DJ Drama - Cheers Lyrics

Yeah, a-ha
This is for the fly Spanish girls
With the Fendi Spy Bags
Uh-huh, yo!

Welcome to the city of vespers and exotic bitches
Cocaine condos and [?]
I'm on tour of the places I chill't
In this gorgeous city that the white drug built
They don't buy judges; they build courts
This here is the Wild World of Snort
Where they took pie paper and built the skyscrapers
Fuck flypaper, with paper we just fly!
And the [?] look like weed smoke in the sky
Dollar signs on my back pocket; who am I?
The ruby watch like reverse suicide
$2 million, dog, when I bought it, I was like "Do or die?"
Yeah, nigga, we above palms
Still ghetto, and sip our Patroose out a straw
Driving 'round Miami in that "Susie Love Ricky,"
Abbreviate that! (SLR!) Uh-huh
Catch me in all-white, the Rover orange like a Frito
Uh-uh, papa, me not [?]
What I look like, birdfeed? Beat it, chico
You wanna have me sitting down, meeting with Judge Ito?
Ill wishes, while your happiness veneers
Sugar-coated comments, think it's what I wanna hear?
I won't say much, only what you need to know
The GNG4 for me stands for "grow."

Here's a toast for all my good health (Cheers!)
Here's a toast for prosperity and wealth (Cheers!)
I did so much great shit for myself
So much more to come, we only just begun!
I love so much, I don't know how to hate
I'm young and rich, man, I'm tryin' to celebrate!
Cheers, niggas!
Cheers, niggas!
We got the best grass, and bottles by the case
I'm young and rich, man, I'm tryin' to celebrate!
Cheers, niggas!
Cheers, niggas!

[Pusha T:]
R-E-U-P G-A-N-G, Ziploc P!
Raise the arm of the champion, look at the face of victory
Pulled off the biggest coup in hip-hop history
The game was a mystery
I got my Sherlock on, Holmes, and now I sees clear through the trickery!
[?] they tell a duo the illusion is this rap shit
Truth is, I'm repackaging that shit
Four years of chemistry, you thought it was my misery
I was right at home like Merlin with his wizardry!
I fishscaled 'em, then I XXL'd 'em
Just imagine the pressure, whole time the Feds trailin' him
Never stopped the coupes callin', the roofs fallin'
The levee's broke, I flooded blocks like New Orleans!
S.O.S., sell o's or starve, nigga
Ki's vanish, Copperfield, voila, nigga
(Yeah!) Take a look into my diary
The real reason your favorite rapper admired P!
You wanna be me!


Yep, M!
I don't spar with rappers, all y'all Jaspers
Shuck 'n jive, tap-dance for Massa
Don't ask us, just ask the masses
Who got tutored? Who taught classes?
In my absence you are underclassmen
Fuck the flow, y'all jackin off fashion
Bathing Ape hoodie, BAPE's the shoe
Guess that's what they mean, "monkey see, monkey do," huh?
Oh, thought he'd run with the flow
But I couldn't give you skill if I left it in my will, bitch!
They on our heels, real shit
FBI always trying to take a flick
But we pose on the Feds like they paparazzi
In Italy's Milan, telling the waitress, "Grazie!"
Every bit the Don, cuz, who gon' stop me?
My guns speak Spanish, they go "Papi, papi,"


[DJ Drama:]
(Gangsta Griz-illz!)
DJ Drama!
And like that
We gone!
This just the beginning!
I'm just getting started!

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DJ Drama Cheers Comments
  1. Moore Kuts

    pusha is dissing lil Wayne

  2. Rafael Beltran

    Barz all overth is track #clipse

  3. Rod S

    This was MySpace song

  4. eqobKING

    Mannn i used to iron my clothes for school to this mannn. #Miami babyyyy

  5. Brian Ross

    You're a real 60$$ DJ Drama. I remember when this album came out. I'm where I am today because of that thank you.