DJ Drama - So Many Girls Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Roscoe Dash]
I got sand all by my bath water
Candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time
Imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night
And you know who they came to see
Even though she ain't mine
I fucked her like her man to be

So many girls in here tonight
So many girls in here tonight
I'm just lookin' for the right one
Exotic as they might come
Better leave with two cause really I don't like one
So many girls in here tonight

[Verse 2 – Tyga]
Light skin, dark skin
Sit your fine ass right there
Come join at my table and don't question when tonight end
Toss a couple dollars and she down for whatever
Make no promises but promise I could fuck you better
Fuck that singing shit, I be the shit
That YM, too legit to quit
You thinkin' that you better then that Venus and Serena shit
I'm all up up on my ladies chick
She saying it's the greatest dick
I one-two stroke her
We caught up in the moment, aye
T-t-turn up, V12 and I burn up
My chick that fly bitch
And your bitch unheard of
4AM and we still poppin' bottles
Probably have a new chick tomorrow
Cause there's so many


[Verse 3 – Wale]
My problems in this pitcher
Got a bucket full of liquor
And I know ya'll got that bad bitch
I got way too many niggas
What's your phone number
Tyga gots a roller
Loud pack with your bad ass
Cause these good girls just ain't no fun
Double cup and I'm slowed up
Smokin' dub with my chauffeur
Sneaka fly, hitta stylin'
I'm the reason why you niggas foamed up
New York and my slow bucks
DC got that old cup
Hold up, these niggas want no bucks
Straight shot sipper
I ain't mixing my liquor
Bitch I'm not kidding
Ya'll some fisher price niggas
And we some life livers
Hoping that this life give us
A lot of money, success, and a woman to ride with us


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DJ Drama So Many Girls Comments
  1. RonX

    this is copy!!!!!!! DJ Drama - So Many Girls
    this is copy!!!!!!! DJ Drama - So Many Girls
    this is copy!!!!!!! DJ Drama - So Many Girls

  2. RonX

    this is copy!!!!!!! DJ Drama - So Many Girls

  3. Ryan Kaler

    J bada - summertime

  4. Junior Evariste

    Myyyy song 😭😭❤❤

  5. Homny Asaverde

    That's a hook right there...Roscoe killed it!
    This is a very underrated music

  6. Moses Lupai

    Man Roscoe used to be hook man Frfr. Always made the track better. Added that flavor to it.

  7. SOLAR

    This was my shit back in the day

  8. Chief Cookies

    Why am I this old but this young

  9. Abasi Akan

    I am trying to find the sample of that Intro...I know I heard it somewhere before....

  10. Lady Bug

    Yasssss this was my shiet 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Evian Mason

    Awesome shit its on vimeo!!

  12. JcashBTA

    Shit SLAP

  13. MYTH

    I swear Roscoe The King Of Hooks

  14. 김성재

    멜론에서 이 노래 좀 해줬으면 좋겠다 제발 하 몇년째 여기서 듣는겨

  15. Casey C

    Where is the remix with Juicy J? It seems to be erased from the internet

  16. Olwethu Shangase

    Still Lit in 2019!

  17. Corey Minotaur42

    Roscoe Dash killed it

  18. sean coonery

    Wale is a grade a fucc boi

  19. 유병욱

    still love this song 2019...😋


    진짜 멜론에 없는 게 너무 아쉬운 노래에요


    김성재 인정합니다 ㅠㅠㅠ

  20. LaKesha Badger

    I love the hook gotta whistle to that 😙 🎶🎼🎹🎺

  21. CoryHart8517

    2019 yeah what going on!!!!!!!

  22. 丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山

    2019 and i hear it for the first time

    Why...? 😅

  23. Marlo Mike

    Alotta memories

  24. flexxboychris

    who else is watching in 2019
    this bring back mad memories


    On of the best videos ever, so before it's time. The visuals are like what you normaly see in a music-video from 2018-2019.

  25. Terrence Williams

    So many menories...2019🔥🔥🔥

  26. iend dj

    2019 hands up

  27. 2 LOUD

    Who's still bumpin in 2019??

  28. Swaggy P

    2018 viewers?😭

  29. Mz.SeeSee Burt

    This still my shit

  30. The Draco

    This song was ahead of its time. If this dropped in 2018 it would’ve been a hit

  31. Jessie Maoza

    Best intro I've ever heard to a song

  32. jason

    beat fire

  33. Elijah Ashman

    I was bumping tyga & meek heavy around this time.

  34. CSTV

    Friendly reminder that dj drama doesn't actually produce his beats

  35. KingChris c

    I barley found this song feeling a lil pissed off lol

  36. WamuDoN 2018

    Roscoe Dash though dang!!!

  37. switch

    g-g-g-global dannn

  38. Cashawnn Allred

    Classic Jam

  39. Bryan Calvario

    2018 anybody???

  40. Angie Taylor

    This is actually a sample from kool and the gang...classic.

  41. Syabil Mohar

    Okasian version is much better than this.

  42. Mason Farmer

    need more old shit

  43. stephan adam

    Wale's verse

  44. Austin

    This was a really good track

  45. God

    Global dan made it better

  46. Pj Ferdinand

    global dan

  47. AURA_EL

    Here because of global dan

  48. Gabriel Raze

    Global dan stole yuh beat

  49. missKamayah London

    I love tyga part....

  50. JuHuy Tran

    how could i forget this track

  51. JuHuy Tran

    this beat straight fiya

  52. moe stewart

    Bruhhh takes me back

  53. 음악

    지금 들어도 존나 좋아

  54. T Bone

    played dis shit at da dorm party it hits

  55. Sleepy Brown

    Still fire

  56. Mitchell Sheldon

    roscoe sounds like a black mac miller in the beginning. Im not hating just saying

  57. SOLAR


  58. Hannah Askar

    Mordi is ice

  59. Daniel Jones

    Everyone talking about Khaled and Mustard but people don't know that Drama made bangers too ( Underrated)

  60. Dequay Craig

    sat night songs 245am

  61. Matthew Breslin


  62. Prince M.

    Summer Jam 2013!

  63. I S H V T Y E W

    did beat still go hard💯🙏👌

  64. Ernesto ayala

    2017 jammin like jelly

  65. Charlie Ly

    popped off ti ft dr dre

  66. Ghanjah Holt

    wicked awesome..boom bamm

  67. Davondrick Reddish

    Best club banger fell in love with my girl on the dance floor to this song.

  68. Jay Cruz

    Jammin out to this shit in 2017

  69. PrestigeJel


  70. Donald Drumpf

    I forgot this song existed

  71. hardik rathod

    i hear because this song was in despicable me

  72. Nylah Richardson

    I like your song roscoe dash

  73. jayp pop

    love yall

  74. wizkhalifa Santos

    good song saludos from colombia

  75. Dassahs Touch

    I miss these days..

  76. lady gemini

    I one two stroke her we caught up in a moment......AYE!!!!!

  77. Cedric Johnson

    Totally forgot about this song untill the dj at my homecoming last night played it

  78. PTGKChrisHD

    Keith Ape/Kid Ash, Okasian, Reddy, Korlio brought me here. Underwater Squad definitely did a Better Version than this


    PTGKChrisHD here because of Okasian and Reddy also

  79. Athletic Potatoh

    Just now hearing this 💗.... Every time I see a song with DJ drama in it I know it's gonna be lit.

  80. Nicolas Di Dio

    Lets live live this

  81. Justin. Y.

    I love DJ Drama's beats omg so unique and sexy....


    he doesn't produce his own beats

    Yeezus Shuttlesworth

    boi1da did the beat

  82. Ava James

    I swear so many great memories

  83. Ehno 96

    tyga killed it

  84. Rance M

    t-t-turn uppppp!!! my favorite part😂

  85. Dave Unknown

    Had to request this at a party earlier, brought back some memories like a motherfucker lol. First time i got cheated on, first time i got shit faced and learned to stop giving a fuck that night and live.
    Let a hoe be a hoe.

  86. Solomon Cooper

    So underrated.....

    bruno lima

    Solomon Cooper Friends

  87. Jhony Perez

    Ulala baby

  88. Angela Williams

    Even tho she ain't mine I fuck her like her man to be

  89. rtr94

    fuck this song

  90. Jhe Jaque

    Dj drama so manda som pesado

  91. Didier Registre

    shit what happened to Tyga and Roscoe man

    Kason Robinson

    what you mean? They're still making music.

    Didier Registre

    i mean their music isnt as popular as it used to be back then


    Didier Registre roscoe still got joints he just not signed to major label anymore, Tyga fell all the way off though.


    + sdfhskjhfsjh Tyga never fell off all the way lol, he only fell off a little because of Kylie. But he's coming back to relevancy a little bit since he's not with Kylie no more. And the last time his music's been popular was last year, as far as I know it.

  92. Antøniø THømas

    Damn roscoe killed tHa Hook

    OJ Truckin843

    always does

    jaeson kyle dalupang

    I agree!

  93. Sosyal Bilimler Kanalı

    some say so many girls, some say so many tears.

  94. NytteTime

    I remember this littttt!

  95. Samuel Hardy

    Mama Told Me

  96. Lucas Cristiano

    Nice beat

  97. kataryna27

    gilme vs ash b from unpretty rapstar 2 brought me here