Disclosure - Together Lyrics

Kiss my lips and taste the Sauvignon
I wrap the vines around your thighs
I can see the kind of tip you're on
There's no confusion in your eyes

Let's unwind together
Ease our minds together

Taking sips to push the moment on
But it's just the bottle that's run dry
Lose the watch cause we got nothing on
And I'm not keeping track of time!

Let's unwind together
Ease our minds together


Ease our minds together [repeat]

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Disclosure Together Comments
  1. Kelsey Taylor

    This song makes me feel so hot omg ,😜😛💋👄👅👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩♀️♈♥️📛📛♀️♀️

  2. Karell Norwood

    I love this song, the vibe is so 90s

  3. Sarah Dodd

    This wasn't the song I was looking for bit oh well 😍

  4. TeeTaan

    "the most ambitious crossover in history"

  5. sweetzebra

    This track has only one problem:

    It's too short!!!

  6. sidi86

    This is bullshit radio music !!!

  7. Franco Macalouso

    2019 and still listening to this sexy music

  8. Ian Coloma

    OMG this song its too smooth and perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Keery Windle

    Why did they take this off of spotify?

  10. Giselle Sibug

    Never heard of this, till now😂

  11. Tyler Peck

    Put this shit on Spotify right now

  12. Munashe Mashoko

    don't do what i did and sleep on this song , biggest mistake you will make

  13. Jamaal McCoy

    Tight production.

  14. Brandon Slaughter


  15. Anthony Nellon

    So much sexy love in this song.

  16. Ramond Tiwow


  17. Vilma Svobodová

    how is this NOT on spotify?!

  18. Ben McCarthy

    I've been a fan of disclosure since the start! I have listened to both Colab with Sam Smith about 1000 times each.. I never heard this before.. How? I ended up hearing it in a bar in Barcelona.. Wtf

  19. Von Philip

    Hey, Korean singer group(Red Velvet, giant K-Pop singer group) plagiarizes your song.
    Here is a link and please check it. Link: https://youtu.be/px2Q47O0_eE

    Same rhythm, high-toned, Red Velvet= snapping fingers, original= clapping

  20. Edvinas Viršilas

    why can't I find this on Spotify???

  21. iBanz

    Where Can i find this on spotify?

  22. 김민재


  23. oshane campbell

    This song is so pleasing to the ears damn wish it was longer !

  24. Kenna Kelley

    When they took this off spotify and you have to come to YouTube :)

  25. Ko Tull

    Sexy song

  26. Mara Ximena

    Anyone knows why this is no longer on Spotify?

  27. Demi Viring

    Why isn't this on Spotifyyyyyyy :(((((

  28. Sidney Harris

    Needs to be on Spotify

  29. Joey Nathan

    I've got a sexy times playlist on Spotify but since this has been taken off there it's been incomplete and I'm fucking fuming about it!!

  30. Yvette 2792

    omg I love this song!!!!!!

  31. Harrison Christnagel

    please put this back on spotify it is so good

    jo //

    Harrison Christnagel I said the same thing 😩

    Chloe Rose

    Harrison Christnagel I was just trying to find it and thought I got the name wrong...but its just not there on Spotify :'( fml


    It's back!

  32. Mill Burray

    I can feel Nile Rodgers

  33. JLH Edits

    this deserves 200 million views wtf. I had high hopes for the views as I haven't heard this song in a while but omg

  34. George Richards

    How could anyone dislike this song

  35. Gian

    This is yet so good and really is SOFT.

  36. Ryker Vivier

    Heard this song at a restaurant with my girlfrand. Set the perfect mood

  37. Maurice Stewart

    I wish I could buy or stream this song. They took it off Spotify then I paid for Tidal and same result. Tidal says the record company won't allow streaming of this song.


    It's on Google Play Music, but it's not on GPM's version of Disclosure's Album, Settle (Special Edition). It is on the one that I have purchased from iTunes though.

    Maurice Stewart

    how long ago did you purchase it because Google play music won't let me buy it



    Thats the single song from GPM, But the version I own is from the iTunes version of Settle (deluxe).

    Maurice Stewart

    cool, thanks a lot!


    +Maurice Stewart they have it on Spotify I have it in my playlist. 🙂

  38. David Acopa

    Ya pónganla en spotify 😡

  39. Jahlil Thorn

    Does anyone else want Sauvignon now? LOL

  40. hotwheelz kid

    I can't be the only one to get a gta vice city vibe right?

    Pratik Das

    I know, right ?

  41. Cycle King

    Disclosure & Sam Smith are better *Together*.

  42. Spaceman

    Daft punk!

  43. Ross Abel

    this song gives me life ngl

  44. Ariel ST

    This is a good song for anyone future trailer of GTA

  45. Sofia

    Daaamn Samueel!! 😻

  46. Karina B

    Why isn't this in spotify? :(

    Etien Julie

    noo i cant find it :(


    Hi guys, it's now on Spotify included in Settle deluxe… :)

    Jake makes

    Asia Mockingbird https://open.spotify.com/track/7Kp3wRwSlmRoZvJ2ttZhBj?si=3AyZzMppRMeH2zPp6HVXtw

    Jake makes

    Karina B here: https://open.spotify.com/track/7Kp3wRwSlmRoZvJ2ttZhBj?si=3AyZzMppRMeH2zPp6HVXtw

  47. claudia cruz

    Perfection sam smith 🎵🎶💯👍

  48. barkape

    this track sounds like it was birthed from a secret dimension of sexiness and divinity

  49. Najlae BB

    perfect but too short!

  50. Gabriel Vitalino

    perfect combo



  52. rman

    this is one of the greatest records of the last 10 years.

  53. Jonatan Uribe

    like si viniste por los premios oscar

  54. shadona chavez

    AM I the only one that has the feeling he has special needs?if so..he is even more awesome!!

  55. LaFever

    SO GROOVY! We need more music like this in the world. Our band did a mashup of this song, along with "Fly Like an Eagle." Ya'll should check it out! Click on our profile to see the video!

  56. string = Name.YouTube(googleplus)


  57. Sandro Souza

    ou ouu pancadão sonoro de qualidade, high quality ♫

    Claudia Morales

    +Claudia Morales the same things

  58. Michael Ohayon

    together with the Music!thanks Disclosure!



  60. Zach

    damn this is funky

  61. Travis Jordan


  62. Synthesizer Patel

    Sam Smith + Disclosure = Perfection.


    Don't forget to credit nile Rodgers guitar playing in this song. But I feel ya they haven't disappointed when they collab

    Monika Zielinska

    YES let's go Together not apart

    Banjo Bear

    +Synthesizer Patel Truer word have not been typed!!!!

    lucia luna

    True :)

  63. Tainara Rodrigues

    love you sam 💘💓💕

  64. GamingAndrew

    I'll keep it short.. If you're interested in listening to something different, then please check out my first song! https://soundcloud.com/p-rep/preppy-youre-beautiful

    David Raygoza

    +GamingAndrew I liked it up until 1:05. Rest was annoying.

  65. Kate Robinson

    love his voice

  66. Kate Robinson

    love you sam!!!

  67. Felipe Avendaño

    Is it just me or does this song make you wanna have slow sweaty sex? gosh...

    Luis Lopez

    +Felipe Avendaño YESSSSSSS GOSH

    Shieloumae Cabal

    yeah I feel it!

  68. Sebastian Annab

    What genre 0_o

  69. Bauzá

    So awesome perfect

  70. Nesha M

    Literally like can't stop dancing to this. Love Sam so much! It's been like a year since I first heard it and I'm still in love!

    string = Name.YouTube(googleplus)

    +Nesha M You must be tired by now from dancing.

    Nesha M

    😂 yes, quite tired actually

  71. TBSXShooter

    Sam,  You do Blues sooooo good.

  72. Antje Buelens


  73. Hassy

    That's extreme

  74. November DeVine

    I am in love with this song. Even when you first here the beat you fall in love. The song is so sexy and pure.

  75. annabelle w


  76. Karlee Plante A Flower


  77. Martha M

    Check out the 4.43 minute version of this brilliant track, unfortunately it's without this video. The weird thing is.....it still feels as short as this version!!! How bizarre is that?!! I think it's because I'm addicted to this song and crave hearing it like some musical junkie!!!

  78. Trinity Gray

    They need to make more songs together

  79. Kayoko Ohama

    This song is so sexyyyyyyy!Love it!

  80. poplife123

    So prince .....circa erotic city.....17 days .....love it

  81. Beatriz Morales

    Sam's laugh in the beginning is so cute. Love this song!

  82. Mattis Lebeslour

    This could be in a porn video

  83. P Godaz

    It'll all about Niles' guitar riff - it makes the song!

  84. Chuesday

    jenn im brought me here <3

  85. josie


  86. Olivia Moten

    What kind of theme is this video?


    American neo-noir

    Olivia Moten

    @fizzyfoster not quite


    @Olivia Moten it has a miami vice vibe to me.. miami in the 80s

  87. Marc Morais

    smoother than hank moody......

  88. Robin Sy

    Why this makes me feel GTA S.A nostalgic ?

  89. arktzen

    Hozin Showcase

  90. claytonss125

    Funky.. Fresh..Dope 

  91. Gatt

    what is superfruit?


    Superfruit is a youtube channel with two menmbers from Pentatonix. At all the end of videos they say a song taht they love and fans go chek it out ;)
    sorry for the bad english, french :)

  92. joe threlfall

    Nile rodgers is awesome him an the hitmaker

  93. shyenaia luna