Dirty Heads - Cloudlifter Lyrics


Can I quit?
Venom when I spit
Let it rip
Think I cannabis
Take a hit
I'm a catalyst of cool shit
Colder than a bitch (Everest)
Tell 'em I am sick
Yes I burn
Kinda like a witch
I have earned everything I get
I don't trip
You ain't really shit
Oh shit now
Ocean sound
I need a pound
Get me in trouble
Sleep walking around
Shrouded in smoke from my tongue
Sun twister, I blister melt from the sky

Clydesdales running free man
High as hell let me be man
Ain't afraid of burning trees down
So let it rain and feel the wind blow
Cut my chains and let my rains go
It's my time it's time to reload
Can't stop me when it's time to ride
And Imma go where I wanna go
Oh no what's that sound I hear in my head?
I've been sleepwalking for miles on end
Cloudlifter shape shifter changing the wind
Oh please forgive me for all of my sins


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Dirty Heads Cloudlifter Comments
  1. Noopy Bear

    Epic, "so full of love"💞✌

  2. zach stevens

    I wish this was a 10 minute jam song

  3. DJ Statyk

    Took some MDMA and listened to this.



  4. rastatank13

    Dirty heads and the evolution of sound, you gotta love the different vibes these guys give with each new album

    Too cool for the room

    Hell yeah man!..haven't heard anything like this before.

  5. Noah

    Thanks Allen Kovac for the great song. But you live in New York? Ew.

  6. Marissa Green

    Pleeease add this into the live set 🙏🏼

  7. Gata404Dawgs

    Funky DH vibes as usual 🤙🏻

  8. Emmy Arellano

    Tommy Chong?

  9. uro kira

    I have heard that some people were disappointed in the new album first single...... this one, and Slow Down are great tracks!!!! i am totally stoked for the full release!!!!!

  10. Meghan Kelie

    My babies did so good 😭💜

  11. Steve Nelson

    Is that Tommy Chong?!

    Amanda Holm

    I was wondering that too!

    Nicholas Kent

    Sure sounds like him, then when he talks Acid talk, it's def him haha

    Easy Linux

    Indeed it is.

  12. Kelly Bridges

    Why do I think of the scene from Natural born killers?? Sooo digging this.

  13. D TRON

    Little do the boys know, I was cloudlifted in Jax sunday 😜😁

  14. Myerpoe

    duddy b ! yeah brother !


    Song is so gnarly already and I'm only 10 secs in

  16. Sean Fields

    Can't wait for this to be released, only an hour(ish) left!!