Dire Straits - Water Of Love Lyrics

High and dry in the long hot day
Lost and lonely every way
Got the flats all around, sky up above
Yes, I need a little water of love

I've been too long lonely and my heart feel pain
Crying out for some soothing rain
I believe I have taken enough
Yes, I need a little water of love

Water of love deep in the ground
But there ain't no water here to be found
Someday baby when the river runs free
It's gonna carry that water of love to me

There's a bird up in a tree sitting up high
Just awaiting for me to die
If I don't get some water soon
I'll be dead and gone in the afternoon

Water of love deep in the ground
But there ain't no water here to be found
Someday baby when the river runs free
It's gonna carry that water of love to me

Once I had a woman I could call my own
Once I had a woman. Now my woman—she gone
Once there was a river now there's a stone
You know it's evil when you're living alone

Water of love deep in the ground
But there ain't no water here to be found
Someday baby when the river runs free
It's gonna carry that water of love to me

Carry that water of love deep in the ground
But there ain't no water here to be found
Someday baby when the river runs free
It's gonna carry that water of love to me

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Dire Straits Water Of Love Comments
  1. gloria bolliger


  2. bud spencer & terence hill

    Good song

  3. gloria bolliger


  4. gloria bolliger


  5. Black Star Minerales

    this are not dire straits.

  6. Kenny Samson

    He's mean Mark.Ko

  7. Lidiane Araújo Fernandes

    ♡ ...

  8. gloria bolliger


  9. Hayden Harris

    I had a job where I would work in the middle of the desert in Australia for months at a time.I listened to this whole album many times. This song seemed to relate with me more than anything else for that period of time, Thank's Dire Straits for keeping the hope alive for just long enough

  10. Blossomofmy heart

    Da war ich noch jung und knackig...heute bin ich nur noch "und"!

  11. Claudio Carranza cuneo

    Me recuerda cuando estaba en Pto Chicama lo máximo Diré Strait....

  12. Bubbly Bubbles

    One of the best after queuing for so long to see such brilliance.

  13. MCWedding

    Loooooove you alll my sisssiz

  14. Jesus Hong

    Thank God the picture is actually rotating. For a moment there I thought that someone has inject some LSD intravenous into my body lol

  15. Ana Sueli de Souza Velasco

    This is music......the best.... surf

  16. Tom George

    I know who I am when I listen to this album. It's like coming back home.

  17. Yoann Hemy

    The people who sing the choir sound like "Crosby, Still, Nash and Young".

  18. gloria bolliger


  19. gloria bolliger


  20. Martien Ringelberg

    Adagio albinoni

  21. Steven Cundy

    Brothers in arms is better known then sultans of swing, true

  22. Emerson Muniz

    Mark ," VOCÊ É O CARA "!!! Desde sempre... Saudações Macaé - Rio de Janeiro- Brasil.

  23. gloria bolliger


  24. gloria bolliger


  25. christopher connell

    Brilliant best album ever

  26. Steven Cundy

    How cool is this song

  27. Simon Eden

    Highly influenced by the late J.J. Cale, that's why Knofler played on the tribute album after Cale's death "the breeze: an appreciation of jj cale" Also with Eric Clapton. 😊

  28. Ian Hatfield

    Amazing, great stereo gear- super amazing!

  29. gloria bolliger

    the first day i here the complett LP;))beautiful;))friday 4.Oktober 2019,02:57UHR;))

  30. gloria bolliger

    the first day i here the complett LP;))beautiful;))

  31. david w dorr

    Just realised I'm alone in Eastern Maine. My Fav. Song since 1979. It's all good.

  32. ricardo lopes

    I remember when i was a teenager (long time ago) to listen to this song in a loop.... I still love these lyrics and music. They bring back so many good memories... Love dIRE sTRAITS FOREVER!!

  33. Stephen Vosberg

    Water of Love, fuck me, the best sone ever!!!

  34. Ralph Jacobs

    Best song ,From fist album,Later Mark kept Delivering big time, streets of nazharet etc.what a composer!

  35. gloria bolliger


  36. gloria bolliger

    verry beautiful;))thanks;))

  37. gloria bolliger

    verry beautiful;))thanks;))

  38. gloria bolliger

    verry beautiful;))thanks;))

  39. gloria bolliger

    Thank you verry Beautiful;))

  40. Paul Brown

    The radio people can keep Sultans of Swing. I'll take this and Down to the Water Line.

  41. WWE Michael Guzman

    Hell yeah so FUCKEN HAPPY,that I got my bank account looking Beautiful again

  42. Strongs Recs TV

    The big Dire Straits, it's a chilly track, this fantastic guys. 😎

  43. Degree7

    "You know it's evil when you're living alone"


    Yep not wrong

  44. Jack Acres

    My wife and I do the occasional road trip, we live in New Zealand, as we pull out of the garage all packed up, no destination in mind, this song is the 1st track that's played as we go down the street. We can be gone for the day, 2 days, or maybe a week, we're retired almost, so we don't really care, Thank God for Dire Straits!

    Mitch May

    Yeah, groovy for a road song! God i miss NZ. Spent 2 years back in the 80's, back in my brainwashed mormon days, Haha! Auckland was ok for a big city. Wairoa was a cool little town. Hamilton was ok. But Papamoa / Mount Manganui was awesome!! About got run over biking back to Papamoa from the mount at night on that narrow little road. Tokens in the milk bottles (and the milk kicked ass), cheap beer battered fish and chips, DD Smash on the radio... and Money for Nothing blasting all over the place :-)

  45. tom day

    I was in college when this album came out. It' was totally new music for FM radio at the time and it was fantastic as are the memories it brings back.

  46. Video Buff

    Wow...the bass and drums combo is just smooth as f***!!!;);)

  47. Bob Risse

    I don't hold to proclaiming albums as great, but this is better than The Who pissing on some monolith somewhere in Britain.

  48. Bob Risse

    I have never been happier.

    Bob Risse

    I need a little water of love.

  49. john pluck

    Jesus!! Cant believe it's from 78!!!!

  50. ron leonard

    Having a Knopfler day out on the bike... and i stumbled on this old tune. You know you forget such good tunes like they never existed, and to find them again is bliss. Thank you Youtube...🎧🎶🎵🎼

  51. Xavier Martinez

    A great guitar, a great song. Oh my god, I was young but this song sounds special forever

  52. WWE Michael Guzman

    Hear this song lots of times working at my kroger job,finally i was able to Shazam it,this song is great

  53. Eric Wold

    Love this whole album

  54. Jim Alberts


  55. Simeon Simeon

    soo much underrated !!!!

  56. Tammo Sachs

    A Song dedicated to GOLDEN SHOWER

  57. Synchro

    Water of Love = Vodka! The Russians are right! Druschba Mädels!

  58. weburnitatbothends

    The rotation mate, 10 points

  59. Olivier

    JJ CALE family ... but nice

  60. Kevin Collins

    My favorite Dire Straits song

  61. FireOccator

    I think the song starts off great but slowly devolves.

  62. TooFries

    they get theirs


    water of LOVE

  63. LeeAnn Jeyakaran

    World Water Day 💦💧🔵🌊❣️

  64. Julius And Eli

    Yes it is,I need a water of love. Missing so much this kind of music.


    love and music is all the world needs ;)

  65. Angie Bold

    My favorite guitar work. So smooth and sexy.
    Funny description Funny way to sing when you're on the edge of death. Hope we all find sufficient water til Our Redeemer returns. Also i would like to tell all the preachers that say rock and roll is devil music, fallen angels arre stuck above us and down below. Evil spirits try to cpnsume our body and soul, But God left many angels on assignment to mimister to us and if you listen to the Holy Spirit, the spirit of the Living God, all truth and wisdom will be revealed. So the power of the messages coming from our angel brothers, No subliminal witchcraft can rob me of the message God allowed me to hear and understand. All lyrics are written by angels on assignment. Some written by the fallen ones. But many more songs have the spirit of love and mercy ringing true into my spirit. Thank you Jesus. Thank you angels and thank you Holy Spirit and Hallelujah to the Father.

  66. Jan Ross

    The first time I heard this I was cruising around with my old man and the radio station featured the WHOLE album. Stations did that back then. It was pure magic and I went the next day and bought the vinyl. It has never lost its magic.

    dino macioci

    Ya, I remember FM was groovy back then. Late on Saturday night/early Sunday featured an artist's new album.

    Jimmy Biggums

    In Connecticut we had whole albums and live shows on Saturday. Sabbath, grateful dead, hendrix. And we had the blues I forget which day. Radio is trash now same songs played on repeat. No wonder America gone to crap

  67. Mani Vasu

    David guilmour and mark best guitarist in the world

  68. Holy Shalomi

    i saw this album on cd in a store and i bought it simply for sultans of swing. i never knew this song existed before listening to that, and now i absolutely love it.

    R.A Williams

    Now get Brothers In Arms. : )

    Brian Conlon


  69. The Melodic Momos

    Beautiful tune, I hear JJ Cale in a good way.

    Gerry B

    Listen to Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown

  70. snelpy

    Pure classy seduction, Perfection......Bliss!

  71. peter whitehead

    One of the Best Bands Ever

  72. Niko Kumar

    This is probably the best Dire Straits track. I call such tracks "ear candy". Jummmy!

  73. Josemjkno

    Thank you for this! Without publicity!

  74. unkleskratch

    try it at 1.25 just for kicks

  75. Darren Ward

    to me best song of album all were good love die straights

  76. Aluizio

    Agradecimentos do Brasil!

  77. unprof

    brividous --------after 40 years..... :(

  78. Cindy Dufala

    Loving this still...December 19, 2018 ✌

  79. Xavier Martinez

    When I was young!
    Water of love. Lovely song

  80. David Allen

    1978 pop installed a eight track player . he played this tape after installation . his two tone F 150 silver n navy blue . puts me back in the truck cruising with my Dad .

  81. Anna Barison

    Scoperta recentemente , adoro i Dire Straits tramite mio figlio ma lui aveva 4 anni quando fatto questo spettacolo,ora che sono vecchia vado alla ricerca della loro STuPENDA musica

  82. Andy Gough

    awsome music from the year I left school

  83. Toenail Tom

    Dire Straits at their best, this whole album, every song.

  84. Terence S

    Niked some JJCale on this one but in a good wa...made it something else...

  85. James McCormick


  86. Marjorie Cohn

    this is just so.............

  87. Marjorie Cohn

    my favorite Dire Straits song. does the way mark knopffler plays slide remind anyone a bit of Ry Cooder?

    Marjorie Cohn

    One of those songs that puts you in another place.

    Glenn Wheatcroft

    As a kid I thought it was sitar. I'm not sure if that was the effect he was going for.

    Klaus Überhauser

    @Glenn Wheatcroft no, he is playing resofonic guitar and it is its normal sound.

    FAA Inspector

    It is a dobro he is playing..

    Rotten Grapes

    I think it's the opposite.. Ry's playing reminds Mark. Amazing players both of them.

  88. Sean McClelland

    H20 that's it

  89. Christopher Buck

    IMHO, Mark Knopfler is one of the best guitarists (living or dead). This is by far one of my favorite Dire Straits songs.

    Mani Vasu

    How could you miss David Gilmour

  90. Imre Szmodis

    Hajrá, Dubi ! :)

  91. Mick C

    I will listen to this album till the day I die. It is just the perfect album . No more can be said !

  92. Mick C

    I will listen to this album till the day I die. It is just the perfect album . No more can be said !

  93. Martin Barnes

    Me and my pops rode the dirt roads listening to this album drinkin beer, miss him so much

    Jimmy Biggums

    I used to ride with my dad drinking beer on the powerlines. He had a 72 Suzuki ts 250 savage. Thing weighed about 500 pounds and you could rip it all day. Sounded mean on my Honda 100 haha

  94. David Prater

    good driving music

  95. blaine vonhagen

    Sex in the Mohave 110 degrees

  96. Ismail EL ANSARI

    I love this one

  97. Franco Bernardi

    41 negative: what's their problem?

  98. Jesse Scott

    Man don't this make you wish you were back in the 70's again

  99. justgeeks

    Thanks for the decent quality upload.