Disciple - Big Bad Wolf Lyrics

Touch hurts feel pain pierce me open shame

Hate me I've never been hated by anyone just quite like that you do
So full of lies as you despise my breath [1 Peter 5:8]
I hate you for all you've done to me and my family
Vengeance belongs to God you're underneath His feet

Lord he's coming after me save me [Matthew 1:21]

I knocked
He opened up and ran right in
Now the big bad wolf will never [Matt. 11:28]
Steal out of the hand of God Almighty the life that I gave to Him [John 10:28]
Gone is the sin that enslaved me to this world of darkness because [Ephesians 5:8]
I knocked
He opened up and I ran right in
Now the big bad wolf will never get me again

Hold out in my face tempt me your blame [Matthew 4:8-11]

Hate me I never been hated by anyone just quite like that you do
You always stand and accuse me to my face [Revelation 12:10]
Hate you for the things that you have stole from me [John 10:10]
Vengeance belongs to God you'll pay back sevenfold [Romans 12:19]

Come and get me
You can't get to me
Blood is over me
You can't get to me [Exodus 12:23]
Underneath his wings [Psalm 17:8]
In the secret place [Psalm 27:5]

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Disciple Big Bad Wolf Comments
  1. Ryan Wright

    first song from these guys I ever heard. Been a fun ride! ;)

  2. Timothy Sawyer

    Just saw these guys play at Rock The Desert 2019. You guys rock... I was really hoping y’all would play this song :/ but that okay, it was amazing.!! Love you guys

  3. Bo Elliott

    Man I grew up to this there were best in concert 15 years ago lol u missed it youngsters

  4. Straight Up

    Rocked these guys when I first got saved the lyrics really ministered and the head banging was fun!

  5. Nick Wenzel

    i fricken enjoyed seeing kevin at the big ticket festival in gaylord mi and him and his either wife or girlfriend the bass player i think it is, their both fun to jump around with and just have a blast

  6. Sam #1

    Skillet may have a "Monster" but nothing beats the Big Bad Wolf !!!

    Albino Frog

    What about a Devil on your Back?
    by The Letter Black if your wondering.

  7. Michael Fuller

    So good!

  8. Joseph Gomez

    they have so many songs that are not so known... i like how it mocks the enemy "come and get me, you cant get to me,blood is over me!!"

    The King

    Joseph Gomez it soinds like a direct shot at "let the bodies hit the floor"