Dizzee Rascal - Ghost Lyrics

Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost don't pose and I don't post
Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost

Pickin' me a winner
Picky hair an' I was a little bit thinner
3310 with a customised ringer
I was tryna holla at lavinia
But she weren't ina
Cos I was a sinner
Thought I was a minger
Never had a Bimmer
Rollin' through the ends on a stolen aprillia
Waiting for the dominos guy to deliver
For a free dinner
Thought I knew it all I was just a beginner
Never was a singer
I was on pirate radio way before I heard Mike Skinner
Wagwan killer
Yeah that's my nigga
Talk about race but its just way bigger
I ain't gonna waste no time on Twitter
Done with the jibba
Cry me a river
Say it to my face or say it to my trigger
You go figure, or reconsider
Indian giver
Lookin' for a chocolate girl with a hint of vanilla
And she can bring a indian with her
I just want a bosom for a pillow
An' I got a little bit o skrilla
We can get a boat and we can get a villa
Or we can be on South Beach real nigga liver
All killer, no filler

I don't wanna brag or boast
I don't cater and I don't host
When they ask what I do I say I do the most
Then I get ghost, on the coast like I am supposed
Don't pose and I do not post
And that's why these girls wanna play me
Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost don't pose and I don't post
Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost

They ain't put food on my table
I rock the cradle
Big dirty stinkin' logo I rock the label
I've been doin' this since cable
I was on the graveyard shift in the studio
Only popped out for a salt beef bagel
I was on the roads when it was unstable
I'm not an angel
Beef had more than a plate full
But I ain't hateful
Born in the 80s
Year of the able
Come back 18
Coulda been facial
Raised in the 90s
It was still racial
Bloody disgraceful
Why are these youts so bloody ungrateful
Talk about grime like I ain't a staple
I was on the mic when you was in playschool
Stabbed six times yo it could have been fateful
Would have been 6 foot deep on my bredrin's tshirt lookin' distasteful
Would have been wasteful
Never would have seen the Caribbean in April
Shackin' up with Rachel
Givin' her a faceful
Never would have been seven figures deep walkin' down the street with a gorgeous freak in a chief screamin' "come out the way fool"

I don't wanna brag or boast
I don't cater and I don't host
When they ask what I do I say I do the most
Then I get ghost, on the coast like I am supposed
Don't pose and I do not post
And that's why these girls wanna play me
Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost don't pose and I don't post
Close, close, wanna get close on the coast
Ghost, ghost

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Dizzee Rascal Ghost Comments
  1. Jdlc

    00:59 why are they harrassing the Asian tourists. Its bad for our tourism industry

  2. David Bray

    I'm just here because I'm sick of Wiley and Stormzy's cat fight

  3. Lewis Clarke

    Raskit is king

  4. Sierra Coplin


  5. Mary Ann Smith

    Dizzie rascal best song ever

  6. Mary Ann Smith

    Sick film clip too

  7. Mary Ann Smith

    👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼love from Australia

  8. Mary Ann Smith

    Best song on album

  9. Mary Ann Smith

    Sick dizzie

  10. john varntanian

    daMN 00:15 this drop heavier than atomic bomb

  11. Trinity Rose

    Greetings & Love frm the united states I love you dude you banging AF 🥰🎤🎶💗

  12. Igor Spie

    If I were that asian man I would smash their faces

  13. • AzzA •

    When i heard this beat, it reminded me of "Percocet, Marley, Percocet"

  14. Tommy1

    Sexy video

  15. Uladzimir Myshkouski

    Dizzee, I want you to have 100 times more views in this clip.

  16. Jānis Krūmiņš

    besi mrnti jauabvakhg.kugkusBJK.DFMXNV

  17. Ebubekir Yılmaz

    bizim burada bu tarza yeşil çam harmanlaması deniyor. bilginize

  18. karthi k

    Super ya 😘

  19. Konstantin Makeev

    dizzee крутой чувак

  20. Jeff Jeff

    Fuck yes.

  21. Jeroen Montfoort

    Where is bugzy

  22. G C

    I had to think who Mike skinner is or was. Respect though.

  23. Night Spider

    Them girls r just gorgeous

  24. J Sam

    [email protected] 2Min.25Sec.Bit...BiG it UP For The JUNGLiST MASSiVE....That's ALso a Bit of QUALITY [email protected] WcKdSTYLE. ...

  25. MonstehDinosawr

    And there's virtue signalling white people out there trying to say black people aren't articulate.

    Dizzee Shutting those fucks down

  26. Cordzy


  27. Andy Holden

    Stil a classic this one slipped through the net for me !

  28. Cahmim

    Most underrated rap song I’ve heard

  29. S.Y BikeLife

    this be majority of the uk mandem when they see cops on crf "GHOST" 🔥 #fuckthepolice couldn't catch a pedal bike if they tried 😂

  30. Kosmos

    What a banger
    Poland are you here ? :D

  31. Sebastian Sek

    Whores will ghost when you truly close !

  32. Ryan Marshall

    how does this only have 1.25 mil?!

  33. Tommy1



    Top tune dizzy

  35. Daniel Sagi

    This "killer beat" is a rip off of an old israeli army song: The navy band - The Silence Men



    Ehm, it's called sampling.

    Daniel Sagi

    @Weeela At least he could remove the start of the singing part.

  36. maksMyski

    Ох..енная телега! Качает пиз..ец!!!

  37. Asaph Melchizidek

    Breh this is a gem

  38. phayke

    This song is og. By why does this have like no views???

  39. fxlab

    Seriously... that song is just Crazy! Love it


    Yeah. ut has like no views though. Deserves lots

  40. Tommy1


  41. Welsh independence now annibyniaeth Cymru nawr

    Dizzee is the best, playing this in Mexico 🇲🇽 x 🇬🇧

    Ernie Brown

    I thought Mexicans didn't like black people

  42. Major Danger

    So underated 😫😫😫

  43. Jeff Jeff

    I'm a ghost,but I don't be liking the toast, my mum's got a big fat roast and fuck man im Gunna make the most, after I say girl get up on tat post and show me how you naught fuckin devils host.

  44. ge ren

    Keep up the good work bruv

  45. SGS

    Maaaddd tune!

  46. ᛖᛊᛠᛋᛢᚺᛊᚷ

    need more 4x4 speedgarage~!

  47. Vesta God

    The best UK spitter Ever

  48. NeonCyberSamurai

    Stupid question but did dizzee produce this beat himself ?

  49. Eric Jiang

    The hook is killing it

  50. Anne Whyte

    British rapper and model https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/vineeta-anne-whyte/id1444771616

  51. Emanuele Cala


  52. Juge

    Love from finland❤

  53. MC Mj

    Love diz this man can proper have a fight hard man right there

  54. Wookasuarus SydCity


  55. A young inquisitive mind and her camera.

    Christmas day banging tunes!

  56. Jensen Elizz

    Who's here from that Instagram ad??🔥🔥🔥

  57. Rafal Klak

    Dizzie killing it! period.

  58. Scott Harrison

    Swear Bmalone was in this

  59. NoMoreRain

    We need Lady Leshurr on the beat right quick

  60. alex cheshirskii

    Where is my man Bugzy?🤔

  61. Adie Lubbe

    this is pure fire

  62. God

    These girls living their best life in this video I swear

  63. Игорь Остапенко

    Shit ...i want to hump that ladies real bad 🔥

  64. abul khair

    Dizzee smashing it

  65. Explodingdino Gaming

    Dizzie should do a track with Stephan don or some other decent female rapper like that! would be a sick mash up

  66. randev nasty

    dizzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee --- roll a joint as long as this comment

  67. YogaTard a.k.a. Murktard

    “all killer; no filler.”.

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  69. Ablandandera Yoda

    love from parkour town

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    Watch out, bitches be plottin.

  71. smellbag98


  72. stefan leckmich

    And yes im sober just for ghe haters wish you all the best best for you and your family sending love from germany

  73. stefan leckmich

    Dizzeeeeeeeee i kove you from the bottom of my heart since the 90s

  74. Tom Price

    this should be on the next power series

  75. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Dizzee with his insane flow spittin' bars at us once again !

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    Is that dizzee inn a dress 😂

  77. Blues sunday

    This song is with me everywhere i go.
    And i'am grateful

  78. Ian Yardy

    Sick 👍💪🏻🤛🏻🎧

  79. Jan D.

    straight fire. love it. greetings for germany

  80. Alex

    Imagine, D double, skepta, wiley and dizzee on that fucking track fam MADNESS! Come on g we all love the same thing, grime g come on fam fuck vevo, fuck simon cowel lets do this together, dizzee you are special but fuck SIMON fam, FUCK VEVO G.

  81. peter pan

    dat flute <3

  82. J S

    underated, this is lit🔥🔥🔥

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