DJ Drama - We In This Bitch 1.5 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Drake]
Okay, you know you been on my mind
A-town I miss you and ol' girl will come late
And bring all her tips through
Break up her weed while I break down my issues
Get paper she blows that
The next day you know thaaat
Day dream at night time I think too much
Then I hit the night club till it's day time
And I drink too much
Not time for no good girl
They hold on and they clinge to much
I just wanna hood bitch that tells me that I sing too much
Ahh yeeeeahh shout out to the women playing ya'll position
I be movin' through my city like a politician
Hope you don't judge me
Cause me and you are not all that different
You made me this way, you made me famous
You all assisted
New niggas tryna shine
I didn't condone it
But I'm back in this bitch
Reliving the moment
I'm about to have it popping off again
Drama 'bout to make it rain on Mary Poppins
And her friends

[Hook: Future]
We got money in our pocket, and whatever you're sipping on
Red-bottom limping around this bitch, what the fuck you tripping on?
Twenty goons, they in this bitch, you better check your tone
And they gon put you back in place if you do something wrong
We in this bitch, yeah we in this bitch
We got a section full of girls and they barely speak any English
Let's toast it up to that life and I mean it

[Verse 2: Future]
Water water all around me, damn my diamonds is shinnin'
Money raining on your bitch and Future changin' the climate
All I hang around is millionaires and a bunch of cons
Turn up, turn up, turn up it's like I burped a bunch of suns
Haaa, from NY back to Atlanta they put my lifestyle on camera
Ain't trippin' I'm cockin' hammers addicted to makin' movies
I like 'em when the boojie anytime I step out when I come through it's a movie
I ain't rappin' to you, I'm into trappin' with words
And I ain't braggin' to you when I say I'm fly as a bird
That girl don't speak no Englo' but she know all my lingo
She know a robin when she see one and she know a C-Note
I got a hatian girl speak creole and a Spanish girl from Rio
When you put 'em in a room together make a perfect combo
They bout' that life I'm 'bout that life yes we is yes we is
The money bitches and cars come with the life that I live
It shoulda' been a designer party all this designer 'round me
Pick a name anything money could buy with diamond chains
Diamond rings murcielagos valenciagos we toast it up to the life nigga this ours


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DJ Drama We In This Bitch 1.5 Comments
  1. Christina Resendez

    Still in 2k19 my jam

  2. Ed Delrio

    Mt pleasant

  3. Ed Delrio

    The bloodz

  4. Snoop Beerus

    Bumping in 2019

    Kyle Whyte

    Snoop Beerus it was 2018 when you wrote this? The fuck kinda drugs was you on

  5. Julian Cardenas

    Im the latest.

  6. Scooby MCDoodle85

    It is now 2018 and I just found this song


    Scooby MCDoodle85 hahaha damn

  7. Joseph Goldsman

    Bump the fuck outta dis 2018

  8. Kyron Kelly

    I love this song brings back memories

  9. Alexyss Yopp

    finally found this song after looking for it for 5 years 😅😂

  10. Athletic Potatoh

    i don't even like drake, but this is a good song.

  11. mz metra cross

    "shout out to the women playing yall position... hope you don't judge me. cause me and you, we're not all that different."

  12. Will Fabrie

    Still bumpin this hard in 2016

  13. Eman the Heartbreak

    just hearing this

  14. Chasitie Hicks

    I'm late af

  15. King Diola

    This is how I expected "What A Time to Be Alive". Was gonna sound...

    Chace Bonanno

    +King Diola lmao


    The DJ Drama effect

  16. Alaster Biao

    if only drake and future sound like this now

    leanman gassed up

    hell Yea they both changed 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Matthew Slone

    Drake killed it

  18. B M Yacine31

    (great song) ssyyy mm bb

  19. Alexandria

    No time for no good girl they hold on and they cling too much

  20. Rep itboy

    A-Town I miss you!!!!

  21. Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack

    109 people better check their tone.

  22. SLJR23

    I wish they combined the two versions. I found one on here a while ago and it sounded great.

  23. Emmanuel S

    Gute Musik 🙌

  24. Layla Ali

    This song go so hardd 👑👌🙌

  25. danny martinez

    i ♥ this song!!

  26. danyolokrayy

    Future should of just Ben on the hook only ha

  27. Josh Pol

    Drake >>>.

  28. trajic montalvo

    I can fucks with it , check out my NEW MUSIC VIDEO " DINERO " on VIEWHIPHOP.COM subscribe for more

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  30. Dmitriy Mandzyuk

    This is a sick song

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  32. Camillah Nigatu

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  33. Camillah Nigatu

    Im slow . I just heard about this song .


    you not the only one

  34. Camillah Nigatu

    Vshsabs #_`=¢[_`¢=£^~ #bdjsjsbbdjz #vsbsjakwvdbdjahaqvvddnahqgvsbsjakqkwhwvvwvsbskwjqjhshsjsyiewk

  35. Camillah Nigatu


  36. Camillah Nigatu

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  37. Camillah Nigatu

    You dumn-.-

  38. Camillah Nigatu

    Drakes verse made the song

  39. Obed Bamungwa

    So beast

  40. kobe4therings24

    The beat at the end sick should be longer

  41. tarus jack

    fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  42. Stephan Powell

    You ain't in that 1.5 no mo ma nigga

  43. simi boosi

    This Song <3

  44. Hussainuz

    Dope freshness

  45. random carspotter

    Dope shitttt

  46. Joseph Robinson

    Good shit good shit

  47. Brandon Tackitt

    i live in da deepest hardest part of da hood and i say nigga

  48. StarBoyWonda

    Future Killed This Shittttttt!

  49. SG Guana

    0:42 to 1:01 is my favourite part :P

  50. GoodMain

    whitest name is ass LOL don't play ass HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  51. Nick Mills

    A town I miss you

  52. Nicole Sweat

    Good shit

  53. Chanel Stanton

    future cant help it. its the only way people will listen 2 him

  54. Tslav _

    Whitest name ever haha William! hhahaha

  55. Wesley Hudson

    I only like the chorus and the beat it would be better with different rappers

  56. keyshawn hewitt

    drake the shit

  57. Nina Johnson

    Drake went hard and future too 3 ;) fuckn luv dis song doeee

  58. CallmeKwasiMoto

    Type "Lesketit" into your search bar. You're welcome.

  59. Cerena Chiles


  60. Steph Shania

    it may sound better if the song didnt have bullshit auto tune in the voices..who r they tryna

  61. Griffin Maristany

    drake killed it

  62. Daniel Santiago

    Your wack armarock, drake killed it

  63. armarock92official

    Was Drama sure he couldn't find a better rapper other than Drake to hop on 1.5? Wait a minute, did I just put 'rapper' and 'Drake' in the same sentence?! lol hahaha!

  64. Nickclay Jordan

    This song is a chill song

  65. Jovan Milanovic

    Drake killed it

  66. Tytiana Harkness

    Future is the 3rd best rapper to me

  67. wonderedits

    Great song dude

  68. Nezperce2011

    I like both versions you guys are all fuckin tasteless

  69. Corazón Saludable

    From 0:00 to 0:09 what song other song is that beat from

  70. Valdrin Hajdari

    sicks beat!

  71. edward hernandez

    She Breaks Down My Weed While I Break Down My Issues..... <3

  72. VINCEJisSONiCtheMC

    Last time I checked money never equaled talent.

  73. Kirko Bangz

    Don't like future but his part was pretty good

  74. jack nickloson

    Quit hating on FUTURE he's on the track and you're not

  75. OutragedGaming

    I agree, Future is pretty bad.

  76. Joe R

    Future fucked up this song so badly... Smfh

  77. Alex Torres

    Great pump up song for a football game

  78. Abhi Shashikumar


  79. jonathan tarpley

    Quit hating on future just cause he can rap better than all y'all

  80. Amar Kalidas

    god damn future completly ruins it

  81. Foreign DSJ

    Drake go hard
    Atime we miss u

  82. Foreign DSJ

    Drake want hard in this
    Atime we miss u

  83. rudy labrada

    Hell yuhh da beat go hard


    Future sucks dil

  85. HotPocketsBoy

    Future is awful.

  86. Ana Ocampo

    This my shit though~

  87. Mark Kimbrell

    Future go hard

  88. ___C___

    drake <3

  89. ralphy2300

    no because hes trash!!

  90. Brian Dennis

    No it's because when he raps he sounds like he tried to use auto tune but it didn't work. his only good part is the hook in this song.

  91. Chris Macias

    The begin is great and futures part is really good

  92. Spencer Moquete

    The hook was the shit:)

  93. Spencer Moquete

    Drake :)

  94. Kayla Torres

    You made me this way , you made me famous , you all assisted <3 @Drake