Dizzy Wright - Way Up Lyrics

[Chorus - Don Rich:]
This world will weigh you down
But you'll make a way around
[?] will keep all the clouds away
Watch the throne, don't let 'em take the crown
When it get rough, keep your head up
Gotta [?] get your bread up
Gotta feel the vibe and get your wave up
Gotta ride the wave just to stay up
Get way up, way up
(Way up, way up, way up, way up)
Way up, way up
Way up, way up
Way up, way up

[Dizzy Wright:]
Don't waste no time
Keep going hard everyday, everything'll be fine
Stay away from jail cause they tryna control our minds
If somebody told your pussy is better than please stay line
I know what I want
Ayy shout out to all my niggas that's rocking their [?]
I pray y'all get it in for the whole 12 months
You gotta go hard when they don't wanna see you stunt


[Dizzy Wright:]
I done gave y'all the flavor
We go way up and stay up
I'm all alone, it's a layup
Your full court press couldn't play us
Blowing niggas out [?]
Watch the neighborhoods that you tearing up
Getting to the bag, he don't care enough
Like don't be childish, this America
Stepping out just to act arrogant
Just to stunt on niggas that don't ever win
I can't fuck with it, I can't fuck with it
Learn about that debt while you up spending
In and up with it,, pulling up like what up with it
They gon' interrogate us
I see niggas vibrating hella low
But they celebrating oh for sure, for sure


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Dizzy Wright Way Up Comments
  1. Manny Calderon

    wow this really sounds like you sampled my track homie, https://soundcloud.com/mannymak22/closer-instrumental?in=mannymak22/sets/organizedchaos-pt-1 but what do i know lol

  2. Sire McPherson

    "Gotta go hard when they don't wanna see you stunt" That hit me Dizzy 🤑😎

  3. Meexi

    King Dizzy with the vibes ✌️

  4. David Call Jr

    I can get with this, dizzy could've gone down that same negativity road, but he's trying to figure out how to make it work with positive. Respect.

  5. donald Nicholl

    This album better than kanye, pusha, and nas 7 song ep z shouts out to daylyt for putting me own this would have never knew or heard about it 🎁 🎁

  6. CashMunty


  7. Gamester


  8. Jalen Simon


  9. B-Town CHILL


  10. Kareem Harris

    He told us in one week notice that the style was gone switch up

  11. DeanOOR 93

    Dizzy Wright always gives us those positive vibes!!

  12. Jiamesha Cavers

    New Sound I love it ♥️🙌🏾🤗🤗🤗🤗💞🤘🏾🔐💞💪🏾😍😍 My Babbyyyy

  13. Dalia Avila

    dizzy wright always comes with the right vibes all day everyday

  14. Tragedy Official

    I like the vibe

  15. Aj Moreno

    The 22 dislikes are lil pump fans

  16. 1994smo

    Dizzy just gets better with time

  17. thedoorisred 122

    What happened to the good shit

  18. Devin Johanningsmeier

    Where the real Dizzy wright fans at? 😂 everyone complaining about the song rather than enjoying it 😂

    MåI_Täi NåiDa

    Fuck yea, dizzy still growing. I fuck with his shit

  19. B Positive


  20. Vestige Incredibles

    I love your music man..☝🔥😘

  21. tulumb1ca

    Gd song bruuuvh

  22. Clit Green

    Dizzy bro dont auto tune your voice! IT'S what makes you fam frfr. I love the song just dont conform to much... peace..

  23. MC Smooth Rapper

    Las Vegas Legend doin it 24/7

  24. 1koalaman

    Dizzy Evolving

  25. Boi I

    Ayyy albums dope so far, summer vibes

  26. FV -Topic

    Much respect
    Diz fv out

  27. Dizzy Compton

    It's Lit Bruh

  28. DarealGarrett

    Ayeeeee you dropped the album🤙🏻 keep doing your thing dizzzz 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  29. Drew

    I needed this

  30. Style Aqple

    Sick Dizzy 🤩

  31. Yoton King

    Sad to see this brother also fall to the mainstream shit. Remeber money isn't everything bro


    Yoton King Just because he made a vibey song? 😂

    Devin Johanningsmeier

    Yoton King listen to the lyrics in the hook and he says nothing about money or any bullshit he says to keep your head up and grind and shit will be good, you're missing the message cause you're too salty that he used autotune smh 👎🏻

  32. Jordan Adams

    Oh shit, it's been a minute

  33. Andrea TGOD

    Straight up🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. 1God3Eyes

    Peace to the Gods and Goddesses!

  35. DedicatedToEvolve

    Dizzy you keep it too real

  36. ton3not

    How da fuck did i do it and am i dead cuz i made it to june 1st 333

  37. JBT-JD

    ayeee been waiting on thiss fam

  38. Special_Kserial Plays

    Boy went from being underground with his own sound etc to sounding like a soundcloud rapper that hasnt popped yet. Tsk tsk

  39. xraiser6

    WTH DIZZY WRIGHT IS THIS, this what labels do to you 😬

    NverDieEz 47

    SAVAGE he has his own label...


    NverDieEz 47 I thought he was the replacement for hops in

    GooDah Ortiz

    Funk Volume split, so everyones doing their own thing. Hopsin included

  40. MLGBongRip 99

    Some New Shit 🔥💨💨

  41. Joseph Mendes

    Still on the auto tune shit but it’s ok, I understand, an artiest has to change up his game to still be in the game and I respect that, dizzy you’re great, rep Vegas forever. North side with you

    Braxton Jasper

    Joseph Mendes for the catalog


    Im here

  43. Antwon

    *DiZZY* *FKN* *Wright*

  44. Lil Phatpat

    https://youtu.be/TLEEGahXvSY oh here’s Patrick the Pisces

  45. Edson Bastidas

    dizzy my ninja need to link up with dolph that will be a banger

  46. Janet J.

    🔥🔥🔥 that fire keep it up Real One!

  47. Lil Phatpat

    Hook it up with a feature


    Phat PatZ fr doe

    B Positive

    Hook me up Kato lol

  48. Kiing Hippy

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 RESPECT THIS MAN! Hes on a higher level then yall give credit🙏
    Peace & Love, Good VibeTribe

  49. Sneaker Lisp

    I love this

  50. liz bercsa


  51. Telic

    Love you, bro!

  52. Yeshua DaSavior

    Some more dizzy

  53. honesty4eva

    1 day i hope to meet this man...feel like a long lost blood brotha😎


    honesty4eva i from vegas meet him lots of times very humble dude


    KING RASHAUD I hope to be where you are bro...(one day soon!


    Hope to chill with him one day and just talk bout life and his view on life and of course smoke a big bag

  54. Adam Oakes

    This is so crispy

  55. IVERSON Emanuel

    We're gonna collab

  56. Young Elder Truth Seeker


  57. Joseph Morigeau

    Lightin it up with sum heat

  58. Čřîžž Błâžžě

    4th person to view this😀💜

  59. marissa hernandez

    Notification squad 🔥🔥