Dizzee Rascal - Holiday Lyrics

Get your passport and your bikini
You need a holiday, come see me
I know you're tired of the same old scenery
And I could change all that so easily
Go wild, do your thing, yo take a chance
I'll take you to the South of France
Like Cannes
If anyone can I can
We can go shopping in Milan
I just hope you understand
I hope you see it clear
It really don't matter how far or near
Cus there's no distance that can stop my persistence
There's just a few days in the year
Plus I've got car
So let's ride that
We ain't gotta fly, we can just drive that
We can have a rave, we can hire that ?
Won't tell nobody let them find out

If you ain't doing nothing let's fly away
Drive away, get away
We can go to the club or hide away
We can do what you want to, baby
If you ain't doing nothing let's fly away
Drive away, take a holiday
We can go to the club or hide away
We can do what you want to, baby

Don't judge my passport photo, I know I look a bit loco
And I know that my Spanish is so-so
But let's try keep that on the low-low
Cus we're going Ibiza
I've got friends that really wanna meet ya
With champagne and a whole lot of love
It's all good darling
A Blue Marlin will please ya
And I'll never let your belly get empty
Even when your belly's full you're still sexy
We can ride speed boats, we can ride jet skis
I'll show you the time of your life if you let me
I just want to put a smile on your pretty face
If I didn't it'd just be your pretty waist
So you look like a girl with a bit of taste
So I couldn't take you just any place

If you ain't doing nothing let's fly away
Drive away, get away
We can go to the club or hide away
We can do what you want to, baby
If you ain't doing nothing let's fly away
Drive away, take a holiday
We can go to the club or hide away
We can do what you want to, baby

I know you're really busy and I know you've got plans
But are you really too busy for a sun tan?
I ain't talking about walking down the high street
I'm talking about laying on a bright white beach
With a Pina Colada or whatever you'd rather
White wine, that's fine, just give me a lager
Then after we'll take a truck to the night spot, the hot spot, the top spot
Party around the clock
And when we get there they're strictly VIP
No need for ID, security know me
No waiting in line, no high entry fee
Don't worry about nothing when you're beside me
I'll get you lively and loosen you up
Have a bit of champagne it'll boost you up
I wanna move you up, I wanna take you away
So in other words darling, what do you say?

If you ain't doing nothing let's fly away
Drive away, get away
We can go to the club or hide away
We can do what you want to, baby
If you ain't doing nothing let's fly away
Drive away, take a holiday
We can go to the club or hide away
We can do what you want to, baby

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  1. TheOnePickle

    Hold on this song is HOW OLD?

  2. JM9

    In 2047 I’m gonna win the lottery and come back to this comment !!

  3. BeAsT

    The 10's are coming to an end.

  4. Sjc9321

    2019 anyone

    Paddy le Blanc

    Yes it is. Except for the millions who dont observe the Julian calander. Well done fuckwit, you know what year it is. Whats next for you? What country you live in? Fucking moron

  5. Sam Wagdin

    I’m thinking of some lyrics
    For you to use,
    Your my favourite artist and I think you will like what I have for you,
    This is one of them, let me know if you like it,
    This is called VIBES


    **Dizzee rascal

    **MY VIBES<<

    MY VIBES<<
    Makes your mom wet her draws

    MY VIBES<<
    is what London asked for**

    MY VIBES<<
    **I grew up on the streets where people bled beats,
    Recognise a real King when you see me,
    This Vibe will make me a legend**

    MY VIBES<<
    **This is for the people who doubted me,
    This is for the people Who wanted me to fail,
    This is for the people who have no one,
    This is for the people who can’t give up,
    And won’t give up,**

    MY VIBES<<
    **MY vibes a beast,
    MY vibes will eat your gang like a feast,
    MY Vibes not scared,
    MY Vibes never back down,**

    MY VIBES<<

    MY VIBES<<

    MY VIBES<<
    **You wanted the Vibe
    Il give you the Vibe**

    MY VIBES<<
    **We ain’t never finished
    We ain’t never done**

    **MY VIBES<<

    MY VIBES<<
    Makes your mom wet her draws

    MY VIBES<<
    is what London asked for**

  6. thegreenmanofnorwich

    It's actually quite a romantic and adventurous song. "I think you're brilliant and I'd like to take you somewhere amazing and I'll take care of anything we need"

  7. Matt

    It’s nearly 2020 why am i here

    Iz Foster

    Matt same

    Lukáš Renger

    Its amazing

  8. Matt

    Its nearly 2020 why am i here

  9. susperdis

    is that goldie

  10. turkinamerc 68

    The geezer in back with the gold chain on dont know his name, but I swear he was in a James Bond Film?

    RY LAD

    Its goldie

  11. Andrew Welch

    Goldie in this video

  12. matthew foster

    The best part of this is from 3:00

  13. Adventures with Skye

    Love this song

  14. Afsara Mehrin

    Murdoc from Gorillaz got me here! ❤

  15. CartiAir

    Jheeze Calvin really does have a crazy catalogue of bangers 😟😩👌🏻

  16. Peter Mullen


  17. Thug Life

    This is just hear to make u spend money on a holiday simple its called subliminal messages

  18. Reuben Singh

    Listening in 2019 amazing song brings back memories 👌

  19. Tipsy McStagger

    I'm not much for this type of music; but, I got this album when it came out after hearing this song and the whole thing is brilliant.

  20. Lova Miss.,


  21. Andy g

    Even better at 1.25x Speed

  22. Michelle Francis

    Poor models are all so flat chested! He should have got me in the vid with my DD jubblies!

    BNO97 !

    Michelle Francis no one wants your clapped face in a video

  23. Clayton Jones Comedian

    "Why men never grow up" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWiW8Q_CtX8

  24. bobby radwan

    This is one of my all time favourite tunes, properly feel this track

  25. John Eddy

    Absolute banger 💥💥

  26. Jamie Griffiths

    Still a banger 🔥🔥

  27. Daniel Ewenkhare

    Who's listening to this BANGER in 2019?

    Lewis Henstock

    Daniel Ewenkhare me absolute banger

    Aslan Bey

    Still amazing🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Paddy le Blanc

    Fuck off halfwit.

  28. Daniel Ewenkhare


  29. Jay Baker

    Back when the only things I cared about was my K.D Ratio 🤣


    FACTS bro hahaha

    Jay Baker

    Init 🤣🤣

  30. Lova Miss.,

    Hi iya tous dedans
    (zidane Kendji girac=pitbull madonna
    algerien espagnol amine segnotita
    Retourner sur bling Bling(sofiane)
    Maroc (french montana=pitbull)et (souf)clip on est ensemble
    ↪️ clip Lundi Sofiane+ french montana=New rules
    =3 grand parent arabe
    1 grand parent blanc arabe

    2 ème explications
    Great grand mother
    Arrière grand mère
    3/4 algeria et (1/4 spanish)
    elle porte nom de famille (Espagnol de sn papi paternel
    Elle est né en Espagne)
    (She Wear surname or Grand father spanish she was born in spain)
    Great grand father
    Arrière grand-père
    Maroc marocco 4/4

    Grnd famille marron lisse et blanc Come pitbull Enfnt yanick noah

    Les 2 fille les plus sombre
    Mes tante ressemble au 2 fille de la vidéo elle tire clip niska wlg
    ↪️Et celle qui est marron cheveux boucle
    ↪️3 sœur Noir clair trait affiner
    IYa une sœur a mon père qui
    Dina Jane mais elle est DNS un autre clip
    1 Une autre peau marron cheveux lisse onduler yeux bleu gris
    ↪️ Elle snt entre pitbull()+un noir()
    Enfnt Yanick noah()+noir()
    Mami ressemble 2 chanteuse rosalia ou lyna mahyem ,(Gina de Brooklyn nine nine) même regard bronzer au soleil.et papi ressemble Paul Pogba ou p diddy ou usan volt
    Visage 2 parent forme oeuf=()()⚠️
    Pas de parent visage rond😢😚ou ()😢pour que leur figure reussi
    Un regard ne vas pas vrmnt signifier l'origine de la personne
    Ya ds noir p diddy.ds blanc trait fin
    Indien trait fin arabe trait fin
    Malia Obama est QuarteronMe est
    Cardi b latino ds caraibes
    Les deux ont le trait fin pas même origines

    Sur la vidéo on voit bcp arabe dansé avc 2 petit blanc arabe

    Rien avoir le clip de Sean Paul rockabilly

  31. ميوزك العراق


  32. Sasha Ndlovu

    In the mood for vacation vibes now

  33. TheMancinian


  34. Lova Miss.,

    White arabe Algeria spanish
    Zidane Kendji Girac
    Maried Algeria mixed white diams
    And go to men arabe Marocco mixed race dark Brown skin with wavy hair singer souf
    Is near more africa
    Family white and mixed Race dark
    Famille blanche et métisse foncé
    Same children of Yanick noah
    Pareil enfant Yannick Noah
    Mami a bronzer au soleil 95 ans

    Retourner homme noir visage ou long ovale () com p diddy ou Lil Wayne 4/4 noir
    Go return on men black face long or oval() look like p diddy or
    lil wayne
    Pas de face si tu prend parent =()() Visage long ovale
    No face if you don't Take two parent long or oval face ()()

  35. Lifeskeyishappiness

    How does this only have 8m views? Cracking tune!

  36. _abbie_ 2004_

    Ibiza flashbacks

  37. N3YL0Nno.9

    Ahhh so it was Goldie who invented the gun lean

  38. truediva18

    Who came here after hearing this on Doctor Who? It is from the Pond Life minisode.

  39. gory tho snool

    best thing to listen to when theres a heatwave

  40. Daniel Gillespie

    The old poo donut

  41. Daniel Gillespie

    Top Bollocks

  42. Zoe

    Dizzee rascal would treat you RIGHT

  43. Lova Miss.,

    Dizee rascal. Cant nous Make face of Girls of vidéo Because this face IS round
    Its only usan volt or p diddy Because face long ()()
    Dizee rascal pe pas ft la figure des filles dns la vidéo car il a le visage rond C enfant Ora pris sa forme tête
    Il fo figure long oval ()()des 2 côté parent pour avoirregard des fille de la vidéo genre usan volt ou p diddy

  44. Trisha Nugent

    2019 anyone 😀

  45. It's Tylerpharrell

    I was 8 jamming to this lol

  46. oliver sheehan

    wicked song

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    2019 boiii With a Pina Colada or whateva you’d rathaaaaa!!

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    Fucking state of that phone 😂

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    Awesome song 👌

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    2019 anyone?

  51. Stephen Preston

    Get ur passport, and ur bikini, u need a holiday, come see me. I know ur tired of the same ol' scenery, and I can change all of that so easily.
    Don't look at my passport photo, I kno I look a bit loco...

  52. Hyeonyong Choe

    My favourite song in 2009. This song reminds me of myself being in london in 2009 summer

  53. Joe Henderson

    Pitbull's twin brother at 3:07 smelt the worst fart of his life

  54. Sam Lloyd

    U top bloke

  55. Sahal Cade

    If you ain't doing nothing baby

  56. Matthew Hamilton

    what an absolute anthem

  57. Jack Phill

    2019 hereee

  58. JG CENT

    Still here 2019 and 2020

    Songs Vincente’s

    JG CENT yhyh

  59. Charleen Odoi

    IBIZA 2019 👄👄

  60. Turdsandwich

    winter seems to come quicker than i do

  61. Daniel Gillespie

    A masterful track

  62. Hey Man

    2:31 can one of you djs extend this lol it’s too short and it’s the best part of the song imo

  63. Zoe Sherwin

    Isabella and aydn everwhere

  64. eau hillingdon

    This video would be so whack if they did away with the hot, skinny girls and replaced them with them a load of flabby old women with tattoos and smoker lines.

  65. BardocksBallSack

    old school banger

  66. Zoe Sherwin

    Zoe m sherwin

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    What a pretty tall girl!!! Does anyone know her name????

  68. Quinton Park

    Please can you help the house sample at the end is there a proper tune with that beat

  69. xXGraceHuntXx X

    And this is still a great song

  70. Vinny O'Brien


  71. Vinny O'Brien

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  75. Lawrence James

    You work hard send me a txt

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    stil a Banger 2019

  77. Nova_2.1

    oops wrong video

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    who's the bird lol

  79. Thea Watson

    Who else actually noticed that pitbull is in the video?

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    Good memories

  81. Ebony Dora

    I miss this song, just found again after years😩🙌🏻

  82. sas 99

    Saw this live 3 days ago and it was EPIC

  83. Burn Babylon

    0:43 is that goldie??

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    I had to type down the lyrics to find this song hahaha

  85. Sardim33

    Feel the fingers of Calvin Hariss. Very good melodic line.

  86. Zoe Sherwin

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    Just got fingered to this song

    georgina taylor

    By matty mayor

    CARTMAN 00

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  90. ...

    Classic as fuck

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    For me this is when sizzle rascal peaked in terms of his popularity

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