Divine Comedy, The - My Lovely Horse Lyrics

My lovely, lovely, lovely horse

My lovely horse
Running through the field
Where are you going
With your fetlocks blowing
In the wind?

I want to shower you with sugar lumps
And ride you over fences
Polish your hooves every single day
And bring you to the horse dentist

My lovely, lovely, lovely horse

My lovely horse
You're a pony no more
Running around
With a man on your back
Like a train in the night, yeah
Like a train in the night...

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Divine Comedy, The My Lovely Horse Comments
  1. Turbo Flamez

    RIP Nin Huguen & The Huguenotes!

  2. sk sk

    i love you!

  3. Hamish Munroe

    Utter genius. Please tell me he sings this at gigs?

  4. William Anderson

    Dermot Morgan would be proud.

  5. ArriCAT5e

    I want this in BoJack horseman

  6. Morris McKinnon

    He lost the sax solo then?!

  7. Andrew Wilson

    Someone really does have to enter Eurovision with that song. :-) Neil should do it.

  8. Gag Halfrunt

    Happy Eurovision everyone.

  9. Truth & Justice

    Careful now.
    ; ¬)

  10. Abbas Zaidi

    “I hate Dick Byrne!!!!”

  11. Lalla Collins

    I like it! It's a bit sad...

  12. Jack McCormick

    Lovely. Father Ted

  13. Barry Crawley

    Truly one of the greatest songs of all time.

  14. Fastidious Sloth

    Tearrific. You are now on my list of alternative crooners.

  15. Paul A Jackson Music

    Great little rendition. Excellent song

  16. Ferrox Glideh

    closure for the beloved...

  17. positively queen jane

    Didn't Lyn hoogen and the hoogenotes have a tune similar to this

    Abbas Zaidi

    positively queen jane “I wonder what happened to them?”
    “It was a terrible story...”

  18. thomas fallon

    That song should be in the Eurovision. The next Eurovision song for Ireland

    fog various

    they don't want to win it.. cost em a fortune the last time they did 2 ? times .

  19. Absolute Muppet

    I was hoping for the lost verses!

  20. CaptainLumpyDog


  21. Hellwyck

    *Just play the f***ing note!*

    Abbas Zaidi

    Hellwyck “....the first note?”

    Tim Lake


    Σπύρος Κορώνης


  22. John Mccluskey

    Just play the fuckin note

  23. arknell

    *sniff* God I miss that man... Thanks for a fine tribute.

  24. Michael H

    Sounds like Bowie

  25. Future Venom Zone

    Down with this sort of thing

    Andrew McDowell

    Careful now

    Finninan O conn

    Get out you uncultured swine

  26. thanxx

    i like that....its kinda sad :)

  27. Dan Bradley

    Great version, quite moving. Rip dermot and frank.

  28. grahamlive

    Not enough priests!

  29. Curtis Rupp

    i love this song classic love father ted RIP Dermot Morgan


    and Frank Kelly,

  30. Warren G

    Is this subtitled

  31. Tom Ebbs

    We're going to need to loose the sax solo Dougal

  32. kenny edwards

    Where's my feckin shotgun.

  33. Alok Sharma

    feck! arse! girls! drink!

  34. madmomentsgo

    father ted brought me here.

  35. Frankie G

    11 people were hoping for the sax solo.

    Ian Rushworth

    Ted feckin' wasn't!

  36. John Mccluskey

    down with this sort of thing

    Lord Kek

    +John Mccluskey Careful now

    Mazi Armer

    +Phil Waby yes but does he get his lad out?

  37. Stu .H

    Glad he lost that sax solo.

    Simple Poker

    @Stu .H smsl


    Careful now!

    Aidan Jane McIntosh

    that sax solo gave me a nightmare

  38. Lissette T

    running around with a man on your back......lmao!! classic!!

  39. PlayStation Exclusive

    how the hell do u sing this without laughing lol long live farther ted. 

    fog various

    as a composer.. you have to play it a LOT.. it soon becomes unfunny after the 4322342 time.. besides if you listen to neils other work, you know his sense of humour.. nhs / national express is a great example of it

  40. Tom Spineless

    Sorry I had to do it LOL 

  41. Joe Doherty

    RIP Dermot Morgan

  42. Captain Cokecan

    Glad they lost the sax solo

  43. Mousey Housewife

    I sounds sad, knowing that Dermot's gone.

  44. Lord Woffingshire

    I feel that it was lacking backing singers

  45. John Theodore

    The first one?

  46. Jon Wilson


  47. Pitch Slapperton


  48. Red Letters Tv


  49. adamandeve2006


  50. MegaJay70

    "Hold on.....I can get this"

  51. Laura Kane

    Best song ever

  52. AN Feuerstahl

    Genious ! Fantastic !

  53. thefunkydrummer

    Along those lines anyway!

  54. thefunkydrummer

    C Em7 Am F

  55. sawsher99

    @Cellar Door lol

  56. cosine303

    great song, he does sound a little hoarse though :) . I miss ted :/ .. even I was funnier back then.

  57. Cellar Door

    I've killed a man father...

  58. Eoghan Kennedy


  59. Flann Flynn

    oh shut up.

  60. formulacountdown

    In reality they never existed and never came fifth in the Norway national selection of 1975.

  61. enigmamachine

    He played the f***ing note

  62. Rachel Mc Namara

    can"t beat the original!!

  63. Ryan Simmons

    Damn. I liked the sax solo.

  64. Thomas Oliver

    Ah, you're forgetting the studio engineers! :L

  65. BritishAlienCompany

    Glad they cut the sax solo....

  66. lomasca

    Oh my GOD!

    Why havent I seen this before.

  67. 78rikkers

    where's the sax solo?

  68. Steven R


  69. eimead

    I fear you may be right, but just for the record... I do realize this was a piss take... kinda the angle I was going for to be honest.

  70. eimead

    I apologize my friend, but you appear to have the wit of a genetically modified turnip.

  71. Jennifer Perry

    neil hannon writes songs from father ted songs of love and my lovely horse

  72. Largactyl Kid

    Probably Irish Linnen! lol

  73. py2007

    You'd think he would iron his shirt...

  74. Resist Stance

    Beautiful rendition of a classic.

  75. Mike Winn

    "you're a pony no more" always gets me!

  76. awnok

    Almost Tom Waits..ish. Love it!

  77. Sparkei

    @dellarwoowoo It would make more sense saying 4 people are father dick bryne as he is ted's enemy and lost in the competion to get to eurovision from ted in this episode.

  78. Matthew Hurst

    @MatthewHurstFilm I think it's D9 minus the tonic

  79. Matthew Hurst

    Does anyone know what the chord is near the end after the first "Like a train in the night"?

  80. JauntyAngle

    @merzbear1 uh no ted and dougal wrote it have you not seen the episode

  81. tom hughes

    neil hannon actually wrote this song for the series in the first place.

  82. Dean

    my lovely horse running through the... field

  83. 201088aa

    bad i think.... no atmosphere of original series

  84. Peter McCarthy

    @eimead Ahhhhhhh ;) very clever and funny :P Dont i fell like a dope!

  85. eimead

    @pekitivey I know, and in the episode of Ted its in, Ving Hoogan and Teh Hooganotes are the band Ted and Dougal rip the song off... In the immortal words of Renier Wolfecastle... Dats De Joke!

  86. eimead

    @pekitivey I know, and in the episode of Ted its in, Ving Hoogan and Teh Hooganotes are the band Ted and Dougal rip the song off... In the immortal words of Renier Wolfecastle... Dats De Joke!

  87. Peter McCarthy

    @ahfuckoff Oh dear indeed.......At least i get to see this man on Thusday!

  88. ahfuckoff

    @pekitivey oh dear.......

  89. Peter McCarthy

    @eimead It was origanaly written for ""Father Ted".................soooooooooooooooo

  90. August G

    @MsTman23 Sorry, that wasn't meant to sound as horribly sarcastic and scathing etc. as it did.

  91. August G

    @MsTman23 He wrote it for Father Ted. So yes.

  92. tara mansfield

    is this for real??

  93. eimead

    @saintlee2008 cheers, credit to graham and arthur obviously.

  94. saintlee2008

    @eimead thanks for making my day, that's the funniest comment I've read on youtube for ages...

  95. Joel Whitaker

    love thissssssssss!!

  96. scrodyg

    one person didn't have a lovely horse...

  97. saul goodman

    neil hannons lemmy beard ha love it

  98. Scott Manley Hadley

    I had a great day, which plummeted at about eight thirty/nine.
    This picked it back up.
    This really picked it back up.