Dispatch - Only The Wild Ones Lyrics

Long hair and longer stride
Skateboard affair with the primal tribe
And your cut off painter pants
Charging down the craggy mountains
With our thrift store friends

Who you find so... so in love with the falling earth
Oh, you wake in the middle of the falling night with the summer playing coy

In the attics of the city night
We talked corso and the MC5
And you could dance like
We were all alright

Only the wild ones give you something and never want it back
Oh, the riot and the rush of the warm night air
Only the wild ones are the ones you can never catch
Stars are up now no place to go... but everywhere

One I met in the green mountain state
I dropped out, and he moved away
Heard he got some land down south
Changed his name to a name the birds could pronounce

And only the wild ones give you something and never want it back
Oh, the riot and the rush of the warm night air
Only the wild ones are the ones you can never catch
Stars are up now no place to go but everywhere

No place to go but everywhere

In the city the mayor said
Those who dance are all misled
So you packed your things and moved to the other coast
Said you gonna be like Charlie Rose

And only the wild ones give you something and never want it back
Oh, the riot and rush of the warm night air
Only the wild ones are the ones you can never catch
Stars are up now no place to go... but everywhere

Only the wild ones give you something and never want it back
Oh, the riot and rush of the warm night air
Only the wild ones are the ones you can never catch
Stars are up now no place to go... but anywhere

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Dispatch Only The Wild Ones Comments
  1. Matthew Jackson

    Shamefully I'm late to the Discovery the band, and the beautiful stories of thier music. As a older fan, who has less life ahead of me then behind, I'm glad I found this beauty.

  2. gregory bancroft

    Anyone else catch that footloose reference? Love this song!!

  3. Maverick One

    This is now the official theme song for Forrest fenn's. Thrill of the chase

  4. Selma s

    This video makes me want to quit school and travel again ugh

  5. nolliemags

    check ur email thats in your insta bio... or did you leave me on read cos it was weird

  6. Ульяна Анохина-Ветра

    Звучит очень неплохо

  7. Daianna rodriguez

    My twin and i had this song on repeat, we loved it! Please come to Los Ángeles soon! We love you!

  8. Jayla Eaves

    Enjoyed the music at Bernie Sanders rally, so I stopped in to check more out. Thanks!

    this world is nuts

    Bernie is a crook.

  9. עידן גבאי

    I don't understand how such an amazing song has less than 1m views, It should be 1b at least. ❤

  10. Thays Marchetti

    Hello from Brazil

  11. Arnold Guijarro,freemasonmafia

    Go watch my video arnold guijarro

  12. Panda Soul TV

    look's like the song from Ufo361 "Pass auf wehn du liebst"

  13. Duh Bizz

    i like it

  14. Space Shuttle Door Gunner

    Wrong should go nowhere. The Good should go anywhere.

  15. Mark S

    This song puts me on the Cape sitting on the beach at a bonfire....

  16. gypsy C137

    I can’t believe I saw you guys live but had never heard your music before so I left. I really wish I stayed and listened because I’m in love now

  17. Lily Z

    third year, still here ... who else? ;) incredible how some songs can just resonate with people in such a way <3

  18. Someone Anyone

    Wholesomest band on Earth

  19. Hello Friends

    Beautiful song and video❤️

  20. Mark Ocean

    finally found it! XD

  21. tyler lewis


  22. Chris Fritsch

    i come here every now and then, just because it gives me a good feeling 8)

  23. Lisa Horner

    Such a beautiful song.. Feels like summer

  24. wallace barbosa de oliveira

    Esse clip me arrepia todos que vibration

  25. Amy Fryman

    Come to Nelson's ledges quarry park!!!

  26. Susan Price

    Wilmington, NC

  27. M. E.

    One of the very few songs that make me cry. These lyrics speak right to my soul. Thank you

  28. A Aa

    I can’t get enough of this song 😊

  29. CJC Carta

    Nice. This has a very paul simon graceland feel to it.. i love the video. Celebrating the family of man.

  30. Dana Kranz

    Such a TREMENDOUS song and such a powerful video. More please!!!

  31. Jameson Bornholdt

    The guitar sounds like a bad version of "Mess is Mine" by Vance Joy

  32. Kimberly Gabriele

    i come here for Victor Pradella!!

  33. sayhey22

    sounds like Paul Simon.

  34. Greg Black


  35. Emmy Andrews

    Love you guys!

  36. Valerio Pagliaroli

    What does it mean "be like Charlie Rose"?

    David Schaefer

    It means something different now than when the song was written. Live, it's "be like Rosie O." The other youtube version has a note from the band:

    There was this guy named Trevor Tall Fox that I met during my short stint in Vermont. We bonded over our love for primitive cultures, flinging ourselves down the mountain side, naked skateboarding, running from the cops and train hopping. I left Middlebury after a year and we unfortunately lost touch, but I heard that he changed his name after moving to Costa Rica. After Vermont, I settled in New York City for a few years. I met a tall fellow from Chicago named Charlie and he was on a mission to soak up everything New York had to offer. I was glad to tag along. He was hell bent on reading the New York Times from start to finish everyday and eventually having an interview show like Charlie Rose. He was also an incredible dancer, not an easy feat for someone 6’6”. He was all limbs but he could move like the best of 'em. We'd run up walls and climb street lamps - he had no trouble causing a scene. This was right around the time when Giuliani outlawed dancing in pubs and bars. So we made it our business to go out and start dance parties (and no one could start a party like Charlie) in all the nearby bars. This song is about those guys, it’s about wild best friends that made anything possible. - Chad

  37. Chris Fritsch

    such a masterpiece

  38. Karpuffel Toffer

    👍❤👍 from Germany.

  39. JoshsShoeBox

    Dispatch = 🐐


    thank you, this is a beautiful message, through my eyes and through my ears, through and through.

  41. Yvonne Turner

    Love love this song

  42. TheMikeyMoe

    an amazing beautiful hybridization of lovely music with cinema to remind of us the simple things of nature and humanity. Tears of joy for all of us. I will watch this video every time I even think of the evening or daily news. Hats off!

  43. Ashy Bear

    How did you encompass life in one song?

  44. Michael Jones

    Excellent ! "Well done" ... (Simon & Garfunkel) ...


    Michael Jones absolutely

  45. Chris Gullace

    Hello everyone I will be opening for Dispatch July 20th at the Stone Pony. Dispatch are my heroes and I couldn’t be more excited check out my music

  46. Leigh Quiros

    Summer anthem. I’ve always loved dispatch! So happy to hear new music

  47. Adam Truett

    Huge fan of you guys!! I was born in 2001, and throughout my childhood my mom would play your CD's in the car. I make music now on my channel, and I was wondering if you could check me out? It would mean the world to me!!

  48. MigueSublime Skunk

    I love this song!!! Me hace llorar hermanos!!! Saludos desde Mendoza Argentina!!!!!

  49. Caelan McLellon

    Greatest song ever!!!!!!!😆😆😆

  50. Neville Smith

    Wow! Sounds like it could have been written by Paul Simon at his best, very nice!

  51. Jordan Spencer

    I consider myself a bit of a music snob, and dispatch has been my favorite (and continues to be) my favorite band for the last 10+ years. Thank guys, keep spreading the good vibes. The world needs more music with purpose like this.

  52. Andrew O'Hara

    I thought this song was beautiful... and then I saw the video. WOW. This was incredible, thank you so much for this. Literally brought a tear of joy to my eyes. I feel inspired to just go out and do something uncharacteristic and daring. Maybe hop on a plane and go get lost somewhere.

  53. Riky Quadre

    One of my favourite band all the time...
    I went trough high school, uni, travels and my new life in Australia with Dispatch

  54. Ryan Thomason

    Don't ever forget what dispatch did for us ! Beautiful music always

  55. I Am Squanto

    This song makes me feel happy about when I feel sad. Like I can feel sad, but in the back of my mind it just feels good to know that I'm really human and can feel deep emotions. It almost removed the label/connotation of negative feelings as being terrible and leaving you in despair, so I can view my negative emotions in a non-prejudiced way. Like my negative emotions aren't good or bad, they're just straight up human nature... idk it's really hard to explain. But this song just makes me feel happy about being a living & feeling human being

  56. MobiuSphere

    That was one of the most beautiful music videos I've ever watched.

  57. JWalkin Watters

    Can't wait to see you in Madison, your new album just keeps getting better! 💗

  58. Martin Jimenez

    dispatch, please come to Chile!!! it would be really awesome!!

  59. Eric Kuhn

    Paul Simon?

    Mark Loughran

    Eric Kuhn good artists borrow, great artists steal

  60. Travvix

    HI Dispatch! I would like to thank you for your lovely music. I'm very happy about listening to your new Album. There's so much love from you guys, invested in songs and videos like this one (only the wild ones). And to me it feels like i'm able to pull the same love from this Video to become satisfied again and again. thank you for that :-)I'm looking forward to see you tonight in Zurich! It's gonna be amazing! Greetings from Switzerland to everyone and have a happy day!

  61. cymbol73


  62. Chrystal T

    Great song and amazing video!

  63. juan carlos hernandez eleno


  64. CaryKartitas Diamonds Gold Silver rocks

    su p e r m a n b o r d o h e e r a s e .. n o c r y

  65. Thomas J. Nofi

    I find myself playing this video every now and again and it really picks my spirits up. I've pretty much felt that way about Dispatch since playing Gut the Van nonstop at work in the early 2000s. Thanks guys for invoking all the feels.

  66. Showbizlizard 53

    How come this only has 47k veiws! This stuff is amazing!

  67. Charles Ferris

    This song, and the band in general, deserves much more attention than they're getting. Their so awesome :3
    You've got my respect guys :D

  68. JARS

    Holy Crap! Love your song!

  69. Alexandra Messinis

    Amazing work Dispatch! Hope you come to Canada sometime :)


    ICYMI - Last week we put out the new official video for "Only The Wild Ones" that is inspired from our time on and off the road. From our friends at Camp Jabberwocky in Martha's Vineyard to the beautiful Ileana of Managua, Nicaragua — it is so vital to remember there's always more that unites us than divides.

    John Northrup

    DISPATCH any chance you’ll come through Denver in 2018?



  71. Ky Hersey

    This song is so truly gorgeous. Puts a tear to my eye. It surely sang to my soul! Thanks Dispatch! Love and Light!

  72. Payton Smith

    I love you guys Dispatch thru it all a melody to dance with in this lovely life we all live and share Peace Love Happiness


    3rd world shithole

  74. Englishbus77

    Thanks for subtitles...

  75. Ryan Cross

    I'll never forget Chad's Africa stories (Hopeless Tender <3) or Brad drawing a tear speaking about Nicaragua in 2007. Your work continues to inspire me, thank you for everything you've done and for the continued opportunity to enjoy your art. It's been almost 15 years!

  76. The Whiskey Gunner

    I drove by myself from Seattle to Red Rocks and back, any chance Dispatch will do the Gorge (or anywhere near Seattle) again?? PS. LOVE THIS SONG! It inspires me to be myself, against the odds, insecurities and paralyzing depression.

  77. Victor Pucci

    Beautiful video, amazing song!!

  78. Victor Pucci

    São Paulo!

  79. LuvLite

    Can't get enough of this!

  80. Madison B

    "Changed his name to a name the birds could pronounce"

  81. SirCammyBoi

    Come to australia! Down under can show you a good time Chad! :)

  82. Noopy Bear

    Yep, I'm addicted to this song🐼

  83. Sheri VandeRiet

    Love this.

  84. Sarah Kate Goehring

    some of the best memories of my life were made when i first discovered this song. thanks forever, dispatch 💛

  85. Jay Shaughnessy

    Love the Video guys! Great Work

  86. Branden Martin

    Want to swing by Higher Ground sometime really soon????

  87. Courtney Snow

    My friend took his life a few months ago and this song reminds me of him so much. I love it so. I've been binge listening for months

    Caelan McLellon

    C S sry to hear that

  88. Jose Antonio Lucio Gálvez

    So looking forward seeing you guys in London in September, I'll try not to cry.

  89. Keith Campbell

    Awesome video. I was just able to see you guys in Rochester Hills MI and it was an amazing show. Come back to MI soon!

  90. bnynjg08231991

    Please come back to western New York.

  91. Chris Gullace

    Hey guys great video and great song me and my brother came to the last one in Philly. Hope Pete is doing well I for sure miss him. My band opened for all three of you guys chad was with state radio at the time and Pete and braddigan came by and I got to see their bands. This was all at the Stone Pony many moons ago when you guys were broken up. I thought that was the closest I'd get to see you guys and my band got to open for you guys it was a wonderful experience and it brought a smile to my face because you guys are my favorite artist and I have so much respect for you guys and how you made it on your own terms. I look forward to seeing the three of you back on stage again keep making music!!!

  92. Mike Roth

    This is such a beautiful video. It shows such joy, empathy, and love. Thank you for sharing part of your hearts with us through your music! love love love, Mikey

  93. Lindsay Dutton

    This is the purest thing

  94. WNDY

    This is such a gorgeous video, and the new album is my favorite Dispatch album. It's incredible.

  95. Ashley Bertrand

    Summerfest was absolutely amazing!

  96. Mridul Jawahar

    Love from

  97. Stephanie K.

    Love the video and it's diversity in people and locations. Beautiful! It was great seeing you sing this at the Boston public library earlier this summer💕

  98. Will Evans Music

    Beautiful footage boys. Hey Brad has the Ileana project been released yet? Love to see how that came together. Big love

  99. Noopy Bear

    Wowzer, loved the song before the "official" vid but this does add a certain specialniss( I'm aware this is not a real word). Great job guys, I love you 😘

    Skian 7504

    Noopy Bear “specialness” is totally a word!