DJ Drama - Diddy Interlude Lyrics

A, yo, yo, hold up
Damb, Drama, you ain't playin with these motherfuckers, is you
Gangsta Grillz, man
The album
Ya'll motherfuckers heard it
Yoa'll don't know who I be, I know by the name of the Grand Impearial, King Combs, AKA Diddy
Representing that Bad Boy clique
And, yo, Drama, what you been doing for the streets, man, feeding the streets over the years
What's your movement
It's necisary, it's needed, it's crazy
But Drama, can I please explain to the people, what your name is about
Why we call you, Mr. Thanksgiving
Now, you see this Gangsta Grillz shit, it's like Thanksgiving
So if it wasn't for Mr. Thanksgiving, DJ Drama, ya'll motherfuckers wouldn't eat
You see, cause ain't nobody doing the shit he does
Everybody's eating
So motherfuckers, pull up a seat at the motherfucking table
I don't care what hood you from, what set you clame, what part of the country you represent, throgh your motherfucking sets up, right now
This is Gangsta Grillz, motherfuckers

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