Disciple - Revolution: Now Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Can you feel it?
Our anthem is rising [Revelation 15:3-4]
The voices are screaming
The minds are awakening [2 Corinthians 3:14-16]

And our march is shaking the ground
And now we're running to tear these idols down [Isaiah 2:8-18]
Send the flares, revolution's coming now [Revelation 19:11-16]

The tide has broken out
Flooding till they all fall down [1 Corinthians 15:25]
Revolution's coming now
The blood spilled on the ground
Will cry until they all fall down [Genesis 4:10]
Revolution's coming now

[Verse 2]
And now the children take up their arms
And lead us in the charge of enlightenment [Mark 10:15]
A mass exodus of fear leaving hearts [1 John 4:18]
To the place where we will tear these idols down
Send the flares, revolution's coming now

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Disciple Revolution: Now Comments
  1. ItsDistoyX YT

    lol i like how he included pics from the tv show Merlin

  2. DJ MoNsTeR13

    Love this song wish it was on Apple Music

  3. Justin Lehman

    Lord take this all away cleanse me of this psin lord wash me

  4. Roberto Aranda

    Wouuuuu!!!!the best team of rock!!

  5. BigDog12345 X XL The Great

    This really sounded like another song that I heard from a Disciple Album or Two. One of them was like "Indestructible", the other I believe - "Breathe", "Bound", "Devour", or "Darkness" or something. Maybe "God Of The Mind" or "Warrior".

  6. CAIrondad

    Wow. WOW! Just what I needed to see and hear this morning! thanks, brother!!!

  7. Joseph Hiker

    Must have been made by a 12 year old.

    Ernest Horning

    Joseph Hiker Awesome

    Joseph Hiker

    No hate bro, it's a good song. But with Narnia and it was uploaded 7 years ago..

    Ernest Horning

    Joseph Hiker We love variety. 7 years ago is awesome 😉God bless you! 👍

  8. PureAsCocaine

    [ Revolution Now ]

  9. pedro lucas #contenteTV

    great music

  10. Jerry BigEagle

    I actually saw Kevin cough up a piece of lung onto the stage while was singing this.

  11. Jesus is Lord

    Ephesians 6:12


    +Man777Alive Acts 23v8, "The Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, and that there are neither angels nor spirits "
    Mark 12v18, "Then the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection....."
    Acts 17v18, "A group of Epicurean & Stoic philosophers began to dispute with Paul. Some of them asked, "What is this babbler trying to say" he doesn't seem to realize that his theology is little more than a reworking of Greek mythology complete with its Hades & Tartarus. Also he should read Wikipedia about our Epicurean Paradox:

    God, he says, either wishes to take away evils, and is unable; or He is able, and is unwilling; or He is neither willing nor able, or He is both willing and able. If He is willing and is unable, He is feeble, which is not in accordance with the character of God; if He is able and unwilling, He is envious, which is equally at variance with God; if He is neither willing nor able, He is both envious and feeble, and therefore not God; if He is both willing and able, which alone is suitable to God, from what source then are evils? Or why does He not remove them?

  12. Dee

    I'm so height up this is a great song it brings the warrior out me and bless mode. That will be a great battle between good and evil god and the devil and we  are going through a battle every day the devil is mad he want are soul but we most stand up for god and do what he say and believe in hem and we  will go to heaven.

  13. Naughtyboy831

    Soon there will be a revolution in the us be ready


    +Armando Mederos I am bro

    Julie Goldsmith

    Armando Mederos I stand with you.

    Dustin Viers

    Armando Mederos I've been reading for that for a loong time just wait till world war 3 starts and some very bad things happen

  14. Agent

    0:37 the mimes are awakening?

  15. NM156 NM156

    Christians are being slaughtered in the middle east! My brother is leaving to fight for our way of life, That means to give a voice to those who might even oppose us! Isn't  that what freedom is? Pray For Mike Verrillo Please.

  16. Jesse Basham

    I love this!

  17. LuckyKim133

    Is this song about religion? I am not trying to be one of those people. I am just curious.

    Łīłīŧħ PøƨƨɇƨƨīɳgȻħīłđɍɇɳ-IƨFʉɳ Ðɇmøɳ

    I'm personally religious, I love this song and this band generally :)


    +LuckyKim133 without a doubt

    GingerKidd Adventures

    +Tygineer *mic drop*

    Brandon Johnson

    Yes they are a Christian band. The Lord loves you

    The Puppeteer 777

    @Brandon Johnson Thank you for the reply, he loves you as well :)

  18. harold2325

    Will you make videos like this again? its amazing!

  19. SilenceIsGolden2721

    "Before this is over, the world will know, that few stood against many."

  20. Rachel Graves


  21. Travis Reynolds

    I pray that u will find your way back to the Lord this song says it all of what is going to happen in the last day before Jesus's return and that is why i was lead to this song for people like u and and the rest of the world to let them know we are living in the end of the ends and the last of last. I have seen this band four times and am a huge fan of they music and in fact i would die for them. If u need any thing let me know i am there for u my bro.

  22. Ernest Horning


  23. Λngelα яc

    Great job with the edition !! :D

  24. Lakota39

    That being said I am not without some understanding of the Christian faith I was raised Christian for a few years in my adolescence and can see the good in the faith, so I wish everyone here the best in life.

  25. Lakota39

    while I do respect other religions and do have some belief in something greater than myself I kind of feel this chat is one sided to Christianity. Now I'm not trying to step on any toes and if I do in some way offend you in some way I apologize, but I just feel that while this is a Christian band the message itself has a universal meaning and should not be limited to one view alone. But I do love this song and its many up lifting meanings and am thankful that it was shared with the world. :)

  26. Drac4650


  27. Superjerk213

    O my God dude! This is awesome I love that bass/guitar in the background

  28. ShanG129

    Next album is coming out in 2 days... Anyone else hyped?!?!?!?! :)

  29. Ernest Horning

    Thanks! :D

  30. ejkz4789

    You WIN for using Lord of the Rings clips :D

  31. Ernest Horning

    Indeed it is!

  32. AsdielFelDown


  33. ejthomas711

    Disciple is the best, rock on

  34. Sergeant Skull

    photo 1:35

  35. Kelvyn Soler


  36. Ernest Horning

    :) ...Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement!

  37. Ernest Horning

    Thanks! Disciple did a great job on this album & I'm looking forward to their next album too!

  38. notwl4G

    this is flippin awesome!!!!!!!!!!! great job :)

  39. Disciplemusic7

    Not exactly my favorite song on the album, but the video is great! Keep up the good work! :)

  40. Hardcore Black Kid

    Praise The Lord

  41. blackjaq25

    keep you from falling *and* present you before.......

  42. blackjaq25

    To Him who is able to keep you from falling to present you before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy - to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power, and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and FOREVERMORE (emphasis mine, added)! Amen. Jude 24-25

  43. blacksheepwall79

    Yes, I am. He who knew no sin was made sin that I might be the righteousness of God in him! I am very proud, and overjoyed. Not that I WAS worthy, but that I have been MADE WORTHY. Praise him in all his deeds!

  44. Jpdiaz10

    What I love hearing, small troops defeated thousands.

  45. Ernest Horning

    @triplehhh51551 ...yeah, Thanks!

  46. Ernest Horning

    @miksulder Thanks... I appreciate your response... I really want to experience and live that

  47. miksulder

    @creativevisionmedia When you realise how much god loves you, then you live only for jesus and not for yourself. peace

  48. Ernest Horning

    @miksulder can you explain this statement/question in a different way - so I can understand :)

  49. miksulder

    how much it cost to pay your sins= son of god. Still proud being who you are?

  50. Ernest Horning

    @Ziggasm The Passion Of The Christ ...thanks for watching!

  51. Spagh King

    whats the movie with jesus on the cross?

  52. Cory Will

    Ohh yeah, revolution is coming. And for those who don't belive better be prepared to belive because its geting close.

  53. Daniels Gulbis

    @creativevisionmedia thank you very much!

  54. Ernest Horning

    @danhilz Shawshank Redemption Ver1

  55. Daniels Gulbis

    where can I get photo from 1:31 ?

  56. AeonAxis

    this sucks theres no tabs anywhere and no covers!! i want to learn this so bad but i cant learn by ear very well

  57. Life of Nathan

    2:54 is crazy epic!!!

  58. Aleks Todorov

    @creativevisionmedia :))))

  59. Ernest Horning

    @cjcaleksnaruto Thanks!

  60. Ernest Horning

    @cjcaleksnaruto I love how the spirit of God speaks the same thing to many Christians at the same time on what He's doing and wants to do through us! ....NOW! You're awesome brother!

  61. Aleks Todorov

    Very nice video man !!!!

  62. Aleks Todorov

    Revolution is comming NOW !!

  63. Ernest Horning

    Thanks man! I actually used iMovie on my MacBook Pro

  64. Seby Dumitrascu

    nice video dude. what editing software did you use?

  65. TheFootballFollower

    This song is so sweet!

  66. Ernest Horning

    @TheShadowOfRaven Thanks, glad you like it.

  67. ItsSparkFire

    Lord of the Rings, Braveheart and Chronicles Narnia are just the few video clips that I see here. Nice choices.

  68. Chris McCullough

    This is an awesome song, gr8 editing to go with the video!!!!!

  69. Ethan Brown

    I can't wait for them to come to Rapid City :D :D

  70. Ernest Horning

    @humbleser1 ...you got it! Praise God!

  71. Ernest Horning

    @theorthianguy ...that's cool man. Be blessed and be a blessing!

  72. Robert Schweyher Jr

    Awesome video! Thanks, Praise God Jesus is coming soon! Get ready Church and for those who are not saved by faith in Christ and washed in His blood, please today choose Christ today for today is the day of salvation! Amen!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  73. Grant Andrews

    0:35 our church is doing a series with that pic as the theme now!
    WICKED job! keep it up! God bless!

  74. Ernest Horning

    Thanks a lot! Praise God!

  75. Micah Rydmark

    good work man! i like it