Dixon, Colton - Brand New Life Lyrics

From cynical to miracles
He's opening my heart and mind
It's physical, it's spiritual
The evidence isn't just inside
But there's more than meets the eye

He's not looking for numbers
Not counting our sins
It's total acceptance from within
Fulfilling the hunger, the running is done
And we know that love has come

Lay down the pain you carry
It's a new life, ready or not, ready or not
He'll take the weight, so heavy
It's a new way, ready or not, ready or not
Just sit back, enjoy the ride
Welcome to your brand new life

Shake the ground, hear the sound
Rebuilding everything you are, whoa
We're not the same, the game has changed
There's healing now for every scar
Every broken heart

He's not looking for numbers
Not counting our sins
It's total acceptance from within
Fulfilling the hunger, the running is done
And we know that love has come

Lay down the pain you carry
It's a new life, ready or not, ready or not
He'll take the weight, so heavy
It's a new way, ready or not, ready or not
Just sit back, enjoy the ride
Welcome to your brand new life

Lay down the pain you carry
(Carry, carry, carry)
Ready or not, r-r-ready or not
He'll take the weight, so heavy
(Heavy, heavy, heavy)
Ready or not, r-r-r-ready or not

Lay down the pain you carry
It's a new life, ready or not, ready or not
He'll take the weight, so heavy
It's a new way, ready or not, ready or not
Just sit back, enjoy the ride
Welcome to your brand new life

Just sit back, enjoy the ride
Welcome to your brand new life

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Dixon, Colton Brand New Life Comments
  1. DJ 9O̶NE / 베러머

    i love dixon i love jesus

  2. Sam Wesly

    He is not looking for numbers .not counting our sins . wow so happy to hear . god bless u

  3. Suzanne Baptiste-Thompson

    Your voice sounds the same 🤨

  4. Sabine Sullivan

    This song is so moving. We just had a young adult conference at church. It was such a great weekend. But this song speaks to me alot because in God we have a brand new life in him.

  5. Di Bn

    ...."Welcome to the brand new life ....Just sit back & enjoy the ride....".......its Great to get relaxed off the burdens in our lives hearing Coltons songs in Christ.....!

  6. Phanuel Saeed

    i love the jesus so much

  7. Maritza Huerta

    This song is one of my FAVORITES!!! I LOVE it <3 <3 <3

  8. sandra sandra

    Amo todas as músicas que Deus tem dado a ele

  9. Myrian Garcia

    Yo this song was on World of Dance!!!! Yea Colton!!

  10. Staci Zesati

    Amen! 🙌

  11. Tânia Sant' Ana

    Muito legal adorei ... BY Brasil

  12. Matthew Bowman

    This song realy makes me feel with all of the things I regret, the Lord has my back. When I was at Cross Roads Church in Michigan and saw Colton Dixon, I was changed.

  13. Goerge Wipf

    loving it

  14. JDTHE DJ

    I have two cd's... the album's are Identity and Anchor. I am going to get more this week

  15. Rin-Senpai MMD&AMV

    I love this

  16. Ozany Rayanne

    Estou simplesmente apaixonada por essas músicas. letras lindas. Que Deus te abençoe ♥♥♥

  17. Alan S

    What does "sit back, enjoy the ride" mean when it comes to being a believer? Good song, not sure about some of the lyrics, "The game has changed" ?

  18. Danny N.

    I like this song he will take the wights and shackles if we let him

  19. neubikeren

    this song seems with the "Jealous" from Nick Jonas, mainly the chorus jsfçngfveopr

  20. Junnkrd

    ..."Ready or Not"

  21. Lenae Dyse

    The music drew me here.....but the message made me stay.

  22. Jester

    This song needs to be called "repeat repeat."

  23. Commander Z

    best song in the album <3

  24. Andrea Cañizares

    actually i feel like i'm loving this song... from Colombia 💛💙❤

  25. Joann Legall

    come to florida tomorrow

  26. Kiwi Dude

    This song is... really fun.

  27. Flower73223

    He is opening my heart and eyes.  If he accepts you and you feel it in your heart, you will defiantly know and feel the love. He wants you to do great and once is planted you want the same for others , when you seethem reach it you will be happy for other. you don't have to know them or be with them for you to wish good for others. it's a blessing feeling.

  28. Ben Shetler

    Praise our awesome "KING"

  29. Hawk Girl

    Great song, I love it. God bless everyone!!

  30. hannah howard

    his voice never ceases to amaze..... 😵😉🙌

  31. Wanderson Jafé

    This is one of my favorites songs.

  32. Michelle Mercy

    Bruh... I love this. God is ALL that matters. Now I just need to get out of the bad situation I'm in.

  33. Jesus Girl

    It's fine to miss the old sound, but Colton is still singing to the glory of God, and that's the most important thing, here, isn't it? I think the album is wonderful.

  34. Peter van der Weiden

    Ok, people, different does not equal bad. if it's not your type of music, then don't listen to it, or just enjoy the lyrics instead.

  35. nimi reju

    the best song

  36. Josh& Susann

    Colton Welcomed you, Aqua to a Brand New Life with Me is A Brand new life with me, im taking you to Walt's Disney Beautiful! joshll:)

  37. Josh& Susann

    Were's Christain's!

    So far all us Christain's knows colton's Song are one the best sort of like Christain's KPop.:)

  38. Josh& Susann

    Aqua ready or not lay down your pain you carries welcome to your new life with me ready or not a broken smile wont always have to be a broken smile just lay your pain you carries down baby shouldn't have known to frown but be happy. A broken smile make you ugly but a smile makes you perfect! Ready or Not i hope to be father. Wanna you to listen to these lyrics know tht god is there he bought me to you so tht you can have a proper normal life like all child do. with mommy and daddy. Babys should not know what sadness is but what happy is.:)

  39. Paloma Maslow

    i love it💗👏👏👏

  40. Portia Akers

    Love it

  41. Rosi Petrova

    O, yes...I have brand new life!

  42. MegaMusic4Life13

    how many thought it was "Just sit back *and join* the ride
    not "just sit back , enjoy the ride"

  43. tonioverton9


  44. mary hassell

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. sillyquerky lover

    I don't understand the meaning of "from cynical to miracles" can someone explain?

  46. Bella Dulski

    I love this song!

  47. Ser Melolalolaly

    Is this song about God? =_='

    Luke Kingsbury

    Blanky Name yes...

  48. Mitch

    *Yawn* the lyrics are way too cheesy. They lack depth, the sound is way too generic.

  49. Sara Ramirez

    God bless :)

  50. Haley S []

    While most of y'all are upset about Colton exploring a different style think back to other artists that aren't necessarily Christian artists. Taylor Swift, she used to be straight up country but now she's more pop and stuff. That didn't change you loving her did it? I don't think so. So this is only the second song we've heard. Let's give him a chance.

  51. jared mutai

    new style of music, plus a beautiful song thanks Colton

  52. Icee Hittaz

    Not a bad song but i like "all that matters "better

  53. Bobby Younger

    Looking forward to the new cd from Colton !

  54. Mariska Sage

    my favorite is you are but this is wonderful!

  55. Hayden Smith

    He never disappoints!

  56. Jen Savage

    Awesome, Colton. Can't wait for the whole album!

  57. Re:Pollster

    I came expecting a Rock song, but I'm still not disappointed, this is really good stuff right here :) Also I love the part at 2:24!

  58. John Castro

    All music is great when it's for the Lord! Beautiful song Colton keep up the greatness for our God! May God bless you brother!

  59. Britt Nicole Lover

    I love this song and All That Matters! ignore the haters Colton

  60. Sara K

    I love this song! I makes you feel good, and lifts up your spirit!

  61. Alexfam 0k0

    I can't stop listening to this song.

  62. Hannah Wright

    why am I seeing so many hate comments??? if you don't like his new stuff don't listen to it easy as that I LOVE his new music so much it's so different form what he's done before so idk y some don't like it STOP SENDING HATE he's worked so hard on this music..colt this song is AMAZING so is All That Matters I love your music keep doing you :) I love yoooouuuuu

  63. Jesusfreak

    The beat in the chorus reminds me of the beat in the chorus of "Jealous" by Nick Jonas except this song is better cause it's Christian.


    That’s the same thing that I started thinking of when I 1st heard this song

  64. emily vicente

    yes amen I like this song! 😁 😇 💙

  65. Alyssa Hankins


  66. Josh

    These lyrics are so profound. Inspiring!

  67. Caralee Ramon


  68. Franklien Phoanda

    hi people, just sit back and enjoy the ride, it's a brand new...

  69. Lyrics

    I love this song! The lyrics have an amazing meaning!! :)

  70. Deanna DeAllfordii

    Y'all were awesome yesterday

  71. Quillbolt Hegdhog

    I've been going through a lot of trials lately, and I'm still too young to understand most of the messages I hear or see, but there's some that I can see and do understand... For the past week now, after the most recent trial started for me, I've been continually reminded of God's love for me and that He's still here for me, still helping me to get through the trials and tribulations.. This song is one of those reminders, one that reminds me to just lay down the pains and the burdens of the world I'm carrying, to continue following Him through everything, and to not give up because He still loves me and it's a new life... It really helps, and I hope I can hold onto it so I don't forget it.. It's a great song, I love it, and I enjoy listening to it just as much as Colton's other songs ^_^

    Louise Lockyer

    Quillbolt Hegdhog Im going through some tough stuff too. dont worry God loves u and will never forsake you ❤ God bless

  72. Windylives

    I really like it! But, is it me or it sounds similar to Hillsong Y&F?

  73. Alicia Armstrong

    love his passion and his pure heart 💕

  74. I Like Turtles

    Coltons back boiz!

  75. I Like Turtles

    Coltons back boiz!

  76. Rick Killpack

    this is just rubbish what did a computer write the words and music and the video

  77. Michelle Smith

    Omg I love this so much!!!😍 I saw you at winter jam. You even waved at me and my friends!😌👌🏻😍

  78. Ebey is your King

    I love this song. I always want to watch it again

  79. Kathie Semenyuk

    Love it honestly I love all of his songs and I think it's nice to change it up a little

  80. MariaJ F

    "He's not looking for numbers
    not counting our sins"
    Don't forget to thank Him for all the blessings that He has given you, including the misfortune events. Everything happens for a reason, BELIEVE it is His plans then everything will be okay.

  81. Emanuel Bamio

    wow i love this song.God bless you Colton Dixon 👍😀💯👏

  82. Jenn Ralte

    love the song. #Coltonfan

  83. Sky Lance

    This is just... wow. It's like this album is written for me.

  84. Abby Perez


  85. Meredith Hornbuckle

    What an Awesome song !! I absolutely LOVE it !! Can't wait to hear more of your new songs Colton Dixon !! 😊

  86. ashlyn gronek

    i love this song so much your aweasome

  87. Victor Henrique

    Cadê os Br?

  88. Gigi

    61st comment

  89. Emilee Mason

    Artists change up their sound all the time, this song is still amazing even though it's not his usually style. I think the important thing is that Colton is still spreading the wonderful message of God through whatever type of music he puts out.


    Emilee Mason I believe they’re making the songs new for the younger generation 😀 I love it cuz it’s upbeat

  90. MaryLu

    I love this! A little different than his other songs but still really good!

  91. Rodrigo Colina.

    NICE! #Venezuela

    Britt Nicole Lover

    Rodrigo Colina. I'm from Venezuela

  92. Nathan Ramos

    Brazil here

  93. Camron Robb

    Plz tell me you are going to make rock songs still 😕

  94. Alexfam 0k0

    this is the best song ever!!! ( ^ω^) \(^o^)/

  95. Mateus Henrique

    Que musica boa!

  96. Joli Libellule

    Really enjoyed this song. I can hear this all day and get pumped up with Christ Jesus. Changes my mood from down to up! There's life on your songs. GOD bless you Colton.

  97. Sean Peters

    This is an excellent song. I was the 217th person to like the video.