Disciple - Horseshoes And Handgrenades Lyrics

Cast in a mold in the bed where you sleep
Emotions some awful kind of torture
You seem paralyzed by the ice in the veins
It's been weeks since I've seen your pretty face
Sometimes life starts throwing everything that it possibly can at you
Maybe it's time to pick it up piece by piece
And just start throwing it back

Lets roll
Aww now baby here we go again
It's gonna be the time of your life tonight
You better hold on tight now
We're gonna make it, we're gonna make it
Lets roll
Aww now baby here we go again
You will remember what you feel tonight
You better hold on tight now
We're gonna make it, we're gonna make it

Once it starts they just keep piling it on
Brick by brick, stone by stone
When they tried to hit your limits
It's time to take a sledge hammer
Start swinging

Lets roll
Aww now baby here we go again
It's gonna be the time of your life tonight
You better hold on tight now
We're gonna make it, we're gonna make it
Lets roll
Aww now baby here we go again
You will remember what you feel tonight
You better hold on tight now
We're gonna make it, we're gonna make it

Lets roll
Aww now baby here we go again
It's gonna be the time of your life tonight
You better hold on tight now
We're gonna make it, we're gonna make it
Lets roll
Aww now baby here we go again
You will remember what you feel tonight
You better hold on tight now
We're gonna make it, we're gonna make it

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Disciple Horseshoes And Handgrenades Comments
  1. Joe R Biden

    I see you’ve met my ex

  2. anita banitah116

    i was yours, im not yours anymore *you don't own meeeee

  3. Charise Bejarano

    I remember this song <3

  4. Riffs Ohearne

    Playing I don't own you.... fuck you.... so the bible tells you to lie. And ask others to bear false witness. Fuck off .... you dont own me!

  5. Josh H

    There is songs for worshipping God and then there are songs for calling out the devil.. this is one of em.

  6. Josh Godfroy

    Great song! It struck home quickly

  7. Kristen Roberts

    They are a good Christian rock band

  8. Jesus is King

    Jesus is Lord, and I belong to Him.

    You can put a temptation in my life, but I will not be tempted, you can put hate in my life, but I will not hate. I am strong and you are weak, Shadaya.

  9. punk and neviyah Canada

    Dear x is your best sog

  10. Bambi Pardis

    Seen them Billings Montana in a church

  11. Moon- Shadow

    I always considered this song as a Christian song but I also thought other people considered it as a different kind

  12. Планета динозавров от Макса


  13. FadeNF

    Just saw them live it was crazy

  14. Steve Bonham

    great job with the video! i love it!

  15. JTS

    2:52 "I'm nachos anymore" lol.

  16. Christopher Farias

    I'm a huge emo metal head, I don't go to church, and was not a very good kid. This album really spoke to me though, and I have been making smarter choices, and have been an all in all better guy. I still won't cut my hair. take out my piercings, or wear "non emo clothes" but I am no longer making bad choices, just started getting involved in my new church my family goes to, and am part of the youth group.

  17. paul L

    167 Meant to hit the like thumb. They are not youtube literate. YET!

  18. Keith Sherrer

    I love you disciple. I watched you for my first concert. You are an amazing band.

  19. Wolf_Gamer

    I first listened to this when my gf broke up with me

  20. Jason Swindle

    One of the best most inspirational songs I’ve ever heard

  21. Jackie Goza

    hell yes

  22. Danica G9813


  23. Kelly Nikole

    This song helps me in my recovery.

  24. Brandon blake Wescoup

    I love this song .. 😍

  25. That'sKarma

    Am i the only who thought his voice is so similar to chester bennington one?

  26. B P

    So glad there are hard rock christian bands out there. Been listening to disciple for years. Going through detox right now for Percocet. So glad I have them to listen to while going through this hell I've created for myself. I've just come to admit I'm an addict. Because they come from my dr. Prayers appreciated. Thank you My Savior Jesus for helping me make it a week.

  27. Ballard Kids

    this was hard to make???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GbYR5Aud4Y

  28. Jp Curtis

    Rock does not mean unchristians! ROCK ON!!! 👍☝

  29. Ballard Kids

    What key is this in??

    Joey White

    Kids Ballard not sure. Cm i think

    Ballard Kids


  30. Mark Kevin Musngi

    Dear X you don't own ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Coalition Drum Shop

    Nice work!

  32. Marc91weinheimer

    "Dear X, you don't own me " - me in every math class ever!

  33. Samuel Hogan

    kevin young from this and john cooper from skillet sound a wee bit alike.

  34. sebof2001

    Still such a good song in 2017

  35. Jess Sanford

    Best song ever. I want to listen to this song every time I'm about to break down

  36. Brony Saiyan

    Perfect song for my Ex fiancée

  37. Daniel Fodor

    2017 somebody ?

  38. Jess Sanford

    You rock literally you rock you know because you are a rock band lol that was cheesy

  39. Blue Fire21

    I love this song and I love this band

  40. F Sanyshyn

    This band should be selling out arenas...! They play for the glory of the lord....! 🙏

  41. jjammmees

    I found this song by looking at my Facebooks on this day app, thank you Facebook for introducing me to this song again.


    A year later, thank you again lol

  42. Shellibert

    I'm nachos anymore.


    Shelly M XDDDDD

  43. Rachel Lowery

    guys you rock! !!!!!!!

  44. Cheyann Keeling

    I remember when my mom used to play this song every time I would ask her. That was when I was younger. I am just now rediscovering this song. It brought back so many good memories.

  45. Hannah Cauley-March

    This is one of my favorite songs. I used to have a lot of anger. This song reminds me that that isn't me.

    Fisher-Davis Family

    same with me

  46. Elephant Warrior

    Praise Flying Spaghetti Monster!



    Sekiko Gaming

    Elephant Warrior XD

  47. Misty Z

    This song Is very powerful to me!....Dear ANGER put A Target ON MY FOREHEAD YOU CAN FIRE BUT YOU HAVE NO BULLETS!! \0/ every Thing WE HAD TOGETHER WAS A LIE!! Go ahead You Cant TAKE ME!! \O/ I CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO GODS Promises (his word) of who i am and feel.. this Depends on who im listening to..what Voice Im listeing to Was really Big into Hip Hop years ago.. Still like some But most of it is Corruption for the mind.. Good song

  48. Mobius 176

    It's been 5 years since I have last listened to this song,now I have found it again.😊However,ever since my mother passed from a stroke,these emotions kept coming for me...but now...THEY DONT OWN ME!!!

    Jacob Mull

    M Ramer same!

    Rachel Lowery

    you rock disciples!!!!!!!!!!

    Mighty Morphin 4ever

    So sorry to hear that. God Bless you 🙏.

  49. Gil Ventura

    love it! oh not you devil, you don't own me no more, I belong to Jesus, just to Him only.

    Sekiko Gaming

    Gil Ventura Amen.

    Jaded Love

    Gil Ventura AMEN!!!

    Mobius 176


    ScorpionoftheShiraiRyu 2019

    Hallelujah brother

    Melvin Stewart

    Amen 🙏

  50. RJ Gonzalez

    It was weird how I discovered this song I was traveling up north and listening to the radio and I guess I got into another state and the music changed into rock and this song was on lol fate maybe who knows ??

  51. Ryan stephens

    I don't know why 111 people dislike this. deciple rocks

  52. Elijah Daniel

    I promise you, Disciple is one of the most underrated bands in the history of music.

    punk and neviyah Canada

    I Love you

    Melvin Stewart

    It's good Christian bad what ever

    Lorence Ceriño


  53. BreastFriends

    This song got me out of bed everyday for 6 months during my darkest time.

  54. Jetron (Original Electronic Music)

    One of my favorite songs.

  55. Tina Kinser

    to the guys who hit the dislike: You Are Owned BY Hate, Anger, Shame, Pain, and they have a bullet to put into the target on your forhead.


    SensorAtlas dang you slaughtered him. I absolutely agree with you

    Jon Vester

    Tina Kinser Christians don’t act like that just saying

    Joanna Forbes

    AtlastOne, I kind of wish you would just go away for rambling, but I agree that people have their own preferences to songs. You are comming off cold (and maybe you were just angery or something). I feel that Tina Kinser's comment was funny and cute, nothing more, nothing less.

  56. Maggie Harris

    110 people accidentally hit the dislike button and meant to hit the like button

    paul L

    Shut Up! daodras sulraven! I am a Christian who would punch you in the Face! If you dont like Christian Rock' get off sites where Christian rock is playing! loser!

    paul L

    Disciple rock! Did some one pee on your chances of salvation!?

    paul L

    Shut Up! Did some one pee on your chances of Salvation!? Christian Rock Rules!

    paul L

    167 people accidently hit the dislike button. They are not youtube literate. Yet!

  57. Rockabye Baby

    I've been listening to this same song for five years now and I always watch this same video because it reminds me of how I was and how I am now and that time does heal and that things do get better.

    Kelly Nikole

    Same here.

  58. Michael Newton

    You're, not your.

  59. Cortexdagger

    I heard this song on the radio and liked it.
    I had asked for another bands album for my birthday and ended up receiving disciples horseshoes and hand grenades album. Oh man did i love it, still love this song! Such a powerful one. I ended up picking up their other albums and man are they still rocking it.

  60. E J Darly

    I was flipping through the radio and came across this song. It's so powerful. I love it :)

    Alexandra Uta

    hhvvv un

  61. FruitForever MSP

    I irst heard this song two days ago.. o-o Now I'm hooked onto it. ;_;

  62. Drdeathskull

    Song just has much more weight when u associate you don't own me with an ex..

  63. Dakota Druery

    I just went to their concert and this song stuck out to me the most. Before then, I never heard of them.I can't seem to stop listening to this song. This band is awesome. I also like the band Skillet.

  64. Creole Bastard

    This song is how I felt for so damn long...

  65. Russ Carter

    this is my favorite song. 

  66. muscleunlimited

    Good song. They should make more like this.

  67. Gus

    Amazingly done 👌👏

  68. Metal Circus

    I like how he says it like a love letter, and says, "I was safe in your arms." meaning he was locked in it's arms and nothing could get him. I don't know if it's just me, but I think it's unique

    Scott B

    beautiful lyrics indeed!

    Kelly Nikole


  69. skulduggerypub


  70. Bradford melnikas

    I ment these guys at winter jam in Phoenix az, They signed one of there new CDs they are awesome band and are men of God!

  71. arepaspues

    Pandora brought me here.for a second I thought this was white lions lead singer singing.....or is he.....

  72. Kaitlin McMaster

    Hey check out my song https://soundcloud.com/kaitlin-mcmaster/last-strand spread the word! Thnx

  73. -`૭Ɔмιѕfσятυиє៵ ̖́ ̧ ུໍາ

    @Tristin Bowyer you don't own me

    -`૭Ɔмιѕfσятυиє៵ ̖́ ̧ ུໍາ

    @Scourge Hedgehog your right I cant just feel bad about myself and forget this ever happened I need to put and end to this bitch

  74. SecretGhillie

    Is the Cello solo in the beginning from something else? It sounds familiar but not from this song.

    Metal Circus

    Yeah, i thought the same thing. Then that's when i started liking it ^^

    Joey Mathew

    Ohh!! Fort Minor - Remember the Name


    @Jonathan Mathew Nope sorry, thats a different intro and beat, close but no dice

  75. Tonya Saliba RN

    Instantly a follower of this band at end of song

  76. Jason Rivers

    love this song its awesome

  77. ForeverMakinMemories

    What an awesome song. One of the best I have ever heard

  78. Brian Wedding


  79. La Red

    support gay marriage/!!!! share this on your face book wall or twitter!! http://youtu.be/Pi6PYMQbABQ

    Todd Macrell

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  80. TheQueen Elvira

    Meaning of this song

  81. Ninjakleenex 22

    brings back memories :)

  82. STSairman

    this song kicks butt!

  83. Kyla Marie

    love this ♥♥

  84. lana.

    this is my favorite song right now

  85. Rebecca Hackenberg

    Cant wait to go see them again!! :)

  86. Colby Arau

    Love this band, wish they would play at Soulfest!!!

    Matthew Hunt

    It was better in concert

    Hudson Finn

    this is awesome!!

    Matthew Hunt

    Not really Chase is better right @Colby Arau

    Hudson Finn

    BTW Colby I saw you and the band play at the talent show.....GJ

  87. Canaan B

    one of the greatest songs in history

  88. Noved Redicklas

    chuck norris.

  89. Jerod Rice

    Absolutely amazing song

  90. Jeremy Seeberger

    i watched you guys in concert and loved it