DJ Drama - Clouds Lyrics

[Hook: Miguel]
I wanna kiss your mind, babe
Let's take a walk on the clouds
Let me taste your thoughts, babe
Let's take a walk on the clouds

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Last night I fell asleep counting a million cash
Life wild, I only smile when I see my stash
Large yacht, fast money, she need a slow cruise
Cigar, ciroc, her nigga old news
Old money always put me on my new shit
Hermes ahead in my to-do list
Rollin up a laugh, take a walk in the clouds
Take a look at my niggas, young, rich and we wild
Ain't no bitches allowed, acting like snitchin' us out
Got this gold on my neck, we teachin' new principles now
Startin' the Lotus, revvin' the motors
Walk on the clouds, we ain't second to no one


[Verse 2: Pusha T]
I got you walkin' on cloud nine
Your shoe collection not as proud as mine
You only second to my first love, pie
But just refer to her as alpine
Alpina, the B7 on beach headin'
Like you riding on first class to reach heaven
Close enough to see the gates open
Waterfront, you gon' wonder if the lakes open
Balconies have you bend over
Chanel samples being sent over
Shit, I swear she was goin' for me
Right, just keep it tight and keep it warm for me


[Verse 3: Curren$y]
I could never go broke with my name [?]
I'm a brand, I'm a man who became rich
New car, new crib, but I ain't a switch
The same old niggas I been with
Got this loot together sayin' ones gon spend it
Circle of winners baby girl, [?]
No iPhone pictures, you gotta live off memory
Pop the hood I show you the engine
Roll through my old hood, Put you up on my history
Smoke joints with my niggas, and cash stunts on them bum ass niggas
I don't deal with, with a [?]
[?], But they can't reach us
We in the God ceilings, cathedral-style homes
Rosaries in my Rolls Royce, God put me on
Rollin' somethin' choice, lighten up, [?]
She never won' come down, I promise her she won't


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DJ Drama Clouds Comments
  1. humbertofitnesz

    they dont make music like this no more.... 98 baby.....

  2. Nikki Sasha

    No matter how beautiful I am you still disrespect me. No matter how much blood sweat and tears I sacrifice for you its never enough. No matter how I cut myself for you its never deep enough. But nothing was deeper than my love and faithfulness to you. Pure loyalty. Pure admiration and kissing the ground you walk on. Stand tall dust my crown off you know how this love and war games go. Get ya heartbroken and we just blaze. And take a walk on these clouds homey. Cuz strength grows from the scar.


    respect my brother rick roos✌


    rick roos the boos😍🔥🎶🎶✌🤘

  5. Ryan S

    We in the God ceilings, cathedral-style homes
    Rosaries in my Rolls Royce, God put me on

  6. DannyGreenKP

    Rosaries in my Rose Royce, God put me on - "Spitta"

  7. naywahn

    "I wanna kiss your mind, baby" "Let me taste your thoughts, baby"
    Z-Z-Z-Z-Zombie Music!

  8. Jay Lou

    Song give me chills... Sooo smooth

  9. Eddilbertho Luz

    Great shit

  10. Roth Ford

    This is the pinnacle right here...yeeeuuukkk

  11. Shakeem Morris

    Alpina the B7 on each heading, like you riding in first class to reach heaven

  12. thaDon 21

    Best song on that album

  13. JayMike Florida

    LmAo smoke somethin ... Come fly wit me :) ... #ThoughtfulThursday #EyeWanna #LoverBoy ... Peace family

  14. MrNobody2kPeace

    This song need a video !!

  15. nanto hokuto

    mos def the panties thats the beat in the background.

  16. "T" c's to this

    This joint is real Boss ish right errr....

  17. joel

    Marvin Gaye sample

  18. sergbreezy7


  19. Derek Penn

    That boy Miguel doing his thing!

  20. gamefreak2028231

    swagged out

  21. nforc3r

    no iphone pictures you gotta live off memory ~currensy

  22. Lucid_Conquorer

    Curtesy of king pushh ;)

  23. Angelica Martinez

    <3 let me taste your thoughts babe <3

  24. HeWhoChills

    Too many people are sleeping on this song!

  25. Lisa Hopkins

    @lance hackett

  26. drew harbin

    damn im high as shit this sounds heavenly.

  27. Alex M.

    Gay shiiiiiiit!!!!!

  28. marcy ford

    this joint dope

  29. sweou

    fucking great

  30. Gus Barragan

    This shit is FIRE! Great music!

  31. alawishious johnson

    I'm feelin this tracks great collabo maybach jets

  32. lance hackett

    great tune!

  33. Elijah Ramos

    this song is sex

  34. Anthony Maze


    Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

    Anthony Maze *i know right*

  35. GUS BUS


  36. Isom Bryant

    $pitta always kills it.


    Great song.

  38. JohnG Beats

    I came here for Spitta!

  39. C Dub

    hot spitta

  40. Kyle Westcott


  41. Pys2500

    This shit riding yall spectators tripping! Lol

  42. Johnneezy

    Fuckin finally. Hate that radio rip shit. Kills the entire song!

  43. naruto1993max

    you gay

  44. david323ful

    Casey veggies sample?

  45. sergbreezy7

    #jetlife >

  46. Jerv Jam

    Circle of Winners baby, I done brought chu in it.!! #JETS

  47. Alek

    co sign

  48. twofoneshawty

    Ain't nuthin but that Jet Life two of my fav rappers Spitta and Push. And not even a fan of him but Wiz shoulda hopped on this too at least the hook

  49. MyersxMicKill

    Rozay went in tho

  50. Jermaine Guidry


  51. jfraz1992

    nice sample