm tryna touch a billion bucks before 2012
So that mean I'm focused
Beat my demeanour
These bitches talking dirty to me
Take 'em to the cleaners
They say men are from Mars
Say women from Venus
But I'm in my space shuttle
Bout to serve em like Sevenus
The niggas keep me laughing like hyena's
They only show they guns, Gilbert Arenas
Wassup Serena, you could be my baby momma
I'm with Barack O-Drama
This Young Money's Obama


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DJ Drama Words Of Advice Comments

    Throwback 🤙🏿

  2. Jared Driscoll

    And the F is for Fuck Them Hoes

  3. Jaquan Benael

    Weezy f baby