Dizzy Wright - Problems And Blessings Lyrics

(Nice to meet you, Mr. Freeze)

You move away, you do your thing, just stay connected
Work hard and leave a good example when you exit
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
I'm on my journey but I don't know where I'm headed
Been through some shit that'll bring me down but I won't let it
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings

We were scraping for pieces, motivational speeches
Told me take it or leave it
Learn what I learned, but at that time I just felt so defeated
Everyone was eating
My heart was racing and beating
My demons keep trying to get even
Why you trying to find a reason?
Find someone else to step on
Putting in that work, this is not a fight you should bet on
My head on straight
Trying to find your peace of mind at times could be a deadly trait
I never doubt myself, it's some things you should never say
Secure my spot with all these godly verses
You wasting money but in your mind I'm sure it's probably worth it
I'm working, who turn the gamers into gangsters?
I remember feeling danger, now I'm feeling more discouraged
Don't feel that way, I feel your pain, I know you aggravated
You'll get your time, by then I hope your mind is activated
Overcome tasks, we grew up fast, that's just the saddest statement
One thing I wanna say, enjoy your younger days

You move away, you do your thing, just stay connected
Work hard and leave a good example when you exit
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
I'm on my journey but I don't know where I'm headed
Been through some shit that'll bring me down but I won't let it
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings

Shout out to my fans that hit me with the message requests
Number one, I'm never focused on who's second to best
Number two, I moved from Flint and been respectin' the West
I was a freshmen, top ten, but who selected the rest?
The fans chose me, that's why you gotta get 'em direct
Dependin' on your rap, the big chains'll get 'em to melt
A lil' help never hurt if you elevating yourself
That's what I try to tell myself before them cards get dealt
Lace my case, tuck my shirt in, then I tie up my belt
High off life while these other niggas high off wealth
Staying healthy with the health, I'm the one that they idolize
I went from window shopping and now they shopping my Shopify
Common interests bringing out interest and replies
Can't substitute me so she shake that booty on Live
Hard to truly define
They say it's hard to read me, she can't read between the lines
Just take your time when

You move away, you do your thing, just stay connected
Work hard and leave a good example when you exit
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
I'm on my journey but I don't know where I'm headed
Been through some shit that'll bring me down but I won't let it
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings
Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings

They follow crazy trends
The game done changed again
Tell 'em I came to win
My motivation is to show my kids an amazing man
Hold on, let me take this in
Do what feels good but please don't make the same mistakes I did
Gotta be yourself 'cause you'll go crazy tryna think like them
Don't build bad habits, nah
I thank my coaches for the structure I got from basketball
Yeah, life gets tough, I know
Can't build that empire if you can't make your hustle flow
You make that money fast and forget that that struggle's slow
Write down my humble goals
Then I exaggerate, won't back pace, I'm a rapper, wait, ayy
Well that means I'm getting close
All love to the most high, you know why
Whatever you seem to believe
I just pray they see my work the way it's meant to be seen, through TV screens
I'm still moving while these niggas stuck in they routines
Tell my haters I don't give a fuck, livin' out my dreams

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Dizzy Wright Problems And Blessings Comments
  1. MC Smooth Rapper

    Dizzy wright is a legend of the 2010's decade . Idc what you say lol

  2. Keivonte Mccool

    This should have way more views
    #DizzyWright 4eva..
    #StillMovin #McCoolMoves

  3. Deirdre Mullan


  4. Evann Jefferson

    This that real music none that travis scott blue face cardi b lil pump bs

  5. Trey Stapleton

    This the greatest song man god damn! Luv this shit

  6. Eugene Revey

    Luh dizzys music

  7. Blk Knight

    Dizzy Wright one of the best to do it. Big facts👍🖒.

  8. Kevin Whitehouse

    I'll take it..

  9. nickdabs

    Listening to this stoned, Dizzys Vibes are so dope.

  10. Rotten & Remixed Records

    Dope track hit us up for remixes

  11. Tyler Lewzader

    39 people sleep for real!

  12. David Call Jr

    Ever since I heard dizzy on fv I knew he was the better lyrically. I just love that he tried to stay true, and then realized what's really real. The man has literally become just that in front of a Nation.

  13. Roc Cygnus

    This beat sounds really familiar

    Vi M.

    Roc Cygnus i’m trying to figure it out too lmao


    same sample from paper habits by curren$y, trademark and young roddy

  14. Sire McPherson

    Paper habits Sample 🔥🔥💯 Love it Mr. Wright (WRight!)

  15. Emmanuel Harris

    Trademark and young roddy vibes

  16. Trill Tev

    This is on his new album!!! Hell yeah!!! Yiggity yamp

  17. 1994smo

    🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐

  18. 1994smo

    Dizzy always got the message and the vibes 🙏

  19. Jeremiah Scott

    I feel like I'm blessed because I'm able to appreciate real hip hop like this....real talk Dizzy on a different level

  20. Manuel Wieser

    Best thing i ever heared, Bro! Back to Basics 🤗

  21. Boyin Dragon

    Broooo this shit is soo good. Like man even when I first heard of him i feel like i slept on him. Dizzy, Earl and Saba is what im bumbing in 2019!

  22. Manny daBoss

    TUCSON AZ 520
    Blessing meeting you.
    Keeping the Blessings Rolling, and rolling past the Problems 💯🔥🔥🔥
    Bless you and Bless I,
    And Bless this path.
    Keeping it Rolling

  23. Tevin Elliott

    This song is underrated as fuck man

  24. Yung Emu323

    Still here from the lowest of my lows to the highest of highs love ya fam

  25. Jalen King-Harkins

    His spirit. 🎤👼👑

  26. Christian Ahaha

    I’m from Nevada too

  27. Roy Alexander Luke

    keep coming back to this, kinda disappointed seeing only under 90k.

  28. Tell Me Something

    This man needs more respect

  29. Iquique Vargas

    Damn Dizzy, what the fuck are you on

  30. Albert Krukowski

    beat sounds so similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2aoQp0qyJ0

  31. Deirdre Mullan


  32. Mapza_

    Touching and motivating, all the way from South Africa. Much love, keep it up Dizzy Wright.

  33. WavyNvegasDJ

    Listening to this in Vegas at 4:20pm

  34. Joshua Mullings

    True blessing a gift from our lord

  35. Jordan Munn

    I cried

  36. C-NotePlayinWithKeys

    Feeling this bonethugs n dizzy wright vibe #stillmovin

  37. Mystical Goddess

    👁💎I had to comment again this ish go hard and it puts you on that level. This song is a jewel thanks dizzy wright.the 👁💎

  38. Mystical Goddess

    One of the best dizzy songs. Do ya'll realize that real music dont get much love?

  39. O7lON

    one of the Greatest yet least recognized artists of all time

  40. Jay Silly

    I fucking love his positive energy 💯💯💯 stoner vibes 🔥🔥

  41. DrixYo

    Trust the process

  42. Thaddeus Pearson

    Dizzy Wright is the GOAT

  43. Kenneth Mccarty

    Dizzy Wright always spits fire keep going dont stop and you wont stop 😎🙏

  44. Kelsey Baeten

    "Handle your problems like you handle all your blessings" -Dizzy Wright

    Truest words I ever heard.

  45. Unknown is my last name

    He’s rapper career is going down

  46. 1994smo

    Living legend 🙌👏

  47. C 046

    Love from the netherlands ❤ dizzy the best! 🔥

  48. myers853

    Diz keep doing yo thang brutha, keep putting ya foot down y they tryna step over u

  49. Walu Situmbeko

    This the music I fell in love with!

  50. Marcus Damper

    Kneva. Did dis Uncle David's Celebration
    Oh yeah did not mean to let aunty Linda just Dream


    Just listened to solo dolo, I never noticed his flow changed crazy

  52. Ian Becka

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  53. thunder blain

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTwM0bKi798 same sample, and they both killed it in different ways. woodie had that shit 2 years ago though yo


    You never fail me dizzy. Please keep bringin the real shit.

  55. Thato Mokwena

    I Pray One Day I Get To Meet Him In Person And Tell Him How His Music Changed My Life And I've Grown In To An Intelligent Nigga Filled With Wisdom...

  56. Alex Perez

    Caile to Santa Ana G! We need another show with this album.


    Classic dizzy sound

  58. Amy Jhonsen

    Roses by chase moore & bobby bucher beat. Whattttt! Lol

  59. jesus ramirez

    Rip to all the real ones thankz for the good vibes dizzy

  60. Bookie Austin

    Go hard

  61. fatmurph88

    Watched You in KC last Weekend G! You was the Artist and first rap artist I’ve went to see! N it was dope when you came out for “ I guess I smoke” Me n my bois smoked a hole in that crowd for you homie, wish I could’ve put one in the air wit ya! You come back to my city, hit me up if you need anything! Stay up n keep it up!

  62. Aaron Hughes

    Just met dizzy last saturday at his concert. Super cool dude


    Yup dude is humble real vegas cat seen alot out here🙏🙏🙏

  63. Marcus Damper

    Hello HEavNS count blessings

  64. Marcus Damper

    7:25_BUST MINS
    Freaking Music: (LOST TWo(2) ) PoINting the Finger

  65. Kam Speech

    nigga u gay

  66. Leroy Greer

    Real Ea$t $ide Vegas tapN in!!!!!!

  67. HoodieVello


  68. Levi Potts

    should of stayed with the original fv and u probably would of been in the millions views

  69. Omar Contreas

    Tbh I love dizzy wright like he always makes me feel up ASF rn I was feeling down and I listen to this and it's like he's speaking to me he's one of the most slept on artist and the saddest part is I'm from Vegas and people don't even recognize local talent but I always try to put people on him

  70. Truth Seeker

    Trademark vibes

  71. Unknown Temptation

    Dizzy D Flashy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Rafi Tes

    Wow this is so sick!

  73. Cadi llac

    Why do people keep sleeping on Dizzy? I just don't get it anymore. Circle rappers get a million views in a day. Real artist with a real message, get pushed to the side.

    Ryan Matson

    I think its just promotion & marketing... always is..... ALWAYS..

  74. OgWittaTec9

    <3 love from Cheyenne, in Tulsa.

  75. Caleb Morici

    I love dizzy but this beat totally stole from woody smalls song

    B&T NWBloomers

    Caleb Morici
    do your research...

    Young toddy - paper habits ft. Trademark.

    And it’s not stolen it was sampled. Learn the difference before you accuse people, that’s a dick move.

  76. Domonique Perez

    Dizzy u a blessin fr love

  77. Lomarian Magwood

    I Can relate to this 100% smh im in tears 💯💯💯💯

  78. Alexis Rojas

    this song is dope, has a variety of elements that keep the listener engaged; including but not limited to humor, toughness, struggle, etc

  79. Brodric Joyce

    Meditation meditate center yourself vibe to dizzy mane live from htown tx mane blessings to all

  80. Fernando Marquez

    Righteousness 👍🏽

  81. H S

    I missed when almost every song was this. You done gave me game to change myself when my daughter was born when I was 16. You sparked that hope for me and I changed my life, work on yourself, soul searching letter to my unborn child, motivated, Team work makes the dream work much, changes. Turned me into a working man much love from Houston texas

    Ram iro

    H S glad to hear that and that I’m not the only person out here in the H that bump Dizzy music 💯

  82. Domonique Perez

    Dizzy this is my personal message to you. You've helped me through so much shit bro and have taught me a lot. Honestly your like the closest thing to pac I think. Much love to you dog keep it up still movin

  83. Albert Pereira


  84. ayoUTheMafia

    Nice man nice !!!! I felt it

  85. Ray Robinson

    Dizzy Wright had the best live show out of Funk Volume. I remember him making the bouncers step to the back so everyone could light up lol.

  86. v GreenzAintEazy

    I love you big brotha dizzy! Been here since the beginning bro , since i was 15 years old im 20 now, raps been so fucked up, your a great character,father,brother, and human being. I wish i could have met you in person when you were on tour with logic in houston tx, but yeah i just hope you get more than what you have because you've always been real no matter what.

  87. C P

    Way to rep my city 702.

  88. Marcus Damper

    7:30PM v.s 2HRS

  89. JosiAh Prieto

    one love

  90. Marcus Damper

    What up skyys
    On Earth is HeavN

  91. Marcus Damper

    5:00pm v.s 2.5
    Ss Sw WS WnN

  92. Vanah au

    💜💜💜💜💜 truly wonderful

  93. Johnathan Albert

    I swear cuz so under rated one of my top five on god golden age and growing process is like religious for me dog

  94. Robert

    Work hard and leave a good example when you exit..