Disciple - The One Lyrics

Waking up with smoke inside your lungs
Rising embers blotting out the sun
Your entire world is burning up
Look up you're surrounded

Raking out the ashes from your eyes
Buried alive under open skies
You feel the sting of the burn for the first time
Look up you're surrounded
You're surrounded by THE ONE

Can you feel it when the heart starts beating?
Can you feel it when the body starts breathing?
No one's gonna face this fight alone
We bleed one for all, we bleed all for one

Can you feel it when the wall starts breaking?
Can you feel it when the heavens start shaking?
You won't ever face this fight alone
We bleed one for all, we bleed all for one

Breaking free from the cycle that denies
you the vision to see the truth from lies
Then you will never become what you despise
Look up you're surrounded

Here we are to your right and to your left
We're all breathing the same breath
We will stand, we will fight unto the death
Look up you're surrounded
You're surrounded by THE ONE

One heart, one Spirit, one Body
One flame, one fire that started
by one death, one life
One God we're praying to tonight

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Disciple The One Comments
  1. Quinton Houston

    Who says Christians don't rock?

  2. NextSongs4God

    Man nobody’s got a thicker Bronx accent than Cindy Lauper! This band will make you D-Tune your axe for sure!

  3. Sandra Whatsoever

    Came here because of David Exclusive's intro 👍🏻

  4. Richard Jerome

    Yes sir.Ain't nothing like old style metal with a Brand New kick!

  5. Wolf Alpha 900

    Love the bridge.
    "One heart, one Spirit, one body,
    One flame, one fire that started,
    One death, one life,
    One God we are praying to tonight."

  6. jeff brown

    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. jeff brown

    great song

  8. Simon

    So awesome!! O.o

  9. BradVan316

    Headbang for christ

  10. Bladewing

    Heard this on the radio earlier. Instantly recognized the vocals as Kevin and went to look it up.


    Yeah he has one of them voices u can sire tell. When i first heard Draw the line, i quickly knew it was them cuz of his voice.

    Eli Sellers

    Which radio station?

  11. Christian McDonald

    The begining

  12. Hunter Duncan

    This song is sooooooo epic!!!

    Michael Condon

    try manafest he's a good friend of this dude


    Rock on 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

    Evil Toad

    Haha Manafest's song "Bring the Ruckus" gets me so pumped!

    Michael Condon

    @Evil Toad  what a song, this sort of music is what gets me pumped, its all i listen to

    florian holfeld

    +Michael Condon Manafest is a really cool dude. I knew him before disciples

  13. SeaSea Whisper

    Awesome song

  14. iPixel

    I normally don't like this genre of music, but if you are going to listen to it, it needs to be this!

  15. Broken Heart Martinez

    we are two

  16. Bastiaan Speksnijder

    Awesome song!!

    jeff brown

    heck yeah

  17. Sander Bos

    I get goosebumps from this song! So AwEsOmE!

  18. Eduardo Cisneros

    i am in lesbians with this song
    -scott pilgrims

  19. Wolfkid272

    I am in love with this song. <3

    jeff brown

    same bro

  20. 4417adam

    Awesome song praise GOD.

  21. alex miguel

    an awsome vedeo and awsome song!!