Dizzy Wright - Dope Talent Lyrics

Blessed with all the dope talent
Pray they switch their techniques up
Drop so much they can't keep up
Losing count, account balance
Seen the world and world peaced up
What's the squad without the deep one
Rolling weed I gotta keep one
Cause life'll turn you to a savage
Blessed with all the dope talent
Pray they switch their techniques up
Drop so much they can't keep up
Losing count, account balance
Seen the world and world peaced up
What's the squad without the deep one
Rolling weed I gotta keep one
Cause life'll turn you to a...

I used to think I didn't have it
But I never give up on a challenge
You say I can't do it, I go out and do it
I do what I want, don't ever get it backwards
You must been misinformed
I've been active and animated
Got the cameras waiting
I love myself just like I am
No transformations, I've been patient
Flying right under your radar
If you boss up you cannot be laid off
Fuck what they're saying they try me
Talk all that shit behind me
This shit gon' pay off
The difference between me and them is I don't take a fucking day off
So my nigga keep laughing while I'm giving you classics
Back to back showing compassion
Thank God I'm...

Blessed with all the dope talent
Pray they switch their techniques up
Drop so much they can't keep up
Losing count, account balance
Seen the world and world peaced up
What's the squad without the deep one
Rolling weed I gotta keep one
Cause life'll turn you to a savage
Blessed with all the dope talent
Pray they switch their techniques up
Drop so much they can't keep up
Losing count, account balance
Seen the world and world peaced up
What's the squad without the deep one
Rolling weed I gotta keep one
Cause life'll turn you to a...

Tell me how you wanna get it like this
I've been down for a minute, can't fight this
Fuck around yeah you know I had to write this
Do it like this, do it, do it, do it just like this
Had to let 'em breathe
Yeah you know that's the type of shit I need
I've been working like a maniac, oh yeah
Yeah that boy finna get it all yeah
Me and my homies we all here
Me and my homies been grinding
In the studio we find 'em
Yeah you know that boy be shining
I'm spitting I'm rhyming remarkable
Tell me my flow, I think I know
Logic he got it for sure
Murdered this shit with the laziest flow

Blessed with all the dope talent
Pray they switch their techniques up
Drop so much they can't keep up
Losing count, account balance
Seen the world and world peaced up
What's the squad without the deep one
Rolling weed I gotta keep one
Cause life'll turn you to a savage
Blessed with all the dope talent
Pray they switch their techniques up
Drop so much they can't keep up
Losing count, account balance
Seen the world and world peaced up
What's the squad without the deep one
Rolling weed I gotta keep one
Cause life'll turn you to a...

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Dizzy Wright Dope Talent Comments
  1. Jay Rosado

    Lol y'all weak in the comments 💀

  2. Fill a Void Podcast

    Damm..logic did this verse for free

  3. Electro-_- Wolf

    Yo bro wtf why this shit sound like it have lakey inspired-made for this in the background

  4. Beckham

    Logic is great.

  5. Zeno Evol

    I was today years old when I found this track and Logic's verse was ASS. Good gawd he needs to stop doing guest verses if he aint gonna come like he did on Isis. This was just GOD-AWFUL. This is coming from a Logic fan who has all his projects btw and yes thinks he has fallen off and just listens to old Logic when I "miss" the old Logic but jeez his guest verses are just TERRIBLE 😂👌🏼

    prod. gumz

    bro that's why i'm so proud of being non-english. I can't tell if the verse really makes sense and can enjoy the music hahah

  6. BRICK Jagger

    logic probably freestyled his verse in one take smh that's honestly foul doing dizzy wright like that


    How come a lotta people don't know bout this 💀👀

  8. Travis 14

    Dizzy you’re a fucking beast bro, I fuck w ittttttt 🔥🔥🙌

  9. Monkeynite

    I feel Mick Jenkins would be better rather than Logic

  10. Devonte powell

    Logic literally did not try at all man cmon dawg

  11. Rotten & Remixed Records

    Hit us up for remixes

  12. abe hitesman

    Watch them be on the next logic tape and they both just fucking kill it. Logics just making us wait💯💯

  13. Z- Man

    People always expectin logic to do some next shit but they gotta understand he does it on like every song he just showin he got the dope ass talent and just wants to chill with the vibe cause people dont understand he gotta reperform a lot of these songs at shows and shit people sittin on their asses thinkin its so easy lmao these kids


    I guess I’m the only one that actually fucked with the whole song , love dizzys whole vibe an thought logic had a depressing verse but it was fire to me . Something I needed to hear . Thank you dizzy an logic 🙏

  15. Bri Detraz

    Omg I love this song!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. LIQD

    Lakey inspired - Made for this is the original song👍🏼

  17. Mestro Games

    Came here for Logic, stayed for Logic. Lol he has the same flow as me sometimes

  18. Marley NVO

    Yea big shout out to Diz, but did logic just talk to me about nothing for 30 seconds?! Tf was that


    Marley NVO he was depressed

  19. jesse hermel

    Logics verse was fire fytb

  20. FLuffyxKittyCat

    i like it oh well....

  21. Andrew Kear

    Logic was dope lmao y'all all drunk 😂😭

  22. Chom

    this one of logic's worst guest verses


    Ok, Logic is getting a little too lazy and trash with these features. He literally didn't even do good even if it's a chill song. 🤔😐

  24. C Devon

    Young Roddy!!!

  25. ShastaMann XVII

    I dont understand how Logic verse was 'disrespectful'. Someone PLEASE explain how. I thought the whole song was fire loved Dizzy's verse and Logic's verse

  26. Peter 1127

    Listen to logics verse from untouchable in golden age 1 and then listen to his verse in this, it’s almost like logic’s lost his passion 😢

  27. Josh Amos

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


    Check out frigil

  29. Matt Pascal

    Logic used to murder features tf happened

  30. Jacqueline Vandermark


  31. R.w. Johns

    is it just me or does that look like narutos shippuden jacket

  32. Anthony Brooks

    Dope talent is straight up to dizzy and logic bro. Them niggas kill it on every track together. Soul music

  33. Mukuka Chilekwa

    fxck logic with that weak shit

  34. Scottland

    Man I love this track.

  35. Jose Julian Villegas

    They are both high while rapping wow!!!🤣🔥🔥

  36. J King

    Logic and dizzy are some of the best rappers right now, and I’m glad I got to hear another song from them. Even if logic didn’t go ham, he still killed it.

  37. Anakin Spears

    youre supposed to vibe to this song I wasnt looking for heavy bars or fast rap idk why yall talking down logics verse it was soothing af

    tekkerz addictz

    Anakin Spears Yes finally someone with common sense

  38. Russ Hl

    logic is a bitch for fucking rhyming "this"s and "yeah"s and the rhyming fucking verbs


    Dizzy and Logic speaking some real shit! If yall like dope vibes like this, check me out!

  40. xShadex 75

    Hoping he's on YSIV, and if he is, I hope the track is called Master Jedi

  41. Luis Portillo

    “Cause in my mind the only way I fail is if my verse weak”- Logic....yea Logic you did exactly just that in this track👎🏼

  42. Desmond Collins

    Logic hit us wit dat lazy flow lol

  43. sulkjin

    When you go to sleep stoned and wake up the next morning

  44. Miguel Cigarroa

    Bobby’s verse wasn’t that bad y’all some whiney ass hoes he did fall off tho

  45. Offshore Driller

    Wheres the production credits?

  46. Lee Choctaw

    He should do a remix of this with Phora or Joey Badass then make a video cause judging by logics verse he's not gona do a cameo. Logic is a hater

    Romy Taylor

    Lee Choctaw logic and dizzy been cool for 5 years, how is he a hater? If dizzy wanted to take the verse off he would’ve

  47. Troy Olsen

    Switch out logic for some joey bada$$.

  48. Denzel S.

    Logic seems really depressed fr

  49. Angel Campos

    Song of the the fucking year in my opinion. Just me.

  50. ZJAY

    Logic how are you gunna do Dizzy like that. There is no justifying that dry verse pimp.

  51. Kaden Stinson

    Been disappointed in logics fts lately

  52. Yaya 2018

    Logic literally says nothing in his verse, that's gotta go down as the worst verse of 2018 by far... Logic obviously has no respect for Dizzy wright why else would you sound like absolute shit on someone else's track?

  53. Yaya 2018

    Is this 808 Louie's beat or did you try recreate it?

  54. superscyan

    The hook is basically describing Bobby. Logic is just confirming what Dizzy is saying, switching up his game from being a hard worker with fast bars to having a lazy mellow flow and a more chill life style and being able to breathe.

    Nate Viz

    superscyan Yeah, Logic has a lot of talent and potential to be one of the greatest rappers of all time, but lately his lyricism has just been kinda bad... Pray he switches stuff up on No Pressure

  55. Andrew Yneges

    Wasted talent on this from Logic, disrespectful!


    Logic never goes in on fts that shit fuckin disrespect

  57. Witchazel Toasted

    Lmao gonna be hella remixes of these after hearing logic on this shit.. he sound's like a leaned out high school rapper with 0 real ambition. We can't wait for another track with these two. If dizzy will ever let him.

  58. King Ruiz

    This entire track was soothing. Logic did his thing and bounced. Something new I can cruise to in the whip after a long day or some💯

  59. Adapted MC

    dizzy/ chance the rapper? dizzy/ mac miller?? dizzy is so dope it was really bitch to see logic phone it in on this one because the vibe in dizzys parts are so dope. Realness sometimes isnt recognized like it should be. wisdom and good vibes keep killing it dizzy !

  60. King Ruiz

    What’s up with everyone complaining about Logic on this track? He wasn’t suppose to do anything special. He just did his quick verse and dipped. He did his thing? You guys expect too much from this man. I’ve never seen ppl like this towards any rapper ever. Y’all sounding like a bunch of girls. This track was good. Stop complaining

    Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    Jovany Ruiz His verse was garbage

    King Ruiz

    Dark Shadows Alpha like your opinion

    Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    Jovany Ruiz "Like your opinion" 😂😂😂😂 now I know you're a Logic Buttkissing fan. Logic is too lazy and his guest verses are all garbage. He says a bunch of random nonsense on this track and nothing thought provoking. He became a mediocre lyricist and a garbage artist.

    King Ruiz

    Dark Shadows Alpha lol you’re trying too hard here. Stop taking things personal. Still have a garbage opinion btw. And a mediocre lyricist? Stop it. Just stop

    Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    Jovany Ruiz "You still have a garbage opinion btw" that is your opinion Logic's bodyguard. Yes he is a mediocre lyricist.

  61. NettyKush

    Replaying The Song, Bc Yall Talking Shit About Logic's Verse. 🤦‍♀️ Idk What Yall Herd That Was Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥😌

  62. BOUTiT !

    You know. I havent played Dizzy since The First Agreement. And Logic i stopped bumping logic after his Bobby Tarantino tapes. I come back after living in a world full of copy and paste music and Dizzy was coo wasnt the usual dope fire space bars like fuckin out this world shit but he was coo. Logic..man get yo girl back bro. Its really fuckin yo shit up dog. Or masturbate that shit the fuck out till you no longer asking KeKe if she loves u. Fr dog. You on some Dr Dre Detox shit homie. Shit is sad. 😔😞

  63. Mav Hunter

    I feel like Dizzy gives so much love to Logic, but Logic never reciprocates. On this track in particular is just disrespectful...

  64. Little Abdi

    why did logic flow really good then suddenly just seem like hes talking ass feature

  65. Eduardo H

    Yoo This is some fire 👌🔥🔥 Logic and Dizzy always killing it 💯

  66. lol nty

    Who gonna make this instrumental tho?

  67. izayah castaneda

    Y’all are just simply up someone’s culito! He’s a different breed, always w/ some fire. My respects to LOGIC.

  68. Spyder

    I swear all of Logic's guest verses are trash. It's like if it's not his song he just doesn't care. Even when he's on a song with fuckin Lil Wayne or Eminem/Royce.

  69. Brando Burchette

    Logic was clearly fried. Cut my man's some slack

    Isaiah Clarkson

    haha i would say that's true but i think logic sent dizzy his verse. if they were in the studio though it's a different story he prolly got logic too stoned

    Brando Burchette

    Isaiah Clarkson True story

  70. Antoine Graham

    This album is one of the most conscious albums ive ever heard.

    Isaiah Clarkson

    totale opposite of all the shit you see mainstream dizzy hella slept on

  71. Sarrus leviathan Aguilar

    Logics verse was great. But it was cut short asf.

  72. Typohh

    Y’all don’t understand logic and dizzy go back a long time who cares about the verse listen to his BT2 then talk to me

  73. D-Man

    "Me and my homies we aww yeah" Logic wtf are you doing

  74. J0N4TH4N G4BR13L

    essa musica me inspira

  75. PH3NOM3NAL

    Can you use this song in like youtube videos and streams if you download the album?

  76. Cadi llac

    Logic is so overrated.

  77. KaeReese

    disrespectful as fuck!

  78. KaeReese

    That shit was fire till it got to logic verse...bruh had me searching for a bar the whole damn verse..SMH


    Oh yeah ohyeah

  79. Dante Rubin

    Bro can someone please make an instrumental to this :( Beat is fire bruh

  80. Mitchell Field

    Fuck everyone hating on Logic n Dizzy

  81. No Disguise Raps

    Dizzy murdered logic..

  82. Almighty Dolla

    Feel like dizzy plateaued. He kinda fell off honestly. And logic just don’t give af anymore saying pointless shit all day

  83. Hector Garcia

    DAUM Fuego !!!!

  84. Yoshi24

    Logic did good on this song, this song was made to sound a little lazier and I think Logic blended in more with this song with that "lazy flow"

  85. johnny powley

    Logic his flow is wack because on caterpillar remix he did the same thing his flow wasn't that good on that one either I like his older staff better like 5am

  86. Yoshi24

    Stop dissing Logic, he works to hard for you boys to be hating on him.

  87. Tony V

    Always making bangas together, keep up the great work Bobby and Dizzy 😵

  88. Mitchel Wattley

    Anybody got the instrumental for this??? I def need to rap over this

  89. Austin Rogers

    High key logic fucked this song up

  90. BIGDMJ9

    Im a big logic fan but that verse was shitty asf 💯

  91. The Kush Corner

    Quote from Logic: “Murdered this shit with the laziest flow”.
    Who agrees he ‘murdered’ his verse?? 😂
    More like birthed this SHIT with the laziest trickle.
    Complete trash. The fact he thinks he’s any good shows how delusional he’s become.

  92. The Kush Corner

    I got excited as soon as I saw both of y’all on a track together again. Unfortunately, after listening to it, I’m no longer hyped. Chill song for sure, I’m high as shit right now. But I was hoping for something harder. Dizzy, definitely not my favorite verse from you. Just average. And Logic is steadily falling off with his lazy ass rapping. Next time, don’t even bother with Logic. Get Joyner on a track, and go hard. Spit some bangers, would you?
    You’d think it has become clear that people want bangers. Thus why trap is so popular these days. So take some hard ass trap beats, but spit some sick lyrical shit. Like all of Joyner and Merkules remixes. I can’t imagine people not liking hard banging beats with clever, witty lyricism.
    I’ve never written down a verse in my life, yet I know I could easily make a track better than this and many others. It’s pathetic when those who get paid to do it, do half assed jobs. And that’s what I’m seeing from both of y’all.

  93. Jacob Cervantes

    Y'all some fuckin haters. Thank god y'all just some fans and not actaul artist's. At the end of the day, your opinion is invalid from the artist's perspective. That's why there's Artist's and thats why there's Fans. It's better y'all stay fans with an empty voice. It's better that way. #stillmovin

  94. K C

    Wtf pogic

  95. Jurado


  96. SPK

    Lazy af verse from logic no doubt. But i think it still suited the production of the song, by no means does it take away from the vibe i reckon

  97. vin Johnson

    When Dizzy was the bigger artist he was making better music than Logic. Now that Logic Has way more popularity, Dizzy is making better music. Mainstream Ruins Artist. The struggle creates the effort, emotion, and passion....the art.

  98. TheNinjaNarwhals

    yall are fucks, he even said it was a lazy flow. It was a chill song no need for him to be upbeat. fuck all yall

  99. Mo d4 Pr4ct¡c4L th3or¡st 4G4¡Ns1 7err0r¡sm

    Ever dope 👍🏽