Dire Straits - The Man's Too Strong Lyrics

I am just an aging drummer boy
And in the wars I used to play
And I've called the tune
To many a torture session
Now they say I am a war criminal
And I'm fading away
Father, please hear my confession

I have legalised robbery
Called it belief
I have a run with the money
I have hid like a thief
Re-written history
With my armies and my crooks
Invented memories
I did burn all the books

And I can still hear his laughter
And I can still hear his song
The man's too big
The man's too strong

Well, I tried to be meek
I have tried to be mild
But I spat like a woman
And I sulked like a child

I have lived behind walls
That have made me alone
Striven for peace
Which I never have known

And I can still hear his laughter
And I can still hear his song
The man's too big
The man's too strong

Well, the sun rose on the courtyard
And they all did hear him say
'You always was a Judas
But I got you anyway
You may have got your silver
But I swear upon my life
Your sister gave me diamonds
And I give 'em to your wife'

Oh, father, please help me
For I have done wrong
The man's too big
The man's too strong

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Dire Straits The Man's Too Strong Comments
  1. Ivan French

    This is not only a great song but really make me think of big boss

  2. Virgil Hurst


  3. Lloyd d Robert Evans

    And are species will never know that peace ✌️ its sad because mankind is to big and to strong 💪.

  4. francisco javier

    Album maravilloso

  5. tyrr k

    Yol şarkısı :))

  6. jkvisker

    My favorite Dire Straits song of all time!

  7. sifoulen

    There is a 109 people who didn't like the song,,,they must have some kind of issue with their hearing...

  8. harpreet singh

    My favourite album, I stumbled on this album in early 87, I have never looked back on rock , so haunting, so melodious , it stays my best album ever.d best band I, lyrics so wonderful.dire straits is forever etched in my heart

  9. MrPistolas69

    A truly masterpiece!!!🎶🎶🎶

  10. Ihategoogle Alot

    Probably my favourite Dire Straits number - clinical and passionate at once, rocky and heartbreaking. There are times when you do something so good that when you look at in in retrospect you can barely imagine you could - I suspect every member of the band gets that feeling when they hear this song

  11. Rick Bane

    A true classic of its time

  12. DONT trolll

    2020 <3

  13. Grzegorz Slaby

    From Poland.2019...Kto słucha?

  14. Steve Winfield

    I just realized this is about Rudolph Hess ... I never knew when I was in the Army, we loved this

  15. Жека Лукьяненко

    Undarated song

  16. joseph lemko

    Great music! Very underrated song. Long live Mark Knopfler

  17. Matthew Black

    The lyrics are more relevant now than they were in 1985 when it was released.

  18. - Buehmann

    1. I know this song's about a criminal. But can anyone tell me what some of the lyrics mean?
    And I can still hear his laughter and I can still hear his song
    The man's too big, the man's too strong

    I don't understand what that means.

    2. According to the personal, Wikipedia says there's a guitar synthesizer. Where is that? The only real guitar I hear is the acoustic guitar.

  19. Sal Balakrishnan

    O father please help me, for I have done wrong. The man's too big, the man's too strong.

  20. Michael Maison

    I can only describe this song with the same words that others before me have: A Masterpiece. I do not think it's a stretch whatsoever to compare this song to something like the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, or some of the works of Rembrandt.

    Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    This entire album is one of the greatest ever recorded and shook the 1980's like no other. It was also one of the first pure digital recordings made, which is one reason why it sounds so great. A few centuries from now people will look back and listen and indeed consider it a masterpiece.

  21. Hans Beispiel

    One of the best guitar sounds ever. Great song.

  22. Pete Banham

    The best Dire Straits track that you’ll never hear on radio.

  23. Mcscruffy Nerf

    welcome too the world kid

  24. Chip Dorsey

    The best song on the album and yes I know "that song" is on this album. This could be the best Dire Straits song ever...

  25. GibsonLesPaul2273

    Fantastic album, dripping with 80's memories.

  26. Robin Beliveau

    I want Dire straits to f me

  27. marty methuselah

    Hess, Hesse, and Hessian are mercenary British soldiers (who turned over to George Washington in the Revolutionary war in betrayal to the King ) from the Rhineland region known as Hesse Region or Ashkenazim Jews...
    they were booted out of Germany for betrayal to both the British King and German Reich and earlier German Empire under Wilhelm
    ..and now they will turn on the USA in time.....
    it is their 'happy mercenary' tactics.....
    money is money to any merchant..business is business and Jordan is Jewish for lord and ownerships of the lands of yore or 'yesterday'
    the mans too big.....the mans too strong......

  28. Penny Z Merope


  29. David Fullam

    Dark and wonderful.

  30. O'ree Williams

    By far one of THE most powerful songs ever written.


    Mark Knopfler is a great songwriter and guitarist and this album is a masterpiece.

  32. Vivek Tiwari

    Such a powerful and deep number - Listening over decades now...

  33. sillyfatmoocow

    No idea why. But this song just hits the heart and brain in the right place,

  34. Scroty McBoogerballs Esq.

    The confessions of Dutch Van Der Linde

  35. Gaz Mac

    Gets me through dark times

  36. Michael Hankey

    Sometimes you need to play these songs to go back and reset yourself.

    Carl Herrmann

    You've got that right. Agree totally! Long live the 80's!

    Carl Herrmann

    RIP CAH 🙏

    rick rock

    perfectly said

  37. Mister Smith

    Lush tune, the opening bar sounds a lot like Why aye man and was maybe a nod to a future works.. 🤔

  38. Schmid Farms Inc.


  39. Leicester City F.C. Fan

    Arrrrr, the sounds of my teenage years. Nice to listen to it again..

  40. Bee Jay

    I play this song in my show. It's magnificent.

  41. Meow woeM

    i'm sat here and need to post a track on a group on gab. I think about dire straights and this is the song that came to mind. I think this is easily one of the best tracks on the lp. its been a fave since the lp came out.

  42. Tbonyandsteak

    Just think that this might very well written from real experiences.
    Now where does this applies?

  43. Scott Croft

    best album ever

  44. Joan Pique

    This is espectacular this song!

  45. Monsieur Feedback

    Le morceau par lequel j'ai été percuté tout au début, j'avais 16 ans. J'en ai 49, je suis toujours aussi mordu.

  46. Rick French

    Amazing. An insight into the troubled mind of Rudolf Hess - the #2 man in Hitler's Germany. He flew to Scotland in 1941 in a Messerschmitt, crash landed, was captured, and asked to see a local power figure to see if he could negotiate a peace between the British & the Germans. Hess ended up arrested, and was placed in Spandau Prison in West Germany after the war - where he died some 20 years later. Listen to the lyrics. He stayed inside those walls for life. Spandau was torn down after his death. We will probably never know the real reason for Hess's flight to Scotland. But one thing is for sure : He was frightened of Hitler. Anyone in their right mind would have been. The man's too big. The man's too strong. Amazing lyrics, amazing song.

    Timothy Rettig

    I never understood why the hell he was ever held accountable for anything at all at the opening war-crimes trial of the original 23 big-shots. No matter what the reason for his flight to Britain, deluded peace-mission or whatever, the fact is, he "escaped" before the real depravities got rolling. He WAS Hitler's right-hand-man, true, and I think he was even heir-apparent if Hitler had died early on. But what did he actually do?  The Russians were the cause mostly for the hard line that was taken against him, even to the point of demanding he stayed locked up until he died (Spandau was kept open just for him).  Hell, Speer got only 20 years, I think, and among other things, he was the head of the departments managing the slave labor chain, if I am right.  The same might even be said for Streicher, who was a truly slimy individual but simply as head of an (admittedly) despicable newspaper, I don't think he deserved to hang. Rosenberg would have hung too if he hadn't "checked out" early on in the trial, but I think he was yet another one that was headed towards an underserved end.  Of course the other 11 sentenced to death DID deserve it, and maybe a couple others should've probably hung too, but got off a lot lighter,, and one or 2 even were acquitted, I think!   I never thought to connect Hess to this song, but it is superbly fitting indeed!!!

    Timothy Rettig

    I made a mistake in facts that I realized after I posted this a minute ago.  It was Dr. Ley who killed himself in his cell, not Rosenberg. Ley was a toxic individual, with poisonous beliefs, but as a raging alcoholic, was pretty much ineffectual at his posts. Probably not as culpable as some who were (or in his case destined to be) sentenced to death. He ended up being his own hangman!!!

    thomas ritchie

    @winstonsmith you must be a nazi sympathizer rewriting histort.hitler and no one else got all those people killed all 65 million of them. you dont make deals with a monster


    @winstonsmith the English hated Churchill???? Absolute garbage. What kind of revisionist BS have you been reading? Whatever it is, it is a very long way from reality. Churchill was voted most popular Briton ever in a 2002 poll that received more than a million votes. Beating QE1, Victoria and all others.

    Tel Smart

    @AlexLordAlcyone Britain also voted to leave the EU and voted for Boris Johnson as PM and the Tories into govt. Whats your point?

  47. Beyond Alpha

    Its the Jews stupid

  48. Nora Qudus

    this is so still good for the now

  49. PlzDntCallMe

    One of my favs

  50. Norma Pio

    È demais né cachoeira, o cidadão toca muito né

  51. fred bidosse

    intemporel, surtout pour les français en 2019

  52. moveitupahole

    great song

  53. CodiganKelly1983

    One of my favorites by Dire Straits!

  54. Carl Manvers

    If Bob Dylan could actually sing he'd sound like Mark Knopfler.

  55. Squashy Aussie

    Fuck the man!

  56. Spelo Shockresistant

    Supremo inno alla superiorità maschile.

  57. ruben james

    This album is so damn wonderful.

  58. Raymond Carlson

    Destroyer brought me here.

  59. Dominique ANDRIEU

    Je prends un pied absolu à l'écouter et à (essayer de ) la jouer. Magnifique.

  60. john brennan

    I remember the 60's..I'd hitch hike with my Tuba slung over my shoulder and play songs for the girls.

  61. Patrick Mulrooney

    Well the sun shone on the the cortyard and i heard you all say i new you were a judus but i love you anyway you may have had your Silver but i swear upon my life your Sister give me dimonds and i give to your wife class

    Meli Seago

    Too big. Too strong. That man should be Mark..😍😍😍

  62. Arthur OBrien

    The best song on the best album of 1984.
    35 years.

    Arthur OBrien

    @MichaelB769 Okay, I stand corrected.

  63. Lynn Jones

    ❤️Old bold n solid gold!! 💎❤️

  64. Randall Morris

    Anyone else put this song on repeat while they're playing Red Dead Redemption? I swear so many lyrics apply to Dutch.

  65. Harry Cox

    I love the Dylan sound of this one. Most people won't agree but for me it's the best song on the album!


    @freedomofthought.dc That's a great song on their 1978 Dire Straits album.

    Grey Pilgrim

    @Willie Gordon : It was a bit too powerful and poignant for the air waves maybe?

    sebas de bordeaux

    the 2nd best on the album please!! do you really find it better than "brothers"??? I'm part of those most people, sorry..


    That whole album is killer. Trying to pick "the best" is a tough job.

    Mário Pereira

    I agree and the next is Ride across the river.

  66. Tony Arguien

    It's about Billy The Kid if you read between the lines.

    Claire E

    No, I think it took its inspiration from somewhere in Latin America, due to the references to the Catholic confessional.

    Mark Whitfield

    Lol. Read the comments. Someone says Rudolf Hess. Someone says Billy the kid. Someone says Latin America. Maybe just enjoy the song instead and let the theater of your mind interpret the lyrics


    @Mark Whitfield That's it. It's about whatever you want it to be about. It's different each time I hear it. I just enjoy it.

  67. heather layne

    One of the greatest' genius pieces of music ever...

  68. steve cundill

    Awesome song xx


    Outra faixa especialíssima do álbum Brothers in Arms.

  70. Craig Isaac

    One of there best , great song

  71. John Hallman

    Favorite DS song

  72. idoj654123

    But I spat like a woman and sulked as a child.

    It was possible, if you bought the cassette version of this, that you might have had that cassette for ten years before you realized it had a second, much better side than the one with the radio hits.

  73. dôgus utôôpia


  74. Vicente Escobar

    This shoul've played in red dead redeption...

    Randall Morris

    I AGREE!!! This song could easily be about Arthur & Dutch.


    Fuck this rdr shit already -_-

  75. Matt Powell


  76. Gregory Georgoff Air Force Retired

    OK, who has NOT Played Air Guitar to this great song, raise your hand!!........... Ya, I thought so!

    Sam Innes

    Love it to bits- it still sounds the same from 9 years old - I'm 42 now!

    Vaughn Blaylock

    I finally learned the opening to this song after sitting there air-picking it forever. SUPER fun to play.

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    I would, but I'm too busy doing air guitar.

    Nathan Orme

    I can play it properly lol Nayy orme 4 life

  77. River Song

    A masterpiece.

  78. David Kiehlmeier

    I've listened to this while on the Greyhound with a military bag full of drugs .....

    Claire E

    " on the Greyhound"
    Had you gone to look for America? ;-)

  79. Rain Fallen On My Shoes

    I'd love to be able to play this on the guitar.


    Rain Fallen On My Shoes, You'd be surprised how easy this is to play. Its one of those songs that sounds a lot harder to play than it actually is. That's Mark Knopfler's genius coming thru.

    Rain Fallen On My Shoes

    THanks ..  I need to break out the strings and have a go..

  80. Angus Young

    Brought up on these, Floyd, Zappa. Zeppelin, Zappa, the Straits etc. 48 now. Bad pot head mum and stepdad plus friends.......coming home to my mums flat when I was only child in other room. 2-3am after the club shut. On came the tunes. Boy what tunes they were. It’s in my blood. 👌🏻


    Nathan Orme

    Angus Young what john Lennon the genius???

  81. Jason Berg

    Your sister gave me diamonds and gave them too your wife

  82. michael nixson

    I hated dire straits music in the 80’s. Listening now though.....have I grown up or has it grown on me..? I think the former, maybe ....either way they were massive back then, glad I experienced those times..this songs timeless and a lot of forces guys identify with it. I can understand that now.... Beats the hell out of what’s become of us musically.

  83. Stay Close

    god that piano...

    philip sheldrake

    His brother.

  84. Evandro Carlos de Lima

    Brasileiros?? 🇧🇷

  85. Laura Beane

    "Well, I tried to be meek/I tried to be mild/But I spat like a woman/and I'm soft like a child.."


    Claire E

    Sulked like a child.

  86. I Am A Human

    I'm 40 years old and have known this album nearly my whole life but it took on a whole new meaning when I was in Bosnia recently. Now it makes me cry so much as it is so poignant.

    Goran Martincevic

    I am 42 years old,, I first time hear this song when i was 13. At that time i understand only that it is magnificent in my ear because i did not understand English. In meantime when i understood lyrics they only emphasis music it self. After 29 years I still shudder when i hear it especially because i am from Croatia so i know what you mean when you mentioned Bosnia.


    Potato Potato big hugs sweetei

  87. Martin Reid

    still a great album

  88. Laura Beane

    O father please help me, 4i 1/2 done wronng....

  89. 0606jab

    38 deaf people tried listening to this song?

  90. didier andre

    that's truly a masterpiece coz mark wrote it...oops

  91. Andy Hudson

    Such depth and multilayered elements. One of Dire Straits most underrated songs. Blows me away as does the album👅👍👆👊

    Andy Hudson

    The mans too big the mans too strong. Simply awesome

    Selina Kazmiersky


  92. Jacob Bøge Andersen

    To me, this song could easily be about Pink, in Us and Them (Dark side of the moon) :3

    Claire E

    "Listen son said the man with the gun, there's room for you inside"

  93. Svein Grimstad

    I think "Brothers in Arms" are not only Dire Straits best album, it's the best album ever made! Pure gold quality!

    Rhonda Webb

    I fully concur!!


    Yes,one of the best albums,,,ever

    Shawn Brecht

    this was my most stolen cd ive bought it 6 times guess i should have had better friends back in the day

    sebas de bordeaux

    @Shawn Brecht Really?? sorry for you, but it makes your comment funny.. and significant!!

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Def Leppard's Pyromania is my personal favorite, but this one is a strong contender.

  94. Marko Divković

    I'm just and ageing drummer boy
    And in the wars I used to play
    And I've called the tune
    To many a torture session
    Now they say I am a war criminal
    And I'm fading away
    Father please hear my confession

    I have legalised robbery
    Called it a belief
    I have run with the money
    And hid like a theif
    I have re-written history
    With my armies and my crooks
    Invented memories
    I did burn all the books
    And I can still hear his laughter
    And I can still hear his song
    The man's too big
    The man's too strong

    Well I have tried to be meek
    And I have tried to be mild
    But I spat like a woman
    And sulked like a child
    I have lived behind walls
    That have made me alone
    Striven for peace
    Which I have never known
    And I can still hear his laughter
    And I can still hear his song
    The man's too big
    The man's too strong

    Well the sun rose on the courtyard
    And they all did hear him say
    'You always were a Judas
    But I got you anyway
    You may have got your silver
    But I swear upon my life
    Your sister gave me diamonds
    And I gave them to your wife'
    Oh father please help me
    For I have done wrong
    The man's too big
    The man's too strong

    Gerrit Peacock

    For any soldier from anywhere, whether you are filled with pride or shame or even that mixture of the two. Hold your head up and know that the majority of people thank you and know that it is because of you we know that we will never fully understand your travails and experiences.

    Diana López

    Thanks , best song ever

    lynne ackegan

    Too cool

    Maja Maja

    Lijepo je vidjeti da ima naših ljudi koji imaju ovako dobar glazbeni ukus:-) svako dobro i pozdrav iz Zagreba!

    Donald Weatherwax

    Rather than _"torture_ session", I always hear _"torching_ session."
    I like" torching" better; it's ambiguous. Could be music; could be war.

  95. Ahmad Partovi

    Very nice album & good music