Dire Straits - Twisting By The Pool Lyrics

We're going on a holiday now
Gonna take a villa, a small chalet
Costa del Magnifico
Yo, cost of living is so low

Yeah, gonna be so neat
Dance to the Euro beat
Yeah, gonna be so cool
Twisting by the, twisting by the
By the pool

We're twisting by the pool
We're twisting by the pool
Twisting, twisting by the pool

Sitting in a small cafe now
Swing, swing, swingin' to the cabaret
You wanna see a movie, take in a show now
Meet new people at the disco

Yeah, gonna be so neat
Dance to the Euro beat
Yeah, gonna be so cool
Twisting by the, we're twisting by the
By the pool

Twisting by the pool
Twisting by the pool
Yeah, twisting, twisting by the pool

And we can still get information
Reading all about inflation
And you're never gonna be out of reach
There's a call-box on the beach

So one, a two
A one, a two, a three

We're just twisting by the pool
And we're twisting by the pool
You got me twisting by the pool
Yeah, twisting, twisting by the pool

You're gonna look so cute
Sunglasses and bathing suites
Be the baby of my dreams
Like the ladies in the magazine

Yeah, gonna be so neat
Dance to the Euro beat
Oh yeah, gonna be so cool
Twisting by the, we're just twisting by the
Oh, by the pool, twisting by the pool

I'm a twisting fool
Just twisting, yeah twisting
Twisting by the pool

Everybody got to do the twisting by the pool
And we're twisting by the pool
You got me twisting by the pool
Oh, twisting, twisting by the pool

And we're twisting by the pool
You got me twisting by the pool
Oh, twisting, twisting by the pool

Everybody got to do the twisting by the pool
And we're twisting by the pool
You got me twisting by the pool
Oh, twisting, twisting by the pool

Look here

Come on and twisting by the pool
I'm twisting fool
Come and do the twisting by the pool
Twisting, twisting by the pool

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Dire Straits Twisting By The Pool Comments
  1. Bryan Allwood

    Twisted by the balls

  2. oldschoolguy

    Massively tongue-in-cheek, but this always cheers me up on a dull day like today.
    Now, where's that holiday website?

  3. Timothy Rush

    In 1978 I saw a junkey die painfully cause he shot up heroin laced with rat poison. He was "twisting" at the side of the pool from a cheap motel. I saw the whole thing from the 2nd floor balcony. So, therefore, this song is a bummer.

  4. Noahide

    2019 stuff in comparison is a bit more lively. This stuff is a bit more sedate. Building blocks in some ways.

  5. Pietro D

    I like so much this song but I am young and many of my friends don't like it

  6. Слави Стоянов


  7. the rockabillie

    Great times. 👍

  8. Keli McGregor

    When I was in high school, I took jazz ballet for sport. We were supposed to learn a dance routine to this song, but I was too shy to learn it properly, which was when I realized I was too shy for jazz ballet generally. Jazz ballet was soon replaced by aerobics, which was a much more practical choice.

  9. Dhammadeep Bhagat

    Green day's Fell for you sounds like this .

  10. alanmeires

    This was when Dire straits sold their selfs out for MTV money and fame, this is a load of crap compared to their early stuff.

  11. Piebe Guido Van Den Berg

    Mathieu van der Poel!

  12. oldschoolguy

    A cross between Cliff and the Shadows, and the Beach Boys!
    A bit different to "Private Investigations", eh?

    Chango Chilemba

    That's what he was capable of...
    Give him 4 notes, a concept or a phrase, and any beat, and Mark Knopfler could whip up a classic groove.

  13. Jim Cameron

    Before all the virtual reality rubbish , water girls and diving all for real . Awesome

  14. Le toubib

    Reminds me of the 1.5 years at the _Department Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery_ of my _University Hospital,_ the University where I once had studied. By that time *_"mi jefe"_* was *_Professor Raymund E. Horch M.D,_*__, and he loved, _Dire Straits,_ especially their *_"Twisting by the Pool"*_* very much, so we had the only operating room with music.
    By now that's some 25 years ago but I still remember nearly every moment 'cause operating does be pretty much better!

    So, when I finally became _Assistant Medical Director of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery_ firstly I introduced music during surgery in my new hospital, and the Head of our Department, *Professor Eckhard Palme M.D.* liked it very much 'cause he expected innovations when hired me, by then I was a relatively young specialist of orthopedic and trauma surgery---only two years after my specialist exam.

    Guess you all will be able to know the songs from our ghetto blaster, won't you? *;-)*

  15. Rockabilly

    Chango Chilemba

    You do the Rockabilly boogie...

  16. brybrytv

    Great song

  17. idan willenchik

    Nothing like female feet to make me feel alive!

  18. Paul Morphy

    This song is obviously a joke by Dire Straits...its parodying shite songs because lets face it, it IS a shite song

  19. Moustafa El Haguine

    Youth is beautiful.

  20. David Gadea

    Para todas/os mis compañeras/os con los que he trabajado en la piscina de la urbanización Coto del Cardiel en Viana de Cega(Valladolid) durante tantísimos años.Compañeras/os de portería,socorristas,personal del restaurante/bar por tantos años trabajando con la caló y siempre hacerlo lo mejor posible e intentándolo con el mejor humor.Sobretodo para las/los de este último año: Mi compi en la puerta Susana,Rocío/Javi y todo el equpazo de cameraras y el bueno de Oscar. También a Javi de mantenimientoy antes su padre Paco por tantísimos años aguantándome con una sorisa y sobretodo a Chuchi que me dió trabajo durante taaaaaaaaaaaantos veranos.Gracias y Abrazos para todas/os!!! Cheers and Life On !!!

  21. Lydia

    Great Mark

  22. Tzachi Levy



  23. Sharon Jensen

    Does this make everyone else want to get up and dance?

  24. Tony Crossley

    A terrific Song and greatly underrated.

  25. Herve Decordey

    This is THE definitive statement when it comes to 'twist' music: catchy, bouncy, high-spirited, and actually clean good fun

  26. Shibe

    Twistin’ by the poooo

  27. Martijn Vaassen

    Terry Williams awesome drum sound! Also love the shots of John and Hal together at the mic, seems they had a lot of fun shooting this video. Must be because of all the ladies :D

  28. Crazy Monkeys

    Surprised these girls could hold their breath for a good amount of seconds as while underwater they were watching the band play and being silly in the camera.

  29. lesley pullen

    Mark Knopfler wrote this song with showaddywaddy in mind to record it but they never did its said that he was a big fan (and who can blame him for that)


    Never heard that one before! But I could imagine them doing it, yeah.

  30. idan willenchik

    Women's feet is the only reason to live!!!

  31. Alan Smith

    Listen to " put on your dancing shoes " cliff richard !! This must have been inspired by that song !!

  32. Brian Campos

    I discovered this song back in 2002 when I was 10 years old, this song was the intro of a local cable TV show called "Tendencias y Diseño" (Trends & Design in Spanish) and 10 years later I was watching Vh1 and this song started to play and I was like "That's the song from Trends & Design!!!" An absolute classic for me.

  33. Jack Ward

    In about 1987 I learned how to dance to twisting by the pool. I was about 4 years old and my parents taught me some stupid dance where you twist your hips. In 1991 I was 8 years old and a dance competition was spontaneously announced at the disco. The song was "Twisting by the Pool". I was sure I'd win, but I lost to a girl named Allie. I don't even know if I would've been second.

    I still claim gender bias by the judges.

    Mark Southern

    Jack Ward u was robbed jack lol

  34. Shibe

    Twistin' by the Poo

    strawberry fields forever nothing is real !!!!

    Shibe oi tudo bem

  35. Tina Jane Oxnam.

    Cool. Id rather listen to this than brothers in arms. Anything by dire straits but brothers in arms.

  36. macaco maco

    fuck DS with that bald boring singer!

  37. Jason Watson

    I love this song. Summer song.

  38. Mirco Tegon

    this solo should be the Spongebob theme

  39. Scott Ward

    Who's the manic guy on the keyboards?

    John_ pryce

    Scott Ward Tommy Mandel !!

  40. Zoran Ramzo Kamenycky

    It is nice song like most from Knophler, he is my favorite guitarist and he never tried to be fancy or "spiritual" or anything, just played from the soul, this song is little bit parody on commercial radio pop songs, he wanted to do parody and it really became hit pop song, I heard this song so often on radio in my teens, not many notice it is parody song, his guitar is supreme like always and specially like his solo, beautiful harmonies. Oh, as teenager I simply loved watching those ladies beautiful legs, made me feel high ;)

  41. Patrick Bygate

    It may not be their GREATEST, but it's catchy, which is what a lot of people like. BTW, being Jewish or not has nothing to do with great musicianship.

  42. starquant

    Oh yes, Synchronised swimming, the sport you have when you're not actually doing fuck all, a lot like cheer leading ( the pseudo event, where you actually spur on men to win and not yourself). I never understood why any woman would do this, you never see men form cheer-leading squads for woman's basketball. If you're going to make up a sport for women, do something that doesn't reduce you to a sum of parts. It's like making the "cat walk" an Olympic event. Requires no brains or skill, just some stupid Doris willing and able to hold her breath or able to hoist her leg over her head. Women are strong, so do something that highlights it and not this namby pamby crap.

  43. Media Mike

    ..............How to spell GREAT..............Dire Straits..............

  44. Faab_am_Start

    Dance to the Eurobeat

  45. Sephiroth


  46. יו מי

    one of the best..

  47. Patrick Stocks

    35 years ago

    Zilda Peixoto

    A Atual Prefeitura Caraguatatuba SP ganha assim. Militando todos que nadam nas praias, revertendo para o DERSA e o DETRAN, nem seriam precisos feriados...

  48. Patrick Stocks

    We're going on a holiday now
    Gonna take a villa, a small chalet
    On the Costa del Magnifico
    Where the cost of living is so low
    Yeah, we're gonna be so neat
    Dance to the Eurobeat
    Yeah, we're gonna be so cool
    Twisting by the pool

    Sitting in a small cafe now
    Swing, swing, swinging to the cabaret
    You want to see a movie, take in a show now
    Meet new people at the disco
    Yeah, we're gonna be so neat
    Dance to the Eurobeat
    Yeah, we're gonna be so cool
    Twisting by the pool

    And we can still get information
    Reading all about inflation
    And you're never gonna be out of reach
    There's a call-box on the beach

    Mmm, you're gonna look so cute
    Sunglasses and a bathing suit
    Be the baby of my dreams
    Like the ladies in the magazines
    Yeah, we're gonna be so neat
    Dance to the Eurobeat
    Yeah, we're gonna be so cool
    Twisting by the pool

  49. Michael McNulty

    This sounds like Dire Straits are sending up The Beach Boys.

    Terry Plew

    Michael McNulty Inspired by the Beach Boys.

    Blues Boy

    Or even the Shadows.

    Ernesto Vaffan-Kulo 93

    It's some 60s sound, due to the Fender Stratocaster. To me it sounds like some Bddy Holly chords

  50. Gabriela Leal

    I hate this song but at the same time, i love it


    Gabriela Leal me too hahahaha

    Tina Jane Oxnam.

    Gabriela Leal i dont hate it. I think its one of the best ones theyve done.


    Tina Jane Oxnam. Is a song for a disco

  51. Job Hooft

    fantastic song

  52. Marmalade Stex1591

    I remember working in a depressing Factory in the early 80's and tunes like this just about getting me through the day listening on the Radio!.

    Ralph Jackson

    Know that experience,but more parts of the first half of the 90s for me. The last one in early 1995 was the worst,a real dive,before I escaped into someting better.

    Red TV

    @Ralph Jackson I work in a place like that now and we're not allowed a radio you were lucky lol

    Chango Chilemba

    I would kill to wake up in that factory in the early 80's, doing that sh*** job, and just never come back here...

  53. MsPopota69

    pissing or fisting by the pool!

  54. dychU

    Can't be.
    Mark Knopfler using pick in his own song??

  55. DoomDodgers

    Fisting by the pool!

    Richard Hofer

    DoomDodgers 😂😂😂😂😂😂


    DoomDodgers doom!!


    This made me unexpectedly laugh

  56. MegaSalainen

    I was have to dance this in disco, 1983. And I got my price in the night. Now I am clumsy old man. Well, memories are something we have. :)

  57. alex fernando Huenten

    good swing.

  58. Mountain 999

    hilariously bad

  59. Alex Dowling

    Top of the Pops 1983 brought me here

  60. Zen Juddhism

    I wish this song would never end

    Mary Joana

    Zen Juddhism .. I really love Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits ..but man, you have a problem...Go to a disco insted xD

  61. Richard Scanlan

    A catchy number.

  62. Psycho Carlos

    WTF? Mark Knopfler Using a PICK?

  63. turronNamur

    summer, ice cream, pool, holidays!

  64. Sandra Carli

    Lipstick and ice cream, yuk!

  65. Pinky Hope

    so what if they are dead😀😁😂

  66. Pinky Hope

    go poop your pants, fuck you

  67. Pinky Hope

    so what,

  68. Pinky Hope

    twisting by the pool😀😁😂🎧🎵🎼🎶📻🔇🔉🔊📯

  69. Pinky Hope

    I like this song😀😁😂😃

  70. Sam 440

    Happy birthday Mark ❤ we love you

  71. Stu Pidity

    The guitar solo on this track is very Shadows like.

    Ted Leather

    Stu Pidity he was a big Shadows fan.

    Stephen Grimes

    ...and the guitar is like the one Hank plays.


    Yeah, the singing too, it's "On the Beach" from 1964. "There's a call box on the beach, on the beach....."

    Make that "They've got WiFi on the beach..." and it'll be up to date.

  72. Leila Houdrouge

    Adel Houdrouge : Love Dire Straits since the 80 '...

  73. Michel Cernev


  74. Çınar Ada Güner

    Ben bu Müziği. Sevdim

  75. Çınar Ada Güner

    Ben Bu müziği

  76. Rock N Roll Over

    Lets get twisting in my pool !!!!!

  77. Andrea Vecchietti

    top song

  78. gonzalo recouso

    i love you dire straits

  79. Matko Šimić

    did anyone noticed that he missed a tone on solo (1:48 - 1:50)

    richard coburn

    he didnt miss anything

    Matko Šimić

    +richard coburn listen 1:40 - 1:50

    andrew baker

    it supposed to sound like that

    Victor Newling

    all good vic

  80. Frank O'Brien

    Love this video. Ladies are great and the song is infectious.

  81. pianodore

    Wanna twist by the pool while listening this song !


    Can´t help it.

  82. Anuj Parikh

    simply awesome they are

  83. Gordon Burby

    fantastic group always will be.

  84. fufufoofoo

    Yeah, in 1983, our Band D.S.,  were in Dire Straits, had to sell Commercial singles to Finance their Quality real Music.
    (dire straits, i.e. Serious Trouble)


    I've read their name Dire Straits back in '77 or '78 was for that reason i.e. them wanting to earn a living and they weren't there yet!

  85. Harold-Sweat-Head

    Just think - everyone in this video is dead now.

    The King Hax

    @Harold-Sweat-Head that's very wrong mister. How old you think this song actually is??

    Michael Pritchard

    Guys, Harold has terminally ill with advanced stage bowel cancer. He's worried about his imminent death and he's commenting on the internet, projecting a little, to reach out.

    Mark Ward

    No they not!!

  86. reizack

    is he holding a pick?


    @Guy Normas i know its just the first time ive seen him

    Federico Oliveri

    Zhrhzkdu od si kyrehsh


    He uses it when plying rithmic tracks. Notice he also holds one in Tunnel Of Love (Obviously not when soloing).

    Mattias Johansson

    He used to tape a bunch of picks to the microphone stand so be could chug 'em when it came to the solo

    John_ pryce

    reizack yes he used picks on a few songs like Expresso Love, Kings Call, Twisting, Tunnel rhythm parts, and on some of his solo record songs. It’s mainly to get a more aggressive attack on the strings, which is difficult to achieve with finger picking. It adds another dimension and different sound to his playing even if he is more comfortable finger picking.

  87. bocsi

    Örülök, hogy megtaláltál, egyszer láttam mosolyod. Mire észbe kaptam eltűntél. Veled együtt megtaláltam kedves munkatársamat, kedvenc együttest. Köszönöm mindkettőtöknek.

  88. luis jara araujo

      pasan   los  años   y  esta  musica  nunca    nunca    pasara  de  moda,,,,,,,saludos     de   chimbote,,

  89. MikeMuk1

    This song sounds very much like those sung by the 'Teeny-bop' idols of the era between Elvis entering the army and the coming of the Beatles...  ...these were artists such as Fabian, Rick Nelson and Billy Fury [all of whom resembled Elvis to some degree!]

  90. Aus80sRockRadio

    The worse song this otherwise outstanding band have ever recorded. Period.


    +Louise G well it's a matter of taste, for me it's the best song ;)

    Louise G

    PsychoJohn yes, it's a matter of taste. I respect you for your choice, but I think this is a song from a manufactured pop band.


    Frank O'Brien Funny I don't care much for Walk of Life either!


    How the fuck does this post make any sense????. and 15 people gave it a thumbs up?

    Ben Hatcher

    Wtf are you on

  91. jorge canales

    aja  q bien.

  92. fitless

    A song that is really impossible to resist. 

    Slasher Trash

    fitless Like my ass

    Dhammadeep Bhagat

    @Slasher Trash 🙄🙄

    Dhammadeep Bhagat

    Green day used a part of this song in the song Fell for you !!

  93. emma walker

    Love this band

  94. Obvious Bambi

    The Vaccines kinda sound like this.

  95. KarminaPrem

    qué recuerdos ochenteros ...

    Mercè Sabaté Mañas

    Els 60s i 80s els millors

  96. Anthony Brent

    What a shame so many 'retards' put childish comments, why listen to songs in the first place!

  97. Define Random

    Twisted pile of poo!

    ATOM K

    i can never un-hear that

  98. Lindsay Oosterbosch

    Catchy song when you are driving ^^


    * diving

  99. marianne bancelin

    me gusta escuchar musica clsica suena mejor